Understanding the Death of Trayvon Martin

I was going to write something about this story (VIDEO), in which a seventeen-year-old black boy named Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by a white man named George Zimmerman who judged him to be “up to no good.”

And then I found this fantastic blog post by Deborah Mello at her blog, I Ain’t Said Nothin’ But A Word.

Anyone aware of the story’s facts knows this is clearly manslaughter at least. So why, then, haven’t the police arrested George Zimmerman? I don’t know about all of that, but Trevon Martin’s family wants the FBI to get involved. I agree with them.

Please give Deborah’s post a read, it’s very well written and says a lot about modern race relations in the United States.

UPDATE: Jonathan Capehart of The Washington Post wrote a great opinion article about this tragedy. Please give it a read.

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7 thoughts on “Understanding the Death of Trayvon Martin”

  1. I’ve heard alot about this case, and zimmerman was arrested, and he did go to the hospital. I seen the pictures of when they arrested him, and his face was all fucked up. The media just wanted to make zimmerman look racist.

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  2. I have not heard that much about this case, but I have heard a bit about it; and I did read Mrs. Mello’s Post about it, and this case seems suspicious & unfortunate from the bit that I have heard about it so far.

    Things like this annoy me very much, if it really is a Race based situation.

    *Jibber Jabber Alert (The words below may not make sense and may contain errors)*

    I am one of those strange people who hates Race, I think that Race is a social construct and I do not support it, I think that we are one Species, and that we do not have any Races physically as far as I know scientifically; to me Race is just a social group/club/ethnic/religious/political/cultural/et cetera thing, which I do not feel a part of or participate in.

    Even if we one day scientifically prove and can classify actual Race(s) in our Species in a real testable/provable way (and I am not just talking about phenotypes), to me that does not change much in my opinion, we are still one Species and I do not see the need for the unnecessary division & conflict; and even if we were different Species, I do not see the need for the unnecessary division & conflict.

    I am honestly tired of the Race thing, but it is not going anywhere any time soon, unfortunately; so I choose not to take part in it.

    I was fortunate and unfortunate enough to have grown up and lived in areas with these kind of divisions and conflicts, and so I personally have lived and am living with this around me; and it annoys me greatly that most of my species has not moved beyond this yet.

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    1. Thanks for the comment. You gotta give yourself more credit, John. I don’t see how any part of that comment could be regarded as “jibber jabber.” :P

      It most certainly makes sense, because it is based in science and rational thought. You’re absolutely correct when you say “race” is a social construct. More specifically, it’s a word we ascribe to the differences between the outward physical appearance of different ethnic groups. The fact is, we know why African’s skin is darker than Europeans. It has to do with the amount of sun the region of Earth their ancestors lived in received; that’s about it. The darker your skin, the more naturally resistant you are to the harms of the sun, and less likely you are to suffer from skin cancer as a result of sun exposure. So our differences are literally skin-deep, and the only genetic difference between any population of human is in the DNA which controls our skin tone (and maybe height and other things like that which have no bearing on a person’s worth).

      Having said that, it’s one of our most primal, barbaric instincts is to notice and fear those who are different. In caveman times, it made sense to fear those from other tribes, etc… We find ourselves in a place in time that we didn’t choose to exist in, but nevertheless do. And the fact is, in this place in time race exists as a social construct. Just as the caste system was a reality in India. So while I see what you’re saying, ignoring the concept of “race” just because it doesn’t make rational or scientific sense to you (which, it doesn’t make sense to me either), isn’t likely to help engender a truly race-transcendent society. As I mentioned in my comment on Ms. Mello’s blog, not talking about race can only result in more tragedies such as this one. So, while it may not make rational sense to acknowledge race, the fact is I was born into a society which not only acknowledges it, but defines it very narrowly. If I want to do away with race as a social construct (which I do), ignoring it would be my first step toward failure.

      Thanks again for the comment! It helped get the blood pumping through my brain today. :P

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      1. Thank you for responding James :) , but I did not mean to ignore Race. ;)

        I think that we should challenge Race as most people define/use it, and educate them on what it really is; and then work toward dealing with the issue(s) to help our species move forward in a more positive way. ;)

        Ignoring it is not going to help, I agree, that is common sense to me; I added the jibber jabber part, partly because I did not complete my thoughts, so I felt that I might be mis-understood. ;)

        I personally do not ignore Race, but I do not identify as any Race and I do not identify with any Ethnic Group either; I just do not feel part of any, and so I choose to identify as Me/Myself and as a Human.

        Of course I have a Nationality since I am a citizen of a country, and there are some other areas that I can be identified as being part of.

        But as a person from a somewhat diverse family who identifies with various Races and Ethnic Groups, whose history was destroyed/lost/not passed down mostly, and whose ancestors were a combination of conquered people/slaves/maybe a few settlers from Europe; I never felt part of a particular group or groups, which allowed me to just be me & find my own path.

        After waking people up to the facts, to me then one has to help people adjust their thinking/thoughts/feelings/beliefs/et cetera to go with those facts, and start moving forward.

        Too many people are still stuck in illogical out-of-date thinking/feeling/behaving/et cetera, and that has too be challenged, talked about, and worked toward fixing; it will never completely go away probably, but we can hopefully one day get the majority of our species to hopefully move forward.

        If I can do, then there are many other people who can to, for me it was easy and natural but for some people it will not be; but at least we can try, though I am not positive about the situation since in real life I have not been able to find anyone on my side of the issue when directly talking with people.

        Some people will pretend, but their actions/words/et cetera show what they really feel and think and believe.

        It is not easy changing an entire mindset/culture/bad habit/et cetera, and it is impossible if the people do not want to change or try.

        Fortunately some people do want to change or try, but not enough yet.

        To me if Humans can not eventually deal with an issue this small, then I do not have much hope for our species, might as well kill ourselves not. *Overly dramatic, I know ;) * :D

        By the way, Mr. James, could you Enable the Option for use to Subscribe To Comments By Email?

        That Option helps people like me to know that someone has replied to my/their comment or commented on a Post that I commented on, by email; I would not have know that you had replied if it were not for the new Feature on the Bar/Toolbar on the top of the Page when one logs into ;)

        Thank you. :)

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