I’m a smoker. I also am a longtime resident of the Commonwealth of Virginia. I read this advertisement for electronic cigarettes and it hit me, the is a real war on smokers. I recently left Atlanta, GA where Mayor Kasim Reed signed a ban on smoking in public parks in the city. This means that people who are smokers can face serious charges for smoking in these parks.

Now, before I go any further I must admit that I am aware that cigarettes:

cause cancer

cause heart disease

cause breathing problems

second hand smoke is equally as dangerous to non-smokers

and other dangerous damages to the human body

However, as a smoker I don’t see the benefits of this electronic cigarette that supposedly:

Has no tar

No tobacco

No Carbon Monoxide

and No ash

Along with these great perks the electronic cigarette is cheaper (per cartridge) than a pack of tobacco cigarettes, has no “smoker odor”, and doesn’t produce any second hand smoke, which has become public enemy number one in the war on smokers. The biggest plus is that the electronic cigarette has been approved by the Doctors. The ones who have a TV show.  So, overall the electronic cigarette is the cigarette of the future. And smoking tobacco has become a thing of the past. Meaning more pressure to stop smoking, now!

Smoking E-cigarettes has won approval from employers, airlines, and all sorts of other indoor facilities because of the e-cigs lack of toxic, second hand smoke. This leads me to think that the e-cig is not an real alternative for smokers who enjoy smoking cigarettes, but rather another quitting mechanism that only plays into the hands anti-tobacco players.

So, I wrote this post only to see if anyone has tried the electronic cigarette and if it is worth trying in the first place. I have recently “come-out” as a smoker and it has been one of the hardest things that I have ever done.

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5 thoughts on “E-Cig”

  1. The ecig business doesn’t want a “war” with smokers. We aren’t interested in anything but living a healthier life. As a smoker, you’d be welcomed with open arms if you wanted to join us. If not, that’s your choice and we’ll all continue on with our lives.

    I’m not speaking for the gov’t, however. They have public smoking bans all over here in MI, as well. There are some hooka shops/cafes that are allowed to operate, which seems odd to me…

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  2. Really it was nice article! E-Cig is best invention for people who are addicted in smoking. It was good anti-smoking treatment. Instead of using tobacco cigarette, they can use E-cig that will be available in market in different flavors and it doesn’t have toxic.

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  3. I’m a college student down in Florida. Some friends and I got a few disposable e-ciggarettes from a gas station near campus. What struck me as problematic about it was the potential for it to make one substantially more dependent on nicotine. I tend to fluctuate between social smoking and smoking with more regularity, but I never smoke often enough to have any noticeable withdrawal effects when I haven’t had a cigg in, say, a week or so. You can smoke an e-cigarette almost anywhere, without the hassle of having to light it up and go outside and smell like a filthy smoker when you re-enter a room. Consequently, I was using mine intermittently throughout the entire first night that I had it, while I did homework etc. Not only did I feel a much more noticeable ‘nicotine rush’, but I also felt much more inclined to keep taking drags. So overall, I think it has the potential to be healthier for your lungs, heart, others, etc., yet I also think it could lead to much heavier nicotine addiction in those who are more casual smokers.

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    1. My buddy highly recommended this UK brand of e-cig to me. He had used them to quit before, but here he was smoking them AND regular cigs recreationally. What the fuck I thought and bought a starter pack. They made me feel like sherlock holmes (smoking indoors). But after depleting a cartridge — supposedly with the dose of 10 cigs — I went outside, unsatisfied, and had the real thing.

      I’m not saying I had a placebo, but I did not conceptualize them as a substitute to a cigarette. So whatever your sincere motive in using them is probably self-fulfilling.

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