How to Make a Homemade Waterfall Gravity Bong

So, given my last few posts which detail tried and true methods of getting away with smoking weed at home and college, I feel obligated to elaborate on the topic of making a homemade waterfall gravity bong, also known as a “waterfall gb” or simply a “waterfall bong“.

I should note, the following specifications merely constitute my preferred style of waterfall gravity bong. You can extrapolate the physics of waterfall gravity bongs into virtually any manifestation. As long as it’s a container that sucks in weed smoke by releasing water, it’s a waterfall gravity bong.

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  • jamie

    won’t the weed fall through the opening?

  • Great article! I have another guide on how to do this here

  • here is one a bit advanced gravity bong you should check it out , evryone part 1

  • stephen miller

    I made one just like this

    • stephen miller

      except I used a cap at the bottom so I could screw it on and then fill it up and light and unscrew it was amazing heres a video

  • Kelsey

    Perfect for not using a lot of weed, and saves time you use to make a grav ;D

    • Giuseppe Porciello

      what size socket wrentch piece should i use? and im assuming u need a net to keep the weed from falling through?

      • Nope, I never use a net in mine, though you certainly could. In a standard set like this one, I would recommend the smallest two (number 9 and 10). The smaller the better, but you could get away with using one as big as number 13 without a net. Some of your weed might get pulled though the first few times with one that big, but after a few uses the resin will build up and make the hole smaller. Of course, if you wanted to go all out and make one that can pull enormous hits, you could go with the bigger ones; in which case you would definitely need a net.

  • Katie

    or you can cover the top with foil, poke tiny holes in it and put the weed in there. Works perfectly when you don’t have proper pieces. And moms always have foil.

  • Rich

    On he final step when you let go of the hole at the bottom of the bottle, wouldn’t the water you put inthere pour out of the hole? I don’t understand how that part works.

    • Of course will! What you wanna do is hold it over a sink, or some sort of container.

    • Katie

      you let the the water out you light the weed and the water come out and pulls smoke into the bottle. Then you smoke it :)

    • Jon

      As the water empties out of the bottle it will suck new air in from the top to replace the water. Let the water pour out the bottom as you light the weed. it will pull in smoke. Unscrew cap and in hail. repeat.