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Ed Darrell posted this interesting graphic from, along with his own insightful analysis of it, over at Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub. The graphic makes apparent the nonsense; Darrell makes sense of the nonsense.

The DMT Experience

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I smoked DMT last month. It was the most terrifying and profound experience of my life.

The following article details my experience of tripping on a hallucinogenic drug called DMT – but I promise it’s not an obnoxious recount of how silly it made me and my friends act, or anything of that vein.

My Drunk Uncle, Herman Cain…

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I hope this doesn’t sound racist…

Herman Cain sounds like my drunk uncle.

Not the cool drunk uncle who tells us funny sex stories and randomly passes out in his own piss. Herman sounds like the stupid drunk uncle, who everyone wishes would get alcohol poison and shut the fuck up.

Every election year, I am marveled at the

Don’t Touch My Goddamn Internet

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Have you Google searched the word SOPA this past week? Have you noticed the Facebook statuses about how the passing of SOPA will literally destroy all mankind, by taking away creativity and innovation online.

The Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA) is by far the most opposed bill to be presented in the United States Congress

Adding Up Slavery

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When I was a child I learned about slavery and some teachers were extremely creative in their method of teaching the sensitive subject matter. However, this story takes creativity to a whole entirely different level. In Atlanta, (Gwinnett County) there is a huge uproar (not really) about a group of teachers using slavery to

What’d He Say Wrong?

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I didn’t even read this “attack-ad” Huffington Post article that came with the video, but I could only imagine it saying something to the degree of “Santorum bashes gays, by comparing being gay to Mormonism.” I don’t know who Santorum offended most with this latest revelation of his.

I’m gonna be honest here and it

When God Speaks…

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As if God doesn’t have enough bullshit to worry about, one more of his “followers” claims that he sees the future of America, and the catastrophic doings of a negro president which will lead to a “great divide and internal collapse of this great nation”.

Pat Robertson is a prophet of the Christian faith and

Matt Romney: Like Father, Like Son

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This is why children shouldn’t campaign for parents running for public office. They lack stage presence (and sometimes the facts, too). And this kid tries to deliver an “Obama zinger” and his audience doesn’t really catch the punchline.

He could have done some serious damage if he’d slipped up and told the truth about where

An Episode of the Boondock’s? Nope. Real Black People…

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Possibly the most ignorant thing I have seen in a while. Black’s going ‘hog-shit-ass crazy’ over a motherfucking shoe. Excuse my English, but it is one of the worst stories I have ever heard and really is a testament of where my brothers and sisters heads are now that they have a black man

“Year End Website Cliches..”

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My Roommate post this to Facebook and I just clicked on the link to see the cliche year end “Things We Should Forget” and I must admit they were hilarious. And a few of them I loved. So this one was number 38 and I’d never ever seen this sick shit before today. Fucking

“Can’t Get Enough of Ron Paul…”

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I really like talking about Ron Paul and for a number of reasons. Firstly, because the media and the mainstream opinion make him out to be a crazy-know-nothing, who somehow has been elected and re-elected as a congressman of the state of Texas since before most of his supporters were born. The state of

“Virginia Really is For Lovers”

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I know you don’t really care, but being from Virginia (the capital state of the south) and living and working in Atlanta, Georgia (the capital city of the south) I am really proud of my southern heritage (even though I am black). I love history! And history has been made once again in the