Matt Romney: Like Father, Like Son

This is why children shouldn’t campaign for parents running for public office. They lack stage presence (and sometimes the facts, too). And this kid tries to deliver an “Obama zinger” and his audience doesn’t really catch the punchline.

He could have done some serious damage if he’d slipped up and told the truth about where he’d really heard that “joke”. Everyone knows that is a Mitt Romney classic. I can see them all sitting around the table talking politics when Mitt decides to say, “I’ll release my tax information, when Obama releases his grades and his birth-certificate–hahaha.”

The only birth-certificate I have saved on my computer and its our President's. Somethings not right about that...

As if the joke itself wasn’t bad enough, it adds full to the fire for people out there who support the GOP and really believe that our President, who already had to deal with the embarrassment of displaying his birth-certificate to the world, isn’t a real American citizen. He is the first president to have to do such a thing (I wonder why). But does that help the man with relieving this issue, no. He still has to deal with the “crazies” at the base of the GOP. These people wouldn’t believe that Obama is American even if and after President Obama walked to their doorstep and smack the shit out of them with a laminated copy of the birth-certificate.

He has a father in politics, so there is no excuse to him not knowing about Obama’s birth certificate. This kid has the same problem his pops has, they are both socially awkward outside of the Country Club settings.

Also, notice that his audience is a little thin, too. The young kids have to start somewhere I suppose. You have to admit that the guy has his fathers wit.

An Episode of the Boondock’s? Nope. Real Black People…

Possibly the most ignorant thing I have seen in a while. Black’s going ‘hog-shit-ass crazy’ over a motherfucking shoe. Excuse my English, but it is one of the worst stories I have ever heard and really is a testament of where my brothers and sisters heads are now that they have a black man in the oval office.[joke]

Seriously though, this video is proof that the ignorance is far from gone within the black culture.

Now, as everyone already knows (if you have any hip-hop/sports friends) Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. He is a mogul and a sort of evil genius for being the first NBA, NFL, or any other sports player to market himself and his brand so well. He has been retired from the game for at least 10 years and still, his merchandise (mostly shoes) bring him a gross income that easily puts him in the top 2%. Even after everyone gets their slice (including the poor ass 3rd world countries who make the damn things). So, it goes without having to mention that he is a very popular brand.

I don’t consider this man human, he is a legacy and a brand, nothing less, but sadly nothing more. I know nothing about him except for that gambling problem he was accused of having (we all got our poison).

Anyway, the problem isn’t with Michael Jordan. As a huge fan of the game and of the player, I understand the history of this “legendary purchase”.

However, I never owned a pair of Jordan’s and while all my friends wore them and chastised me for not being able to afford them (and later in life not giving-a-fuck-enough about a pair of shoes that cost more than an entire outfit) I never understood the importance of the shoe (or of any shoe for that matter).

Nowadays, most kids who wear the shoes aren’t even athletic. They wear them simply to say they have a pair (or 5 pair).

This is why I claim to hate capitalism so much, because it does something ugly to blacks and lower class, urban culture. It makes material, god-like. These people grow up not knowing what to think about for themselves because constantly others (including the media) have told them what to think, how to feel, and what to like and not like. It is so ugly to watch this as a black man. Ugh!

The lady at the end says that it was worth the wait, the fight, and the price to get her children the “things they need”.


I really hope she has that great attitude with her children’s school.

I can’t help but to ask if that were a book, or something useful to our children would there have been news coverage of it? Would people be in line and step on each other to get it. I’m afraid the answer is “NO, only for a pair of sneakers!”

“If black’s were to go this crazy about voting, Jesse Jackson would have been the first black president in ’88.”-anonymous Youtuber

“Year End Website Cliches..”

My Roommate post this to Facebook and I just clicked on the link to see the cliche year end “Things We Should Forget” and I must admit they were hilarious. And a few of them I loved. So this one was number 38 and I’d never ever seen this sick shit before today. Fucking killer funny and a bit disturbing. Check out the whole list below.

“45 Things We Should Forget About 2011″
Never judge a site by its cover… haha

“Can’t Get Enough of Ron Paul…”

I really like talking about Ron Paul and for a number of reasons. Firstly, because the media and the mainstream opinion make him out to be a crazy-know-nothing, who somehow has been elected and re-elected as a congressman of the state of Texas since before most of his supporters were born. The state of Texas may be a little looney-tunes (no offense) but you got to admit the man has appeal. I mean Obama-like appeal, in a time where people are looking for someone to blame (other than themselves).

The second reason I love talking about Ron Paul is because he is so fucking politically-incorrect. A man who speaks his heart should be trusted more than one who can tip-toe around offending some group. Anyone can make excuses and charm the masses with rhetoric. Paul is not one of those charmers.

Now, I have seen chatter on the web and one of my colleagues also seems to believe that what Paul is doing is running a “fundraising scam”, by attempting runs for the White House and mysteriously vanishing as soon as the primary season comes around. Taking his “supporters” money and going back to Washington all smiles, as Congressman Paul.

Now, I would believe this if he were any less passionate about his crazy ideas for America. I mean, he could be a great actor, but any better of a performance by the man, I’d nominate him for an Oscar, regardless of motives.

I must also admit that I usually get like this about a candidate during election years. I like underdogs and leaders with cult (or cult-like) followings.

In 2007, I was a huge Dennis Kucinich fan and maybe it was because of his super model, ginger, amazon of a wife. She is hot! Or maybe it was his opposition to the Iraq War and the Bush administration. Either way, Obama came out of no where and fucked that up. Even though, if it were not for Obama we would have had another Clinton. Leaving the United States looking like communist North Korea (or a monarchy like old Great Britain), electing a Bush Sr, Clinton, Bush II, then Clinton’s other half all one after another.

This wouldn’t be a problem if times were good (as people say), but in a time when we need results from leaders, none of the front runners seem to have the right solution.

The media either ignores or demonizes the Paul’s and Kincinich’s for whatever reason. And in my opinion it is because these candidates are talking about changing  in a radical way.

Ron Paul may be a lot of things, but he is no racist. And when a crazy fringe candidate from the right of the political spectrum gives you a straight answer, you take it and shut-the-fuck up!

I also have to say that a lot of Paul’s supporters may be racist and have problems with race (they are Texans at the end of the day (again, no offense), but the most bigoted thing Paul has stated is about the Civil Right bill that he’d repeal if he had it his way (or the anti-Israel stuff, which isn’t all that uncommon). To be honest, he’d get rid of a lot of amendments that are a bit “out-dated”. That’s where I lose Ron Paul and Libertarianism all together. Believing that private institutions will do the right thing and not discriminate is a bit too hopeful and trusting of the American citizen/businessman. We need certain laws and amendments in order to keep certain customs. Paul thinks that that is absurd.

The third and final reason I love writing about Ron Paul is because I would love to see a third party candidate beat any Democrat or Republi-nut. Paul has the ability to do it. He could win some black votes if it were not for the media portrayal of his old news publication. Contrary to popular belief, black people hate the government, too.

Either way, it is almost 2012 and I still don’t know if I am going to the polls to support either lame-ass party. However, I would support a Colin Powell campaign, but he’s too smart to run for President of this America.

“Virginia Really is For Lovers”

”]I know you don’t really care, but being from Virginia (the capital state of the south) and living and working in Atlanta, Georgia (the capital city of the south) I am really proud of my southern heritage (even though I am black). I love history! And history has been made once again in the great commonwealth of Virginia.

At first, I saw the image above and simply thought it was about soldiers returning from Iraq to loved ones. A closer look at the photograph, I realized, “shit, that’s a lesbian couple!” in military uniform, making out. I was proud.

Now, the story gets ten times better with the details. For starters, they were at Virginia Beach, VA (Where I used to live) and it totally happened by chance that this couple was the couple chosen to have their picture taken while kissing.

I am not the best ally for the gay community, but I am more than a political campaigner for the cause. I have gay family members, gay friends, and even a gay roommate. I always say that I’m the gayest a straight guy can get.

I must also bring up the politics of this picture. Had it not been for the great efforts of left wing policy-makers (and some on the right), that picture would not have been acceptable. Its amazing to see the hard work of those in Washington actually play out. DADT has been a long awaited repeal that has forced men and women to hide their sexual preference while serving.

I personally don’t understand what the fuck sexually has to do with killing Arabs and Muslims, but its been a topic of debate for a while now. I say that if you have the guts to go a join our armed forces (especially nowadays) who cares who you like to fuck.

I must also admit that its a funny fact that most of the men and women I know who serve this great country, are gay. And still, so many people take issue with this fact.

My advice: get over it and support the gay troops. They deserve it!

Politifact Lies

Politifact is a news organization that measures the truthiness of political statements. Well, they’re liars now too.

Politifact Has Decided That A Totally True Thing Is The “Lie Of The Year,” For Some Reason

The Huffington Post

Paul Krugman wakes up this morning, mourning the death of Politifact. He has good cause! In announcing its 2011 “Lie Of The Year,” the truth-squadding agency has settled on something that isn’t so much a “lie” as it is “100 percent true on its face,” and the selection seems to have been made because it doesn’t seem to understand some very basic things about Medicare’s defined health benefits.

As Politifact sees it, the “lie of the year” is the phrase, “Republicans voted to end Medicare.” Okay. What is “Medicare?” Medicare is a single-payer health care system that primarily benefits seniors aged 65 and up, but it also covers younger Americans who have certain disabilities or who require kidney dialysis for any type of end-stage renal disease. It helps to cover the following things: hospital care, doctors’ visits, outpatient care, prescription drugs and some preventative services. It’s a defined health care benefit provided by the federal government.

Mediaite also has a great article about the controversy:

Politi-f**ked: Why Politifact’s ‘Lie Of The Year’ Is Not Just Wrong, It’s Irresponsible


Since announcing “Republicans voted to end Medicare” as its “Lie Of The Year” yesterday, Pulitzer Prize-winning fact-check outfit has faced more blowback than a chronic spitter on a Ducati. While they apparentlythink this is just griping by the left, even the conservative National Review says they got it wrong. What Politifact doesn’t seem to realize is that this wasn’t just a wrong decision, it was anirresponsible one that undercuts their own, and journalism’s, duty to serve the public.

After their announcement, Politifact editor Bill Adairwent on CBS’ The Early Show to propagandize, and even lie, about the Paul Ryan budget plan, while the site’s Twitter feed blithely retweeted cherry-picked criticism of their decision (notably not that National Review post, nor Mediaite’s calling out of their editor), and retweeting people who cast the blowback as a left/right issue. They also made sure to buttress their decision with support fromWaPo fact-checker Glenn Kessler (himself prone to bad judgment), and by pointing out that made a similarly bad ruling.

You know we’re fucked when the ‘fact checkers’ reveal themselves to be liars too.

Huff Post: “Quote of the Year: ‘I am the 99%'”

As the 2011 year comes to a close, and I step one foot closer to the end of my six month grace period for my student loans, now is the time to look at our year in review. Journalist and news sites are already claiming that the Occupy moment takes the cake for quote of the year. Their slogan, “I am the 99%” doesn’t only sound like an ad for STD awareness, but also sounds like the spirit of America, according to some.

Now, I’ll let my judgments rest for now about the movement and what it stands for. They have gotten quite organized. Ron Paul is apparently the political face of the movement, which makes it anything but democratic.

Atlanta's Woodruff Park

I actually like Ron Paul. He’s smart, honest (unlike most Washington fat cats) and he’s a doer. Not big on rhetoric or fancy speeches and stuff. My problem with this Occupy movement is a silly little issue. I live in Atlanta and work Downtown near Woodruff Park and Peachtree and Pine (where Occupy Atlanta lives). Everyday I pass dozens of homeless men and women, accompanied by Georgia State and Tech students protesting the big corporations and fighting the good fight. The rallies look dull and sort of cult-ish. I am sure you’ve seen video’s like this:

To me, it is laughable that they actually call this a revolution. In the 1960’s, anti-war and anti-jim crow protesters didn’t sound like they were at a Jim Jones sermon. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m down for the cause. I hate the 1% just like the other 50% of Americans who have now realized that the American Dream lives no more. See, I knew that the American Dream was dead once we elected Obama. That is the white man’s strategy. [joke]And not that I am comparing movements (which I clearly am), but I just don’t see where  Occupying parks and city streets can change how people feel and spend their money (especially the top 1%).

I want to beleive that this is the beginning of something powerful, because the issue they are addressing is the new civil rights issue of our time. But when the Movement is almost a year in stride, has no leader(s) and no clear alternative to how things are, besides making every-fucking-thing free (which wouldn’t be that bad, I guess) it makes me wonder how successful it can be.

I guess quote of the year is a good start, but now where do they go from here? In Atlanta it has already lost its fired and even though they are located in cities throughout the United States, I wonder how many people are ready to take control, and how many are simple-minded hipsters trying to be a part of a game they don’t fully understand.

Legendary Author, Journalist Christopher Hitchens Dies at 62

© Alearr

Vanity Fair reported late last night that Christopher Hitchens died at age 62. His death was caused by pneumonia brought upon by esophageal cancer, which he was diagnosed with in 2010.

From the Vanity Fair article –

“Cancer victimhood contains a permanent temptation to be self-centered and even solipsistic,” Hitchens wrote nearly a year ago in Vanity Fair, but his own final labors were anything but: in the last 12 months, he produced for this magazine a piece on U.S.-Pakistani relations in the wake of Osama bin Laden’s death, a portrait of Joan Didion, an essay on the Private Eyeretrospective at the Victoria and Albert Museum, a prediction about the future of democracy in Egypt, a meditation on the legacy of progressivism in Wisconsin, and a series of frankgraceful, and exquisitely written essays in which he chronicled the physical and spiritual effects of his disease. At the end, Hitchens was more engaged, relentless, hilarious, observant, and intelligent than just about everyone else—just as he had been for the last four decades.

Much of my philosophy and outlook on life came from Hitchens. He taught me rationalism. Skepticism. Wit. I’d be a totally different person today sans Hitchens’s influence. I will miss him.Read more about the death of Christopher Hitchens at The Huffington Post.

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