The Great Race

I love election year’s! To me, its like the ultimate reality television show that never gets old. The thing I love most about election year is the Vice President selection. In 2008 Obama and McCain chose safe candidates to be their running mates. Democrats hated Biden because he talked too honestly, too much. Plus they thought that Obama/Clinton sounded and looked a lot better. Republicans on the other hand, knew absolutely nothing about Sarah Palin but that quickly changed and ruined the election for John McCain and the GOP.

This presidential election year is, as most experts are claiming, the most important election year, ever. On one side we see the Obama machine, that has lost steam, but is pushing forward full steam ahead in efforts to move America Forward and gets Americans back to work, and our nation back to the top. On the other side we have a disgruntle GOP party who is looking to restore our freedom, and get rid of the Socialist-communist, Islamic, terrorist who somehow fooled Americans to get to the White House. Mitt Romney won the race to the top of the GOP ladder and now it is time for him to make the biggest choice of his political life!

People underplay the selection of VP in presidential elections, but in 2008 it was an obvious deal-breaker for John McCain. Mitt can’t mess this up. With the numbers so close, neither candidate can afford to make the slightest slip up. Romney has more going for him now than McCain had in 2008. For one, the array of moderate choices to choose from. In 2008 John McCain had literally two choices: The crazy lady from Alaska and The traitor, Joe Lieberman. Romney on the other hand, has a few people who could actually help him.

The Field:
Mitt can win if he picks correctly. He needs a personality, but not an extreme right winger who will scare undecided voters. Here are a few people I think could be the VP:

As I am saying this, Chris Christie comes to mind. The fat governor of New Jersey is viewed as a moderate, and people man, and a business man. Seems like a win-win except I can see a lot of skeletons coming out if he does make the run. Now, I’m not saying that because he’s fat, or from New Jersey or because of his ethnic background (I think he’s Italian), but rather because he’s a people person and on his way to the top I can see him mixing it up with some “shady people”.

Next is my personal favorite and a sure win if chosen, Paul Ryan. Yes, the author of the “Ryan Plan” that everyone, Democrat and Republican love so much. The document that states the obvious “America needs to stop spending and cut taxes” rhetoric. He would appeal to younger conservatives and independents (not me though).

Finally, Romney can choose Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal or Florida Senator Marco Rubio. The reason why is obvious because of their surnames. They are Obama-ish and can give Romney enough minority support to win in important swing states. The LA Times has the complete list of these candidates and I think it will be the least suspected of these guys who Romney will chose. Romney won’t play it like McCain. He won’t chose Conde Rice or Colin Powell. The reason is simple, BUSH. Plus he will look too desperate (like his speech at the NAACP dinner).

He will try and win this game straight up with bare knuckles against the Obama team, and as an Independent voter I couldn’t be happier with this years set up: The black incumbent vs. the great white hope.

What do you think about election year 2012 and elections in general?

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