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As those of you who follow EWWTY know, I published an article last month detailing my experience with DMT. If you haven’t read it you should do so now, it’s really good – and I’m rarely willing to say that about my work.

Anyway, the article attracted far more readers and positive feedback than I could have anticipated; I’ve spent roughly as much time responding to everyone as I did writing the piece (which is awesome).

One of my readers, John Jr, had a series of really thoughtful questions about my DMT experience. I realized soon after reading them that my answers would be substantive enough to call for a separate new post. So, without further adieu:

DMT Q&A with John Jr

John Jr: Do you remember any smells during [the trip]? If so, could you describe them?

James K: Oh lordie, this is such a basic question yet it necessitates a complicated answer. Where to begin?

Well, the simple answer is no. However this question brings up a larger subject, which is the general effect DMT had on all my senses. It’s extremely complicated to think about, let alone explain in writing. The best way I can describe it is that the DMT – kinda sorta – made me feel like my senses were merged. Almost, like, into a single “super sense.”

I’m not even satisfied with that description of it, as it’s an extremely simplistic way of putting a very fleeting and complicated sensation. But let me put it this way: if I had smelled something whilst on DMT, I doubt I would have been able to notice it, or even recognize it as a smell. However, I would reason that the sensation of smell might manifest itself differently during the trip. Obviously, I didn’t dare touch this aspect of DMT in the article, as I couldn’t figure out how to describe it well enough to have confidence that readers would interpret it how I intend.

The other thing this brings up is the smell of DMT itself. Which, for some reason, smells extremely familiar to me. Like, the same way a room with a similar smell to that of the pre-school I attended as a child smells extremely familiar to me. Clearly, it doesn’t really mean anything, but your question reminded me of this.

Do you remember any change(s) of temperature during any of this, if so, could you describe it?

Hmm, I don’t really recall anything along these lines.

I think I felt a rush of heat through my body right after taking the hit, but can’t even really say that for certainly. Like I said above, the effect it had on my senses is indescribable… Having said that, I focused more on the hallucinations than anything else during the trip, rather than my senses, so perhaps if I were to do it again I could focus harder on how it affects my sense of smell and other stuff.

Did any of the beings really describe themselves as being deities (neutral or multi-gendered or not defined) and/or gods (male deities) and/or goddesses (female deities), or is that just what your friend thought?

Well, I can’t speak for Alec, but I assumed that’s just how he chose to identify them. This brings up another good topic, though.

Part of what I noticed whilst perusing the web for DMT-related entity encounters was the differences with which every DMT user who reported an encounter with entities interpreted them. The thing was, most of these users don’t describe the beings very well. More often than not, the users ascribe some generalized name to the beings (e.g. “gods,” “demons,” or “aliens,” etc…) but fall short of actually describing their outward physical make-up, as I focused on doing in this article. However, those who did actually get to the part about what exactly the beings looked like – regardless of what they chose to refer to them as – was either spot-on with what I saw, or damn near close. Though I should note, for the most part they were merely “damn near close,” there were only a few reports I read which were similar enough to my experience to actually give me the shivers.

So, as far as Alec goes, I’ll have to ask him what it was that led him to describe them as “gods,” but I’ve always assumed it was out of a lack of anything else to refer to them as. I’ll see if he has the time to come on here and give you a better answer.

The tribal-like dance that some of the beings did, are there any videos or something that you could share that might give us a somewhat similar example of how they danced?

I have been on the lookout for something of this nature, though I haven’t exactly been searching super hard. However, the dance was rather specific. It is certainly possible that a human could re-create it, and I would certainly recognize it if I saw it. I like the way you’re thinking.

Have you ever had any dreams with these beings in them since you had this experience?

Great question. But no, I haven’t. However, this is one of the things I wondered to myself in the days after the experience. In fact, I really expected that I would.

Though in retrospect, it makes sense that I haven’t. Subjects given smaller doses of DMT don’t report entity encounters; they don’t make it past the open-eyed hallucinations. In the studies done by Dr. Rick Strausman, he found that there were basically “stages” of a full DMT trip. A small dose would induce mild to moderate open-eyed hallucinations, and a slightly larger dose would induce more severe open-eyed hallucinations. It wasn’t until the subjects received the larger doses that they reported full-fledged encounters with beings. Given that the amount of endogenous DMT our brains produce during sleep is a much lower, sustained dose, it would make sense that I wouldn’t see them during sleep. Besides, my dreams rarely deal with real experiences I’ve had – at least not directly. My dreams are typically pretty weird.

Could you or someone else draw/paint/create some examples of these beings and/or could you find & share some images that are somewhat similar to the beings?

Definitely the best question. I’m glad you asked these. This is an example of something I had realized but didn’t think to put into words; but doing so will help to illustrate just how vivid the experience was. Short answer: Yes – an exact replica of the beings I saw on DMT could feasibly be designed by a talented 3D graphic artist. But I need to elaborate.

Not only do I think images of the beings could be created, but animations as well. All I know is, were I an animator for Pixar (and made 3D cartoon animations all day), I could easily replicate the beings from scratch. In fact, they would probably be even easier to create than, for example, one of the monsters from Monsters Inc. Having said that, it wouldn’t work by simply describing them to an artist. Although they weren’t very complicated in appearance, they were so abstract and obscure to the point I doubt anyone could accurately conceive of them through a mere worded description. The artist would need to experience the DMT trip for him or herself. While I’d certainly be willing to try and offer such an artist a sufficient description for them to work with, I doubt it’d work to produce anything accurate.

I struggled to find images to include in the article – and trust me, I searched hard. While I did find a lot of artwork that reminded me of the trip, none of it was adequately close enough for me to use in the article. I concluded that being as descriptive with my writing as possible would be the only way to give people an idea of what I saw.

Off the top of my head, George Grie is one artist whose work (some of it) reminded me of the experience. I should note, any image I’ve found which has reminded me of what I saw on DMT does so more in the tone of the piece, rather than its actual appearance.

Could you describe the look of the place behind the portal/light, could you describe your feelings of that place, and could you describe any sounds that you heard in that place?

The thing is, by the time they took me through the light, I wasn’t very focused on the actual place. You gotta remember, by this point there was much for me to deal with. I can say, however, that it was similar to the place I was in before they took me to the light. That is, everything around me was represented through the coordinated flow of hexagonal patterns – albeit once I made it through “the light,” they were no longer as vibrant or colorful.

As far as my feelings… Well, there were a lot of those, haha!

I mean, it was very surreal. How do you describe that feeling which comes with witnessing first-hand everything you’ve previously discarded as mythical nonsense? It was very calming, almost blissful. I felt I was where I belonged, though I knew I couldn’t stay. The best way to describe the feeling, I suppose, is “profound.”

And yes, I do remember hearing sounds. I searched the web for a way to describe it when I found my new favorite word. I heard glossolalia – or voices speaking in tongues. I hate that there isn’t another word for it; clearly the average reader has never heard that word, and “speaking in tongues” is more of a cliché phrase than a word. But to explain further, basically I heard mystical sounding voices which spoke what sounded like words. Whether I was hearing gibberish or some crazy-ass spiritual language I can’t tell you, but it certainly was a voice expressing organized sounds.

When the beings touched you, how did that feel and did it feel like that were draining some of your energy and/or recording information/data about you and/or sharing/giving something to you?

There’s sort of two parts to this answer.

When they touched me, it literally felt like a person touching me. My recollection of this is quite vivid because at one point the female being caressed my face – that is, she ran four of her fingers from my upper cheek bone down to my chin in a sensual manner. One of my favorite sensations in this life is the feeling of a girl caressing my face. It’s the most explicit way to communicate adoration. So I can say with certainty that it felt as real as anything else I’ve ever felt.

Additionally, they seemed able to reach through/inside me, as a ghost could hypothetically do. This question almost spooks me out a little bit, just because I do remember feeling they were extracting information/data about me. Having said that, at one point I also felt as though they already had this information about me. Something I never really touched on in the article was the overwhelming feeling that these beings always exist around me. That they always watch, whether it be as protectors or merely voyeurs. It was just one of those feelings that I had no rational reason to feel, but nevertheless felt.

If anyone else has anything to ask, please don’t hesitate! I know John Jr will probably have some follow-ups. Answering these helped me recollect the experience, so I’m definitely hoping to answer some more.

A big thanks to John Jr for the questions – be sure to check out his blog!

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