Umm… Remember Me?

Okay, so as those of you who used to read this blog (before I took this increda-long unannounced hiatus)… ………..


I actually have no idea where I was going with that sentence. Let me try again.

My apologies to those of you who…

Wait… my apologies? How egotistical of me to assume that you guys were affected to such a negative degree by my lack of blogging that you must be apologized to. Hold on let me try one more time.

These past few days or weeks or however long it’s been since that last SEAK (Search Engine Ass Kissing [not to be confused with Search Engine Optimization, which entails integrity on the part of the writer]) can be described by use of roughly 80-85% of all negative adjectives in the American language. (And for the record, yes: I speak American, not English).

Basically any and all positive emotions I hold in regards to writing were sucked out through my pores and manifested into very dry, boring, monotonous writings having to do with constitutional law, the institutionalized mechanics of Congress, communications research, and (of course) John McCain (whom, as the least boring U.S. Senator, I chose as my object of study).

Sooo here I am, putting together a horribly composed blog post explaining why I haven’t been blogging. Which is one of the least fun forms of blog posts to both write and read.

Accordingly, I shall stop writing after stating that, due to both an internship and separate summer job, I most likely will not be updating every day as I was before my final college assignments viscously beat the fuck out of me. So… just putting that out there.