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HBO on Amazon

How to Stream Live HBO for the Same Price as HBO Now

I’m writing about this here because it’s something I’ve discovered recently, yet I haven’t been able to find this mentioned anywhere else.

As a huge fan of HBO’s original series, I subscribed to HBO Now the day it was made available. I was glad to finally be able to stream their library without having to have a subscription with them through a cable provider.

The only thing that I always kind of disliked about the service was a lack of a live feed of the main HBO channel. I always felt this was a very basic feature that I expected would be included when HBO Now was originally announced. But it was never a big enough issue to cancel, or even to really complain; especially considering that most of their new episode premiers are made available on HBO Now at the same time they air on HBO. Continue reading “How to Stream Live HBO for the Same Price as HBO Now”

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AC Greebs Smoking Steel

Stoner Essentials #9 – Bowl Piece Tops for Gravity Bongs

It’s been a long while since I wrote up a new Stoner Essentials review, I know. You can thank the awesome folks at AC Greebs for inspiring me to write this one, because the Smoking Steel is so awesome in it’s simplicity that I knew it deserved it’s own dedicated review.

So what exactly is the AC Greebs Smoking Steel? It’s the goddamn best thing to happen to homemade gravity bong users in all the history of the gravity bong. The Smoking Steel is an easy to use bowl piece for gravity bongs, which replaces the customary bottle cap/socket bowl piece (which I detailed how to make long ago). You don’t even have to screw it on or off, just pop the Smoking Steel atop the lid and you’re good to go!

Here’s a photo of my Smoking Steel next to a lighter for scale:

AC Greebs Smoking Steel

The Smoking Steel is made out of solid stainless steel (hence the name), so obviously it’s sturdy as a rock. Unless you lose it, you’ll literally never need to buy another one again.

My favorite thing about the Smoking Steel is it’s so easy to clean and maintain. When it inevitably gets clogged,  the fix is as easy as running a simple paper clip through it. When it just gets too dirty over time, or if you need to carry it with you somewhere without smelling, cleaning is as simple as filling a small plastic bag with either an alcohol/salt mix or a commercial bong/pipe cleaning product.

The only drawback to the Smoking Steel is its price. While I’m not really complaining about it, especially considering it’ll literally last me until I die, I can see how others might be taken aback by it’s ~$30 price tag. But if you smoke gravity bongs frequently, it’s well worth the cost.

If, however, you’re still looking for something a bit cheaper, there is another option: The BongCapt.


I actually discovered this one while reviewing the AC Greebs and decided to buy one to compare the two.

The main difference with the BongCapt is that it’s actually made to screw into standard plastic bottles. This is actually a downside to me, as the AC Greebs just drops in the top of the bottle; it’s way easier to remove before hitting, as you don’t have to spend time unscrewing.

While they’re both quite durable, I would say the AC Greebs will likely last longer, considering it’s basically just a hunk of steel with a hole through it.

One thing about the BongCapt is you can pack a lot more weed in it, which helps to make for super milky hits. Though you can fit a decent sized hit into the AC Greebs as well, just not as ridiculously huge.

All in all, they’re both great products, but I personally prefer the AC Greebs.

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The four pieces of the Cali Crusher Homegrown 4 Piece Grinder

Stoner Essentials #8 – Best Weed Grinders Money Can Buy

Best Weed Grinders of 2016

I began my whole journey of writing marijuana inspired product reviews a few months ago with the Stoner Essentials series, which I kicked off with a review of some of my favorite budget-friendly grinders.

However, my intent with that first review was to cover quality yet inexpensive grinders, as I knew first hand that Amazon has a surplus of them. For real though, there’s more grinders in the warehouses of Amazon than gay men’s smartphones.

Anywho, my focus with that first review was to showcase the best grinders that get the job done without breaking the bank. And truth be told, I was just testing the waters of the whole Amazon Associates program, which I have fallen in love with at this point. Not just because of the spare change it’s netted me thus far, but the excuse to buy an absurd amount of weed paraphernalia is just swell. Dandy, even. Continue reading “Stoner Essentials #8 – Best Weed Grinders Money Can Buy”

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Molecular Structure of CBD

CBD: The Gray Area’s Wonder Drug

Submitted by Appropos. Check out his blog!

When most people think of marijuana they think of THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychotropic primary isomer within marijuana that is responsible for getting people high.

But recently a lot of attention has been being paid to CBD, or cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive – yet therapeutic – cannabinoid that is becoming more favorable among the medical community for its lack of side effects and similar medical benefits to THC.

CBD has been proven to reduce anxiety, treat nausea and vomiting, combat psychosis, reduce seizures, act as an anti-inflammatory, combat neurodegenerative disorders, and even combat cancer. It has been proven effective against schizophrenia and certain types of epiliepsy. Some of the lesser known uses of CBD include cigarette addiction treatment, acne treatment, helps with diabetes, and even the prevention of mad cow disease. Continue reading “CBD: The Gray Area’s Wonder Drug”

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Three dirty bongs in need of cleaning.

Stoner Essentials #7 – Keep Your Glass Bongs & Pipes Squeaky Clean

Best cleaning solutions for removing resin from glass bongs & pipes

One of the less pleasant aspects of using a bong or pipe to smoke weed is the inevitable buildup of nasty, sticky resin, which makes the piece harder to smoke and adulterates the taste of weed. Bottom line, resin is the bane of every weed smoker’s existence.

Experiencing the vast, wonderful world of glass pieces is my favorite part of being a stoner. Glass bongs and pipes are works of fine art, made all the more beautiful by virtue of their function.

The thing is, the more expensive and elaborate the bong, the harder it is to clean. Higher end bongs with intricate designs, while awesome, make for quite a daunting cleaning process. That is, of course, unless you have the proper tools at your disposal.

That’s where the following three cleaning solutions come in.

Sure, you could go with with the homemade salt + rubbing alcohol solution; and with some effort, you can certainly get your bong pretty damn clean with it. But if you ask me, it doesn’t make much sense to spend a poop load of money on an awesome bong only to skimp out on its maintenance costs. Especially when we’re only talking about an extra $15-20.

Full disclosure: I get a small commission from Amazon through their affiliate program when my readers purchase the products linked to in this review, or any of the products from the Stoner Essentials reviews. Having said that, I have used each of the following three products (and a handful of other similar brands) multiple times to clean my smoking devices, and chose these three for a reason: they work great.
Continue reading “Stoner Essentials #7 – Keep Your Glass Bongs & Pipes Squeaky Clean”

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Rubbing Alcohol

How to Make a Homemade Cleaning Solution for Glass Bongs & Pipes

So, you’ve been smoking weed from the same bong and/or pipe for some time now, and you’ve run into a problem – it’s filthy as fuck. Thick, sticky resin has built up over time. This nasty byproduct of your sinful weed smokin’ lifestyle coats the inside of glass pipes overtime, and can make them a lot harder to smoke out of.

The struggle is real.

You try your best to clean it out using nothing but faucet water, and quickly realize that’s not gonna cut it.

The resin left behind in bongs and pipes by smoked marijuana is notoriously difficult to remove, as you’ve just learned first hand. Typical cleaning methods don’t stand a chance in the face of a dirty bong.

You may figure – correctly – that hotter water will be more effective. Some people resort to soaking their piece in a pot of boiling water, but I don’t recommend this method for a few reasons. For one, it will stink your entire house up to high hell. And not with the pleasant fragrance of fresh marijuana buds, but the stale stench of moldy old resin. Not pleasant.

Besides, stoners and boiling water – or any scalding hot liquid, for that matter – are a dangerous combination. I know from experience, dude.

While there are awesome cleaning solutions you can buy that are specially formulated to clean stubborn weed resin off glass pieces, you can also devise your own formula super quick with ingredients you already have in your house. Continue reading “How to Make a Homemade Cleaning Solution for Glass Bongs & Pipes”

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Two large, tan Molly rocks

MDA vs. MDMA: Similar Drugs, Different Effects

The similarity between MDA and MDMA has been a source of confusion for a generation of drug users. It’s understandable considering the two drugs share similar names and characteristics.

Just the other night one of my Twitter followers tweeted me upon coming across my MDA trip report, perplexed as to why I left the second “M” out of the title.

I gotta say, I was quite honored that the @Trap_God_ himself saw fit to bestow his inquiry upon me (and quite surprised the God of all Traps turned out to be a white dude). I felt such an honor warranted a deeper look at what makes MDA and MDMA unique from one another. It’s time the mystery surrounding these two drugs be put to rest once and for all!

While we here at ewwty certainly have our fun tripping on various substances, we do nevertheless value responsibility and understanding when it comes to drug use, à la the values espoused by Erowid. And I think these values are all the more important considering the prevalence of Molly-related “overdose” deaths these past few years.

I should note for the sake of clarity, I put “overdose” above in quotes because these deaths are never actually the result of overdose, but rather a litany of other factors which modern journalists would rather not delve into. That, and I find quotation marks are the best way to impart my sassy personality in written form. You know you can’t get enough of that sass (pun intended). Continue reading “MDA vs. MDMA: Similar Drugs, Different Effects”

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A collection of kief from a grinder.

Seven Tips and Tricks for Grinding Weed like a Pro

Weed Grinders: Seven Essential Tips and Tricks

Weed grinders are the best thing to happen to stoners since the bong. If you’ve ever found yourself without one in the midst of rolling a blunt, you know how essential they are to any weed smoker.

However, there’s a plethora of little tips and tricks that can make grinding weed a more versatile experience.

After I wrote a review on my favorite budget grinders a few months back, and more recently one on my favorite high-end grinders, I wanted to write a follow up detailing lesser known tips and facts about grinders and grinder usage.

This is basically the single most important piece of literature of the decade – nay, the century.

You’re welcome, internet. Continue reading “Seven Tips and Tricks for Grinding Weed like a Pro”

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A mound of cannabis kief on top of a knife.

Weed Kief & You: A Love Story

The glorious bounty of delicious weed kief that a nice cannabis grinder bestows upon its owner is a good reason to start using one. It gets you high as fuck.

But let’s backtrack a little bit for my readers uninitiated to the world of kief. What exactly is kief? How do you go about getting your hands on it? And what’s the historical significance and context of this particular gift from the cannabis gods?

…Okay, I doubt anyone came across this article with that last question in mind – that’s just the history nerd in me poopin’ all over this party. Don’t mind me.

Anyway, to get the first question out of the way, weed kief is much more than just weed that has been pulverized into a fine powder. Kief is actually an accumulation of trichomes, otherwise known as the fine hairs and crystals found on healthy, quality cannabis buds. Most commonly a side effect of shredding buds in a grinder with a mesh sifter, there’s also a number of ways to extract kief from a batch of weed – a process I’ll cover in this post. Continue reading “Weed Kief & You: A Love Story”

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Hi Liter Magic Marker Pen Pipe with hidden inner pipe exposed.

Stoner Essentials #6 – Smoke Weed Anywhere with these Inconspicuous Pipes

Best Pipes for Inconspicuous Smoking

So as you’ve probably gathered by now, I’ve spent quite a lot of time trudging through the digital aisles of Amazon to find some awesome and inexpensive products for my fellow weed smoking cohorts. For the sake of transparency, I might as well mention that the five reviews preceding this one have netted me a whopping $29.32 this August. Which is nice, but I don’t expect these reviews to hoist my ass from the sea of student loan debt in which I’ve immersed myself.

Anyway, I’m rambling. My point is, having spent so much time on Amazon searching for stoner related items, I’ve come to realize that Amazon is essentially a big-ass headshop. For instance, I had no idea they sold glass “tobacco” pipes, which are definitely not for smoking tobacco.

I’ll do a review on those later. But for now, in the spirit of keeping with the “Get away with smoking” theme, I’m gonna highlight a bunch of pipes that are meant to make it easier to smoke weed in places and situations where you probably shouldn’t be smoking weed. Continue reading “Stoner Essentials #6 – Smoke Weed Anywhere with these Inconspicuous Pipes”

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A Portrait of the Modern Confederate American: A Tragicomedy

1:37 PM on a humid Southern Saturday.

A stylized portrait of Robert E. Lee stares back at him as he flips open his MacBook Pro. Upon navigating to, he types “confedarate flag” into the search bar (his previous flag was ripped sheer off the pole during an especially intense mudding sesh the night prior).

Though he’s sad his trusty ol’ confederate flag has suffered an untimely demise, the prospect of buying a brand new one fills his heart will wondrous merriment. Continue reading “A Portrait of the Modern Confederate American: A Tragicomedy”

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A photo of the Kashtray

Stoner Essentials #5 – Best Ashtrays for the Weed-Friendly Household

Best Ashtrays for Weed Smokers

Let’s be real, smoking weed can be a messy affair.

One of the messiest parts of smoking weed is, of course, the whole ash aspect. Or “ashpect,” if you’re Sean Connery.

Before learning of the following products, I made quite a mess in my house by ashing into makeshift ashtrays over the years – including, but not limited to, beer cans, the top parts of scented candles, and little makeshift ghetto-ass tin foil junts I’ve resorted to making myself.

No bullshit, the box that my very first cell phone came in is, as we speak, (not very well) hidden in my old room at my parent’s house, overflowing with damn near a decade’s worth of old weed ash. I still use it whenever I visit. Every time I tell myself I’m going to take care of it. I never do.

I’m contrite to admit, there’ve even been times I’ve just kind off… tossed that junt behind the couch like a booger. I know, shame on me twice; once for doing that, and again for implying that throwing boogers around all willy-nilly is somehow okay. Continue reading “Stoner Essentials #5 – Best Ashtrays for the Weed-Friendly Household”

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