Adam Smith: When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong!

“When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong” was a skit performed on the infamous Chappelle Show. Usually it portrayed a person getting what they deserve because they were doing something they had no business doing. Sometimes, what they were doing needed to be done, but not at that particular place or time. It was one of my favorite skits! It was my favorite because it happens all the time in “real life” situations.

Adam Smith knows about this. Here is a guy who thought his actions were going to be rewarded by the gay community and most people who don’t like Cathy’s comments and Chick-Fil-a’s anti gay donations and sponsorship’s, only to find himself, unemployed and humiliated after his episode a few days ago. I have no sympathy for the ignorant man and after some intense thinking, it lead to my revelation.

His actions DON’T only speak to the type of man he is, but also partly to the “gay movement” itself. When we think of social change and progressive political movements we think of anti racism, anti poverty, and anti-homophobia. However, as one of the Youtubers commented, “there is just as much hate from the “social left” as there is from the “social

You may say I’m jumping the gun, but I’m not. liberals can and sometimes are ignorant, backwards, selfish, self-centered, unintelligent and hateful creatures too and this man, Adam Smith (ironically named) is proof of this sheepish, cowardly attitude polluting the left. The fact that people who work for this company are now being subjected to this amount of harassment is evidence that our discourse is so skewed that its beyond repair.

Here is his apology with a Q&A. This guy should have been fired, and I hope the anti Chick-Fil-a people have denounced his actions.

Honestly, no one cares about your politics, most of these people are hard working individuals simply trying to make a living. NO ONE works at Chick-Fil-a because they support Cathy’s political agenda/views.

Come on now!

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3 thoughts on “Adam Smith: When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong!”

  1. It is one thing to disagree with someone and “get on their case” about it, but it’s an entirely different thing when someone loses their job over it. He shouldn’t have lost his job for speaking his mind, even if it did come off a rude, and mean. He has the right to say whatever he wants, to whoever he wants, and he shouldn’t have lost his job for it. So, i’ll stick up for him, and his first amendment rights. Secondly, Drive through workers get “harassed” all the time, same with people who work in retail, costumer service, ect.. and those people don’t lose their jobs, even if youtube is FILLED with videos of people being a lot worse than Smith.

    So, I guess what i’m saying is where is this Political Correctness going to end? Has it become illegal to speak your mind in public? Should everyone be on their toes about losing their job if they say the wrong thing to someone?

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    1. See, I partly agree. Yes, he can speak his mind, but to do that to an employee who is simply trying to make a living is wrong. He harassed that lady on camera and posted his silly ignorance on Youtube. He is supposed to be a “professional” and yet is acting with hate and anger to a person who has nothing to do with Cathy. Now if he’d gone to the Chik-Fil-a headquarters in College Park and confronted a VP or a regional manager than that is a bit different (they call shots). This lady may have been a Manager but she doesn’t have anything to do with Cathy. As she utters sadly “we don’t treat any employee or customer differently” he continues to bash her for working to make money. This is purest form of liberal elitism there is. To think its okay to take out frustrations and anger on working people who are not concerned with the politics is WRONG… I do believe in Free speech but there are consequences to the hurtful and hate-filled things we say… Thanks for the insight tho..

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      1. I do agree that what he did was stupid and wrong, and that poor woman dealt with it very well. I have a feeling though those poor people probably had to put up with a lot of that, that day, and probably now to, I don’t know, But I heard there is supposed to be sit in’s or something?

        I still don’t think he should have been fired though, unless he was in a company car on his lunch break, then they have every right to can him. :) I do agree though that actions have consequences, I just feel like the consequence is greater than the action in this case.

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