Smoking weed at home

How to Get Away with Stuff #1 – Smoking Weed at Home

It’s a problem every weed smoker faces at some point throughout their life: Smoking weed at home without getting caught.

It’s no simple task.

I’ve smoked weed long enough to know how to get away with smoking in any given situation short of air travel, so I’ve decided to share my tips on getting high at home – even if your parents are around – without getting caught.

Having never been caught smoking weed – by neither law enforcement nor parental authorities – I’d say I’m a reliable authority on the subject of smoking weed at home. It has nothing to do with luck; I’ve never been caught smoking weed because I follow a very rigid set of guidelines whenever I get high which guarantee I won’t be caught.

Guidelines I feel are vital to be shared.

You are very lucky. You are about to read a blog post. The first in a line of a theme of blog posts. Blog posts that will collectively contain every bit of relevant information with regard to getting away with all the fun shit us youngin’s love to do.

If you follow what I say, you will be able to smoke weed at home without getting caught by your parents. Having said that, nothing is foolproof. Don’t be a fool. Don’t take shortcuts.

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82 thoughts on “How to Get Away with Stuff #1 – Smoking Weed at Home”

  1. I used to smoke in my bathroom. Untill I found a different way. What I do:
    Load a bowl at night after my brothers and mom have gone to bed. I sit in the bathroom while loading, just in case my mom has to get up and tell me something in the middle of the night (crazy, but it’s actually happened to me once. Lucky for me, it was almost mother’s day, so I quickly slipped it under the covers and told her I was working on her present so she can’t see it (I really do make/buy her presents)), so I can just sit in the bathroom with the door locked and load it with care untill it’s done. Then, when my mom goes to work and my brothers to school and daycare, I go sit out on my porch (front or back, depending on whatever), and toke up freely. No extra effort or crazy febreeze shit that’ll make me smell like febreeze for the rest of the day (paranoia).

  2. Dude, this is the funniest post I have seen in a long time! Now I can try to catch my sneaky 13 yr old smokin dope in the house. I know that little fucker is up to it, just haven’t found out how yet. I’m now all over it!!

    Parties over son.

      1. Agreed, personally I think that teenagers (13-16 whatever) smoking weed is completely fine, as long as it does not affect their educational side. That’s when it becomes a real problem. Let the kid do what we all have done and ended fine of.

  3. INGENIOUS! As somebody who * knock on wood * doesn’t get caught either, I didn’t expect this to provide me with any new information, but I honest to God * never thought to smoke in the bathroom. * My roommate does it in college all the time, but I never thought to do it at home! Although you forgot to mention laying a damp towel underneath the door, to contain things until you can make sure the smell has dispersed. Well done, sir.

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