Five ways to make your Bedroom a Sanctuary

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If humans were houses, the bedroom would be the heart of it all.

We don’t often realize, but a clean room affects our mood. Messes create a subconscious anxiety; a sense of overhanging duty, and of negative chaos.

Your room should be your fortress. Your place of coveted peace. A restful space for your mind to relax. Treat your room like a sanctuary and it will be one.

An Open Letter to the Potheads of the World

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Dear stoners and druggies alike,

As we know all too well, weed gets kind of a bad rap. Let’s face it: drug use in general gets one hell of a bad rap. It seems everyone knows someone whose life was destroyed by drugs.

See? Instantly when you read that sentence, your mind conjured up an image of the stereotypical drugged-up moron. The bumbling idiot who wears his Bob Marley tank top with pride (yet can’t name more

Why People Do Drugs

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by Vegter Animus from

There is a systemic problem in our culture that is not addressed in schools, by government programs or by mainstream media. Finding a great job with kick ass pay doesn’t do the trick. And no matter how many times I have sex, I always seem to find myself thirsting for something that I can never quite put my finger on. We are told that drugs are bad and

What Can You Do With a Liberal Arts Degree?

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This might come off as arrogant, but I like to think I’m a pretty smart guy. I always got good grades, went to good schools, and made good decisions – until I went to college; at least that was my family’s perspective.

After I started college it took me about a year to realize that I was finally in a position to start making decisions that would lead to true happiness. I didn’t have to

Why College Lies to You: Part One

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Editor’s note: Vegter Animus is a new writer here at Everything Wrong with Today’s Youth. While this is his first article on ewwty, he has been writing for a long time. If you love this article (which you will, because it’s awesome) check out his blog: Project i•Am•You

You Thought You Were The Only One

How many people graduate from college and enter the so-called real world only to find that a life of

I am Everything Wrong With Today’s Youth

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I guess you could say I’m everything wrong with today’s youth.

I am a product of the Digital Age. I have always had access to any and all information I could ever want in a matter of seconds.

I grew up with a screen in front of my face at all times; a constant overload of facts and opinions for my brain to process. I am always having ideas forced down my throat. Images burned into

DMT Series: Peter Meyer – Part One

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In 1992, Peter Meyer published Apparent Communication with Discarnate Entities Induced by Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) on his website Serendipity (which is still active today – if you’re curious what the internet looked like in the 90’s, visit that website) probably the very first DMT-related article that focused specifically on the DMT beings, whom I spoke of in my previous entry. It posits a lot of interesting ideas.

However, the last time it was updated was 1997. And frankly, it’s not very well

The Big Hullabaloo Surrounding DMT

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Dimethyltryptamine is the Bryan Cranston of drugs right now.

Like Mr. Cranston, DMT has been around forever, but has exploded in well-deserved popularity over the past five years.

But DMT, like Mr. Cranston, enjoyed varying levels of attention long before then. Most psychedelic drug users from two decades ago surely knew of Dr. Rick Strassman. Similarly, most TV viewers from two decades ago surely knew of Dr. Tim Whatley.

In the same way Mr. Cranston’s superb acting

An Interview with Mike Strong: The Hopes, Challenges, and Zeal of a Rapper Chasing Stardom

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Money. Power. Respect.

Every human yearns for that shit.

Most seek to attain these intangible possessions through conventional means. Responsibility means walking the path already traveled. To choose the ladder already climbed.

Some humans, however, seek to clear their own path to these social constructs. To build and climb their own ladder. To eschew convention. Entrepreneurs. Entertainers. Artists.

Since Western society began embracing these humans during the Renaissance, millions of creative individuals have gained societal prominence throughout history; each of whom chiseled

My First Interview

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I kind of made a big hullabaloo like three months ago over my commitment toward writing again.

About a month and a half later I published the saga of my Adderall addiction. It took me that long to write.

I realize that any old schmo who comes across this blog would think, “this guy is a whole lot of talk – not so much execution.”


My Adderall Addiction and How I Quit

The Saga of My Adderall Addiction

A year ago I overcame a severe Adderall addiction. Very severe.

Looking back, it’s baffling to imagine living with such a ridiculous addiction to Adderall. Such an immense level of dependence. Waking up was impossible without Adderall. As was socializing. As was writing. As was enjoying life.

Adderall addiction doesn’t get much attention from the media. It may be hard to view

Writing Hiatus Over?

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I need to start writing again.

Those words have crossed my mind more days than not for the past year. Especially as of late.

Writing is just so damn hard, though.

Well, good writing is hard. Writing about writing is lazy writing. But I gotta start somewhere.

It’s been a hell of a year of not writing. I kicked a nasty drug addiction (which initiated my hiatus), got a real job (no comment on my previous ‘fake’ job),