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Six Good Reasons I Smoke Weed

I am the founder of a blog in which smoking weed is a primary focus (to put it lightly). So it kind of goes without saying: I like to smoke weed.

Anyone who smokes weed often enough has been asked, usually condescendingly, some form of the following question:

  • Why do you smoke weed?

The other day a friend asked a similar such question. I smoke weed every day, yet it was quite a while since the last time I reflected on the actual reasons for my continued use.

Since the questioner was respectful and seemed genuinely interested in my answer, I wanted to put some thought into it.

When that failed, I promised I would compose a ridiculously thorough response in the form of an article for my blog. Enjoy.

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31 thoughts on “Six Good Reasons I Smoke Weed”

  1. After moving across the country and failing to adjust to huge life changes, I began drinking. A lot. I remember throwing up on the floor next to my bed and thinking to myself “Shit…oh well…I’ll deal with this tomorrow morning..”
    Needless to say, sober me did not appreciate these gifts that drunk me would leave. So i sought out the help of a psychologist and a psychiatrist for major depressive disorder and anxiety attacks. I was cycled through maybe 5 different medications, and each time we changed, the psychiatrist claimed that “Oh, this one is better, it is very powerful, many people respond well to them”. In all actuality, they made me a zombie. I was dead tired all the time, had zero motivation to do anything, and it took away my creativity and inner dialogue.

    So for the first time in my life I began taking up using marijuana on a fairly regular basis (vaporizing 3-4 times weekly). I can’t explain the night and day difference it made in my life. It improved my mood astronomically, not just during the vaping itself, but the day after as well! I found life so much more enjoyable, and found myself longing to go out to meet people as opposed to being too afraid to go to the grocery store. I fell asleep easily and actually felt rested the day afterwards (whereas the psych meds made me feel tired ALL the time, and as if I hadn’t slept a wink).

    However, due to my job at a pharmaceutical company, they do random testing *thumbs down*. So I’m quitting and finding a job that doesn’t test (as often). It’s a big life change, but I honestly don’t want to have to poison my body with nyquil or alcohol just to sleep and feel decent. Thanks for this blog! Very valuable insight!

  2. well weed is good because we can get good scores on test because were so spaced out that random things just pop out into our brain from like a long ass time ago .
    And also you dont have to pay for it!!!
    it reduces stress and also gives yew munchies then we invent new kinds of food for eating .
    like Weed Brownies.
    it also makes the world greener and a happier place !!!!

  3. I love smoking because… I get enlightened. I realize things. I sit back and laugh at how hilariously simple life can be, I stare off in deep contemplation about the Universe and existence.

    I mean, I think a lot in general; it’s just my nature and personality, but it’s really heightened while I’m smoking.

    I also love my community. You’re right, weed smokers are just… different, in good ways. A lot of friends I have now are because of weed, and it’s something we can do together. We enjoy each other’s company, toke, laugh, make jokes, have deep discussions, eat delicious food…. It’s wonderful.

    And the sex, man. High sex is wonderful.

    1. Dude I know it totally blew my mind too. And the fact this article led you to that realization makes me very happy. There really isn’t any irrefutable facts pertaining to marijuana’s effects on migraines, so I wasn’t sure if there’d be anyone else who’s experienced the same benefits from weed.

  4. it avoids me doing stupid shit, damn i lighted a 1 m high pile of saw dust because i could, i would throw molotovs for fun and frightened people (by accident) with this behavior, now i don’t now why i stopped or why i even started

  5. I think I’m allergic to weed. I always get paranoid or lose touch with reality. No one else I know has this type of reaction. All I’ve heard from people is “It makes me just chill and wanna watch a movie or something.” I WISH the M-to-the-J did that for me. What a sucky existence… to not be good with the ganja. This is why I like opiates. *sigh* But, it’s easier to get weed than opiates. And, that makes me sad as well.

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