So, I was wondering…

You know how dumb short sighted people will get married and join their last names together in the supposed name of gender equality?

Like, if a man with no testicles marries a feminist. And his last name was “Johnson” and hers was “Avery”. And then they have a kid. And they give him some douche-bag name like “Spencer”. And then their child’s name is Spencer Johnson-Avery.

You know morons like that? Well if not, they exist.

I’ve always been curious as to what happens when Spencer falls in love with “Ginny Burner-Pardee”.

Answer: They realize how fucking stupid their parents were

One thought on “Hyphenation”

  1. Nah, they’re just asking their kids to pick a favorite parent. Hint: I have my mother’s last name.

    But ferserious, I’ve often wondered this myself. Does the hyphenation continue on indefinitely?

    Hispanic names include both the mother’s and the father’s surnames, and then when they get married and bear children all Hell breaks loose. Warning, reading this will cause your face to melt off and little Jose Antonio Calderon Garcia-Iglesias will weep over your exploded body: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish_naming_customs

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