Holy Effing Fuck

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Have you ever set aside a food item or sugary beverage only to totally forget about it? And then you find it like four or five months later swarming with life? Like, not just a couple ants, but an actual array of taxonomically distinguishable biological entities?

This blog is that food item or sugary beverage.

Summer So Far

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I’m in the mood to write right now. Accordingly, I’m going to try to assemble a readable description of my summer so far. I’ll start from the beginning, right around the time I stopped posting on this blog.

The feasibility of acquiring an internship being ambiguous, I accepted the job offered to me by my previous

Enter title here (part two)

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I think that my house does to my creative spirit what nuclear radiation does to living tissue. Hence my failure to write anything since I’ve been here other than the last post.

It’s a shame, too. Because I really do have a lot to share. If you were entertained in the slightest by any of

Umm… Remember Me?

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Okay, so as those of you who used to read this blog (before I took this increda-long unannounced hiatus)… ………..


I actually have no idea where I was going with that sentence. Let me try again.

My apologies to those of you who…

Wait… my apologies? How egotistical of me to assume that you guys were affected to such

Why “To Catch a Predator” Revolutionized Entertainment

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You may recall a post I made a little while back regarding the awesomeness of MSNBC weekend programming.

Besides having since learned that I’m basically the only person on the internet who has anything nice to say about what MSNBC plays on their weekends, I have also done quite a bit of thinking about Dateline

Busy Week

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Oh Lawd. My apologies for going nearly a week without posting anything. It’s been quite the week.

You will find solace in the fact that the circumstances which gave life to this six day blogging hiatus will be aptly blogged about soon.

Humorous Social Encounter with Security Guard

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I walk outside my building at around 4:30am to smoke a cigarette. Soon after, a young lady approaches to enter the door.
She exclaims, drawing attention to the condom that had been slid over the door handle by an unknown fuckass. It catches me off guard,
Awww, that’s just naasty,
I agree.
Why would someone even do that?,

Theme Change

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Some of you may have noticed that for like two days this blog’s theme just randomly changed to something else and then changed back. That was because I thought I liked the other theme better than this one at first but then after a few days I realized that I actually like this one

Cigarette Price Decline

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I’ve happily noticed a decline in the amount of money I’m shelling out for my cigarettes lately.

A pack of Marlboro Lights was at a pretty steady $5.00-5.50 for the past few months, however, as of late they’ve been just a dime or two over $4.00.

I’m certainly not complaining, but what could be responsible for

Bill Cosby vs. Donald Trump

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This is the best fucking thing ever.

You’d be wise to read about the current feud between Bill Cosby and Donald Trump.

It’s hilarious.

That’s Soooo Gay!

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The commercial tries hard to make its point, the website it advertises tries even harder. The argument being made is noble, when you use the term “gay” to describe an adverse situation, or a foolish action or person, it is offensive to the LGBT community. Unless you have succeeded in avoiding contact with my entire generation,

We Need a New Estate Philosophy

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Our nation’s attitude towards the legal concept of estate needs some serious adjustment.

In simpler terms, we need to re-think our entire philosophy regarding how life, property rights, and the state should operate in relation to each other.

To help frame this discussion, allow me to pose a question: What should happen to an individual’s wealth