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Unpublished and unaccomplished writer. Bachelors in Political Science from Virginia Wesleyan College. Product of Liberal Arts education at its finest. Favorite things to write about are myself, black people, race relations, and anything historic.. I also love to play Devils Advocate.


I’m a smoker. I also am a longtime resident of the Commonwealth of Virginia. I read this advertisement for electronic cigarettes and it hit me, the is a real war on smokers. I recently left Atlanta, GA where Mayor Kasim Reed signed a ban on smoking in public parks in the city. This means that people who are smokers can face serious charges for smoking in these parks.

Now, before I go any further I must admit that I am aware that cigarettes: Continue reading

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“Gabby’s Crab Problem..”

My father used to say that black people are like “Crabs in a barrel” and he also warned me to never “be the first black to do anything” because blacks are among some of the most jealous of people. Throughout my short-lived life I have found some truth to those statements and I have found some not-so-truths to them, too. Continue reading

The Great Race

I love election year’s! To me, its like the ultimate reality television show that never gets old. The thing I love most about election year is the Vice President selection. In 2008 Obama and McCain chose safe candidates to be their running mates. Democrats hated Biden because he talked too honestly, too much. Plus they thought that Obama/Clinton sounded and looked a lot better. Republicans on the other hand, knew absolutely nothing about Sarah Palin but that quickly changed and ruined the election for John McCain and the GOP. Continue reading

Adam Smith: When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong!

“When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong” was a skit performed on the infamous Chappelle Show. Usually it portrayed a person getting what they deserve because they were doing something they had no business doing. Sometimes, what they were doing needed to be done, but not at that particular place or time. It was one of my favorite skits! It was my favorite because it happens all the time in “real life” situations.

Adam Smith knows about this. Here is a guy who thought his actions were going to be rewarded by the gay community and most people who don’t like Cathy’s comments and Chick-Fil-a’s anti gay donations and sponsorship’s, only to find himself, unemployed and humiliated after his episode a few days ago. I have no sympathy for the ignorant man and after some intense thinking, it lead to my revelation.

His actions DON’T only speak to the type of man he is, but also partly to the “gay movement” itself. When we think of social change and progressive political movements we think of anti racism, anti poverty, and anti-homophobia. However, as one of the Youtubers commented, “there is just as much hate from the “social left” as there is from the “social

You may say I’m jumping the gun, but I’m not. liberals can and sometimes are ignorant, backwards, selfish, self-centered, unintelligent and hateful creatures too and this man, Adam Smith (ironically named) is proof of this sheepish, cowardly attitude polluting the left. The fact that people who work for this company are now being subjected to this amount of harassment is evidence that our discourse is so skewed that its beyond repair.

Here is his apology with a Q&A. This guy should have been fired, and I hope the anti Chick-Fil-a people have denounced his actions.

Honestly, no one cares about your politics, most of these people are hard working individuals simply trying to make a living. NO ONE works at Chick-Fil-a because they support Cathy’s political agenda/views.

Come on now!

Governor McDonnell announces new Virginia Veterans ID card

“Identification Please”

Jim Crow still exist! The new “voter ID laws” popping up all over the United States affecting rural and urban communities are solid proof of that fact. It is unfair and one would think illegal to require such boundaries for citizens who wish to vote in this country. Clearly no one will raise a fuss about it until Obama losses though. These new laws don’t prevent fraud, and they aren’t proper national security measures either. They are deliberate and focused on stopping minorities and poor people from carrying out their civic responsibility.

1 in 10 Americans who are eligible to vote won’t be able to because of these requirements which are just as serious as poll taxes. Obviously, what our leaders think they are stopping is illegal immigrants from stealing the election, but in reality they are halting the American process of voting for hundreds of thousands of people who already don’t vote.

So, now along with the excuses of “my vote doesn’t count” and “the power is in the electoral college” we can now add that “I don’t have a drivers license” to the list.

The Real Issue is:

While working in Atlanta, GA last year I worked on a few different projects to try and get homeless men and women their basic ID’s. Since we live in an age of fear I understood how important ID’s were for everything. People who don’t have ID’s are literally nothing.They have no proof of existence, legally, which is dangerous not only because they can “commit crimes” and “still others identities” (Things the “right” want you to be fearful of) but also its dangerous because the person without an ID is vulnerable to legal and illegal penalty’s, too.

My biggest surprise while taking on this challenge was noticing that not all faceless people were homeless. Some of these people had families, and were looking for jobs and were unable to get jobs or any sort of income because of lack of identification. Some were young (my age) and weren’t able to get a job or get into school because they lacked ID’s. The real catch is that, in order to get an ID you must have documents that are either:

  1. too expense for many people to get new copies of
  2. impossible to get copies of in a timely fashion

So, its fair to say that voting is the least of these peoples concerns. Most had great disdain for voting and government at all levels, which I now sort of share because of this discovery.

So in conclusion, I understand everyone’s angst with this in relation to voting, but there lots of people who are affected by this in everyday life. And that needs to change.

Cover Photo © 2012 Virginia Guard Public Affairs. Taken from their Flickr.

The Three People You meet on Facebook

You ever log into Facebook and notice a Friend Request that you know you’ve accepted before? According to Facebook 4.8 percent of all active accounts are duplicate, non-human, or spam. This comes as no real news to me. In my list of friends now numbering in the thousands, I have always noticed spam friends, duplicate accounts, and friend(ing) friends pets and/or businesses.

The Spam friends should be the easiest to spot. They will find you on Facebook and claim to have went to High School or College with you, sometimes leaving you obnoxious, creepy messages about how they wish they got to know you. If you make the mistake of adding them to your online community, you will soon forget they even exist. From my experience, they don’t post often, but when they do it is usually about something intimate. Usually how they “wish someone would talk to them” it makes me miss Myspace. Also spam (the usually spammer being some sexual entity) Will always have a rather generic photo of themselves, especially if its a female.

The duplicate friend is usually very unhappy with his/her life or may have a hacker problem. Most times its unhappiness. The weirdest part about the duplicate friend is noticing that they have more than one active account. Some may not hide this fact, and post statuses and stuff from multiple accounts, but sometimes they are unaware of their multiple accounts. Unlike the Spammer, they won’t message you upon requesting addition friendship. Sometimes they’ll say “I had to make a new account because my mother added me on my last one” and I suppose I can understand that.

The Non-Human, Business, Pet friend is kind, hard working and gentle. Usually they are small business owners, local artist, and animal enthusiast. However, these people do not know how to create pages for their beloved pets and business ventures. So, instead they make accounts like humans and insist on friending people whom they know. These accounts are not really a problem, and actually gives you good insights to who a person really is and wants to be (hopefully, not employed by Facebook).

According to a new study of Facebook, many speculators are saying that these 3 categories  are confusing the numbers on Facebook so bad that the Facebook stock is down. It may be that or people getting tired of Facebook.

One must admit that Facebook is rather dull, and useless you having a baby. It seems the trend among my friends is marriage and babies, and I suppose that is normal…


Don’t Eat the Chicken

The only time I have an urge to eat at Chick-Fil-a is on Sunday… (Un)fortunately, they are always closed on Sunday. It comes with the territory that is the owners philosophy: “Sunday is the day God rested, its the Sabbath and all people’s should have that day off to worship and fellowship in his name”(paraphrased).  This philosophy is Christian because the owner is a devoted christian who feels that God is real and Christianity is HIS truth. Continue reading


My Drunk Uncle, Herman Cain…

I hope this doesn’t sound racist…

Herman Cain sounds like my drunk uncle.

Not the cool drunk uncle who tells us funny sex stories and randomly passes out in his own piss. Herman sounds like the stupid drunk uncle, who everyone wishes would get alcohol poison and shut the fuck up.

Every election year, I am marveled at the success of some dumb-ass, “pro-American”, idiot-savant, who emerges in the media lime-light just so the world can watch him make an ass out of himself for a few weeks.

This year it has been the adventures of Herman that have given me giggles, laughs, and tears.

The story of Herman Cain is similar to that of our current president (minus the articulation, general appeal, common sense, and skin complexion, of course). He emerged “out of no where” in the political world, after losing a senate race a few years back, and captured the White-American Tea Party’s heart.

They found him adorable, electable, but most of all smart and humbling. He was the “Black-Conservative Success story”.

Fortunately, the rest of the GOP felt differently and he recently stopped campaigning. This maybe Cain’s final hurrah and he went out in extremely poor fashion (just like the uncool drunk uncle).

So, I hope for the sake of black America and the rest of the country too, that this guy stays deep down in the tea party ranks, and never runs for president ever again.


Don’t Touch My Goddamn Internet

Have you Google searched the word SOPA this past week? Have you noticed the Facebook statuses about how the passing of SOPA will literally destroy all mankind, by taking away creativity and innovation online.

The Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA) is by far the most opposed bill to be presented in the United States Congress since the Patriot Act (After people read what was in it). This bill intends on stopping online theft and security violations that hinder “prosperity, creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation” for the already established and rich.

Sounds like its a crazy conspiracy theory?

Now, in theory, it is a good fight. The internet has grown since its origins almost 25 years ago. It has gone from being a tool for business, a tool for the military, a tool for children and games, and now, it is a the most social place on the face of the earth. And with that being said, it does have problems. One of those problems is the fact that corporations, entertainment industries, and government’s are losing revenue because of the free access of the web.

Picture the internet as one big ass party, a looting party. Everyone comes in the door with something that they don’t own, but its not exactly stealing either. It is like free advertisement for the creator and it is a form of admiration on the part of the “thief”.

Some people will go viral and make money, but for others (like me) they will only take more away from the haves in this country, by “stealing” something (mostly photographs) off the web for a website or personal usage.

The question being asked is simple. Should the internet remain the final place for individuals (like me, James, and YOU) to be able to get information, and express ourselves, freely or shall we turn this life changing device into another market-place, where we are separated based on how much we can purchase.

I ran across an interesting blog displaying the names of corporations that support SOPA. Take a look, you’ll be shocked by who you see on this list (I wasn’t). Almost 360 corporations that don’t want YOU to be able to surf the web, unless you are buying their merchandise. They range from corporations like Zumba to television network’s such as News Corp and NBC-Universal.


Adding Up Slavery

When I was a child I learned about slavery and some teachers were extremely creative in their method of teaching the sensitive subject matter. However, this story takes creativity to a whole entirely different level. In Atlanta, (Gwinnett County) there is a huge uproar (not really) about a group of teachers using slavery to teach their students math.

Now, when I first read the story I was outraged! This had to be some racist BULLSHIT and I was gonna get the details on why these teachers thought it was alright to teach third graders about slavery via mathematics applications.

I calmed myself down, because I work with all white people, and I didn’t want to go to jail, and I read it again. This time I imagined I was a white man reading the same story.

It  still sounded fucked up! But not because of the obvious racism (especially if the teachers were white) but rather because I remember learning about slavery in grade school and the one thing I remember about learning about it as a black kid, was it was hard to look at yourself and others, black and white, the same after learning it.

You begin to wonder, “What the fuck did I do wrong, in order for white people to hate me so much and do such a horrible thing.” It turns into self-hatred if not treated properly and that turns in to a black child becoming a Conservative man, like Clarence Thomas or O.J. Simpson (the Juice).

I’m not upset that teachers talked about slavery or even that they incorporated it into a math assignment. I am upset because those children are the one’s who will suffer at the hands of ill-prepared teachers.

From what I read about the story, none of the teachers looked over the assignment before passing it out, some teachers who did, opted out of teaching the material all together. And the biggest problem is, this comes on the heels of MLK Day of Service in a metro area which is MAJORITY Afro-American and minority culture(s).

The teachers haven’t been punished at all and the local NAACP in Atlanta wants them to be held accountable, even though officials feel that they did nothing wrong.

They did! But its not what the parents are fussing about. The parents didn’t want their third graders to hear about this in school, and that is wrong. Schools are built to teach the good, the bad and the hideous. However, they should do so in a manner that respects ALL individual and cultural identities, especially with a school so diverse as this one.

Adding up how many beatings Frederick Douglas got in a week is a bit laughable to hear, but only because you’d never imagine such a question in a third grade math class. I wish they’d put questions like this on the math portion of the SAT. Shit!

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Hopefully the lazy ass teachers get some sort of discipline.