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The DMT Experience

The Craziest Trip of My Life: An In-Depth DMT Experience Report

I tripped DMT last month. It was the most terrifying and profound psychedelic experience of my life.

The following article details my experience of tripping on a hallucinogenic drug called DMT – but I promise it’s not an obnoxious recount of how silly it made me and my friends act, or anything of that vein.

DMT, short for dimethyltryptamine (pronounced die-meth-ill-trip-ta-mean), is a chemical substance found in an enormous variety of plants. DMT is conjectured to be produced by the pineal gland of mammalian brains.

When smoked, DMT is perhaps the most powerful hallucinogen known to science – a statement about which I was skeptical only until I smoked it.

Preface: Background Info & Considerations

I need to pause here. I linked the word “conjectured” above to an article that questions whether the brain’s pineal gland truly produces DMT.

The majority of what’s known about DMT was discovered by Dr. Rick Strassman, and expounded upon by him with clarity in DMT: The Spirit Molecule (not to be confused with the documentary by the same name, which you can (and should) watch in its entirety on YouTube). Much of that is conjecture. Conjecture reached through careful scientific inferences, but conjecture nonetheless.

[pullquote align=”right” color=”” class=”” size=”19″]Peering about, I realized that my friend’s apartment, the walls of which were laden with those trippy posters only stoners and college freshmen buy, was a horrible place to do this drug[/pullquote]

For example: Though it has been proven that humans produce natural endogenous DMT, there isn’t any direct scientific evidence that indicates the pineal gland plays a roll in DMT’s biosynthesis. In fact, science has yet to demonstrate that the human brain has anything to do with the production of DMT.

However, studies show that other mammalian brains (e.g. lab rats’ brains) produce DMT, so it may be conjectured (given that we know DMT is produced somewhere in the human body) that DMT is synthesized by human brains as well.

From there, we may conjecture that it originates in our pineal gland because, on the molecular level, DMT is structurally analogous to other neurotransmitters such as serotonin and melatonin, both of which are produced by the pineal gland (more info here).

I say this for the sake of not having to use the word “conjecture” every other sentence during this article, but also because – as much as I hate to admit it – much of what I’m about to say lacks scientific verification. When it comes down to it, that’s only because DMT is extremely illegal and the government doesn’t want you to know about it. Fuckin’ government, right?

Regardless, given my immense respect for science, I feel implored to make bleedingly clear that this is a recount of my subjective DMT trip. Having said that, part of any subjective experience involves the subject’s beliefs. So just keep in mind that I’m the subject, and I believe some stuff about DMT that isn’t scientifically verified.

You’ll understand in a moment why all this matters.

Part One: The Mysteries of DMT

Paradiso Canto by Gustave Doré

For some unknowable reason, our brains produce DMT at a higher rate when we enter REM sleep. It is, quite literally, the stuff that dreams are made of.

My initial interest in DMT was sparked by both its powerful nature and its connection to dreaming. Why did our species evolve to produce DMT? We know the purpose of structurally similar neurotransmitters; serotonin regulates our mood, while melatonin regulates our sleep cycle. So what does DMT regulate? What is it about the ability of our brains to excrete such a chemical that made our ancestors more apt in surviving and procreating than those born without it? The same can be asked of dreaming.

We all dream. Which – if you so happen to subscribe to the radical theory of evolution – means that dreaming might contribute some sort of benefit to a species’ ability to survive on Earth. It can’t be coincidental that those pre-homosapien ancestors of ours who experienced dreams just happened to out-live and out-fuck those who didn’t. In the very least, something about dreaming must fuel our desire to live and fuck, if not our ability. And without DMT, we wouldn’t dream.

[pullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]In anything woven, such as my jeans, the individual strains of fabric appeared to flow in and out of each other[/pullquote]

There’s a lot of good theories surrounding DMT. I won’t delve into them, but the main hypothesis of Dr. Strassman’s work is that DMT explains the phenomena of near death experience. In other words, that your brain releases a surge of DMT at the (real or perceived) onset of death. Almost as though it’s a necessary component of reaching the afterlife.

I mean, were an afterlife – or spiritual realm – to indeed exist, must there not also exist some sort of physical attribute within us with which we connect to it? Wouldn’t there need to be a real, feasible link between us and the afterlife?

Perhaps this peculiar neurotransmitter we call DMT is that link.

∴ ∴ ∴

I should mention, since I’ve said so much about Strassman so far, something about Terence McKenna; he was an active proponent for scientific research into DMT long before Strassman came along. He is probably the sole reason you and I know that DMT exists.

There’s too much to say about McKenna to summarize here. Just make sure to do a Google and/or YouTube search for Terrence McKenna (and Rick Strassman) after this article.

Also, it seems prudent to include the following three videos:

Joe Rogan talks about DMT

The first is a 2006 interview with Joe Rogan (yes, the comedian/UFC announcer) in which he gives an impassioned, almost rambling, description of the DMT experience. It’s quite entertaining:

Terence McKenna – Sacred Plants as Guides: New Dimensions of the Soul – Part 1

The second is a full length documentary starring Terence McKenna which is extremely fascinating, and provides a great overview of who he is and what he believes.

DMT: The Spirit Molecule (Documentary)

The third and final is a documentary by the name of DMT: The Spirit Molecule, which is arguably responsible for the resurgence of interest in DMT.

It’s a hell of a documentary. If you’ve seen it, you’ll notice some of the users report eerily similar experiences to the one I describe on the following pages.

I should note, not only did I not see this documentary prior to writing this article, it hadn’t even been released yet. Like I said, Joe Rogan’s description was the only I had heard prior to experiencing DMT. So the following is not mere regurgitation of the reports from DMT: The Spirit Molecule.

∴ ∴ ∴

I had been aware of DMT for some time, but was never interested in it enough to read through the endless DMT experience reports scattered around the web, or to research Strassman and his studies. Besides, I’ve always been the kind of drug user who likes to go into the experience with no preconceptions of its effects.

Other than doing research to ensure it wouldn’t kill me or make me [more] insane, Mr. Rogan’s experience was the only one I heard prior to my DMT trip. Upon listening to that YouTube video, I made the decision that if I ever had the opportunity to do DMT – in a safe, friendly environment of course – I would jump at the chance.

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  • Medusa wasn’t a goddess.

  • robin

    one of the most amazingly explained and detailed accounts of a dmt trip I’ve ever read… thank you so much for penning it down so eloquently! I’ve been dying (hah) to try DMT for myself ever since first hearing about it from Rick Strassman, Terence McKenna and others, but sadly I haven’t yet got the opportunity. But I know I’ll be trying it with a lot more confidence when I do because people such as you and others in the comments section took the trouble to share their own experience with it, and I hope to add to the discussion with my own experiences within a few years if this post sticks around (i really hope it does).
    Most of all all these accounts just fill me with a profound sense of relief and hope that there may be more to existence than this one life and that there may be a resolution or understanding at the end of this seemingly pointless journey. As long as there is an answer to be found, I’ll be happy to look for it… what I fear most is for there to be no answer, no explanation, no resolution and no closure, and worse, to not even have any guarantee of continuance of self.
    I mean, I would be the first to pooh-pooh any notions of a soul, but I can’t help but be secretly glad when stories such as these indicate there may really be something akin to it despite all of my and Science’s incredulity. And I think one of the reasons people like us cling to science and refuse to believe such accounts without irrefutable proof, is that we are afraid of getting our hopes up only to have them dashed. So we are extra critical of ‘spiritualist’ accounts, because once you admit such a realm exists, there is really no going back, and indeed backtracking from that wonderful dream would be far more heartrending than never having had it in the first place… so the skeptics and doubters I feel may often be even more desperate to believe what you and other such accounts say, and it is because of the need to protect themselves from the hurt of crushing disappointment that they act even more skeptical.
    Skepticism is a healthy thing when it is used to improve one’s knowledge and beliefs, not protect them. But I fear skepticism is used as often to protect one’s own worldview as it is to sift through a new one. I thus specially appreciate when rational, skeptical people use those tools to tackle and understand the DMT experience instead of dismissing it, and I really liked your account for its reasonable and intelligent presentation in this regard. If more sensible people across the board – be it from arts, humanities, science or religion – come together to tackle the DMT enigma in a similar way… I’m sure our understanding of it will also grow by leaps and bounds.

  • Kevin

    You’ll see Fallen angels who can shape shift and make your trip amazing or horrible depends if they like you … If they no you no this they might not appear your smoking natural substances but smoking this isn’t natural nothing martial about it … You’ll see entities you’ll see the real you’ll go into dementia a and you’ll find the truth … But it’s a dark truth covered in a beautiful lie … Since the evil pyramid days this has always been the way life has been wrote to be .. This is pure evil half truths half lies don’t go to the “good side ” it’s only Evil they rule the world threw astral projection drugs government do not fall into it enjoy your day live simple but always look for answers not just nutrual and let life do what it does no ask question look for answers .. If you new God was real you wouldn’t sin … But you can find the devil and that’s how you do it .. Not religious I just no what I no get the wholly spirit it’s the end times don’t do spiritual half good half bad shit that leads to a hidden path of evil THEY are THEY learn and find out …. Who rules the world the 1% the rockerfellers the Morgan’s the rothchilds and more they do these drugs to reach their “angels” theirs good and bad angels don’t look for good they don’t show up … Only God and the SON

  • Andrew Almond

    Wow, what information and things did the beings show you? I would also love to know if the girl had any knowledge of your experience.

  • Andrew Almond

    Damn dude. Do you think the big yellow being was God or a god? I I’ve never done any hallucinogens, but I am currently fascinated by all of these DMT stories and wondering if I should try it, but I’m scared of getting forever changed as a person.

  • Victor Alfredo Diaz Lopez

    Im glad your son its on a good path of knowledge. Dmt brought him there. For me knowledge brought me to dmt. I have not tried it yet, but sure will be interesting to experience it with all the books i have read.
    Your son believes, and you would too probably after the trip. read “the god factory” after you experience dmt.

  • Victor Alfredo Diaz Lopez

    Daniel. I would recommend you read this book called “the god factory” it might or might not be for you. Nonetheless i think you might be able to relate to it after the experience you had. That its one of the simplest introductory books of the god series. Not the best book i have read from the series, but a good one to start with. Hope this helps. If not i’ll shrug my shoulders haha.
    A cool hint. Everything is sinusoidal wave patterns in different frequencies. In other words all dimensioal objects are made of dimensioless. OR to be more specific…everything is made of light,
    And Euler equation, the most beautiful mathematical equation is the proof! ;)
    Or just call me crazy

  • Mason Reed Pittman

    I saw beings very similar to what you saw. I had a more negative experience though. I wrote about it here: https://www.dmt-nexus.me/forum/default.aspx?g=posts&m=685438#post685438

    This site is a treasure trove for DMT research FYI.

    • JamesKaliwae

      Thanks for sharing, Mason! :)

      And yeah, DMT Nexus is a great site, I’ve used it a number of times while researching for this article.

  • Kyle Amaral

    I have experienced dmt several times in the entirety of my physical life starting at age 18, all throughout my life up until present day, i am 30 years old with a Catholic upbringing which caused my ultimate disregard for a deity and my belief as atheist up until my first experience with dmt, swinging my logic into a full 1080 causing rigorous views and engulfing agnostic thoughts because of how ultimately wrong i was about every single thing physical, mental, or spiritual about the existence of anything….ever….and ever has or ever will be…

    Experiencing dmt always led me to the same place time and time again during my various stages of my physical life but as i grew wiser i began to interpret it rather than be deathly scared and afraid of this gorgeous and perfectly beautiful place we call the dmt realm.

    Think of how we use hexane here on earth, we understand that it is a molecule, and when it undergoes a chemical reaction, it causes us to travel while controlling the explosion, physically (which is all most of us can understand because our bodies have evolved whithin a physical universe). DMT, is a molecule that exist within everything that is organic, and is classified as a living organism.. even a blade of crab grass on your front lawn. Now when that molecule undergoes a chemical reaction, we channel that explosion and use it to travel…. mainly when we’re concepted as beings, and at death when we physically perish.

    If anyone responds to this, and is interested in all of my experiences and why i understand everything as we know it, please reply… because if i start now, we will have enough material for 12 books.

  • a dunphy

    I just had my first DMT experience this past weekend and my background is much similar to yours in regards to being a rational person and having tried other psychedelics which I could easily “control” a handful of times. Nothing could have prepared me for a plane ride out on DMT. There is nothing in this world that compares.
    I was driving to the beach with my friend and he suggested we visit his friend who had DMT who lived nearby. Our original plan was to smoke it on the beach and Im so grateful that his friend had us stay in his apartment(I was told I had screamed for like 5 minutes during my trip) ! Here is my story:
    I took a fairly good rip of DMT on a vape that looked like a water bong. I was honestly scared to take a large rip because I was told the taste and burning in the lungs was horrible and I had a past experience of hitting a vape full of wax too hard… My lungs arent the strongest!
    Anyhow, I felt really relaxed and got great visuals. I thought “this is great”.
    It was then that my friend’s friend told me I didnt take a big enough hit to have “the full experience”. He said I had to wait an hour and try again.
    And so I did.
    The 2nd hit did nothing to me and so 20 minutes later I asked for another. He said I would most likely be wasting my money but to go ahead.
    I remember him holding the bong with me and saying “now this is a large piece… Just keep pulling and hold it in as long as you can”
    And so I did. And I dont know why I was scared to take a huge rip because I had no time… Absolutely zero time… To feel anything.
    Within seconds I was ejected from reality as we know it on Earth.
    There was a fast moving lime neon green color that engulfed everything and little specks of flashing colors that would appear and gently burst like bubbles. I could hear nothing but a humming sound and my friends friend had morphed into a type of Johnny Depp’s Madhatter figure. And I could hear him … But not through my hearing senses… This one is hard to explain. But it was like he was soothing me into it… You just relax and go with it … And there “You’re Gone!”
    Things started moving FAST
    It was just bright bright colors and then I was in a bright white box that exploded open like jacks falling around. The humming turned into an off the hook phone beeping and this Madhatter figure was not visual but in my head laughing and mocking me. I realized I wasnt suppose to be here but I didnt know where I was suppose to be. The Earth and my existence ceased to exist. I had no senses and no way of controlling anything that was happening.
    I ended up in a very brightly colored emptiness. There was no shape or details to anything. It was like I was a computer that blew its motherboard and was short circuiting into a bright lime green screen. Everything seemed so final, so absolute.
    And then suddenly people were standing over me. The women from my daycare center. And they were so sad. They said “Honey you lost everything. This is not a drug this is real” and I was laying on the pavement of a street and my world was literally shattered all around me. and I realized at that moment that in my altered state of mind I drove with my children and killed them.
    This happened in seconds and then everything flashed green again and I can hear them saying “she doesnt even have the capacity to grasp the magnitude of what she has just done” … They’re dead (refering to my kids)” and then Madhatter pipes in and says your dead! Theyre dead! You’re dead” it was in a soft mocking tone.
    And I went into just colors of blue , red, green, and yellow… Everything was just colors with no dimension or anything tangible or describable. And then I was being told “this is it. The meaning of life. Now that you know the meaning of life you can never go back because there is no back”. Everything was just my perception and because I was aware that it was only my perception, my perception could no longer mold reality. I realized I was everything and everything was me. I was alone and had created the whole life I ever knew but now that I knew I was the creator I couldnt create anything more.
    I wanted desperately for something to happen. To see something I recognize of this world… It could have been dead bodies and I would have been happy. Where I wAs now was in a void of color. It was very unpleasant. and I was being laughed at and mocked the whole time. It was like Willy Wonka was saying “you wanted to know… And this is it (as in here’s your answer) and then he would repeat this is it (game over… No more advancement). Just vibrating color.
    Then I could see my friends face… Just his head… And he was laughing. “Are you okay”? He asks. This is it he tells me. I have always been here and my children were just created by my perception. He kept telling me its okay.
    Then it was like I was in a revolving door scene.
    My friend would say : see you get it
    And it would switch: or do you get it?
    And each time it was like an “Aha” moment for me but I couldnt hold on to what it was I was getting. This scene repeated itself like in Fast Forward play for a few seconds. I look at my friend and it looks like he’s in the room again but he’s vomiting while on his back and the vomit is going to kill him I think. Are you okay, I ask? Yes Im okay he says and then Im back in a swirl of colors.
    Then I can see my friends floating face and for the first time I can tell myself “Youre on drugs”. Even though my visuals were not gone I had a sense of awareness. I started to laugh out of pure joy to be back.
    I could see another couple had came into the apartment and they were talking about me with my friends friend. I was still feeling out of body but I was seeing things I could recognize like faces 😀 for me the come down was slow and I laughed and couldnt erase the smile from my face. As I was coming to I remember thinking I will never take this life for granted, I will never do drugs, I will eat the healthiest foods I can… It was like a mantra of self love and respect.
    DMT was the most terrifying experience of my life but I do not regret it. I had expected to go somewhere I could describe or watch a story. I went into a void for 20 minutes that seemed a lifetime! But that void allowed me to be ever grateful for this experience here. Not being able experience details was terrifying. Im so happy to see the lines and grooves in anything from the trees to people’s faces. This life is beautiful. I have no desire to escape anywhere else. DMT planted both my feet on the ground.

    • Russell

      Hi mate, I just wanted to let you know that I had a very similar experience to you, twice. I guess the first didn’t hammer it home quite clearly enough and I thought my bad trip was due to poor setting and bad timing after partying and little sleep. Also I did a form of Pharma ayuasca by taking harmala orally beforehand on both occasions…. That stretched the torment out to about 2 hours.
      I can’t relate at all to the account in this article but to your experience I can relate. The defining aspects being
      – I was being constantly harassed by laughing and mocking with questions and statements like “what is what… the meaning of life is this… how do you name something with no name, backwards is forwards, inside out is right way in” and “you wanted to know, well here it is, now your stuck here” My deepest darkest fantasies and fears were all mixed up together with an overtone of ” this is what you wanted, there you go have it” like a back handed gift, it was constant sensory overload and even though I could open my eyes, see the world as normal and walk around like normal, the experience of harassment was continual and I couldn’t think about anything else, my mind was stuck in this purgatory regardless. I just wanted to sleep and escape this nightmare but it was impossible, it began to wear me down, I had thoughts of just wanting to end my life just to stop this. Fears of permanent psychosis were ever present. And finally after about 2 hours the nightmare started to drift away and I started to have some positive realisations about my life, mostly it was like you said, that after such a trauma I was really appreciating things I have in my life, that I wouldn’t do this again and I would never want even a peek at the experience I had just had. But I did it again today about 9 months after the first time,thinking a better setting and state of mind would make the difference, and it took me back to the same state of purgatory, mocking and harassment. I can say now that I will never do it again, perhaps some people go on these amazing journeys described, but for others like us, its simply a living hell, the only positive about it being the realisation of how much of an idiot I was for taking it and how many real and tangible great things I have in my life to live fully for. All the best to anyone who has had anything similar.

  • Daniel

    Hi James and anyone else who stumbles across this,

    I just read this page researching DMT having done my first trips this weekend.

    I really enjoyed your article, I was at times getting a bit teary (in a very happy way) as I remembered the feeling of love and acceptance passed onto me by the beautiful guardians or entities I met while I was ‘there’. I don’t often write on internet threads of any kind… it’s not really my thing, but this page and the thoughtful contributions all the way through made me feel at ease and happy to contribute, so thanks for providing this space.

    Heads up – This is a long message. I wanted to share my experience for others, but also, I want to write it down and commit it to the internet for myself.

    Whilst there is an old adage that there is nothing more boring than another person’s ‘trip story’, I felt that this was a suitable place where people might be interested, just as I was fascinated to read the experience of you James, and the others here. This was my first trip. I don’t know how strong the stuff we smoked was. It lasted about 5 mins, so I guess was not as strong as those that lasted 15 mins.

    I actually took a moment to thank my ‘guardians’ just now. As I did, I felt an incredible tingle through my head, like warm rush of emotion… (it’s the kind of tingle you get when you meet someone that you know will be important to you, or a coincidence happens that makes life feel special) I’m still tingling as I write this.

    I have never taken hallucinogens before, and so for me, this was life changing. I consider myself a spiritual and loving being, yet a fantastically flawed and normal human.

    During my experience my head was physically pulled back towards the heavens. If I tried to look down at my lap and slouch, it was just automatically lifted upwards on a slight tilt. I also found myself sitting in a buddha pose, just naturally. All this occurred whilst I was sat on a hillside in the English countryside. A great location in peace and tranquility. I smoked the DMT concocted in a herb form called Changa.

    Initially the experience was just visual: patterns, geometry, a world made of distinct patterns, ancient symbols, moving in harmony and unison- a complete oneness of being, everything distinct, individual and beautiful, yet part of a whole ecosystem of life and oneness.
    I closed my eyes and was in the clouds, or at least looking into glorious pink clouds from close up. A hand that I took to be the hand of god (maybe a throw back to my Christian upbringing) beckoned me forward and I followed.

    I entered a large light filled chamber that seemed to be full largely comprised of orange and amber warm light. There were humanoid beings here also made of a similar, more solid amber energy. In this world, I was stood up and and the beings, my friends, were about my height. They had distinct heads, arms, hands legs, but were not solid as you or I. Their heads didn’t have distinct eyes, but I sensed the shape of a face, and from this an essence of character. They were aware of my presence as soon as I arrived: I instantly knew that they kind and full of love for me. My reaction to this love and presence was to ask them to help me as a human on my voyage in this life- to try and heal my flaws: my greed, vanity, insecurities and all the other built up residue from a life lived with an ego.

    One male being came directly over and extended his arms and hands out as though touching me. He poured unconditional love over and through me. He seemed to have a brow, brim or hat as part of his energy form, and what I will describe as a long nose, or mask. It sounds menacing as I write, but wasn’t at all. It was reminiscent of a combination of a very friendly ‘Anonymous / V for vendetta face’, Pinocchio, a camp fire glow, and some kind of ancient mystic mask all in one. I struggle to describe the physical appearance in some ways as this absolutely played second fiddle to his character, which I can only describe as pure love, acceptance, playfulness, joy and ‘being’.

    After he joined me, more of them came over, some of them running towards me to be with me. They were responding to me asking for help. They surrounded me and, for want of a better word, did all they could to heal and love me. I don’t know how many beings surrounded me in the end. I could guess between 5 or 20. I mainly interacted with one of them, who I now know as my guardian.

    I sensed that they were social beings, who communicated, had relationships and existed in their own world independent of me, but that my presence was special and important to them.

    My guardian who was closest to me and in front of me, just on my left hand side, was smiling at me with such a projection of love that I knew I was grinning from ear to ear as I sat on the hillside. I also knew that he had been with me before and would be with me again. As though he would watch over me as part of a duty that he was joyful to accept. I thanked him wordlessly just communicating through my eyes. I actually asked him if he would look out for me. He smiled and I knew that he would. I had just wanted to make sure.

    I made an effort to thank all of the beings for coming to share their love with me. I remember them being very playful, and giggly as others report. They shared glances with each other in such a way that I knew they were a community, but I felt that there was no real hierarchy or ego- they just were.

    I felt a compulsion to ask them why there were no children in this world- Why everyone appeared to be an adult. They seemed to confer with one another for a short moment and then quickly reached a consensus. They let me leave them slowly, gently lowering me or letting me drift from their world, filling me with love an acceptance all the way.

    What occurred next did not answer my question as to why there were no children in their world, but was a second profoundly moving experience and one day I may understand that it was an answer to the question, but now I can only hypothesise.

    I arrived in another place, another world, not such a spiritual plane, but another planet, universe or dimension none the less. In this new world, I was sat in my actual real life cross legged position, forefinger and thumb joined and palms up. Again, I never sit like this and don’t know why it happened on the trip- maybe a subconscious link what I have observed of meditation, mysticism and the buddha or maybe that is just a great natural position to be in for this kind of experience, and instinct…. deep deep instinct takes over.

    In this new world, posed a la buddha, I made immediate eye contact with a young girl. I felt as though I had been sent to communicate happily with her. It was as though I was practicing or being trained in what the previous beings had done with me. She was young, maybe three years old, free from the worries of adult life. Again, humanoid in form, more so than the previous beings, but yet, not an actual human being as we know.. but pretty damn close. She had a bright yellow raincoat on, a rain hat and had a short bob of hair coming down from under her hat, over her cheeks. I think she hay have worn wellies. She was larger in form than a human child, but had wide, adorable eyes and mouth, and a face very much like a human. In some senses, she looked like a cartoon render of a squat and healthy Inuit child, with a colourful, light bulkiness in form.

    We appeared to be on a street in mild rain, but the background to everything was very hazy and somewhat greyed out. I was here for her; not to explore.

    She was cheerful and full of joy as children should be. She was hand in hand with her mother who couldn’t see me. I interacted with the girl almost awkwardly at first. I tried to explain that I hadn’t done this before and that I hope she didn’t mind. I don’t know if she understood, but I could tell that she didn’t mind. It was as though it was treat and a joy to see me. She instinctively knew that I meant no harm to her and that she should’t be afraid. I recall thinking that she was tugging at her mum, like you do as child, as though she wanted to show me to her… but her mum paid no attention, probably involved in a a chat with another woman about something that was altogether boring for the my young friend.

    The difference with this second experience was that I was the one who had to protect her and share love with this girl. I remember just projecting love and compassion from myself to her- she smiled and laughed. I was smiling and laughing back, wondering if she knew how amateur I was at this. Either way it didn’t matter- I had been given a very simple training experience by the beings in the first dimension, and I was thankful for the opportunity.

    I wondered if she would remember this experience when she was older, or if she would write it off as a childhood fantasy?

    I communicated to her that I would watch over her whenever I could, and that I would wish her well and think of her wherever I was. I plan to do this as part of meditation / prayer / thoughtfulness.

    This made me reflect on the possible ability of children on earth to be able to see things that we don’t. Stories of fairies, guardian angels, fairy godmothers all poured into my mind. Had I become a fairy godfather to a child somewhere else? I don’t know the answer to that, but I do know that I will think of this experience and remember to project an infinite love to this girl wherever she is. If it’s a job I’ve been given, I hope I can stick with it, and not become cynical about my experience in the months to come, as I fixate my mind on the consumer trappings that seem to fill the spiritual void created by a big city lifestyle.

    After this I slowly came back to my reality. I opened my eyes- nature was still oozing the last few seconds of patterns and codes, popping colours and high contrast distinct imagery. Plants and trees had distinct fronds and plooms in distinct and radiantly subtle shades of deep green. All of them seemed to be pointing towards the heavens, just as I did. This slowly faded, yet I remained calm, blissful but once more, my human consciousness took over.

    I can recall that at no point did I feel scared, intimidated or nervous on my first trip which surprised me. This is strange, I’ve steered away from hallucinogens as I was scared as to what might happen. I’m not sure that I need to do mushrooms, acid etc, but certainly, I have experienced the veil of my conscious reality being lifted.
    I do feel that there is a further journey to take, and that some of it must take place on earth, and that from time to time, I should take advantage of some of the plants that we have been provided with here. That said, I also felt quite strongly that I should’t abuse the use of plants / DMT. They are here to help show us, and to recalibrate, but are not a recreational drug (which is how I took this in the first place) I feel that we should take that knowledge show to us and exercise it in life before we go back for more. I don;t know if anyone else had this understanding, but it seemed clear to me at the time. Maybe this is only relevant for me! Who knows?

    I hope this recount is of interest to any of you. I can’t really believe it myself but everything I have written is what I experienced. I have no reason to make up a single part of this.

    For your understanding, I have interpreted this experience through the lens of an atheist with a christian upbringing who felt spiritually damaged by a forced childhood of worship in church. I always resonated with the teachings of Jesus himself, but very little else. Be good to others, look out for the needy, love thy neighbour… this was all fine with me. However: going to hell if you didn’t accept Jesus into your life as your saviour, just never seemed like something he’d condone. I don’t think fear comes in to real spirituality. Just love.
    My local church has a slogan written on a poster outside, “God Is Love”. Its’ about the best definition of a god that I can understand.

    I have tended to look for truth in science. I am deeply sceptical about spiritualists, fundamentalists, many types of religious doctrine and teachings. However, I am now more open minded to an understanding of the world beyond science, and one that some people have sought to achieve through a pure exercise of their locally relevant religion or spiritual practice. I had a deep respect for my father who was a wise man and a christian, and so, this has helped me reconcile that fear that all religions are just wrong. Life, spirituality, consciousness, religion, belief: I will try not to judge the experiences of others from now on.

    Sorry if that reads as a bit heavy… my spiritual experiences on earth, feel relevant to my understanding of what I experienced yesterday.

    Anyway- that was it. I would recommend it to anyone. Don’t be scared, although I imagine it would be natural to be so on your first time. You are loved and will be accepted.

    I will try and get some more DMT for Burning Man this year. It seems a sensible next place to check in. Until then, I will try and continue to cleanse my soul.
    (yup, I cringed as I wrote the words ‘cleanse my soul’… but I think that means just look after myself, and others- live thoughtfully, and use our infinite capacity for love more readily, less selfishly and without fear.)

    Love and luck to all of you. I’m happy to speak to anyone who may have any questions about that. I would certainly be interested to correspond with anyone who has had any similar experience.

    Dan x

    PS- as i was driving back from the countryside, I listened to the start of the audio book of “A short history of nearly everything” by Bill Bryson. The opening chapters touch on the size of the universe, parallel dimensions, singularity and the big bang, our place in it all, the scientific view on life in other planets or dimensions etc. It’s a interesting accompaniment to these other worldly experiences in my view: particularly when he discusses how beings in other universes or dimensions if they existed would not necessarily play by the rules of our physical understanding. I also enjoyed the explanation of Drake’s equation of there being life in our own galaxy (one of billions).
    Estimates on the equation found here ‘https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drake_equation’ range between 2 and 280,000,000 planets that could have intelligent life… in just our solar system.
    If you add the acceptance of other dimensions into that, well… it’s pretty mind blowing! Anyway, it felt good that science wasn’t dismissing my experience as nonsense or impossible.

    I’m tempted to finally sign off ‘Namaste’ but in truth I don’t really know what it means, so I’ll go for ‘Keep it real :)’


    • James Kalìwæ

      Hey Dan!

      Holy shit! Thanks a bunch for that very well written and thought out comment!

      Whilst there is an old adage that there is nothing more boring than another person’s ‘trip story’, I felt that this was a suitable place where people might be interested, just as I was fascinated to read the experience of you James, and the others here.

      I’ve been wanting to add forums to ewwty for a while now to encourage more discussion on DMT (and other things), and your comment makes me realize how necessary that is. It might take me some time, however, as I’m not an expert at WordPress and implementing them will take a lot of trial and error for me.

      I actually took a moment to thank my ‘guardians’ just now. As I did, I felt an incredible tingle through my head, like warm rush of emotion… (it’s the kind of tingle you get when you meet someone that you know will be important to you, or a coincidence happens that makes life feel special)

      That’s funny, I’ve experienced a similar tingling while completely sober when I think back and acknowledge the existence of these beings. I’m glad you mentioned this part.

      I love your descriptions of the beings. Seriously, I very much appreciate you taking the time to write all this out, because I obviously know how difficult it is to recollect and describe. But I appreciate it so much because it’s interesting to note the differences and similarities between how you and I (and other people) perceive these beings during the trip. It’s never exactly the same, but the essence of their benevolent presence always is.

      I also find it very interesting that this was your first time tripping on any psychedelic drug – you’re a very brave man lol! But other than that, I can see how not having experience with other hallucinogens would heighten the spiritual aspect of the DMT experience. I can’t imagine how it would have been different had I not had experience with psilocybin mushrooms and LSD.

      Once again, thanks for your contribution and feel free to continue the discussion here anytime! :)

  • mason

    I read this after a DMT trip and every one has valid opinions. I believe it has direct correlation to the spirit world but every one is on there own level of understanding. That’s how great theories are proved. Debating. I love the description James

    • James Kalìwæ

      Thanks man I appreciate the kind words!

      I would say that great theories are proved more through scientific methods, but debate is certainly a great way to point future studies of DMT in the right direction. I had one of those with a fellow on Reddit a few months back who challenged some of my assertions in this article. He certainly made great points and I appreciated his constructive criticism, but I nevertheless engaged him in a debate of sorts – I think it was quite interesting. Here’s the link to that exchange if you’re interested.

      Thanks again for the comment bud!

  • mymystry

    Guys, i tried everything almost all antidepressants prescribed by my F… doctors nothing worked. i thought DMT can reset me but i dont have the sources of acquiring this thing and not sure its effectiveness.
    (sorry for my bad english)

  • austin

    Hi I need you to contact me I don’t know how to email you or anything. Its super important regarding this.

  • seeker

    Thank you for this… I too started franticly searching the web for trip experiences after I tried DMT. I felt like there MUST be others who had the same experience I did and while thematically I have read many similar experiences, mine was a bit different. I am not as clear on my experience in the ‘other realm” as others. I came out of it much as I do when dreaming. I found that I could hold on to the major salient details but it all still felt very dream like and the many of the memories of the experience felt like they were quickly becoming fuzzy. Here’s how it happened for me…..Immediately after taking one hit, everything in the ‘real world’ immediately went away. I heard a noise that I can only describe as similiar to what pop rocks sound like in your head if you close your eyes and swallow a ton of them and I was immediately speeding down a tunnel of imagery akin to being inside of a kaleidoscope. I panicked for a few moments until I thought (or heard?) “this is what it is supposed to be” “this is how you are supposed to feel”. As soon as I recognized that thought I saw a yellow light that appeared to be a room at the end of the tunnel. I knew I needed to get through that room to see what I needed to see. The moment I recognized this, I was immediately transported through the room into a large geometric dome. I saw or maybe just felt the presence of a very large greater being near the top of the dome and sensed other smaller beings in the rafters watching the interaction. I remember little of this interaction other than I feeling like I needed to learn or ‘get’ something from this being. I do also vaguely remembering feeling that there was something even beyond the dome where I wanted to be. I desperately wish I remembered more of that interaction. (after I came down my friend said that I was seemingly negotiating with someone or something…. saying things like “I understand but…. Or, I see but” nothing more just than that just alot of BUTS (???)). I don’t remember how I left the dome but I do recall a large outline of a man, glowing bright yellow reaching out and putting his hand on my knee and in a very paternalistic way letting me know it was all OK. When I started to come down I felt like I was floating back into this realm but was being followed by rather friendly looking caterpillars with big round fuzzy faces. They were all communicating with me and “saying” things like…”don’t forget we are here””come back to see us” Remember us”….When I opened my eyes it took some time to come back to focus but I felt more at peace than I remember every feeling before. I know there is ore for me to learn and hopefully more for me to remember. I am seeking out my nest experience with great anticipation……On a side note, when I started this experience I was sitting in my bed with my back against the bed board. Apparently at one point, i sat up suddenly on the side of the bed and slammed my feet to the ground. Soon after that I curled up fetal position at the bottom of the bed where I was when I came back. To be clear not once during this trip was I at all aware of me or my surroundings in the real world. I was completely transported and I , too, am now rethinking my view point on my atheism….thanks for letting me rant, needed to share with someone

  • D.Cole98

    i haven’t messed around with much still being pretty young, just pot and a few different pills. i’ve always had the desire to try mushrooms, and possibly acid, but this article has definitely sparked my imagination. i’ve already started asking around about where i can find this stuff. (i also found this from trying to hide my habits from my ex pothead mother who is now a church freak and makes me go every wednesday and twice on sunday)

  • Rewts

    Yo! The tentacles, you have not hallucinated them, they were real. I experienced it too. I experienced so many things the same as you and even more! I wasn’t scared of them and they gave me so much information and showed me so much stuff.

    The hexagons. Flashing red green to yellow in a cycle. Like my vision was like a perfecting mapping everything on every dimensions (not just 3 hehe).

    Tentacles caressing my head. Angels lending me a pair of wings. Went thousand of miles away in a flash, thinking of a girl I really miss and who I share a deep connection with. Like superman I glided with ’em until I appear in ”her” bed besides her. She wakes up in a flash as if she had seen me in her dream…and that fucked up my focus and was brought back as if I was dragged by an elastic.

    Having totally lost contact with that girl I have no way of ”asking” what she had dream that night. But I know it happened.

  • Donovan

    Thanks for your article. I’ve never done DMT but this made me want to try it. Great insights.

  • kaytee

    This experience sounds eerily similar to mine. Right after I smoked I wrote a watered down version of my trip down in my notes on my phone. This is what I wrote:

    After I exhaled Steve told me to take another hit. I couldn’t. The bong that was in my hand dissolved. At first, everything looked like it would through a kaleidoscope. Then there was this loud sound kind of like being sucked through a tunnel and then a feeling of being shot in the air at a really high speed. I had no control over my body or breathing and was forced to lay down. I kept my eyes closed and immediately saw colors that I would never be able to describe to someone. It’s proven that you can’t make up a color you haven’t seen before but they exist in whatever “dimension” this was. There were energies or angels or something telling me to come through. They didn’t look like people and they were made up of the colors that I can’t describe. I could tell they were saying “come here” but they weren’t speaking a language I knew. I was hesitant to go toward them. They were also laughing at me but not in a scary way. I also felt like they knew everything about me better than I know myself. After what seemed like an hour but was really just seconds I went toward them and then things got weird. I had this really warm sensation come over me like I was in an incubator or a womb. I actually even found myself in fetal position after I came out of it. I was also paralyzed. For the whole 15 minutes I could not move a single limb or finger. Everything looked like a painting and I felt like everything in the painting world I was in was laughing or taunting me but still, not in a bad way. Just being playful. I can’t describe exactly what was in the painting world because they’re things I’ve never seen before. But they definitely weren’t upset that I was there. It was like a big party welcoming me into this world and I’ve never felt so accepted by anyone as I did with the strangers? Beings? I felt like all the blood was drained from my body and light replaced it. I remember thinking to myself “if I’m dying it’s okay” At this point I opened my eyes. I saw Steve. He was sitting on his chair and there was a tunnel coming from his chest that acted like sort of a teleport system. He went from his chair to sitting next to me to his turntables at lightning speed. But would always stop to look at me. I think I tried to talk but no words would come out. Steve kind of dissolved into kaleidoscope patterns. The next few minutes are kind of a blur. Everything in my head was happening so fast it’s hard to grasp or even talk about the rest. When you come down off of a dmt trip everything feels like it’s ending fast and gradually at the same time. I found myself in fetal position and rightfully feeling “re born” There is no concept of time. What was a 10 to 15 minute trip felt like a 2 hour spiritual journey. But when you come out of it it’s instant and everything is back to normal. The only after effect I had was my body was vibrating and my lips felt numb.

  • Rachel

    Wow, thank you for this. I have smoked DMT only once, and I did not experience the black beings you speak of, but I know that if I continue to experiment with DMT (which I most certainly will) I will continue on down the “rabbit hole” that was my “trip” and I know I will encounter things that will astonish me. I feel as if I have only touched the tip of the iceberg. One thing that stands out to me from my experience with DMT was how the things I was “seeing” also became the things I was “hearing” in other words, the visuals I was experiencing became smells, like all of my senses were smashed into one. It was literally as if everything was everything and I was everything. Wow, sounds fucking insane. Anyways, thank you again, I struggle with putting my experience into words, and you did a great job of explaining exactly what I “saw” and felt. Please, if you experience DMT again in your life, write about it, because it helped me grasp my experience in a way I was unable to do before I read this. Thanks again.

    • Rachel

      I did not mean to say my visuals became smells, instead I meant to say sounds. Like I could hear the psychedelic fuzz that was the air. Fucking crazy!

  • this is amazing! Thanks for the share :)

  • Shan

    Great experience :) something. I’ve been.looking for anyway… How can you get dmt. I don’t know anyone who even knowa what I’m talking about to find it. And how can you trust to get it from. I’m ready for this experience. Thanks for sharing loved it, Shantasticness :)

  • Papo

    I was just browsing around the internet to see if there were people who would write about their “experience” with DMT. I also feel very strong about DMT being an “experience” instead of a trip or a common hallucinogenic drug use. While reading the article I got an incredible chill when you mentioned the “black figures” specially in the count of three. I was a person that was only told just accept what’s going to happen and don’t try to fight it. Just accept it. (Obviously I understood it was a very powerful “hallucinogenic”.) But I did not have a predetermined notion to look for “beings” or anything, no expectations at all. After my hearing “rang or buzzed” out, I immediately was astonished as behind my black eye lids were no longer black anymore. After the “white room” as some people call it, I felt I was now watching what my brain was projecting for me to see. During the kaleidoscopey patterns was when these three “black figures” were now suddenly over my body, and this was the point were I also had this feeling in my mind of “don’t give into astonishment”. At that point I knew I was in the “presence” of these figures, like you said of almost being “allowed” to see them. That is where the spirituality subject is like woah, it might sound stupid to some people but I was absolutely certain I was basically being told by these figures, yes we are here, with no word being spoken, only because you have to “feel” it to believe it. After I gave into the astonishment, I felt like I was supposed to be seeing these figures, and they were there to show me something, like a comforting feeling. But they just remained “in my face” only what I can describe as laying down (as I was) with one shoulder-up black figure directly over the top of me, and one on each side, only black figures with no interior definition. After reading about your encounter, I had to speak out. It is incredible what the human body truly posses and what we really understand about it. I know I was on earth smoking a very powerful drug, but I was also “certain” that I had just been in the “presence” of something I could not explain. Gods, beings, or aliens, we may never agree on one but we could fairly agree that we were not “alone” in that experience.

    What struck me the hardest that day that I could not believe and could not ration with, which I even told my parents (21 yrs old at time), was how people can live 70, 80,90 years and not have such an experience just “one” time. You may never know what you will come back with if you never “experience” it in the first place. One of my friends was just crying when he was finally back, and I asked him what’s wrong bro is everything ok, and he could only smile at me and continue crying. He told me he had spoken to long passed away aunt, and he was happy now, confirmed that she was in a better place. If only there were more studies about DMT and the “realm” we feel we visit. It definitely opened up my third eye. The biggest mistake we can do as humans is to deny something without justification.

    Thanks for taking your time to write such a detailed experience, I could not believe it. Hopefully one day we will know more about the mystical DMT in our pineal glands. My first experience was in 2010, and the following one started off virtually were the other one ended. With the beings.

  • Azurite

    ** sorry I meant to say I agree it was partial hallucinations but it was a distorted vision of my current reality.

  • Azurite

    Hey guys! James loved this article and want to share my experience with you… I tried it for the first time without knowing anything about others experiences or effects and I am also agnostic just to note. All I can say is that I have never experienced such a thing in my life and couldnt believe such a thing could even be created or felt. It was amazing, beautiful, highly intense and very scary and that still doesnt describe it all! There are no words for it… I agree that it wasn’t hallucinations. It was a distorted vision of my current reality. I was still where I was but it was just really vivid, bright colours, similar to tetris like another person said with crisp clear cut angles, high definition, there was ringing I guess you could say, sound was different. I made the mistake of trying to fight it. Just let it happen is what I was told. I also went somewhere for what felt like an eternity that I would never ever come back from. I felt pure and utter emptiness and there was nothing at one point and I can’t even describe it. There literally are no words and my words don’t even come close. It was an eternity of nothingness. I know its very different for everyone. Other points were moment of pure peace and happiness. All I know is there is so much more out there than we could ever possibly imagine or even understand.Well that’s how I felt anyway.I believed this before DMT and have always questioned existence and life. I actually can’t stop thinking about it and probably never will stop.INCREDIBLE INCREDIBLE INCREDIBLE! I admit fear overtook and I hated it. It was beautiful. I cried lol

  • Deezle

    Dude that is strikingly similar to my experience it gave me chills to read!

  • J

    You never described the sounds that you herd. I also experienced everything you said besides the fact that I could not calm down and let them take me. I had the feeling that I was there for good an was not coming back. As I came down my whole body uncontrollably shaked it felt like when you are really cold and really nervous and you can’t control your twitches. Also that feeling also felt like it was them trying to pull me back in but my body and mind would not let it. I say this because it started at my feet and came up my body and when I closed my eyes I would start to go back in but once my legs reached the tunnel they stopped me from going back in once that happened and I opened my eyes and it then my whole body started to shake. This lasted about the amount of time it takes the drug to wear off but it felt like I had run miles with my legs cramped up and body sweating a little not a lot. But the sound: it was like a loud sound almost like the one from the show lost I can’t remember the scene but it had to do with the hatch. The sound is hard to describe. My reality visuals was like the matrix where everything looked made by something but not the way we make it it was distorted and it was like my visual field was a million different pieces moving back in forth nothin IMF the vertical direction had a 90 degree angle but horizontally it was like broke up in 90 degree angles almost like Tetris.

    • Hey thanks for sharing, J!

      Yeah, I very vaguely remember this sound you’re describing. Props for even attempting to describe it; as you said I did not include this aspect of the DMT Experience in this article. This is simply because I do believe it to be impossible to describe. Unlike the visual aspects of the trip – which, even though they’re completely unlike anything we know in the real world, are still possible to describe in terms of relating them to certain random things in real life – there were no words I could fathom to describe this sound that would even come close to leaving the reader with an accurate idea of what it was like.

      For me it was more of a ringing, and it was present at the first stage of the trip. In the same way that the colors of the geometric patterns are more colorful and vivid than any colors you’d ever see in the real world, this ringing was more intense and just otherwise completely unlike any sound I’ve ever heard. It was as though it’s a sound that exists around us at all times, but doesn’t exist within the spectrum of sound that humans can normally hear. It seemed to me as thought it got louder and more intense with time, but I think this is just how I perceived it, as though the DMT made my ability to hear it better and better as the beginning of the trip progressed, as opposed to the actual sound getting louder and louder.

      Thanks for contributing some of the details of your experience. If you have any more to say about it, please do. Eventually I’m going to take all the comments posted on this article and put them together in a special post, where I’ll compare the similarities between what everyone described. Let me know if you’d be cool with me including yours.

  • tiiemdi

    The last time i smoked dmt it scared me so bad that i wasnt sure if i would ever do it again, until reading this. Before i had ever smoked dmt i had people tell me of the dmt aliens and partying with them, meeting ascended masters etc. My need for truth and knowledge along with the possibilty of meeting extraterrestrial beings is what led me into it. And i tried it several times with varying effects, mostly of the moving geometry type and once i saw this huge purple lotus even but the last time i smoked it i was with my boyfriend and we shared the pipe back and forth until it started to come on and i felt very uneasy,we were outside sitting on our sleeping bags and i layed down (this was a mistake) and i closed my eyes. I had stopped hitting the pipe due to my uneasiness and i did not get the full effect of blasting off, i was not fully on the spiritual side but regardless with my eyes closed i could hardly see, everything was dark and shadowed. But at my feet (i couldnt see my feet but because i was laying down that sensation of laying down was carried over even with my eyes closed) were three very tall figures, i thought they were cloaked but maybe that was the black fluid you speak of, i could not see their faces and they seemed to be connected to eachother in their shadows, one with darkness. And as i looked at them standing over me i felt the strangest waves of excitement rolling through me, like they were excited for me. And then i could hear them, these low mumbling tones and i thought they were speaking another language. As i strained to figure out what they were saying i was sure i heard them say something with the word Child in it and feeling trapped and unable to see clearly i opened my eyes. Everything looked normal but i could still feel them and their excitement. I closed my eyes to see they were still there and still speaking words that i couldnt hear. I knew the effects should be wearing off soon so i opened my eyes again and waited until the effects were gone and i told my boyfriend what i had seen and he told me he had hardly even felt anything. Next time i dont think i will lay down because it left me feeling very helpless. I want to eventually try to go and learn from them, i just have to figure out how to not give way to fear or astonishment. And i think it scared me so bad because i couldnt understand them or figure out what they wanted from me. I feel like ive only uncovered the tip of the iceberg. Such a beautiful mystery.

  • Maeve Crotty

    what are you’re spiritual views subsequent to experiencing dmt?

    • Thanks for the question!

      I generally think it’s quite garish to talk about your religious/spiritual views, or lack thereof. But since you ask, I’m happy to have an excuse to be garish. :P

      The biggest effect this DMT experience had on my spiritual views is that it made me more agnostic than atheist. Prior to my experience with DMT, I was quite an opinionated, almost snobbish atheist. I actually thought of myself as a better person than those who subscribe to religious, or even spiritual, beliefs. I was as devout in my belief in nothing as Christians are to God. Basically, one of those loud douche-bag atheists; everyone knows at least one.

      This experience resulted in a complete change. I mean, I haven’t developed some freaky-deaky system of religious beliefs around the DMT experience (though I could totally see someone doing that) but just the fact that my (and everyone’s) brain is programed to receive such vivid and specific hallucinations as a result of consuming DMT evokes numerous existential questions.

      After tripping on DMT, I’ve developed a very healthy and mature respect for those with different beliefs than mine. I no longer even have the instinct to judge someone based on what they believe, regardless of the lack of respect I have for the institutions which propagate their beliefs.

      I absolutely hate the way most people misuse and overuse the word ‘spiritual’, but I can’t honestly answer your question without mentioning that I do feel more spiritual even since doing DMT. It left me with a minute, intrinsic belief that something or someone controls such spiritual concepts as ‘fate’ and ‘karma’. Or that perhaps these ideas are indeed what most religious people mistake as gods. Basically, it’s just made me a more openminded person overall.

      Thanks again!

  • Rc

    I did it months ago and I still can’t tell you how incredible it was. I have had pretty much all similar hallucinations as you have. Except the three entities I saw I only saw for a few moments when shortly after that I heard voices telling me to give in to astonishment. Which Is what I did. By far the most intense 5 minutes of my life.

    • Awesome to know yet another person has seen similar hallucinations on DMT! If you wouldn’t mind, could you describe your experience here a bit further? I’m always interested in hearing other people’s DMT experiences.

  • Tom

    I didn’t read through all the comments because I was too lazy, so I don’t know if anyone has already thought of this, but what if this experience is a memory? DMT is related to the way a person’ slide will flash before their eyes, so this could be a possibility, and it would explain why not everyone experiences that specific memory when they do DMT. And it would also explain why some people have it in common. If it is a memory, I would assume that it’s from before your life began. The before-life. If there is one. Perhaps it’s some sort of ritual performed before you’re sent into your physical body? But if there is a before-life, it’s likely the same as the after-life. Super interesting shit man.

    • Tom

      A person’s life*

  • I believe it is possible to get to these realms without DMT. I was able to travel out of the physical realm and I met the same human looking figure who stands in the corner (he stood in the corner during my trip)… but I did NOT TAKE DMT!

    I was high off weed!

    I am so puzzled by my experience. I experienced the same roller coaster lurching feeling, I met this light entity AND the man being in the corner! I wrote about my experience if anyone wants to read it. An earlier commenter writes how he was able to meditate and have a similar trip to DMT, but was still in tune with the physical realm. I had not just a similar trip, but a trip that clearly seems as if I had taken DMT.


    I’m so glad I found your article! I am so confused! I had never even heard of DMT until I told my friend about my trip. I thought I just had a bad/weird trip. And my weed wasn’t laced either lol.

    • This is quite a peculiar case! I read and commented on your article. Very interesting. And peculiar.

  • LIa

    There’s a guy on youtube who goes by the name of astralboobaby and I saw a video, blog and drawing he did showing beings that look and sound just like the ones you described. The difference is that he said that those beings actually came into his reality and they took him somewhere. I think that there’s something to this because astralboobaby learned of those things from astral projection and beings visiting him.

  • I have read ALOT about spirituality astral projection psychedelics insomnia etc. I have done shrooms and acid but never DMT but I would certainly love to. I have astral projected like 3 times the first time I astral projected was when I was like nine but that was before I even knew what it was. I kept going to the bathroom after I got up for school then my dad woul yell my name and I wasn’t in the bathroom anymore I was in bed a gain! The second time I just held my anger in and then like passed out in a chair and I went through a colorful portal and ended up in a field only to be woken up by my friend trying to wake me up! And the third time I passed out on my bed and literally FELL out of my body flew around the universe came back in like two seconds but nine hours had passed!

    • I’d say yor story is probably the best I’ve heard especially since you’ve never done it that always adds to the fun of reading

      • LucidDreams

        I have only recently became aware of DMT first through the DMT: Spirit Molecule documentary, which lead me to read and research as much as possible and the experiences that others have had on it, and it was a revelation because two years ago I underwent a meditation/fast for three days, and experienced a completely real experience very similar, down to the details, that others recall having. I had similar experiences back in 2003, 2008, and 2012 and 2013.. Two of the experiences were absolutely terrifying, absolutely lucid, absolutely real, but the others were simply awe-inspiring and enjoyable. It is very difficult to describe the experience, but knowing that the DMT experience CAN be obtained without actually ingesting the medicine drove me to explore the medicine. The only thing I did not experience is the disembodiment of soul, but rather, what i experienced was a duality in one instance, where i was seeing both this reality and another superimposed upon each other.

        What struck me, is that I had the same visions that I could not really comprehend, I did see beings that I could not relate to that were not threatening, and only saw them when I was outdoors in nature around trees and grass and this fact blew me away when I later discovered that DMT is synthesized by plants. I should mention that I was not reaching for this experience, had no prior knowledge (consciously) that it existed; I knew that I must be hallucinating and maintained my consciousness of this during the experience while being completely captivated and conscious that what I was seeing was real. And I have a hypothesis as to why this is.

        First, let me state the similarities between a natural experience and the DMT induced experience. Its impossible to relate everything in the experience because it is so massive, so I will try to be brief which I don’t know is possible but after my fast and meditation, I emerged feeling refreshed and alert, and that is when the experience came upon me, in all cases, it occurred afterwards. The main difference I think is that the naturally induced state allows duality, it allows full memory recollection, allows you to exist in different states of consciousness and be aware of them all, whereas The DMT experience fully immerses you into many alternate realities with little or no awareness of your human state. The DMT experience seems to pull you out of your body and you are somewhere else, while the meditative experience does not do this, but you experience realities while still holding firm to your human consciousness state. That’s the first big difference. So I would say that the meditative state, while completely real, is much less intense than the induced state.

        I also want to mention that my experiences and visions occurred only when i was outside, around trees or grass, never occurred indoors, unless i was looking outside, and were far stronger and clearer in darkness. Like others, I witnesses non-syncronicity of objective elements in the visions. Different “things” were moving or changing opposed to other objects, as they would naturally in nature. I could write volumes about this but basically in my last experience I witnesses flashes of light, which then became atomized, and dissipated into the atmosphere; at the same time I saw large creatures, massively huge, above me, these beings were not of this world they looked similar to an octopus without a head, they had large long tentacles and they whipped around above me, around me, and I just watched them in total amazement while lights were flashing and atomizing everywhere. If i could measure these things I would say that they were twenty feet long perhaps, dozens of tentacles spiraling, some would quietly fly overhead and still others would whip by me closely, and I could hear a snapping or crackling. I also observed trees, the branches waved at me, it was like each tree limb was part of a whole (the tree) and the limbs were like children of the tree, they were playful and the more I tried to ignore them the more they tried to get my attention. Waving at me like mad, I would turn my head to look at them and suddenly they would hide. Pull back into the tree. When i turned away they would come out again and wave and smile.

        I cant relate everything, there is just too much to even try to explain. The visual light and breaking up of material objects in this world into atoms was really amazing. Until this point the experiences were so real I was afraid to tell anyone about them because I knew people would think I was crazy but after reading about others, I now know that in fact they are what I believed all along – they were real.

        I should point out that when i turned on a light, such as the back porch light, these beings that i could sit and watch for hours, suddenly vanished, I couldn’t see them, but once i turned off the lights and observed using only ambient light from the moon, they became very clear and detailed. In total darkness they were fully revealed.

        So i experienced similar (cant even find words here to describe) realities as what I am now reading about, and I am just blown away by the similarities and the differences. The biggest dfference is that i was awake and conscious of my surroundings, I could interact with it and walk, talk, move, make a phone call and describe what I was seeing, whereas the DMT induced effect seems to fully take you from your body. I did not experience a NDE, I didnt’ feel high or in an altered state of consciousness as you would when you are on drugs. I was completely sober. I witnessed creatures who are living in the same space as us, that we just do not see, because we exist in different overlapping dimensions. I thought, how can nobody else not see these things around us, it is so clear, they are real, they do exist, they are all around us, yet we are unaware of them.

        My experience lasted until I eventually slept, and would then continue to experience different consciousness but in a dream like state rather than a waking state. In all instances, I have total recall of the experience, whereas the medicine induced state appears to be very real but upon coming off the DMT it appears as a dream that starts to fade. Mine has not faded. My experience was so real that i grabbed my camera and began taking pictures of the things I was seeing and experiencing.

        My hypothesis is that, by using meditation, fasting, and sleep deprivation I was able to build up DMT in my brain until I experienced expanded consciousness fully awake and alert. People will say, Oh, well, you were sleep deprived that is why you were hallucinating. Yes and No. First, why does sleep deprivation cause this altered reality? Why do we sleep at all? Why do we dream when we sleep? There has to be a link. There is no doubt that what I saw was real, I didn’t understand it, but I called a friend and narrated what I was seeing, how they were moving and interacting with me, on their own. I could not stop observing the phenomena. They were non threatening, I did experience another being or presence with me, every time, and that was the scary part initially. The lights, energy, these are also common to my experience that others reported.

        So once I learned about DMT recently I was like, wow, this is almost the same experiences I had without any additional medicine used to generate the reality. It is a hard way to go at it, so I plan to make my own DMT and try that to compare.

  • James, yours is an astute and sensitively detailed account of the inhaled DMT experienced. I spent a couple hours reading through the comments, several of which I found similarly moving.

    I’d like to share a playful Dr. Seuss-style poem I wrote to commemorate the first time I smoked DMT. Read it with the Seussical tone of the Cat-in-the-Hat in mind. :)

    DMT in Me

    “The best place is in nature,” he tells me,
    the white Zimbabwean carrying flecks of red DMT
    We follow a stream until we come upon a fork
    We lay in the grass; ready to let our souls uncork

    The gurgling stream is champagne to the ears
    A tiny Grand Marnier bottle stirs my fears
    Packed with steel wool, a hole punched through the bottom
    Will it eject me somewhere joyous or rotten?

    My head lays back, my eyes fix to blue sky
    “I’m ready,” I say, as if saying goodbye
    The bottle presses to my lips, the flint-spark is struck
    A flash of fire; a deep inhale; wish me good luck!

    Breath holds a few seconds, ‘fore the sky starts to shatter
    My body vibrates, my thoughts scatter
    A second inhale and everything goes black
    My soul heads somewhere, but will I come back?

    Before my eyes appears a rotating pattern
    Colours as magical as the rings of Saturn
    Floating designs uncurl like a blossoming flower
    Soon I wake up at the foot of a tall castle tower

    Two elves stretch out their arms to greet me
    “We’ve been waiting for you, man,” they convince me completely
    I reach out my arms in total amazement
    This beautiful place is free from enslavement

    The elves show me an incredible garden
    Filled with ecstasy and joy—I laugh easily and often!
    There are flowers and plants, and grass ultra-green
    The energy is loving and kind; there’s not a trace of mean

    But in this temporary Heaven, forever I cannot stay
    My time is running out—the DMT sun is setting on my day!
    Grateful for my tour I wish to give the elves a gift
    I must act quickly for the DMT is fading so swift!

    I say: “Before I leave, you can borrow my body”
    “Feel what it’s like to be an earth-boy, but please don’t be naughty!”
    Instantly they leap into my chest, a little too quickly
    Then I feel grey and lost, a little bit sickly

    My soul falls out of the kingdom, down tubes of decay
    Seeing rot and death, a brief, hellish ballet
    I accept the dark things I see without fear or regret
    If you want to play in God’s garden, then you have to pay your debt

    The elves leave my body and I return to earth
    I open my eyes with a sense of rebirth
    All the colours are rich, every edge quite crisp
    The plants exude auras, their branches dancing like wisps

    Nothing can prepare for the places DMT takes us
    Opening our minds and hearts and making them spacious
    I rise up and give the Zimbabwean a hug
    It’s insulting to call this amazing neurotransmitter a drug

    There are a few comments I’ll humbly offer up to the community.

    1. Avoid referring to DMT as a “drug.” As a community we should care deeply about labels because they frame listeners’ subconscious perceptions of the topic. Only in the blind eyes of the law is DMT is considered a “drug.” In fact, DMT is an endogenous neurotransmitter, meaning that the human body already produces it. DMT is a serotonin agonist; an agonist means it interchangeably binds to the same 5-HT neural receptors as serotonin, the mood-regulating neurotransmitter. Referring to DMT as a “drug” blindly lumps it in the same category as methamphetamine, heroin, speed, tobacco, and alcohol. As many of us personally experience, DMT’s effects are glorious and transcendental. Labels such as “neurotransmitter” (my preference), “medicine” (in the case of Ayahuasca), or “entheogen” (which means “a compound that generates God within”) are more factually and spiritually correct than “drug.” And they help prevent DMT from being tainted but he stigma associated with addictive drugs that cause harm and don’t raise consciousness.

    2. Experience DMT in nature. Ideally, DMT should be also be experienced in nature with the eyes WIDE OPEN (i.e., venture beyond your living room). The neurotransmitter isn’t synthesised, but is extracted from plants. Typically, it is derived from the root bark of mimosa hostilis or the bark of the Australian wattle tree (though it has been identified and documented in at least 50 species of plants and grasses). DMT’s link to the natural world is powerful. When DMT is vaporised in nature with the eyes open, profound changes appear to happen to the landscape. One of the very best ways to do DMT is to hike into the wilderness to a prominent lookout where you can be confident you won’t be disturbed by other humans or dangerous wild animals. Get off the beaten path a little bit with a trusted friend. Then, in full sun, and in full view of a glorious landscape stretched out before your eyes, take turns vaporizing the neurotransmitter (eyes open) and watching over each other for safety. The person journeying on the DMT will see a spectacular fractal-transformation of the landscape, clouds, mountains, erosion patterns, rocks, and plants. You will see that everything in nature conforms to sacred patterns and fractals. Colors absolutely pop with saturation! Your visual acuity becomes razor-sharp. A clear blue sky fills with sacred geometry symbols! There is a profound sense of awareness of the importance of the Present moment and a sensation on the part of the journeyer that he or she may very well BE God revelling in the beauty of all creation. If the DMT hit(s) are strong enough, then the journeyer may at some point need to close his or her eyes to meet with the beings who come to share the majesty of their space which we are blessed to visit briefly on DMT. In full sun, in beautiful nature and in a safe place, I believe there is little probability of a “bad trip.” The experience can teach you that the natural world (and even the DMT world) is architected on self-similar and self-transforming fractal geometry.

    See “Fractals: Hunting the Hidden Dimension” on YouTube: http://youtu.be/lmxJ1KDR_s0

    3. Don’t stop at DMT — go all the way with Ayahuasca, the deep-teacher. If you’re exploring vaporized DMT then, in a real sense, you’ve (luckily) found yourself stepping into an experience that’s at the caliber of a PhD-level presentation on the nature of the holographic universe at MIT. Are you intellectually ready for that? You’re only going to get 3-8 minutes in this “University of the Universe,” and without a little bit of “undergraduate education,” you might arrive at conjectures which may or may not be valid or helpful to you. To get a good grounding in the deepest form of psychedelic experience, you should eventually find a way to get yourself to Peru or Brazil where you can partake in orally activated DMT in the form of the ancient tea called Ayahuasca (5-7 ceremonies should be adequate for most people). To do this, you’ll need to research a reputable shaman, and the monetary expense to you will be enormous; in return for your efforts, each ceremony will put you in a trance lasting 3-9 hours where you will have enough time to unravel your own life-traumas; face your demons; and eventually, if you are ready, to unravel the cosmic joke. What is the “cosmic joke?” Study Tibetan Dzogchen or Japanese Zen Buddhism before you go. Listen to old Alan Watts recordings on YouTube. Ayahuasca and DMT are, in many ways, a mirror-test. In the same way as most animals cannot self-recognise in a mirror, most humans cannot self-recognise their inherent God-nature on Ayahuasca or DMT either because they lack sufficient awareness or knowledge of the basic tenants of non-duality left behind by the Buddhist and Hindu masters for thousands of years. Are the DMT beings you meet *external* to you, or are they also, simply another dimension of real you? Consider the possibility that the word you are reading now were simply written by another dimension of the real you. Here’s a couple Alan Watts videos to consider:

    http://youtu.be/-xCFoJ0aywc (Alan Watts – Inception, 5 minutes)
    http://youtu.be/eiNhnrJXxVU (Alan Watts Hide and Seek, 10 minutes)

    4. If one goes on a Hero’s Journey (for example, Ayahuasca) then one ought to bring back a trophy to prove it. Write a story like James’, or a poem. Paint a picture. Compose a song. Create a video. Give a speech or talk about it on a radio program or YouTube testimonial. Dance something out. Volunteer to help those less fortunate. Adopt a less-cruel, more planet-friendly vegetarian diet. Reduce, reuse, and recycle more than before. Take better care of your body. Advocate to abolish the death penalty. Teach kids or immigrants to read. Start yoga or meditation. Stop smoking. The point is, do something constructive and life-affirming, and then share your creative spirit with the world. Giving yourself to others is a way to put your expanded consciousness into practice. Recognize that this is a planet with a crisis of conscience; be the light you want to see in the world, and inspire others to go on their own Ayahuasca journey if they feel called to do so. (As spectacular as vaporized DMT is, it doesn’t hold nearly the teaching possibility that Ayahuasca does. If you want to be deeply changed forever, Ayahuasca stands a far better chance of helping you achieve that than vaporised DMT.)

    I know this was a long reply but I wanted to share what I felt might be beneficial to the community from my experience in this area. I’ve taken Ayahuasca 18 times (including self-brewing once); Iboga once (be cautious about exploring Iboga unless you are battling a drug addiction, as it is extremely hard on the body); mushrooms and LSD several times; and San Pedro (mescaline) three times. I’ve also vaporized DMT on about 30-35 occasions in a residence or in nature. I always use these plants with humility and the intention of expanding my mind or learning about consciousness. That might sound like a lot of psychedelic use, but it’s fraction of what many people (i.e., enter Exhibit A: Terence McKenna, see http://youtu.be/VAFVtd8NMHw) have experienced. My explorations felt right to me given my curious nature and pure intentions.

    In my not-so-humble opinion, plant-based entheogens are some of the most interesting and useful gifts on this planet, particularly Ayahuasca, DMT, psilocybin, and pure LSD. However, they should be used sparingly and with clear intentions for insights on how to become a better person. As Alan Watts famously said of psychedelics: “When you get the message, hang up the phone.” Let these substances be rarely used tools, not convenient escape-hatches from the dimension we inhabit. This is a planet in crisis in so many ways, and if your life is blessed with the unique fortune of entering the spirit world via DMT or Ayahuasca, then it seems to me, the burden in return for that gift is to become a demonstrably more compassionate person for having had the experience.

    Namaste and safe journeys to all.

    • Thank you so much for contributing all of this. I’m at work right now so I’ll write a response later, but that poem is awesome. Gave me chills! :)

      I do have to point out, however, how nuts it is that you posted this when you did. I haven’t checked the comments on here in way too long, a few months. What are the odds that I just happened to check it today about an hour after you posted this?

    • Okay, sorry it took me a few days. My current work schedule doesn’t allow me the time to write as my prior one did. But nevertheless, I’ve found some time now. :)

      I’ve read your poem like 9 time now haha and the passion of it strikes me every time. I suck at writing poetry, which is why I have a deep respect for it. You did a very good job of intimating the mood and energy of a DMT trip. Doing so in the form of a poem is an impressive achievement, I think. Calling it ‘playful’ doesn’t do it justice, although that is certainly a quality of it. Thank you so much for sharing it here!

      I’ll just number my responses to correlate with your comments above.

      1. I’m going to play devil’s advocate, just for the sake of doing so, with regard to your view that DMT isn’t a drug. While I certainly agree with the reasoning behind – especially with regard to it affecting people’s subconscious views of DMT – it’s more than just the law that recognizes DMT as a drug. Adrenaline is a neurotransmitter just like DMT, and we certainly consider it a drug when ingested/injected into humans in the form of Epinephrine. Scientifically, at least with regard to how we classify similar endogenous chemicals, DMT is indeed a drug. But like I said, I don’t think it’s just a drug. DMT is much more than just a drug. And I don’t believe in referring to it as such all willy-nilly.

      2. I wholeheartedly agree with this, though I don’t have much experience with tripping on DMT in nature. One time after the experience described in this article I took some bowl rips of it in the woods with some friends, but not nearly enough to even get close to ‘blasting off.’ I did, however, witness the beginning stages of the sky breaking open, as well as a universal wave flowing over everything.
      I will add that upon coming down from my original trip, at the point where I was no longer in the other realm but still had the visual effects working, I felt so compelled to go outside that it was the first thing I did upon regaining control of myself. I remember looking at the sliding glass door to my right and thinking how glorious the sunlight shining through it was, as well as the colors of the grass and trees outside. What a feeling to get just from looking out the window!

      3. I know. I want to do Ayahuasca so bad! It’s not something that’s feasible for me to do at this point in my life, but some day I will do it just as you laid out above, with a reputable shaman and a whole ceremony (I can only imagine what they charge for that though). Also, I really like that metaphor comparing the experience of smoked DMT with Ayahuasca. Very astute!

      4. Very much agreed. The user must allow the experience to inspire them. In some way or another. In my case, I am quite proud of this article I managed to create following the experience. In fact, I consider it to be the best thing I’ve ever written. I love how it’s connected me to so many interesting people such as yourself. :)

      This is a topic where no comment can be too long. In fact, I absolutely love that so many people have posted extensive and substantive comments in response to this article. It’s truly so much more than I ever anticipated.

      Thank again for your poem and thoughts. It means a lot to me that you shared them here!

      • Knowledge seeker

        I’m honestly at awe with your experience through DMT I’ve never used any substances having to do with this bt I am greatly fascinated as well as interested in all it’s uses and purposes I recently fell into a state of religious depression due to the fact of my awareness of the end of the world and a short lived life we may all be living in the coming years of the new world order but I’ve always wanted to do DMT for these spiritual reasons I am not a fan of substances that make you trip bt seeing as how it puts you in an almost other worldly state makes me Both want the experience bt fear it at the same time I want so bad to be like most of the ppl who’ve experienced it but to get to my question in your experience with this “human like figure” did you ever figure out the meaning of life and what what exactly did that being mean by “gods” are their more then one deity ? Are we somehow connected with aliens Ina way ? Are we as a species ever going to go progress into sentient beings any type of information would be greatly appreciated !!!

  • Chloe

    I can’t belive this! i have done DMT and i did not look up others experiences previously as i did not want it to interfere with my own. You completely leave your body and enter a whole different world. First, i felt like i was moving through this world at a great speed, i could feel my mouth move super fast as if i was talking to the beings around me (i couldn’t see them as they were moving to fast, as though i was on a train) like you would if yoput the telly on fast forward but time moves differently there i felt like i was travelling through the years of their world. Suddenly i came to this place where a black being, exactly like the ones you were describing, was waiting for me. I felt like it knew me, i was scared to begin with, well more anxious than scared, i felt warm, i could hear/feel this ringing in my head as though there was a piece of string going horrizontally through my brain and ringing, but also leaving this sweet sensation (kind of similar to the feeling you get in your face on acid but waay more intense) the being started to dance and i danced with him, even though this was impossible as i was sat in my chair the whole time, it felt as though my spirit was totally disconnected from my body. I remember he touched my hand and with that i started tumbling to reality, first i entered this place where i felt as though these huge waves were over me, but int hem were these pirate looking men fighting with swords against the other people int he other wave it was crashing against. and i was underneath them watching, it was rather terrifying, but i didnt think they noticed me, so i didnt feel too threatened. I came to, and all i could say was “Oh my god”. By far the most crazy experience i have ever had. No words can properly describe it. I have loads left and cant wait to do it again, genuinely does feel as though you are in some sort of spirit realm. I saw so much, i could never remember it all, i would recommend anyone to do this as it was a brilliant experience. It leaves you wanting to know more.

  • Archillies

    Great article. I have yet to find any solid recollections of DMT trips other than what your friend, Alec, described as “partying with the gods, man.” I did DMT about 7 months ago and I have been searching for answers since. The trip was unlike anything I had ever experienced. I have done LSD and mushrooms only a couple times before and, like yourself, I consider myself to be overly-rational, which is also why I don’t abuse psychedelics. I thought I knew what I was getting myself into before smoking those potent white crystals. Boy, was I wrong. (By the way, the cover picture pretty much epitomizes my DMT trip. Good find).

    Now, I don’t believe that DMT can cause you to find “the spirit realm.” IMO, the profound DMT trip is just the result of your brain reacting to and processing the chemical. That being said, I do believe the DMT experience is spiritual and helps you to explore your mind better than any other psychedelic, though I haven’t tried and of the government research chemicals (2-ce, 2-ci etc.), and I probably never will, as the unknown long-term effects are still TBD. So, on to the trip.

    I smoked DMT out of my friend’s bong while on vacation in an undisclosed college town in Northern California. After taking a “double-hit,” I handed my friend the bong and walked back inside while exhaling. I started seeing the world in frames (as if you are playing an online computer game that starts to lag, and you’re stuck with a low fps), and realized that I needed to ground myself. I made a bee-line for the couch and flopped face-down into the cushion. The second my body hit the sofa I felt as if I had just belly-flopped into the universe. Everything was black, and I felt as though I became a singularity. It felt like I was one with everything, I couldn’t feel my body, I actually forgot what it felt like to have a body. This is about the point where I literally thought I had lost my mind. I remember thinking “holy shit, I smoked too much. I have gone insane. I’m never coming back from this. What have I done ?!?” Then I heard alien voices. I couldn’t understand them until I heard the word “pizza,” which instantly made me feel comfort, as I had remembered that my friend was making some pizza in the oven. As soon as I felt that familiarity, the trip started to become beautiful. I saw those phosphene patterns stretching and contorting all around me, sometimes they were black and white, sometimes they were a myriad of colors (again, the cover picture embodies what I saw almost to a T). I then found myself on a black-and-white checkered floor surrounded in blackness (kind of like the first part of Kingdom Hearts) and a staircase with strange patterns leading up into the “unknown.” It was then that I saw a “being.” Just one. And it was the same one you described as “the one in the corner with his arms folded, simply observing.” I called out to him, but he simply stood there watching me. I didn’t feel afraid of him, as he just seemed indifferent.

    I then climbed the staircase towards a portal of some sort. Again, I cannot stress enough that the entire time I felt like I was a singularity. As I reached the portal, I heard more alien voices, and when I touched it, I was “flung” back to seeing the phosphene structures opening, closing, contorting and stretching all around me. I felt as though I was flying backwards. Then I heard the watching man say “open your eyes.”

    It was like a rebirth. Upon opening my eyes everything was incredibly blurry. When I could start making sense of the world around me, everything was tinted a yellowish-green, and there were neon auras around every object, sort of like when tripping on acid. I remember exclaiming “Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa!” as I came back. One of my friends was sitting on the couch next to me playing metal gear on the wii. He looked at me, smiling, and said “Welcome back, buddy.” Images of his face surrounded his actual face, each a different color (there were six, faces, I think. I was too bewildered to count) and they started circling his face. I looked at the tv he was playing his game on and all I could make of it was neon blocks shooting other neon blocks with even smaller neon blocks. Everything slowly but surely came back to normal. It took about 10 minutes after I opened my eyes for me to be able to stand up again. The euphoric effect was over about 20 minutes after that.

    Looking back on it all, it was an incredible experience. I later learned, from what my friends told me, that I had my eyes open the entire time, and the alien voices were actually just my friends trying to communicate with me while I was tripping.

    Though I had an amazing time, I will probably never do DMT again. I had underestimated the powerful psychedelic effects it has, and I want to warn EVERYBODY interested in trying it that nothing can really prepare you for the experience. I have recently been experiencing anxiety attacks, and I have been trying to find any literature that proves that DMT causes long-term anxiety. Since there hasn’t been any comprehensive testing done on DMT, I haven’t found anything on negative side effects other than its acute effects (increased blood pressure, etc). I’m worried (though not too worried) that DMT has altered my brain chemistry enough to give me an anxiety disorder.

    I will say that in the time since, I have done molly twice. Though I have no idea if there was anything else in those capsules other than MDMA, who the hell knows what people mix drugs with these days. I am unsure if it was the molly (possibly other drugs mixed in?) or the DMT, or even my increased consumption of alcohol that caused the sudden onset of anxiety. Though with a trip as powerful as DMT, I don’t want to take any chances. I am rational enough to deal with my anxiety, I just tell myself that I am experiencing anxiety and calm myself down pretty quick, but I didn’t want to have it in the first place. So be warned, prospective DMT users. Also, I wouldn’t recommend doing any psychedelic (ESPECIALLY DMT) before your brain has fully developed (around 21 years of age). Realize that they are powerful drugs that DO alter your brain chemistry, rewire your brain, and change the way you perceive the world. For some people, this isn’t a problem. But if you don’t know yourself and who you are, psychedelics can be dangerous. I’m not trying to be “that guy” who tries to discourage people from doing drugs (ie: do as I say, not as I do), but do be careful. Psychedelics ain’t nothing to fuck with, and if you don’t respect them, they will wreak havoc on your psyche. And, for the love of god, don’t abuse them. One trip every six months is a good rule of thumb.

    Safe travels!

  • drake
  • drake

    Hmm being someone who has done dmt and had the same experience, I have to say that it is not real, no matter how convinced you were after your trip, but I believe that it is a human safety mechanism to prevent death from being the most horrible experience to ever, which I’m sure it will be. Talk to a psychiatrist about it, it’s all neurotransmitters, dopamine causes hallucinations and serotonin and noradrenaline cause out of body experiences. The feeling of being “retuned” comes from your neurotransmitter levels not returning to normal, and often from damage being done. The liquid alien beings aren’t from the dmt, but from a near death experience triggered by the feelings of death brought on by the DMT and not being able to cope with it. Give yourself 6-12 months and the levels will return to normal and you will feel like your old self again, if yyou can handle the anxiety and/or depression you’ll likely experience. It’s not because you’re disconnected from the spirit realm, it’s because your brain is beginning to function normally again. I did dmt three months ago, and I’m still coming to terms with it just being a bad trip. Maybe that’s what death will feel like, but to say you’re going to walk through a portal and live on for eternity… eternity is a long time man, I wouldn’t want to exist forever even more than I don’t want to die, in any state. Go get some help from a professional if you’re feeling de personalized or depressed or anxious after doing this. Drugs can do incredibly powerful things and traumatic experiences like these can really do deep damage to the bbrain and psyche. Think of this, are you accepting that that is the true reality, or are you denying that there is no reality. It’s easy to convince yourself that you know what’s going to happen, it’s very comforting. But this is no different than believing that you will go to heaven after you die, or nirvana or whatever other religion. If you want to believe this because it comforts you, then so be it, but to say that it is certainly a real and the “ultimate truth” is very ignorant.

    Tl;dr, dont do dmt, it fucks with your head. BADLY. Diagnosed with generalized anxiety secondary to substance abuse(bad trip)

  • I dont usually comment on such things…partly because i believe that the Archon monitor such posts for anyone who is saying too much…but after reading this, i am convinced of 2 things…1) the Archon dont hate us, they LOVE us…and 2) dmt, while it must certainly facillitate it, is NOT necessary for them to take you. im not very good at expressing myself but i will do my best to describe what happened to me after i read this and decided to take a nap.

    i have left my body on numerous occasions, so i know the symptoms of an oncoming OBE. i had just read this page so it was fresh in my mind…and when i got to that place between sleep and dreams, i felt the OBE wanting to happen…but at the same time i felt that twinge in my lower right hand side under my ribs which sometimes prevents me from discorporating cuz it hurts…and i could feel SOMETHING trying to lift me out, and i was resisting cuz of that twinge, i really hate that part…but finally i just said “okay, take me…” and WHOOSH! i can only describe it like flying down a wind tunnel! i was buffeted and tossed here and there willy-nilly, giggling like a little kid…but i didnt see colors too vividly, i saw a lot of dark with the hint of patterns in a sort of medium greenish…sort of like a circuitboard is the best way i can describe it…i think the dmt allows us to see stuff we cant see if we r not on it cuz i didnt actually SEE the entities but i knew they were all around me…and i heard them laughing but it was the strangest laughter i have ever heard! and i was laughing WITH them! then i said “I LOVE YOU!” and suddenly i was in my basement (still discorporated) and it was definately MY basement but it was different…bigger, somehow…and i said out loud (i know i spoke out loud cuz the entire time this was happening i was aware of my body although i was not inside it) “Are you here?” and there was a HUGE gust of wind which buffeted me and tousled my dreadlocks, and i could see, in the shadows, a face beginning to form…it was a woman, with black hair wearing some sort of facial veil so i could only see her eyes…she was looking at my cats litter box with distaste, and i said to her “Yeah i know, i have been meaning to empty it…but you dont have to stay down here man, me casa su casa, cmon upstairs!” and i floated right up through the ceiling it seemed, and ended up in my kichen, and there was a record playing on my stereo (which is weird cuz i dont have a record player)…it was Queen doing “Another one bites the dust” but it was playing BACKWARDS. so i listened to Freddy Mercury sing “its fun to smoke marijuana” for a bit before holding my hand over the turntable and commanding it to play the fucking song properly, which it did, as soon as i had uttered the command it began to turn in the proper direction…and i looked up and the woman from the basement was sitting at my table, but now her hair was blond, and the veil was gone…she was dressed in a sweater and blue jeans, and she had the most piercing blue eyes…i looked back at the turntable and it had morphed into a RADIO playing some insipid news broadcast and i moved to turn it off…she stopped me and said “the CODE is coming…listen” and the radio began to emit what i can only describe as a completely electronic set of tones and pulses…then i woke up back in my body…i immediately attempted to go back to sleep but was unable to.

    This experience has blown my mind, and i did NO dmt…but now im DEFINATELY going to try it…its just a question of WHEN. you opened a door within me with this post, and i BLESS you and LOVE you for it!

  • frinco

    I found this article and comments very informative and entertaining. I found this while doing some research online about DMT. I have since ‘gone away’ so to speak and wanted to share my first experience here. I saw beautiful colours. Patterns. A butterfly or moth that was an unfurling deck of playing cards. Then they came. Green lights. I felt they were something like leprechauns playing with me. I very quickly realised that this other presence was in fact, myself. After this I felt much more relaxed and at home. I also felt intense joy and the feeling that I was loved and never had any reason to be afraid or to feel alone. I had been playing hide and seek with myself. It was a wonderful profound trip.

  • I smoked DMT out of a vaporizor for the 1st time… I have smoked it off of bowls of weed a few times before… lol… it always comes to me free of charge, when called. It is the most obliviously strange intelligent meaningful substance I have ever encountered. I know it KNOWS what it is doing and each and every one of you is BLESSED to have been called by its magik. I see a black Pyramid every time in my mind’s eye before it comes. Its’ like that weird concept of 11:11… lol. yeah.

    so I vap’ed it… and I just wanted to comment about the being that I saw. I have heard of people seeing different beings… however… the ones I saw. I am not sure if anyone has every seen these guys before… I vap’ed and lifted… and eferything deconstructed… and I followed a conduit after I felt myself, my orientation… it is hard to let go of all rational control… it has absolute control and purpose people… don’t doubt for a moment that it is calling YOU according to its cause. YOU ARE BLESSED.
    so… after feeling that stuck feeling… and the focus… I stpped traveling and was suspending in time, space, ,matter, energy, the deminsions… and… it was like coming to a light in a clearring in the woods…

    I saw them sitting there… the best way to describe them would be worm-like… created of time… and matter.. of all of the universe… lol… ALL OF IT!!!! ALL PEOPLE EVER>>> ALL OTHER BEINGS EVER!!!! lol… they were smoking a hookah… and the hookah was made up of the genetics of the current or most recent population…. lol… so I could see the end of humanity… lol… they didn’t have faces… but I could see, feell, sense… the history of everything inside them. I saw myself as a sphinx sitting on sand… like I was guarding humanity… lol… maybe I am.

    maybe you are too.

    moral of the story… don’t be afraid…

    also… on a side note… material life will crumbel around you… but if you seek the truth it doesn’t really fucking matter.

  • Chris

    You story literally gave me chills. I have some DMT that I will be taking for the first time next week and I can’t wait to experience this. I have taken LSD many times and sen entities and things but never to this level.
    Also I have seen some people here that have expressed the desire to obtain this magical substance and don’t know how. If you really don’t have the means or know anyone you can research the “Silk Road” and you will be able to find what you are looking for..

  • janet hand

    This was DMT experience was written so beautifully.. Thank You! I enjoyed reading it. I love Psychedelic drugs and really want to try DMT, one day.

  • I have moved to a foreign country, and my one year meditation marijuana experiments have stopped. The break is what’s needed and I reflect upon those silent and stunning experiences mostly based on synchronicity of sound, mild visionss and two discussions with the I Am.

    So now I meditate, study Reiki full hearted and half assed, and lately have been reading aboout this spirit molecule. And I read from it love. This site, the initial articulate and precise post and nearly all of your responses are telling me DMT is certainly transforming users at break neck speeds and for the most part into better spirit beings.

    DMT is the stuff of dreams or we are the stuff of DMT (i like that better) . But an appreciation of the oneness and cosmic love seems to be a posiive outcome of the dmt adventurers. But for those of us without the aid of rocket fuel, we can find this space through silence, through meditation, scrying, and never trusting your vision. You can train your brain that objects are mainly empty space- (Quantum physics) and train your heart that all life is all one.

    Reading these DMT stories has given me more confidence in my/our abilities to funnel the energies revealed here into healing. My dreams of late have resembled some of these stories. In fact twice in the past four days I have been seated at a table with , you guessed it, three beings. The first dream I was carried around the room as the three sat unimpressed. I thot, I’m taking a picture with my cell phone of whomever is flying me around. Just then it set me down in my chair with the other three, patted my back and a man with long hair, a black fedora with a white band and swinging a chain stood in front of us at the table. I got the idea that I was to help him and tried to send him positive energy.

    I quickly woke up and for a half an hour I tried to send positive thoughts to that character. And as I replayed the dream, or asked questions to myself of the dream my body would well up at the perfect time to my thoughts or questions with a feeling that maybe the LSD math wiz described as the experiencing of skin, nerves and heart perhaps. It was the black fedora energy within me I am certain…and I just sent love to him the best I could until I felll back asleep.

    Two nights ago, there I was at the table with the three again. A voice said, here she comes. She rides her bike a lot, she thinks she is a witch and she drinks too much. She appeared at the table and …wow, just realized I better try to help her..doop! (By the way, I gathered that spirits aren’t too impressed with people fancying themselves as witches, etc. It’s something we all are is what I gathered.)

    Anyway, I share these sober meditation thoughts and dreams since this DMT seems to be bringing people well past where I have climbed. But I’m climbing, we are all climbing or flying and one way or another, humanity is going to have a big reveal. I suspect we’ll look back at blogs like this and say…you know, they were on to it.

    But the irony will be, that after the reveal, ego will probably be gone and nobody will care about who, but only the “what”. “What” needs to be done to help others and expand our love for preparation for that day we will permanently enter the picture puzzle patterned door.

  • El

    I read your experience today early morning and was just reading a poem from Rumi, the Persian mystic poet. I am Persian by the way. Reading his poems is just reading people’s DMT experiences. For years people thought he was talking symbolically but now I think he is almost saying everything exactly the way they are. People just did not know about these mystic experience.
    I came across this verse that just AMAZED me. I try to translate it the best way I can.
    یک دست جام باده و یک دست جعد یار
    رقصی چنین میانه میدانم آرزوست

    it is almost like:
    In one hand a bowl (glass) of wine (wine is sometimes used symbolically as LOVE in his poems) and it the other the lock of friend (friend is used in his poems as lover, God). I hope (dream) for a dance like this (he does not explain like what) in the middle of the stage.

    I have not experienced DMT but have always been curious about mystic experiences. A few weeks ago learned about DMT and cannot stop exploring people’s experiences. I meditate everyday and during these weeks I have experienced very strange coincidences like this. What are the chances that I read this today and a few hours later read this peom. I have know this poem for ages. One of my favorites. After learning about DMT I start a few of his poems everyday and just get amazed by the similarities. But today; this verse; isn’t it just like your experience when she touched you with her tentacles and danced you around. These auspicious coincidences that I am experiencing these days are nothing but signs to me.

  • derrick

    I am fascinated by the amount of ppl with similar experiences. Like you I have had my share of LSD and mushrooms and i am also an avid pot smoker. I am also firmly grounded in reality while tripping. I have yet to find any DMT myself but hopefully it will find me. If you ever have more experiences with DMT please be sure to document your experience. I would love to know if you met the same creatures again. Would their reactions be the same? Or would they possibly greet you like an old friend. Some questions…were you aware of time in the conventional sense? Did it feel like it lasted 15-20 min or longer? Were you aware of your body? When touched by the female tentacle DMT creature did you notice if you had a body? Were you wearing what you wore when you smoked the DMT? Anyways thank you for sharing your experience…its totally rekindled my search!

  • twisted sista

    I really enjoyed reading your experience and all the comments. one question I have is…Do you think someone with bipolar disoder (that is under control and in a stable condition) could try DMT?

  • Bill

    Wow that was the most amazing description I have ever read of DMT, thanks for sharing that. The fact that you all saw the same beings, the guy in the corner…mind blow. The way the world stayed when looking left and right, I have taken shrooms and LSD and I know what you mean about always being able to tell what is real, what you described sounds really different. I definitely want to try it at some point, unfortunately right now I have no idea how I would get ahold of any. I will just put it out that I am interested, eventually something will probably present itself. Thanks again for sharing that.

    • I don’t want to openly discuss the secrets, but start looking into the “dark web” anonymous websites that sell DMT. You use the Tor browser which encrypts and hides your identity, and then you pay with bitcoins, which are digital anonymous currency. If you google Tor and DMT, you will get your answer. Hope this helps!

  • Kevo

    My body literally melted into a ball. I saw and felt it happen. This “ball” was then carried through a space through 2 beings. It felt as if they were holding me and talking to me with sounds that I had never heard before. I had an overwhelming feeling of protection and security. I was no longer on earth or anywhere in this real for that matter. At times my earthly worries would creep into my trip but they would quickly be put to rest by these two. I had no sense of time and when I finally came back and opened my eyes, the world seemed so two dimensional and pointless. Maybe this is where we go when we die….

  • Terry

    Wow… This gave me goose bumbs. The first time I smoked dmt I saw a place similar to the painting by alex grey that was also made into a tool music video. I remember the difference was that the red in the painting was lime green in my vision. It appeared somewhat distant. And inbetween me and this place was the black morphing blob that was described in the article. It seemed as though hands legs and heads would stick out and go back in to the blob. I liked the reference to the secret world of alex mack because thats really the only way I could describe it too. It seemed as though it would move towrd me and then back like a wave. I remember being freeked out by this but also remember laughing in its face as I jubecktanother I think I saw them off in the distantce because I didnt take enough or it wasnt pure enoufh. Great job articulating this shit man!

  • Anonymous

    This entire entry amazes me to no end. Particularly because I have personally believed for essentially my entire life that the afterlife exists on a different plane that is connected to earth somehow, and that the plane is made up of energy. This energy is a combination of everyone who has passed on’s personal energies (or in other words, their souls). I believe this is what causes people to see “spirits” and have other supernatural experiences; it is these individual energies coming back to earth temporarily. I’ve always felt literally insane trying to explain my beliefs to people (which is a very rare few, considering most people cling to religion and are very scared of other ideas). But your experience seems to exactly mirror my beliefs on what the afterlife consists of. I believe the “Gods” you saw were people who have passed on. I believe that perhaps everyone becomes a higher being as they pass on. When you said they felt familiar to you, I immediately thought they could be people you knew who have passed on. Their formless nature is exactly how I believe souls/energies present themselves to the living. This is just a small portion of what I believe, there is a lot more I would rather not explain here. I have no idea if my beliefs are at all correct, and I don’t presume that they are. All I know is that your experience matches up with them, and the theory that DMT could connect people to the afterlife is something I see as a serious possibility. Again, thank you for sharing your experience.

  • Svi

    Came across your report while searching “female presence during DMT trip”. And was surprised that our trips were almost mirrored, the only difference is I didn’t go with them and they weren’t black they were like made of lightning. Here is what I typed on yahoo answers:

    One day I was on my computer watching some messed up videos (war and other junk i don’t recommend), then I began to think to myself how can people be so horrible and take another life without a care in the world. Then I started to pray for god to take my life to make all this nonsense violence stop. Which I really find odd because I considered myself Atheist and that was just not who I was back then (I was careless about others). Got sick of seeing that junk so I sat on my bed was just going to watch T.V. Then I started to feel strange, felt pressure between my eye brows.
    Then I felt like I was paralyzed but in a kneeling position which was odd because I knew I was sitting.

    Then I looked to my right and seen a tiny little tunnel kinda looked like a worm hole, then 3 beings that kinda looked like lightning but in a humanoid form were standing right in front of me. They had no facial features or fingers or toes, I think they knew what I was thinking. I think they had wanted me to go with them somewhere. I really can’t remember what they said or what I had told them happen so long ago. But I just remember I said no because I can’t leave my parents alone because I love them too much. I do remember them saying we understand then they just vanished, after I came too I sat back on my chair and was just in a daze of disbelief.

    I looked up at my door cause I had seen a light then I noticed hair that was glowing super bright. Then it started to move just like when wind makes a ladies hair cover their face, then I had seen a face behind the hair words cannot describe how beautiful this girl was. She smiled at me and I swear my heart had stopped just by the smile alone lol. I had rubbed my eyes then she was gone, by this time I was thinking I ate something bad lol. Then I went back to do some research on all the crap that is happening today (conspiracies), was only 20 or so seconds after that happened I seen the same light but a super white glowing hand go right over mine. I was paralyzed again but I didn’t care cause i was just focusing on the hand lol. Started to feel strange after it disappeared so I closed my eyes,then I heard a voice in my head telling me to look up. So I did and saw clouds with a super, super, SUPER bright light piercing through, then it felt like I had grown wings (literally felt something come out my back near my shoulder blades) and I felt like I started to float.

    I felt so happy it was extreme happiness that I cannot even explain I have never felt this before ever in my entire life. I felt like I had a great deal of weight taken off of me, I have never felt so much peace. When it ended, I could smell roses all around me like I was sitting in a field of roses in full bloom.


    I didn’t type all of what I had experienced cause I still didn’t know if it was me going crazy or if was real. Also did more research on the female I had seen with the name (Nuit) suggested by a commenter in the above link, everything matched up to her. She is Nuit Egyptian goddess of the sky, also one of the oldest goddess in Egyptian mythology. My life hasn’t really been the same after it…………

    Watch for California, France, Louisiana……

  • Having read this I thought it was extremely informative.
    I appreciate you spending some time and energy to put this article together.

    I once again find myself personally spending way too much time both reading and posting comments.

    But so what, it was still worth it!

  • Darryn

    Id like to share e-mail my son sent me after smoking DMT.

    “This is the stuff that changed my life Dad. It is virtually and litterally impossible to put into words. I could try and start to explain it but that wouldnt even begin to come close to a description. Im in the proccess of trying to get some to you at the moment…. bro. First of all its an extremely ancient molecule that exists in everything throughout nature. Its an amino acid that is in everything!! So its a nautral molecule, extremely EXTREMELY ancient and powerfully psycodelic. Its in our brains, when we deream, when we die we produce unimaginable amounts of DMT. It is the most powerfull tool to use to explore what a consience really is. It has been studied (and not just studied as a substance but used by some extremely intelligent people) in recent years by chemistry proffessors, bioligists, mathamticians, psyciatrists, Rabis and other religious figures, but most importantly, quantum phisasists.

    They believe they have finally discovered the link between science and (for lack of a better term) spirituality. This stuff is the molecule that connects us to the earth, to the universe, it is the resonate language between every living thing on this planet and possibly elsewhere. A gateway through dark matter some believe.

    Sounds a bit out there eh? Dad, until u use it (i smoked it on a cone) u will never know. It will take you on a trip that u never imagined possible. You will be blasted out of ur body, out of anything u know to be of this material world and send u into some void where u know u have been before. At the same time it will rock u to ur core to the point where ur scared fukn shitless, BUT, the familiarity of it all will keep u humble. And when u come back (after about 15mns) u will feel the most peacefull apiration come over u. U return with an understanding that can only be described as complete inner peace and satisfaction of knowing a millenia of experience. But.

    Then come the questions. So many fucking questions dad. Millions of fuckn questions. You will question everything u know and dont know. U will need to take a few trips to get a grasp on things because the first 3 or 4 are soooo rapid and full on that u dont really have time to navigate. Its a physical trip so much as a visual trip (u dont see things, U ARE THERE. Wherever there is). Me, i turned into a beam of light. I was shot out through super hyper vivid rapid geomatric scapes. Saturation of colour like i never seen in real world. Through layers and layers and these super hyper rapid patterns. U cant fight it, u just surrender to it and try to do ur best to obsorb it. Finally i ended up at a giant twisted ball of light, flowing out of it was super fast rivers of light containing every single symbol, number, letter, hyrogliphic of every language of every age that ever existed. Just flowing out of this ball of light that i know i had seen before. There is no scape of time, time is irrelivant in this place. I was freaking out at the fact that i couldnt comprehend where i was, it felt like i had been there for eternity. After a while i came to the sense that that ball of light was me. Every copasity of every peace of knowledge i ever achived was this ball.

    ….and thats where it begins to get awesome.

    I came back a changed man. This stuff – this experience i had, combined with an insight into NWO order and Illuminati that my mate passed onto me changed my mind set. Now the DMT and NWO are not related in the slightest, but after coming back from that experience and knowing what people were doing to each other in the material world that was where it started. Its a good thing to be human but in the end, the very real lesson i got from my experience is this –

    Consience before matter.

    Its true man, ive been there. This stuff is the key Dad I really want the whole world to experience this. I want u to experience it bro. It will answer a lot of things u have asked urself throughout ur life.

    Anyway, thats enough ranting. I had to get it out there Dad, the wotld needs to know about this shit. Ive got a documaentary on it which i will burn for u + plus a bunch of other stuff but im just trying to sort out the logistics of sending u the stuff seperately….”

    I was concerned about my ability to “go with” this drug, so thanks so much to you James and all for sharing your experiences.

  • DaFilosafa
  • John

    Reminds me of this account:

    this went on from when i was 6 years old right up to about 10 or 11,my brother and i would be sent to bed around 8pm each night and every time he would fall to sleep first,(deep sleeper and sleep walker),i would lay awake for about 2 hours(always),nothing happened in the summer ‘still bright out’ but in the winter it would be dark and my father worked night shift,my mother would go next door to talk to the neighbour but this would start before she left,we had bunkbeds and i would hear a distant chant of native american origin i think,that is how it sounded,then i would freeze with fear cause i knew what comes next,out from the wall on the left of my bed by my head would dance a line of shadow people in what looked like yellow raincoats
    ,i could never see their faces it was just a dark emptyness under their hoods and their legs were like black smoke and they would chant and bend forward then stand straight over and over as they moved around my bed and out the right side wall next to my bed,i was always terrified of this even though they never tried to harm me,it was more like they were stopping something else,then they would stop comming out of the left wall and it would end,i would run downstairs looking for my mother but never told her what i was seeing ,until one night i managed to scream,my mother came bolting through the bedroom door and stopped with a terrified look on her face,she grabbed me and my brother(he was still half asleep) and she brought us downstairs where we waited til my dad came home,it turned out that the neighbours boy micheal was seeing the same thing ‘exact same thing’ and it had just happened next door,my mother claimed she saw them too when she burst into our bedroom but of course my dad said she was being silly and that kids talk so have the same nightmares and she was just seeing things cause the neighbour told her the story and she was on her own and afraid,(dissmissive gitt,my dad)problem is micheal never told me anything about this and i never told him cause i thought if i spoke about it ,then things would just get worse ,it never happened again to any of us after that day,my dad spent the next night sitting in the bedroom in the corner on the floor to prove nothing would happen,the memory of these shadow people is as fresh in my mind today as though they are still with me,i constantly feel like they are watching and waiting to start the chanting again but i am not afraid, although it can be an uncomfortable experience at times when i am alone,I have found peace through the knowledge of the white rabbit,(quantum physics helped me to see the true nature of reality,acceptance is key but i find it impossible to accept that reality is not at all as it seems to be,)oh well,we shall see where this road ends,i truly hope that no one else has had these experiences as that might just send me over the edge.
    thanks for your time,
    lirah from ireland
    lirah laine
    clare, ireland – Monday, June 28, 2010 at 19:03:43 (PDT)

  • Great descriptions of your hallucinations and experience I will be trying some DMT in the future as I too wish to party with the Gods.

  • Thought I would drop comments as I start to read your article. First off you seem to assume only our species dream? Have you never witnessed a pet dog dreaming? I have, You see their eyes–REMs and you hear lttle yelps, and their paws moving like they are part acting out moving , I have seen cats do the same. Sorry if I misunderstand you, but you seem to suggest only humans dream.

  • Drew

    Thank you for the post.

    Your description is accurate to my experience.

    Although I was unable to cross over I did talk to the Entities which told me “take another hit and you can come to the other side.” “i can’t” I said, I was enjoying the visuals. Before my experience ended they told me the stop listening to NPR because “the news is to sad and it’s not helping you emotionally.”

    Now, 3 weeks later, I do not need a beer (before I was borderline alcoholic) I don’t smoke as much (i don’t feel a need) and i’m generally happier then before, I dropped my ego.

    I suggest everyone in the world to try it. Not addictive, last 10 minutes, no side effects, not tested for during drug tests. And there was a clinical test done in New Mexico. Look it up.


  • alex

    I just finish watching seminar with Graham Hancock. His descriptions are very simular to yours.

  • Crash


    I really wanted to thank you. I did DMT for the third time a few weekends ago, and my second trip seems beautifully close to the opening stages of the experience you detailed above. Being in a questionable environment, many of the people who were with me were having a hard time pulling away from reality, or “letting go.” To help fight this, many of us did a, just one, whippit in the middle of our trip. This is incredibly, spectacularly effective. It does not matter where you are, a whippit on DMT will put you where you are trying to go. Anyway, upon entering what I now understand to be some form of “hyperspace,” there were two of the exact humanoid, but liquid-metal-ish beings that you describe above. Upon seeing me (and my desperation/astonishment) they began laughing hysterically at me. At the time, while trying to rationalize, they terrified me. I assume this was an evil laugh, but after much thought I realize that this laughter was not with malicious intent, it was the kind of laughter one might experience when being laughed at after having your chair pulled out from behind you. They were just so amused by my “WOW? WHAT? OH NO? AM I STUCK HERE? ARE YOU GONNA HURT ME? WHAT IS THIS?” that was so obvious in my eyes.

    Now, the only part of my experience that differs from yours with regards to these beings, is that they were speaking some kind of language, but it was wildly foreign. They best way to compare it would be that of ancient, ancient tribal language. I am unsure if this was noise from reality happening and me hearing improperly, but it seemed so certainly to be coming from them… I don’t know. Anyway, seeing as this experience was being fueled more by the whippit on the DMT rather than just the DMT. The experience came to a close rather suddenly. I turned to the right, and saw a friend of mine. However, he was half with me in this dimension, and half GREEN GRID-LIKE LINES, as if his being was coordinated into a computer-system (or the universe/dimension we exist in). I realize this last bit begins to deal with (or bring into question) that certain percentage that some philosophers speak of that we could already be in a computer simulation. But, that seems inaccurate to me with regards to my experience, I don’t know why.

    Turning away from my friend, the remainder of my friends came into sight around the fire we were sitting around. Their heads were wavering flames, yet the color of their ordinary faces. I asked them, are we ok, where are we guys? They said: the campsite, man. And boom, reality snapped instantly back into place.

    I really wanted to share this with you, because your experience literally gave me the chills I was so relieved. Someone has not only been there with me, but gone deeper within. Thank you so much for putting this out there.

  • Out of the 19 years I have been alive, I had never tried any drugs of any sort or even drank alcohol. Completely sober, completely lost. Well on Feb. 14, 2013, an urge appeared in the back of my head. There was a word, rather an acronym, that kept popping up in my head. DMT. You need to do this. That’s all I could think about, was that I needed to do DMT. I looked up some info but was never satisfied with what I found. The only thing that really stuck out to me was that our brains made it naturally. The days kept passing and the thoughts were becoming more urgent. Do it, you know someone that has it, you know who to call, who to message. I finally caved into the thoughts on Sunday, Feb. 17, 2013 and messaged a long time friend and cousin of mine that I knew who would be able to get some for me.
    He called me almost immediately after to confirm that I wanted to do this because he actually had a small amount left that he was saving for himself, his personal stash. I said yes and an hour later he picked me up and we drove to his apartment. It was in a yellowish crystal form and I had to smoke it with a little mary j through a bowl. I had no idea how to smoke anything, being a drug virgin and all. It took three tries. The first time it went down the wrong pipe and I coughed everything up before it could have an effect. The second time I tried I forgot to take my finger off the bowl’s hole. The third time was perfect.
    It was almost a fluid motion on how I did it. According to my cousin, it was a big ass hit I took. The effect was immediate, almost instantaneous.
    I felt a cloud descending on my thoughts followed by a very familiar feeling. A feeling I knew I had felt before but I couldn’t pinpoint where I had. I closed my eyes and laid back onto his couch.
    Darkness. My breathing slowed. It became rhythmic, a steady rise and fall of the chest. I couldn’t break the rhythm, even if I wanted. From the darkness came colors, lines, and geometric shapes. I still had my thoughts and wits about me. I can control this. Glimpses of the past. Focus yourself, Jason. I could feel myself smile as I took control of what I was seeing.
    “I can only imagine what he is seeing right now”
    The voice echoed in my head.
    I’ve felt this before I told him. With that huge grin on my face, I suddenly remembered exactly where I knew where this feeling had come from.
    This is the feeling you get when you are moments from blacking out while drowning. This is the feeling you get when you are dying.
     He asked me where I had felt this feeling before. In that moment, the voices came.
    Just to inform you, I suffer from Depression, Bipolar Disorder, and Acute Schizophrenia.
    In that moment, all the voices from my Schizophrenia began to speak to me.
    I didn’t outright answer his question, I only said “It was a dark time. It’s similar to what one feels when you can’t breathe.”
    Everything became dark. The colors were gone. The geometry was gone. There was only a pressure, paralyzing numbness, and an extreme fear. I stopped talking out loud. I didn’t want them to hear my conversation. I could feel my body begin to shake. I was tense. I was frightened. I was facing myself again.
    “Don’t worry I’m ok.” I muttered to them, hoping not to cause worry. I could feel my body being tense. From this feeling, I could tell my body was in a flight or fight response when I could do neither.
    “You know that feeling you get, when you kinda just stop caring?” Someone was speaking to me but I was talking their words.
    My cousin and friend thought I was speaking to them and answered “yeah”
    “It’s there.”
    “It’s always there.”
    My cousin told me to let whatever it was go.
    “I have to face this”
    Do what you have to.
    At this point I could feel the tears begin to slide out of my still closed eyes. They left cold streaks on my face.
    “I don’t want this…”
    (I was remembering every bit of pain I had experienced in my life)
    “For anyone.”
    (Even in my trip, I didn’t want nobody to feel the pain I felt in my life, ever.)
    “I can see them.”
    (I was talking about my cousin and friend even though my eyes were closed, I could sense their energies along with others who weren’t physically there in the room)
    “Your heart’s racing, you know it?”
    (Someone was speaking to me, through me)
    “You know they are there. Each one of them.”
    At this point my cousin comes up to me and grabs my hand.
    (He was worried)
    “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”
    (I was still cognitive to know he was there, holding my hand, and that I needed to tell him I was fine)
    “You’re good.”
    (He was reassuring me.)
    “It’s… Don’t worry, it’s not bad.” My voice was shaking as I answered him.
    “Just checking.”
    He let’s go of my hand goes to sit back down.
    “It’s someone….”
    (I saw a figure in the dark)
    “It’s me…”
    (The figure had his back toward me but I knew who it was)
    “Everything’s fine…”
    (I was trying to make myself believe that)
    “You think everything’s fine.”
    (That someone, I, was speaking to me.)
    “It really isn’t”
    (He was referring to how I told everyone I was fine, even though I never was)
    “I don’t want this for anyone.”
    (It echoed as the words left my mouth)
    “Haha, you must think I’m weird now…”
    (He faded and it was just me again)
    I could feel tears still running down my face. My body was still shaking. There was such an intense and primal fear of just facing myself. At that point I snapped out of the trip. Elapsed time: 5 minutes. My cousin asked me to explain what I saw. I tried to begin to explain what I saw.
    A black and white spiral staircase forever descending.
    The voice from all around me.
    A beautiful woman.
    A beautiful woman?

    No, this was something new. I had not seen this woman in my previous trip. My eyes were open and I could see my cousin and friend watching me but I could also see the woman.
    She was leading me away, she was trying to help me escape.
    We ran along a path on the side of a cliff. There was grass on one side of the path and a death drop on the other. The further we ran, the thinner the path started getting. I let her run in front of me so we could have more room.
    However, after a certain distance I realized something.
    She was running from me now, trying to escape from me.
    I closed my eyes so I could speak to her and I felt the paralysis of my body hit. I was back in my mind.
    “Why” I asked her, “Why are you fleeing from me?”
    She turned around but I couldn’t find it in me to actually look directly at her face. I couldn’t see her face but I could see her other features.
    She had the skin color of some of the women from my tribe (I’m a full blood native american from Florida), she had white clothing on and dark hair.
    It was in that moment I made a realization.
    I knew what she was looking at. I knew what she was afraid of.
    She was afraid of the shadow that followed me everywhere I went.
    I glanced back and saw that my Shadow was towering over me.
    Menacing, evil, malicious…Protective.
    It wanted to protect me… from the light.
    The woman faded from sight and darkness engulfed me.

    (from this point on, I must see the recordings to be completely accurate to what I have said and who I was having conversations with. I will carry on with what I remember, though they will be out of order and slightly inaccurate. I will label each memory with the main topic.)
    [ (On God)
    (speaking to no one) 
    There is no “god”. We make our own way, we alter our own fates. We are God.]

    [ (on why I took DMT) 
    (Being spoken to by a different entity)
    Did you really think that you had the idea to take it? No! We planted that idea in the back of your subconscious so we can speak to you. It’s about time you got here too.
    (topic change to luck, same entity)
    You ever wonder why you’ve been so lucky in your life? Hell, why you are still alive? It’s because we’ve bent the rules for you. We gave you better luck than the average person on a more frequent level but since we did that, when the bad luck hits, it will be worse than most everyone else’ also.
    (topic change on psychic tendencies, same entity)
    You are psychically connected to those close to you, both literally and emotionally. You remember that time a the Hard rock cafe. You know. Back in November of 2011. The same time where you met her. Remember how you and your cousin picked almost the exact same burger with the only differing item being the cheese. Yeah, you picked up on his tendencies. Still don’t believe me? Ok, how about that time with Cassi in Clearwater? Nathan’s music was on and he wanted you guys to pick a song. Out of all the bands to pick, out of all the artists he had, over 20 gigabytes, you picked the exact same artist, not to mention the exact song she was thinking of and she was just like “holy crap that was creepy.” and then you joked about you being slightly psychic. Still? Ok, when you influenced that baseball game you participated in when you used to play. When you were able to call all the pitches with no flaws and whether or not they would be hit. You batted perfect that game.
    (topic change on who I am, same entity)
    We are your guides but we are no guardian angels. You are just a collection of souls that didn’t want to exist anymore. You are your level 6 soul or however you put it. You know, when a soul dissipates and the remnants gather to make something new. Yeah, you were right, they are highly unstable and that’s why we are here.
    (topic change on my purpose, same entity)
    You are here to lead those out of darkness and into the light but to stay in the dark yourself. You have gone so far down into the darkness to save those in need, that the light blinds you now, even though you are a part of it. You are that little speck of light in the darkness that is hardest to get rid of but can’t return to the main light. You are doomed to stay there because there always has to be light even in the darkest of places.

    [me speaking to no one]
    We all need a shadow to know we are exist.

    [me talking to the being I saw a few months ago on a drive home] 
    It’s you! You are the one I saw when I was driving back home from Brighton and I got really tired out of nowhere. You were the one who was standing in the middle of the road!

    [Throughout this entire time of speaking to these entities, my body was going through a cycle. There would be moments where I would experience peace, content, and acceptance followed closely by intense fear comparable to any phobia tenfold, hatred, loathing and guilt. The only thing I can accurately tell you about it is that it was like being given moments in heaven and then cast down to hell for a millennia, over and over again, for a grand total of 6 times. ]
    (there is much, much more to this trip. The first trip elapsed time: 5 minutes. The second trip elapsed time: 1 hour and 20 minutes. I must watch the recordings and makes sense of who or what I was speaking to. There is a lot I don’t remember, I don’t understand. These beings, I had always attributed them to my schizophrenia, the different facets of my personality. No, they were something different. However, after facing them, I found that my head was clear. All the doubts I had toward myself, every bit of unnecessary insecurity I had, was considerably lessened or outright gone. I wasn’t “cured” of the memories or the pain but I was given something to make them not be debilitating. I was changed. The only thing I can truly say about the experience is that before I was broken, scattered, and lost. I can say now that I am whole again. After 6 years, I am whole again.)

  • I enjoyed reading everyone’s experiences. James, your recollection of your DMT experience was perfection. Your descriptive writing allows the reader to easily imagine things you were seeing and feeling, even if they have never tried hallucinogens before. I emailed you earlier but thought I would post here. I, too, am a former Christian who at age 22, became agnostic. I’ve read some about spirituality and even see a psychic once or twice a year but, I still can’t “get there”…. there being the point of absolute certainty that there is a place we all go when we die and it is real. However, your experience and our similarities really turned my day around and leads me to believe that there IS something. Joe Rogan’s description of us as bacteria actually made sense to me. And, seeing the amazing similarities between total strangers makes me believe in something more than before as well. Thank you, James, and everyone else, for your posts. I look forward to hearing more. I, however, do not have the courage to try DMT. At least, not yet. My dreams are fucked up enough as it is. Have a blessed day. Angels on your body.

  • Lance

    I’m rather curious as to what it would be like to see these ‘beings’. I’ve only tried DMT once before, but I had absolutely no knowledge of DMT or any other hallucinogen prior to trying it. My friend had told me that it was K-2 and that he wanted me to take the first hit. (he had put the DMT in the tip) Since I had gotten high off of various types of synthetic weed before, I decided to take a large hit and hold it in as long as I possibly could… Bad idea. Immediately after exhaling, everything melted away. Suddenly, I wasn’t on Earth anymore. I wasn’t even alive. I was just there.. I had transformed into, for a lack of a better description, a wad of energy/aura. I had no physical form, I couldn’t move, but I could still think. All I could think was that everything that I thought I had witnessed, (life) had never even happened. I felt as if there was never a body or world. All that was around me was a vast emptiness. After being there for what seemed like an eternity, I became something else. I became a gummy bear. Of all the things I could become in this alternate dimension, I became a candy bear… This only lasted for a second before I started darting around and bouncing off of things. I had entered a game of pinball, and I was the ball… I bounced around for a good two minutes before I fell down the hole at the bottom of the game. It was at this point that I realized that I was actually laying on my friend’s bed. Throughout the whole ordeal though, I never had the pleasure of meeting the three essences though. :/

    • Greg

      This has more to do with the spice than the DMT. The same thing happens when you mix spice with hard liquor.

  • Kirsten Fenton

    I was really interested to find this article on DMT, as a regular majiuana smoker I felt like I wanted to try something new and have not that long ago tried MDMA which was an incredible and brand new experience for me, after speaking about dreams with my friend we stumbled on to the topic of DMT and I am really interested to try it, it does scare me to think I wouldn’t have control of my mind and body but I think it would be something I’d need to try at least once in my life. This is the only online article that I have found that I feel has both honestly and self interpretation so thanks!

  • Michael

    I have a fight with cancer and often feel I am losing the mental challenge,your article has given me a little more strength to battle, thank you
    Pre diagnosis, I passed out, the people in the room said I died,I’m not sure about that… I left,that I am sure about,I experienced no fear but it did leave me a little disappointed, there was no bright light or glimpse of a future…I don’t want my energy to fizzle out or worse, simply switch off, after reading your blog today I feel it may not, there could be a route to recycle a life force.
    I often wake from a dream as I try to slow down the incredibly fast slide show which stutters past my eyes, from left to right giving only fleeting glimpses of recognisable images, my attempt at control gives this dream too much reality and confuses me a little,if this is my life flashing before my eyes,I can’t see it
    Your shared experience with DMT is very interesting….the shared results incredible, dancing with your gods/spirits/energy, I like that very much.
    So thank you for posting and giving me less tears x

    • This comment has really touched me, thank you for writing it. I never would have imagined when I set out to write this piece that it may help someone in such a way. Bottom line, I came out of the experience with an innate belief that there exists a different kind of reality in which the most fundamental part of ourselves – our ‘soul’ for lack of a better term – can exist independent of a physical body. I found this to be such an awesome realization, and was frustrated that I couldn’t simply relay it to others verbally without sounding like a rambling mental patient. Writing it down in an organized, coherent manner was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done, at least when it comes to writing, and there were many times throughout the process where I thought to myself, “why am I doing this? what is the point? the worth? who is gonna give a shit about this?” and similar such negative thoughts. I realize now how ridiculous that thinking was. Thank you so much for letting me know that this helped you, it really means a lot.

      You should try ayahuasca if you’re interested in a spiritual experience. It’s essentially DMT that can be consumed in the form of a tea. Google ‘ayahuasca’ and look it up on Wikipedia as well. I can’t describe it better than the information that’s already out there.

  • Cral

    I recently had a DMT experience and consulted with a friend. I saw a female entity that glided like a shadow. According to Jungian psychology, the Anima is the medium between the conscious (ego) and the unconscious mind. I think that the entities that you saw are in fact not separate to you but ARE you. They are the gatekeepers of the dreamscape.

  • You liked my blog so I came here to check your out and wow! Awesome! I did DMT myself but it was in the form of Ayahuasca, an ancient medicine from the amazon rainforest. I drank it with shamans in colombia, south america. It was the most profound experience of my life and i understood for the first time, the true reality of the world we live in. I reached the enlightened state that Buddhists spend their entire lives trying to reach.
    You can read about my experience in my favorite posts tab.
    I’m a true believer in the spirit world after consuming ayahuasca – shit is real!
    It’s so funny that I had just woken up today from a weird dream about Madusa (I never dreamt of her in my life), and here I stumble upon your blog that talks about her! The world is weird like that.

  • Lyrica

    This article is…. So …. Fucking good. This is JUST what I needed to read. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m DYING to ! Have you done it again? Did you have the same experience ? I need answers. I’m super interested. Ab-Soul talks about this too. Please tell me more!

  • Bunyman

    It was the Anunnaki gods

    • Prodigy

      So you listen to ab-soul too?

  • John

    Regarding your visual distortions from prior hallucinogenic experiences, I think I might actually have a rational observation which you might find interesting. I, as well, maintain a level of logical inquiry and rational observation throughout my psychedelic experiences, urging the question to myself, “What is REALLY going on here, and why are the alterations experienced on this drug so enjoyable and, somehow, familiar?”

    I use a form of deductive reasoning in which I observe the sensory distortion and compare it to the most-alike sensation in similar, but sober, conditions.

    Firstly, I do know, from reading a myriad of research articles, that LSD (as well as cocaine, but that’s be side the point), inhibits particular functions within the brain. Truly, the drug does not add to your perception, but takes from it. This was my first riddle: What, when taken away, adds?

    The logic with which I approached this was mathematical: 1 – (-1) = 2.

    I hypothesized that the function(s) affected were inhibiting functions of the brain, and, because I can only sense through… well… my senses, I decided the affected function interacted, directly, with sensory input and/or data management.

    With research through several databases, I managed to find a few articles regarding “Neural Gating” or “Sensory Gating.” This function reduces the “extra” data from observed stimuli and prepares for the next step in which the remaining, bare stimuli is made to fill the gaps of the scrapped stimuli. This was my “-1.”

    These functions help maintain a level of sanity within the observable world. I’ve even read papers which speculate the possible correlation between Neural Gating (or the lack thereof) and schizophrenic perception.

    Anyway, from here, I decided the only way to test was to teach myself to maintain objectivity and observe a potent dose of LSD. I actually took two blotters of relatively pure LSD – as opposed to 2ce, 2cb, 2ci, and so on – and experienced a very lucid trip which allowed a high level of unhindered thought and observation alongside very vivid sensory distortion.

    I observed, first, my sense of pressure. I noticed, from an early stage in the trip, that my body felt tingly and strangely present, as I have soberly observed, many times, the large portions of skin in which little to no observable sensation is present. During this time in the trip, I observed total sensation of pressure. Every muscle, bowel movement, knee-knock, and air-temperature shift which interacted with my skin and its nerve-endings appeared to be magnified. The sensations, during a trip, in one’s legs, may be nothing more than an enhanced perception of your regular muscle-skin/nerve interaction.

    Second, I observed sight (the one I mainly wanted to share with you). This observation was fruitful. One of the first things to change was the way the world around moved when I breathed, moved, or blinked. Very noticeably, things appear to “breathe” or “melt.” These are, in fact, very common expressions shared by those who have experienced the hallucinogenic effects of LSD. Through my observation, I hypothesized that these morphing, flowing distortions may actually result from several individual changes in the mind’s perception of light (referring to luminosity), color (referring to shade/tint/tone), movement, and spatial reason. Now, I should note, while under the influence of LSD, one’s pupils dilate to about the size suited for a dark room, so much more light is allowed into the eye. This, alone, increases perceived luminosity – some refer to it as an “aural” characteristic of what is observed. Also, as more light is allowed, more color is (obviously) allowed into the eye. While brighter colors are observed, they appear to be more vivid and even more chromatically accurate for those who suffer chromatic misconceptions. Thirdly, the eyes are constantly moving. If our eyes laid still, they would fail to really perceive light and compare it to create a cohesive, moving image to illustrate our human narrative (I’m just being needlessly poetic). In this process, the eye takes up about 64 images per second as it moves (the brain manages visual input at, about, 64 frames-per-second). As these images span across your eye and relatively move, the brain labels some as garbage. While the function of Neural Gating is disabled, the brain cannot do this, so you receive your whole 64. These 64 images per second are known, modestly, as “tracers” among those familiar with psychedelic experiences. You can even see them while sober. We can definitely perceive them in our sober minds, so they are a good loop to which we can hook and anchor this chain of ideas and speculations. Finally, through our eyes, we perceive depth and space. One question to ask yourself, before I go on, is this: how can I understand depth in all directions if my point of perspective is only on the horizon before me? The idea of which I’ve grown fond is that the depth is an illusion – just like a drawing – taken from two, flat series of images, and the perspective points we observe on the outer-most ring of our peripheral vision is the limit to the curve of our cornea (or, at least, the limit to what we can observe of it), so, put simply, we constantly see the world through a fish-eye lens. Neural Gating takes this fish-eye world and erases the small, nominal details to save us focus on too many details, then stretches the image sections dubbed important (in our mind, or course… not on our cornea) to fit what it knows is spatially correct… or… spatially common.

    The visual distortion observed during a trip, I suggest, may be a psychedelic stew, brewed from these four unfamiliar, profound, and perpetual alterations in perception/observation/management of stimulus.

    I would love to talk more and even share with you details from my other observations of sensory alteration, but I want to cut this comment soon before it reaches a critical mass-text:

    Hearing – I can sum the change up in two small ideas: extreme detail is prevalent (HD), and examples of the Doppler Effect characterize most of what is heard.

    Taste – Really, I didn’t eat much. I’m sorry.

    Smell – I think smell goes hand-in-hand with taste, which is unexplored at this point. Again, I’m sorry. I mean, I looked at a Pop-Tart for about 10 minutes and decided I might night eat for a day or two. It was intense.

    Thought – Yes, I consider thought to be a stimulus-sense interaction, although, I understand the obvious difference between a sense of this type and a physical sense. I only list this because I believe Neural Gating may also filter thoughts and other cognitive byproducts, just as it filters perception of physical stimulus. I noticed, repeatedly, a copious amount of thoughts at a time. This palette of perception allowed me to connect a lot of dots very quickly and make very interesting, wholly creative ideas and concepts, so long as I approached the process logically and calmly (that many thoughts has the potential to become overwhelming – especially in any situation in which fear is induced).

    Overall, I found that particular trip to be very beneficial to my understanding of psychology and I believe it allowed me to develop some of my own philosophies which still serve me, today, almost a year later.

    I hope you enjoyed my observations.

    Don’t do drugs. Stay in school.

  • Curious-K

    WOW! What an amazing descriptive blog. I have never read anything more convincing and interesting I’m my online life.
    I have known about DMT for some time now, I’ve done much reading and watching about this drug but this has to be one of the best descriptions of the trip. I have not tried DMT nor any physcodelics. I have been a heavy pot smoke for about a year now (taking a break though) and I believe I have fully mastered the high of Marijuana. Does one recommend to jump straight into hitting some DMT or should one try lease intense physcodelics first? Keep in mind I too am an agnostic person with a highly rational and logistical mind set. I wish to have the best experience when I actually find some of this stuff, I’m so curious to know what all the hype is about.
    Due to where I live and who I know, finding any kind of helouceginic drug is pretty difficult, thus I have come to the conclusion that I might just have to make it if I want to try it. (Does silk road really work? Is it safe?)
    If I want to make this, do I have to have much knowledge of chemistry? I know basically nothing. Please someone help me figure out how to get some!! I want to experience the spirit world!!!

    • shadow

      the reason you can’t find it is it’ s not widely known about. It is becoming increasingly harder to obtain the normal plants used for extraction with customs stoppings and the like. Most people who have used it will refuse to sell it and only give it to those they think need it or are ready for it. Yes it is hard to make u need to know some chemistry or what u get will not be to correct parameters. Yes you can get instructions online how to order and extract but I wouldn’t trust anyone online to tell me. Yes silk road works I have a friend who has successfully ordered from there upwards of 15 Times and has always received what was promised or been surprised by quality.

      • shadow

        please note I do not advocate anything illegal I am merely answering to the best of my knowledge and truthfully.

    • Drew

      I suggest a quiet room, lowlight, no distractions, in a happy mood (although of have never heard of a bad trip), big deep hits, a notebook to write down you experience(you will slowly forget like a dream). You can make it there are websites. I don’t try psychedelics before this either, you’ll be fine. Silk road works. Good luck.

  • naomi

    I found this article searching for more information about dmt as tonight I am going to try dmt for the 2nd time. My first experience about a year ago was, to say the least, a mind fuck. I had previously never tried any psychedelics or anything of the sort..just a simple stoner. But my friend had made some and was dishing it out like toffee so i agreed to give it a go. I initially had no idea what i was in for..

    It began with the room sort of warping (5 seconds in), it was as if i could see the air moving and then I shut my eyes! I struggle to remember the very beginning of the trip but i remember feeling an intense fear (my friends later told me I gripped my face and muttered something about not knowing if i liked it or not and my eyes rolled back!) but i had a profound feeling that i was no longer in the room anymore, where i was i’ve no idea. The next part i remember is seeing, what looked like to me, an airplane safety card flicking past my eyes really fast (even though my eyes were closed) and someone talking to me trying to reassure me not to be scared. After this i opened my eyes and it was as if the room, the furniture and everything came bouncing from the ceiling and it all looked like a cartoon 3d computer game.
    The colours were unbelievable. I glanced up at the ceiling and the circular patterns were constantly changing and morphing.
    It was a sunny day and i glanced out of the window at one point which looked like an oil painting and saw the tree outside which had what looked like dripping cartoon faces.
    At some point i looked at my arm which had dots of light going up it all the time..my friend sat next to me looked like a clown and i began to laugh hysterically.
    Then another friend walked towards me (i was still slumped back on the couch) and i looked up at him and the only way to describe what he looked like was a statue of a roman god of some sort, his hair was all curling and moving and every time he moved his head a trail of rainbow followed with him.

    I got down on the carpet at one point as the patterned carpet was swirling and moving constantly and i wanted to touch it. Then it seemed like there was a layer of water on the floor and it was flowing in one direction.
    After this i got back on the couch and lay down, looked at my florescent pink top and it reminded me of ice cream.
    then i had some awful feeling that i’d stripped off infront of all my friends and my first words coming round was “am i naked!?” haha, of course i wasn’t. I’m not sure why i thought i was.

    So that was my experience obviously there would have been much much more to it but that’s all i can remember.
    Tonight i’m going to embark on my second journey, nervous but excited i hope i get to see the beings you speak of!

  • Gabie

    I realize how ridiculously late/early it is, but I was listening to Radiohead and all of a sudden I thought about this video I saw on YouTube a while back regarding the mysterious effects of DMT. I thought, “I gotta learn more”. And so I googled “dmt experience” and what do you know. Bottom line, this is the best subjective account of a DMT trip I’ve absorbed so far. You sound like a fairly logical person, so I’ll take your every word for it.

    For several months now the thought of doing DMT has been brewing in my head, and mainly this interest has stemmed from your garden-variety druggie curiosity. I don’t do the hard shit though, just the uh, “exorbitant” amount of daily pot smoking. Anyway, after reading this account of your experience and what you saw… Well, I think it’s safe to decree that this former curiosity has evolved into a more confound determination. See, I’d like to think of myself as a fairly logical/reasonable human being (though we’d all like to, really) as well, and yet my whole life I’ve felt as if (and this is gonna sound…. strange.. but I’m only speaking from the heart, I promise) the universe that we’ve become accustomed to existing in was always horrendously boring. Drop dead. Flat out. Fucking. Boring. Yeah I know..
    And I guess, I’m kindof going off on a stupid little tangent but the main essence of it is this: I’m soooo so so glad you wrote this. It gives me something to look forward to when the time comes for me to hit the bowl full of opaque powder. And when I do, I’ll let you know all about it. :)

    • It’s unquestionably the most interesting thing I’ve ever experienced. The thing, though, is you kind of have to “learn” how to do it, and especially the smoking part; the first couple times around the experience is so fast that you don’t even know what hit you.

      Key things:

      1. MEASURE your dose. If you’re over 50mg, you won’t remember anything, and you might end up somewhere very bad.
      2. You HAVE to be in a positive mindset. Don’t do it carelessly. Whatever it is on the other side is not always friendly and a single bad trip will scare you out of ever doing it again. I’m currently in that position due to an experience last week where after a fairly long night of drinking I thought it would be fun to smoke the stuff. I met, quite literally, the most powerful presence imaginable. In the western Christian tradition, I really –seriously– met what’s known as the devil, and he made it very clear as much. Goosebumps. I’m not kidding.
      3. Remember to breathe. Remember to breathe. Remember to breathe.

      (Also, BTW, I agree with what you wrote above. This is far and beyond the best account I’ve read. It’s simply amazing how good it is. Extremely talented writer.)

    • shadow

      Christopher thank you so much for your kind words. I`m currently delving into my experience more and writing an account or journal if you will. funny a current theory I’m working on is abuse of this miracle molecule and the relation to what lack of a better word people perceive as evil. I would be happy to elaborate when I finish with it if your interested.

      Gabie your words a few times wrenched my soul. idk you seem a little lost and I’m sorry for that. thank you for your adulations they almost brought a tear to my eye for the hope of this passionate writing was to reach someone anyone. Please be strong of mind even if your broken inside, if that makes sense before dmt then great. I strongly feel like Christopher’s bad experiances is from and I’m sorry I’m not trying to be judgemental here just show where my theory is going. lack of respect for the experiances? idk that’s not right either but what I’m saying is feel it know it love it and come talk to me if u like but don’t abuse it. I guess I can see how one could want to but I feel its very unwise and I issue this warning not lightly it’s a seeded feeling I have. respect the experiances it seems to find u if u truely need it and if u do truely need it. then be brave and don’t pass your possible only chance. it’ s extremely hard to find.

      Truely passionately and always humbly
      your former non believer

    • shadow

      Lol sorry thought you guys meant my account not the authors my bad and yes thank you for your experiance and insight as well. Very good stuff here.

  • shadow

    one last thing I’m sorry. If you are going to do this do it with someone u trust. setting doesn’t matter. get comfortable before you smoke. u could probably make this a trip if u really wanted to try to stay anchored. close your eyes remember to breath. be calm you will come back settle the foreboding don’t let the fear underlying take over and bathe in the warmth instead. Close your eyes and ask your trusted friend to remain silent and not disturb you till your back and can form words. ask him to record what you say and try to speak anything u can any thought word however insane it may seem. close your eyes the visuals before u do will entice u to keep them open and reopen…don’t keep them open let your soul fly free. Time will have no meaning. don’t worry you’ll come back. ask your trusted friend to remain sober or at very least not on dmt also especially for your first trip. maybe your only needed journey not trip. I can’t stress enough this is a journey an experience not anything like other earthly trips. DMT is not a drug and should not be entered in that frame of mind.At least that’s my advice and warning. Take it for what it is or don’t.
    Bless you as I have been blessed
    Your former non believer

  • shadow

    “It`s like looking at the grand canyon through Venetian blinds” referring to trying to explain DMT experience to someone. Thank you brother your a sage of wisdom and a genius I know you looked up to me when we were younger but I’m humbled by your passionate embracement of life and your unyielding views of the world we live in. I’m forever in your debt.
    If anything I said below or say in the future helps anyone else out there I owe that to you.
    Dedicated to the best guide I could have … : Brother
    Dragon Monkey Taint

  • Shadow

    Addendum: First let me start by apologizing for not spell checking or proof reading I was typing so fast I just wanted to get it all out. Recounting this event brings so much to me but everyone else looks at me the way I must have looked at my brother. Like yea yea yea whatever I have tripped glad you had fun too. So recounting it is fruitless and I tried so hard with my girlfriend of 15 years to have her release all her demons the way I did in just one visit. What I have come to realize is that if it’s meant to find you it will. I’m going to enlighten those who cannot otherwise be enlightened if I see the need I will offer the chance but with great discretion. Just because I have it I will not do it…nor sell it…but give it to whom its needed. I don’t claim that I will know who this person is. If it happens it happens..Sorry kind of lost track there I feel much more philosophical now.
    I’m blessed I know someone who can extract this miracle.
    When I speak about talking with my brother and wanting to sell dmt and him being like..you don’t sell it you give it. Well a friend of mine just did the same with me after watching me recount and try to portray this life moving experience and I realized you just can’t do it. I would never allow this substance to be sold I would only allow it to be given freely. I did not understand that before I did it. Funny and sad to that a good friend of mine would ask the same things I asked of my brother. Now I know how he must of felt. Betrayed a little…that’s Maybe to strong a word, disappointed at my friend for not understanding right after I bared my soul to him and was moved to tears again when just recounting the feelings. Disappointed at my own ability to portray it and shed light on it to someone who has not done it or been there.
    When I start with smells weird bro…This was coincidence we spoke about DMT this night. That I was at a very very low point in my life. That he tried to explain the smell of DMT to me and I looked at him strangely so he went to get the bowl to let me smell it. That it was a new year and for some reason I felt like maybe really for the first time in a long time this one might be different. A little bit less stressful less worrisome even though I had no reason to believe that. Because I was jobless and watching my girlfriend suffer internal demons of her own that I can’t break for her. I adore her but I wont push this on her or anyone. When it’s time it’s time. There I go again rambling I’m sorry. I just want you to grasp how coincidental this all was because I did not give much insight. Recent suicide deaths in our family and my life falling apart but grinning and barring it…drugs drugs drugs…..opiate addiction…STOP for the new years I have to it’s killing me to withdraw I can’t let the girl I love of 15 years pay for that and spend every dime we make on that so I had just quit that was done withdrawing again a 2nd go at opiates the 1st one landed me in jail. So we just got in the convo and the smell thing and there happened to be enough resin in the bowl for me to go off to the threshold, picture pattern door, the gateway that people come to and say you “break through” I felt like to “break through” would be fully entering the spirit realm and I was not sure I was that brave yet I didn’t need that much what I was seeing knowing understanding feeling at that moment of being at the threshold was enough for me. To say heaven is frustratingly wrong if your talking to someone who has not been to this place. To speak of souls isn’t right either. We are sentient beings on this level and some other level and to try to explain that to someone who has not glimpsed it remains futile and frustrating. I can read all this and feel my old self seeing it as nonsensical dribble and rantings of a person who was on a trip. So I guess I’m writing this to all of you cosmonauts because no one else will ever understand me. What I’m getting at is where I was at in my life I needed this so badly. I needed a profound experience so very badly and it came to me. All by coincidence…or maybe the cohesion I saw making it so…but It came to me when I needed it most. Off the resin of a bowl only used for DMT…amazing.
    I wanted to critique my experiences more and give you more insight but if you have any more question you can contact me ill be looking here often to see if anyone is out there. What I will turn to now is my research. There is a scarce number of people who have done this miracle molecule. Look for conversations blogs what have you like this of any drug and you will find WOW so many on any pill,plant,man made,heroine crack what have you. Not dmt. I don’t know if it’s because people don’t talk much about it or because no one has access to it but everyone should have this experience at least once in their lives. It’s not readily available I say that again as an avid user of drugs and never hearing about it and living in some prominent city’s for drugs and knowing some prominent people in that world. Again I say IM blessed to know someone who knows someone who can extract it.
    After effects so far are just better mood no stress, shackles left, not afraid of death. Not that I was but I think everyone is on some instinctual base level afraid of death. I’m not at all anymore when it happens it happens. I’m restless I want to enjoy life I want to go sleigh riding I can’t watch TV. TV seems like it’s telling someone’s story that is fake to be entertained and I feel like I should be out in the world hearing real stories…living life. I find myself not wanting to eat the foods I did before I’m drawn to more natural things now like fruit vegetables nuts. I still enjoy other foods but I don’t want them as often and I don’t eat as much more for flavor and not for nutrition and only a little bit. That’s strange in itself because I loved food lol. I am 380 lbs 6’4″ so we will see how long that lasts I hope forever but I don’t know. Wanting to drink water more then anything else. Soda is fine just I don’t want to chug soda I’ll take a sip. But to hydrate myself I want water. I didn’t care before DMT so I can’t explain that either. I would just chug iced tea or soda if thirsty. Also an inner feeling that I will never do a non natural drug again. Weed shrooms natural stuff but not pills or synthetics again. I loved opiates too even when getting clean I figured one day I would go back deep down I knew…I was hooked for life even if I did get clean for years in between I would always revisit them. Maybe if its opium from the plant but never again from a pill I know that inherently now I did not before DMT.

    I was asked by my step mother (I told her and my father about my experience) If it was so wonderful a feeling why would you not want to do it all the time? That’s funny because right before I went on my journey my brother said don’t worry it’s not somewhere you will need to go to again for a while or something to that affect. I didn’t know what he meant when he said that and now I do. I don’t know how to explain it I just don’t need to go back. I saw I know I needed that so bad the feeling was the most intense best experience ever. Normally with a great feeling like opiates or something to that affect I would chase that I would want that again. Not so with this. I can’t explain it. Well I can to myself but it wont make sense unless you were there but then I know people want to keep going there so maybe I speak for myself. It’s because knowing that is there and I’m a part of it but still myself when I’m there is enough for me. The feeling was real it was not induced. I was allowed to go there to get there through the miracle molecule as a tool. My essence will live on? Best words I have I guess.
    I’ld like to address the common more questions then answers phenomenon. Yes I feel like I have more questions but I had more answered then one could ever hope for and I don’t feel the need to know the rest of the answers right now. That’s for some other time when I’m gone from the mortal coil. I know this inside now. I can’t explain that either because before I had no faith in anything really I thought this was a piss poor world and I hated it. Now I see some beauty I’m here to experience it. The governments and scandals and blah blah blah hold no meaning it’s all not the point. We have built around this world a horrible way of life for all or most. Even those who have $ are not truly enlightened and happy or maybe they are who knows but IM content even though things were so bad before or I thought of them as such I’m content now.
    I hope to hear from people I will discuss things with anyone maybe even bye phone I’m not a big email checker so that’s pointless and not a face booker either. Texts are cool too maybe we start with email but I will talk with anyone with questions or insights or just want someone who had a similar experience to talk with. Though I think the awe inspiring feelings cannot be put to words we could try. Almost like a private club DMT is. A secret nod a yea man it’s real I know I understand smile live lets go off into the great world the great beyond and see what wonders have been blessed on this universe. Once again sorry for the sloppy spelling and organization.
    Yours truly
    Your former non believer

    • SweetTooth

      i need it shadow

    • Glenn

      Thanks for your moving account, Shadow. Clearly, this experience has produced a lasting, positive change in your psyche. This is the hallmark of good therapy. I fully appreciate the point of view which emphasizes that a truly profound experience is not to be chased; it is to be revered. I had this response to MDMA. It wasn’t a “cool experience” for me. It was a life lesson that needed to be integrated into my daily existence. To me, this is the appreciation of the Sacred. Our profane culture is all about “bigger, faster, shinier, higher, more.” Once one has experienced the “quality” of the Divine Realm, even copious quantities of the “dust of the earth” become meaningless.

      Peace, Namaste, Shalom, Salam

  • Shadow

    I dont know where to start. Nothing I say will matter anyway because no mere words can describe it. I’ll try. 1st let me just give the night as it was last night and is so vivid in my mind i can word for word tell u what i saw and what happened with perfect clarity. The feeling and the knowing is what I cannot convey. What nobody can. This may be the last time for some time I reccount this because I have done so 4 times now and every time its so moving but it drains me so so much to relive that pure joy.
    I’m sitting in my fathers basement I’m in my 30’s with my brother who is in his 20’s. I’m visiting for the new year and Christmas holiday. I have been dealing with some major deppression. Normal things … I’m in my 30’s my life is’nt where I thought I should be I cant marry the girl I cherish of 15 years because I cant afford to actually she supports me and I feel awful for that yet grateful too. (sorry just a little back story) Raised Roman Catholic never bought into it but always believed something is out there some person some cohesion….I just never had proof. So needless to say I’m not very religious even though I pray once in a while it seems frivolous leftover automatic commands from Catholic school. and let it be said I was an avid drug user always searching for something beating it into the ground and moving on to the next buzz.
    Now on with the night. My brother and I get into a conversation about DMT yes I watched DMT the spirit molecule and kinda poo pooed it as just another perhaps stronger form of acid or shrooms a nother drug. To call this DMT a drug feel wrong…I never felt that way about another drug I always knew I what I was doing no matter how blitzed was a drug and this is from the effect of the drug whatever stimuli I feel at the moment. Not so with this I would soon find. One more pause as this is a writing of passion and not chronologicaly ordered…I had asked my brother once before and he had already done it and explained what his “trip” and I dont feel right calling it that either….was like. I still passed it off. Not that I didnt believe him but I did alot of acid I saw some stuff too. So what could I sell this for brother? Brother: “you dont you give it” But what if I were to what could come in from this? Brother: “I cant tell u anymore one day you will just have to find the answers yourself and go see” hahaha okay maybe someday.

    Smells weird bro
    Brother: Yea…well actually theres probably enough rezin in this bowl to go where u need to if you wanted to try it tonight.
    Well whatever its a new year right and I said I want to be shown something other then this drab exsistance we all live in so sure why not.
    1 long drag of rez I inhale deep and hold it. If im going im going lets see what this can do compared to my acid and shroom trips…..exhale and sit back almost immediate onset of movement vibration and enhanced colors as I sit back

    Brother: You going to take another hit?
    Me: I dont know let me see where this takes me 1st
    Brother: It’s now or never

    I start a 2nd long slow pull and hold it as long as I can and slowly fall back into the chair.
    Visuals majorly intense visulas all the furniture and my brother are in the room just everythings swirling and blending and moving. I think yea okay seen this….this is strong but whatever.
    the normal panicky feelings start like with any time I trip I long learned to qwell them and keep them checked to enjoy my rides but I dont really need to here they kind of edge of on there own. I close my eyes and I see a Tesseract spinning its triangular in shape (best described to me as a 3d representaion of a 4d object look it up pretty cool) and what I can only describe as the pink floyd triangle but not. It’s spining in and of itself constantly and all these colors swirl and dance around it in it through it over it under it everywhere. CLICK CLICK I open my eyes and realise I was not breathing I say to myself remember to breath. I get real scared here but I look over and see my brother calmly smoking a bong. the click click was the lighter he is my anchor he is just smoking weed he is making sure if I need anything he is here for me. I think to myself well why be scared you wanted to see something lets go see it you have the best guide you can have by your side. I close my eyes and let the expeiance begin.

    I rocket what I can describe only as my soul rocketting out of my body back to this triangle world and this feeling of overwhelming joy, Love, Nurturing, Understanding, Careing, I dont have the words for the feeling they all fall short here. I feel like im crying or the emotion of crying but not real crying not physicaly anyways but out of sheer joy. I ask but ask is such a clumsy way to put it I think I project out…”Is it really this easy…this simple?” I hear..I feel I comprehend a female voice if voice is what u can call a feeling that speaks…..Yes and even more radiated love sent to me. Through this whole time here there is this forboding this underlieing sense that I am seeing something I’m not ready for. I speak my concern regretfully but happily I’m not ready….thats ok and she gently sends me back to my body and I come back to reality at least physical reality. Some visuals stil and they dont matter I’m not interested in them I mean I look at them but I dont really pay attention. I’m trying to comprehend what I have just been through all words escape me. eventually when I could speak I looked at my brother and got up and hugged him thanking him for that experiance.

    I cant tell you how this changed me exactly it just has. Nothing can ever be the same as it was before and thats great because before I never was happy. I have no want or need to revisit DMT. Would I if I ever felt awful again?…yes to remind myself.
    Now i’ll just give u what i felt compelled to write down after I slept and was vibed and up till 9am because i was so profoundly effected. I have never been PROFOUNDLY affected by anything ever not once in my life ever. Not in church or in drugs. and I have done almost all of them. DMT is not a drug it is an enlightening experiance. I found out later that I did not break through but I dont need to I dont need more proof and I dont need to see more. It will be there when my time comes. No one will ever shake this belief from me and I wish so many people who are down trodden would try this one time. Your former non believer.

    I fancy myself strong in vocabulary. Spelling not so much but I can normally find the words to describe in extrodinary and eliquint detail any situation I find myself in if the chance to do so arises. My experiance perhaps mimicked and explored by many (or not enough) however leaves me speachless. I am at a loss. Words fail me. Could a true poet explain that love,adoration,nurturin,peaceful,blissfull everything and nothing? The end all be all of life? No I think not no words can do an experiance so moving so vivid so sure in what I am seeing I am actually moved to tears. No in what I’m feeling. No in what I am Knowing in this moment. I brushed the surface…the surface is enough. A reassurance we are all part of something greater….Call it God call it Heaven call it utopia call it whatever you want. Because it almost is whatever you want and all you need at the same time. I read this and if I had read this be4 the experiance I would think this is all nonsensical, illogical, non explainable and incoherant but there is beauty in chaos. In this chaos. I’ll vouch this much If there is a heaven and I say if for you dear reader for I felt it. You can glimpse it. I have travelled the many roads Hunter Thompson and millions of others have blazed before me and never in all my life have I ever felt that. Dont believe me? It’s just BS u had trips be4 right? is that all you would equate it to here? Then all I can say is try it. You write your letter and I’ll read it later…. I wish I could relate this better. I wish I could translate the spectacular feeling of KNOWING. It’s not about a guy with a white fluffy beard watching to see if we picked our nose in church and is now sending me to hell if I did. It’s not about angels with halos and filet mignion dinners every night. When your there what the hell is a filet mignion anyway?
    It ‘s utter untollerable unquenchable unending adoration. A sense of foreboding accompanies it. As it should!!! This is a glimpse of something special. Pure energy and rightness. It’s there for you…for everyone. If your low at all in your life at the end of your rope cant take this place anymore. Well you have nothing to lose so Find this 1st 1 time It will just maybe save you. It may save you even if you didn’t know you were lost.
    All that said I’ll also issue a warning. Don’t abuse it. Dont’ go just to go because today was a bad day and you need a pick me up. It would feel almost sacreligious in a way to abuse this substance this…this miricale molecule. I say this as a very notorious drug abbuser in the past and non religious person prior to this for the most part. You can visit but don’t live there. Because your focus should be here It will hopefully help you see and remember that. Just knowing that its there is comfort enough my friends…No?

  • Hi James. Thank you for sharing this. Both your approach to the current scientific ‘evidence’ of DMT as well as the colourful details of your trip are very well constructed. I appreciate your honest style of writing, too.

    I found your entry because I had my first DMT experience recently and I have been pulled into an anxiety of needing to know more, to connect with others, to validate and share and re-experience what I saw, felt, and became.

    I wrote an entry at my own blog, and I linked your entry there too. http://spiralunwinding.livejournal.com/321002.html

    • I really like how you find my style of writing to be honest, I’ve never really thought of honesty as an attribute to writing style. But it certainly is, and I thank you for pointing it out to me. It’s often harder to find the positive attributes in your own work than it is in others lol.

      But anyway, I’m gonna need some time to consider and prepare a response to the question and comments you posted in response to my comment on your entry. I’ll get on that soon, but in the meantime I’ll include a link to your article under the ‘Other DMT Experiences’ links at the end of this one. :)

      Thanks for the kind words.

      • Yes, honesty by means of the no-nonsense perspective. As in, I don’t feel like I’m reading some uneducated persons’ recount of a mystical experience. I think you and I are a lot alike in the way of our rational brains wanting to perceive a very phenomenal thing and handle it with utmost ‘rational’ care by not immediately subscribing to anything more than what we personally saw and felt .. but then, we realize that rationality doesn’t seem to exist with the event. It’s been a stimulating enhancement to my life since I tried it, and the fire has yet to burn out. In fact, I’ve written two additional follow-up entries at my own journal too, because more clues and connections have been made. Sort of a beautiful unfolding of detail, really. Not sure how else to describe it.

        I would observe the same for you, with all the comments you are still receiving!

        As for a response .. no worries, James – all things conspire at the right moment. Thank you for the cross-link, as well. :)

  • Hi James. Thank you for sharing this. Both your approach to the current scientific ‘evidence’ of DMT as well as the colourful details of your trip are very well constructed. I appreciate your honest style of writing, too.

    I found your entry because I had my first DMT experience recently and I have been pulled into an anxiety of needing to know more, to connect with others, to validate and share and re-experience what I saw, felt, and became.

    I wrote an entry at my own blog, and I linked your entry there too. http://spiralunwinding.livejournal.com/321002.html

  • Charley F

    I have to say I am very excited after reading this. I went through something very similar the first and only time I smoked DMT. It was about a year ago and I was in my friends basement (he has a really nice basement) Some one asked me if I wanted to smoke it. I think my immature ‘whatever’ attitude towards it was what made it too overwhelming for me. I said “oh yeah, I’ve heard of that stuff! Let’s smoke it!” and what not. I had no idea what I was getting myself into..

    I was playing a video game when I took a very large hit off of it. The ps2 I was playing became so… artificial. It disgusted me. The first thing I remember is how uncomfortable the technology around me was making me feel. I looked down at the ps2 controller in my hands and watched it melt through my hands and form a puddle on the floor. I was very shocked and uneasy at this point. It was about 10 seconds in. the saliva in my mouth felt ‘electric’ I guess you could say.

    Every thing in the room (walls, chairs etc.) was multi-colored and had shifting and changing patterns moving across them. I started getting really freaked out and was trying to find a way to make it stop. I kept trying to focus on the actual physical shapes of the objects in the room but they kept falling back into the shapes of impossible things. This is like 15-20 seconds in.

    I then said fuck it and tried to relax. I sat back into my seat and closed my eyes. I was just gonna go with it. It became so much more intense! I could still see everything in the room but it was really starting to go wild. Then these three beings descended from above. I think they knew I was already very scared and where trying to look as nonthreatening as possible. They kind of seemed like rabbits but didn’t really look like it… yeah..

    Anyway It felt like they really wanted to get a hold of me and where trying to calm me down. They reached out to me with an inviting umm.. energy. I felt myself being lifted out of my seat being pulled up into this ‘portal’. They where at the entrance of this portal motioning for me to come. They really seemed to want me to join them. I was still very overwhelmed though and had a hard time believing that it was real, They wouldn’t let me come with them if I had any doubt of their existence whatsoever. They saw that I just wasn’t ready and became disappointed. They gave me a feeling like they were saying good by as they started to ascend.

    I thought “Wait! I’m trying to believe! I’m trying to understand!” They smiled at me, waving as they went through the portal. I was so close.. but they just couldn’t bring me with them if I was reluctant at all.

    It changed the way I look at things for ever. I’m just kind of disappointed that I didn’t enter the portal.

    • This is EXACTLY why I spent so much time writing this piece. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with the DMT Beings (at least that’s what I call them. This is quite a mind-blowing phenomena, at least I think so. I would even expect those who haven’t tried DMT to become interested in it after learning that totally separate users have seen the same entities. Once again, thanks for sharing, I like the idea of having as many people as possible share their experience with these beings. I totally believe we saw the same three beings.

  • Charley

    Dear James, I have never tried dmt, but I have a story for you. I believe you saw what you saw. witnessed the affects from a friend. His name is david. When he tried it, his fiancé said he looked straight forward sitting on the couch in silence. He explained he had seen a door made of light, the door to the fifth dimension. He said he didn’t open it. That he didn’t need to. I hadn’t seen them for a month and a half. I was living with my ex and had moved out, but on the 21st I came back to see them. My ex started to explain that our friend had gone crazy. I was curious. This boy I’m speaking about was not close to crazy. Before he tried the drug, He believed in Wicca and the power of the aura. He said he became a shaman when he found the religion and showed us the importance of meditation. And even though it was odd, i acknowledged his beliefs and found the importance it has. A very peaceful Pisces, is what he was and you’ll see why I’m saying this past tense soon. My ex told me one day, the boy looked at him and said, “do you know who I am?” He replied “yes”. And said his full name. The boy continued, “let me show you who I am”. He drew the Star of David, explaining he is the reincarnation. It was difficult for my friend to explain the evil he could sense. David’s laugh changed. It used to be a goofy laugh that made anyone giggle just hearing it, but it was explained to me as maniacal. It got so bad, that my friend would not let him into his house. On the 21st, my friend got a text that he had beaten his fiancé and is now in jail. The david I know is gone. We think he opened the door and something either came back with him, or took his place. If anyone has thoughts as to help our friend, please let me know. David was good. I sensed a bright pure white in his aura when he was around… But he’s not that anymore. I want my friend back. Thank you for reading.

    • Important reminder Charley. Drugs can be a fire hose or flame thrower, or far worse. I’ve had a family member’s life destroyed via LSD.

      I suggest that intensive prayer / meditation and heart-focused service to others is the prescription to experience the best that life and creation has to offer. Drug-induced experiences can leave us with awesome metaphysical information and heightened emotions. But a lasting, deeply matured, thoroughly transformed and motivated life of love, compassion, empathy, service, and forgivness simply isn’t achieved via pharmacology.

      Being an athiest does not mean giving up faith and hope in the universal power of love towards others, but such love it’s the hardest task we face. Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh once said “love your enemies” is the greatest koan. I’m not going to speculate on the nature of the beings James encountered, but he should carefully consider the resulting — and profoundly more important — residual motivations of that encounter.

    • Glenn

      This is a tragic story, if accurate. This is why I will not use pure DMT. A shamanic encounter with ayahuasca is a guided journey into spiritual realms. The loving plant sprit is still present. And with a seasoned, pure-hearted shaman, it’s about healing, purging and positive transformation. But pure DMT is playing with fire, seems to me. And in this case, sounds like playing with hellfire.

  • I have yet to read the comments, but I have to say that this was one of the most excellent essays on the topic I’ve come across.

  • TK

    I had my first DMT experience tonight, Saturday December 15, and I will forever remember it as one of the most intriguing, frightening, exhilarating and humbling experiences of my entire life.

    The part of the experience that I am most intrigued with is the encounter with the beings. I too saw three beings, and I felt like they expected me, or I was supposed to encounter them. At first, I thought they were women, but they were sexless. I looked into their “body” and as I focused in on them, I saw vivid colors that spiraled into what I thought was their DNA or something similar. The patterns became detailed shapes that constantly changed, and went deeper and deeper as if showing me the origins of life. I was afraid of going into what seemed like a portal, so I opened my eyes losing focus.

    I tried to refocus onto to them, but somehow I was seeing more shapes and spirals of colors. The room was magnified with light and color. I thought I was going to piss myself, so I was feeling my legs out of self-consciousness but I was fine. My guide Jason gave me reassurance since my eyes were bugging out and I was looking around the room in confusion.

    There were times that I needed water. My felt like I was dying, not completely in a physical way but a true out-of-body experience. More so than with Ecstasy.

    When I closed my eyes again, I immediately felt transported into another dimension or part of the universe that was unattainable through physical travel. I know it sounds crazy. I don’t care. I just let go, and it was hard because I was afraid. This new dimension was busy; busy with colors and an intense feeling of peace. It was as if there were other souls or beings without any form there. When I opened my eyes, I could see the plants and friends pulsating like on mushrooms and felt their energy. It was calming and puzzling. I wanted to understand but the drug was too powerful, so I let it ride.

    When I was coming down, it was like coming down from mushrooms. I could see colors and tracers. At its peak, it was the most intense trip ever. I felt like crying because of the beauty I witnessed and experienced. I felt like crying because I was afraid and didn’t let go of myself completely. Next time I will. Then I was laughing because how new this all was. I almost wanted it to stop because of the intensity and in some ways, happy that it only lasted 5-10 minutes, and like other people have said, it felt much longer.

    I enjoyed reading your experience, thank you.


  • Nailtrail

    Dreaming must not necessarily meant an advantage for our ancestors. That’s an oversimplifcation of evolutionary theory. Our DNA is not a blueprint and genes cannot be tied to various abilities and bodily structures on a one on one basis. The same genes that are responsible for our dreaming ability might be responsible for increased willpower, the ability to better recognize dangerous situations or anything else one would not think of at first. Dreaming can be a totally useless, though fascinating ability tied to some other aspect of our genome.

    Genes responsible for lessened aggressiveness in some foxes also cause more rounded ears. Some human lineages around the globe have a greater susceptibility to sickle cell anemia, but in exchange this genetic disorder helps them fighting malaria better. There are a lot of such examples out there, so I’m absolutely not sure that dreaming must contribute some sort of benefit to a species’ ability to survive on Earth. It could be even the opposite.

    • Thank you so much for this thoughtful comment, its very insightful and interesting. I do tend to think of evolution in oversimplified terms, which is easy to do with such a complex phenomena. I love being corrected/challenged on small details such as this, as in any given article there are usually a few statements I make which I anticipate will be challenged by a reader, but they rarely are. This is an example of one of them, and I’m glad you took the time to share your intelligence with me.

      I think I’ll change that whole paragraph a little bit. If nothing else I’m going to change the, “must,” to, “might,” or, “perhaps.”

  • kyle

    me and few geoup of friends are really interested in trying DMT any suggestions on how to make it or find it?

  • Ashton

    I wanted to say i am doing a study on hallucinogens and the spirt realm it started from experiences a family member told me about while taking LSD in the 70’s and your experience was similar well describing there shape.

  • asdfqwertydude

    Actually DMT is pretty easy to make, there are a lot of good resources out there (you know how to use google right??). An interesting comparison would be between a DMT trip and a strong Salivia trip, I’ve done both … a strong Salivia trip is much more terrifying. Where DMT always has some component of wonderment, a strong Salvia trip always has some authentic doomy feelings i.e. everything in life you experience as the ‘real’ world is meaningless, your friends and familial ties are nothing and so are you.

  • sam

    This article is unbelievable.. I didn’t know anything about DMT, before I took it, Which is actually extremely out of character for me.. my friend had taken his turn before me, and the lighter died in mid hit, but before he could finish, he started tripping… When it was my turn, my dose was packed on top of his, and I believe this is why I “broke through”, and no one else that I was with did… When I came back, I tried to explain to them what I saw, and they didn’t understand, or experience anything close to what I did… I had this experience about 4-5 months ago, and I never really looked for any literature on it until now… At least past the joe rogan youtube video.. Your experience was VERY similar to mine, however mine was very fleeting and I couldn’t recall a lot of aspects until reading your article… It was much like a lucid dream, but when you wake up, you can only remember certain aspects, and the longer your awake and try to remember, the harder it gets.. The one thing you didn’t mention, that I remember, was an extremely profound feeling of dejavu… Almost like the place I was in, was where I originated from… I was really scared, but o only felt that way because I was afraid I wouldnt return… For some reason I wasnt afraid of the beings because I felt like I had met them before… Even when I came down, I had an immense feeling of deja vu that I couldn’t shake, I felt as if I had lived my life before.. I also noticed the “overseer”, and from the point of noticing him, I couldn’t help but stare at him.. I felt as though I could gain the most knowledge from him, so I almost stopped paying attention to the dancing figures entirley.. He wasnt really a man, but just a dark silouhette of a man.. But once again, i felt like I knew him, and right before I came back, he reached out to me with his hand, immediatley after reaching out, I was violently thrusted back to reality… It wasn’t a slow transition for me, it was almost instantaneously… So much so, in fact, I spent about 15 minutes trying to distinguish the difference between hallucination and reality… It was hands down the most intense experience of my life and I well never forget it… I also decided I will nnenever do dmt again, if given the opportunity… I think it is an experience everyone should nhave once, but I think it can be easily abused and disrespected.. Thanks for youre article man.. It was very descriptive, and your quite obviously a very good writer… Im just curious as to if anyone else felt the dejavu, because it was by far, the strongest emotion I felt while under the influence…

  • Tree Frog

    Thank you, James. This is a well written account of that realm. I like to read DMT experiences to remind myself that there are other rational people out there that have had encounters with the entities and KNOW they are real despite the total lack of scientific evidence. I believe DMT shows us more of reality that our senses can’t usually comprehend. There are similarities and differences in our experiences. Details aren’t that important. I will say there has been psychic communication with the beings and they experienced my existence (I think that was what was happening when your ‘ life flashed before your eyes. Faces and places’ paired with intense emotions). In turn, they have also showed me glimpses ‘ behind the veil’ so to speak; a larger portion of reality. This is both extremely gratifying and intriguing to me. They mean no harm
    but I have no idea what their motive is.

    I can say with some authority that no one will recieve answers to all their questions through DMT. I’ve done DMT many times spread over the years and also ayahuasca once. Each time was blissful and I’ve learned a lot. I’m not necessarily advocating this though. It can leave you with more questions than answers sometimes. And that can be frustrating. However, once in a great while I will visit the DMT realm again and it is great for my spiritual and psychological health. Really, no joke. I feel especially uplifted for weeks. I’ve never regretted it. But I can see how it could seperate some people from reality. So be careful and respectful.

    Although I now recognize the limitations of DMT (some things you can’t know while your earthly body is still alive), I will do DMT again someday when it feels right. It is medicine right for me and another human can’t convince me otherwise. When I go there again it will probably be while I’m already tripping on LSD. I take LSD maybe 2-3 times a year. Ever since I tried DMT while on LSD, I realized it’s the only way worth taking it for me. Already being in an altered, spiritually open state before taking DMT helps with the transition between realms. It also helps me go ‘ behind the veil’ of the patterns/ visual hallucinations and receive a clearer signal from the beings on the other side. I am aware this sounds totally crazy buy I dont care. It works for me and I know it’s real. I know it in my heart.

    • Tree Frog

      Fyi: LSD also prolongs the experience and brings you back gently over hours. Not to be a hypocrite but again, I don’t advocate this for everyone. I’ve seen people get very confused and smoke DMT like crack to try and get answers or see pretty things over and over. Thats not the point. It is a sacred gift. Treat it as such please.

    • kristie

      They say when you are in REM sleep you produce more DMT. I meditated for a few months and then one day when I took a nap I astral projected. Coming out of my body, I actually felt my sould detach. Its surreal and after the experience I have a more humble approach to death. I used to be terrified of the unknown. I know those beings you are talking about!! They scared the shit out of me so bad that everytime I left my body I wound right back in it because I was so scared. They are like a black shadowy type figure. One experience when I left my body I heard the “laugh” that you explained! The laugh reminded me of the laugh in the beginning of the pink floyd song “breathe.” They were all up in my face too, and at one time I felt them pulling my body. As I was floating there I felt them pull my feet and terrified I screamed for help. They come right for you. I have always been scared in thinking these beings were bad trying to take me, or steal my soul. I am going to try again with the intentions that they are there to help.

      • josh

        Dude sick story, i had some friends do it last year and they said during there trip they were taken by aliens.

      • SweetTooth

        ive never done dmt but i have seen the beings and i have atral projected before… i would slow down the process of sleeping “meditation” i would feel intense vibrations come over me and the feeling like a presence was there.. i would also go into sleep paralysis were that alone would scare me and have me screaming in my mind shouting for help trying to trash my lifeless arms…… the one time i let the vibrations take me over is when i atral projecting… other wise i would usually panic and it would go away…. i opened my eyes but it was in the dream world… and i saw the black figures you are talking about….. glossy shiny black kinda like the 2nd terminator with the guy that morphs… i remember everything so vividly…. i wound up in a house, a abanonded with very old wood and it was sunlight out but the house was dark.. there however was a window and sunlight peering in through some of the wood with holes or cracks in it. Which is when i noticed the black figures… they were on the walls.. as spider man would crawl up a building. i begun to grow very frightened at this moment mainly due to the fact of what they looked like and how they were clinged to the walls, and the fact that i was frightened is what engaged them almost like rats to cheese… but i felt like it was my energy they wanted. Like they craved it… and then i opened my eyes agian to find myself in my dorm

    • austin

      hey, how do you get pure DMT straight from the Pineal gland. I’m trying it and don’t want synthetic DMT.

  • hey, i’m an over functioning over thinking over experiencing ex-pothead too. soon, i will have the ultimate trip. death. pure DMT, la naturelle straight from the pineal gland

  • haha “I partied with the Gods”. fuck that’s a classic line, and I know exactly what your friend was talking about. That made me laugh!

  • Damon mason
  • Elliott

    This reminds me of the breakthrough expierence when one would leave the cave in platos alagory of the cave where people would see entities resembling joy, love, justice and so on. This is what he was referring to as enlightenment.

  • While I have not done DMT, I have been interested in it for awhile for it’s affects on what’s called the “Pineal Gland,” an anomylous segment of the cranial cage that integrates the two aspects of what we call the “Brain.” I have had many visions before. Non -Drug induced. When I was in High School I used to go into what I learned later is a “Hypnogogic” state in which I was immobile and a Huge Face appeared before me, in a room full of reflective colors. I learned later through some reading that this is considered a pre-Conditional state to paranoid schizophernia but what do these people know?? I am 43 now, highly successful and no History of paranoid Shcizophrenia, in my Family. My family, however, is psychic. My Mother and Grandmother both relayed the same experiences to me that I had, over time, and I think this may have influenced my interest in use of DMT. I am writing this to you because I’ve been wanting to try “DMT”(???) for some time. I have done an incredibly stong dose of LSD (I think it might have been ’19??’–felt like it, anyway) and Shrooms. I am familiar w/the kind of Transitory ‘illusions,’ you speak about. That is not the kind of Trip I want. Recently, I injured a muscle and was given a prescription for “Tizanidine.” It is a rather regular muscle relaxant prescribed for this sort of thing. I also take, at the same time, a nightly dose of ‘Melatonin’ and “L-Tryptophan,” from Life Extension. I’ve found these two substances together give me Lucic Dreams. Well, when I mixed it all together w/Tizanidine I suddenly went into an incredibly wierd state where my REM sleep was amplified even more than usual, though in a different way. I was being observed by Reptilian -like creatures on a space-craft bed or something or sometimes even in a Peruvian rain forest w/souls from a long time ago playing flutes for me, greeting me, as if they were expecting me. I know this sounds like the sort of DMT experiences reported, online. But this happened, IN MY DREAMS!!! I learned later that a Side Effect of “Tizanidine” is an enhancement of REM sleep and it’s interaction on the Pineal Gland. What I have since come to conclude it that I must have experienced some upsurge to the “DMT,” in my brain, while asleep, while never actually having consumed any “DMT,” in any (‘direct??’) Way. I am actually still following this “regimine” of Tryptophan, the muscle Relaxant and Melatonin, at night, and to Great effect!!! I think I may be experiencing some semblence of the whole experience you and so many others speak of in my dreams. I had one incredibly Vivid “Dream(??)” lately where I seemed to flow into this immoble state where I simply fell, stunned, by this black cloud–from the beginning of time–that was nameless and beyond all comprehension, yet that we had all flowed out of, and there were these white, amorphous, ghost-like creatures all around me with three fingers (I remember that dinstinctly, three-fingers–almost reptilian, like a thing from a former branch of the “evolutionary chain(???)”–then all of a sudden I had a hand w/only three fingers and I remember thinking “This is Awfully Wierd for just a Lucid Dream!!!” The most appalling aspect of this “Trip”/Dream was the ineffable air of undefinaeability surrounding this Whole thing. It was almost as if it were out of all space and all time and so strange as to be a thing not definately having to do w/”Ego,” in any way, at all. Anyway, I want to exprerience more. I think enhancement of my Pinneal Gland and possibly “DMT”(??) may be the way. I’ve looked online for some way to bring this experience closer to myself but I don’t really know. Maybe one day I can afford to go to a retreat!!! But I sent this email to you as I thought you might appreciate it . . . as an “adjunct” to the experience you speak about, in the very Least. Thanks Alot!!! . . .

  • UncleLuke

    dude im so blown away right now last night i just had the most intense breakthrough EVERRRRRRRRRR . ive done DMT about 10-15 times so far now but last night NO LIE Aliens were playing with my brain i felt like my brain was being tapped into and at the above comment about the girl seeing herself THEY SHOWED ME MYSELF ASWELL As a Matter of Fact At the end of the trip they threw me back into my human body . There was Atleast 3 entities throughout my encounter they were dancing around me it looked like but i could never get a clear picture of what the fuck they looked like . then a blackish entity was right up in my face and it was pretty terrifyingly intense i felt like id stopped breathing just knowing he was there watching me and then i saw a blue flashlight flash and i remember saying it outloud and my friend said dude i saw the exact same thing . We both talked about the experience after and we felt like we were seeing their world something that was supposed to be hidden from all humanity but with this drug its able to be tapped into . im blown away it was the most terrifying amazing experience lol i truely broke through and was no longer in our beautiful world we call earth . There Are other beings in this world maybe not our universe but they know about us , and now i can truely say that i know OF them . WOW im just lost for words and i sound completely insane thats why im only telling you guys ( internet people that will never know who i really am in this world) because telling even my closest family member about this would get me baker acted. im blown away ……………………..

  • Sissy

    So my “friend” experienced a DMT breakthrough tonight. My friend reported that she at first saw a small white light leaving her body. Then the hallucinations started, that’s what she said. She stated that she could see herself staring at herself, like an outer body experience. As she has been struggling with addiction, looking herself in the eye was hard. She then stated she saw what looked like spirits and they were definitely focking and dancing like indians(indulging). She was drawn to them, they were talking, but all she made out and can remember that a light came on at her neighbors. She kind of got scared, the spirits asked her, who is that? The light seemed to startle them. Or something did. Her mom, being super catholic, prays to Mary. She saw a psychedillic picture of what looked like Mary, the tattoo. The spirits then retreated, and she also did because her neighbors are likely to call them fiftys. She definitely believes in another dimension, another dimension, another dimension, another dimension. Beastie Boys rant, sorry. She does not know exactly what to make of it. Is this really another dimension. I believe so, I truly believe this person and it made her feel like her life needs to change. It seemed like a warning to her??????????????

    • Thanks for relaying your friend’s experience here. It’s quite possible that if your friend is headed down an unhealthy road of addiction, the beings she saw attempted to impart the danger such a lifestyle poses to her wellbeing here on Earth. I hope she takes it to heart and lets the experience give her the strength to overcome her addiction. I believe part of the DMT experience involves being shown the true nature of your own character; who you truly are absent all the earthly factors which shape and mold our image of ourselves here on Earth. As someone who’s addicted to a number of unhealthy things myself, I had a similar resistance toward accepting this part of the trip.

      I hope you’ll work to reinforce her feelings of needing to change. Addiction is something that’s very hard to overcome, and a DMT trip – despite the extent of its profoundness – won’t likely be enough to get her off whatever she’s using. She needs friends from this plane of existence to help her. If her experience with DMT has created an inroad for you to do that, that’s great. But don’t think because she had this profound experience she’ll automatically be over her addiction.

  • Chris flores

    I have a question how do I get this. Please reply i’ve been looking for dmt for a while now. Nobody seems to have some.

    • carlos

      Chris Flores, I have only heard of it being sold locally twice in the 4 years that i have been aware of the drug. If you are confident in your abilities, have the means to, and do plenty of research, you can either synthesize or extract it yourself. That is something that I have wanted to do for years but have never gotten around to. Visit erowid for some good procedures.

  • I had to comment after reading this. After doing DMT for the first time last week i did exactly as you did and scoured the web looking for answers, opinons, anything. Your account is the closest in visual and emotional sense that i have come across.
    There are still slight disparitys but only a few. You don’t mention in mg the hit you took, but i have since discovered that i was also given a double hit. The guy who gave me the DMT cooked it himself, i was with friends, lying outside on a warm New Mexico evening. I had complete faith and trust in the situation and the people i was with, yet once i broke through into what these guys kept calling ‘hyperspace’ I experienced the same fear you describe. The beings i saw were not black, they were white, but such a pure glowing white that i’m not sure it can’t even be called a colour. There were at least 5, but in structure sound extremely similar to the ones you saw. Your description of them laughing, almost condescendingly, is also accurate. I have no doubt that they knew it was my first time.
    What i found unbelievable about your account is your description of the female type being with tentacles. At first, she terrified me. I saw and her and thought i was never coming back. She came closer and closer and i was trying my hardest to smile but couldn’t, i couldn’t hide my fear. But then again, similar to you, my mind changed and I accepted it. I think for me it was less curiosity but more that morbid acceptance people are said to feel before they die. I thought that if this being, who was clearly a lot more supreme and powerful than me, wanted to hurt me then what could i do about it? If she wanted to, she would, end of. As soon as i thought this and relaxed, she backed away.
    I do not recall any figure in the corner, any overseer, but maybe i was focusing too damn hard on everything else going on…
    You don’t mention anything about any aural experiences as you’re launching. I took two hits, holding both in for as long as possible. In fact, I can’t even remember exhaling the second hit. I closed my eyes almost immediately and lay back, but i was definitely gone before i hit the floor. Along with the rollercoaster feeling you describe I could hear an intense white noise sort of buzz, that increased tenfold and then as i ‘broke through’ just stopped. I couldn’t hear my breath, my heartbeat, nothing. As i mentioned earlier i was lying outside, but i couldn’t hear any kind of normal sounds. It was almost as if i’d been entirely immersed underwater, and then the incredible patterns kicked in. I was wondering if you also experienced any similar sort of sound experience?
    When i came to i couldn’t describe my experience to the guys i was with. I could tell that they wanted me to talk about it, and i wanted to, but i just had to get my head around it first. I think it’s incredible how well you have been able to describe something so indescribable.

    • I want to thank you for this comment. Other than it being really insightful, it has reignited my strong belief in the afterlife. Like I said in the article, I’m very agnostic by nature. Over time, since doing DMT, the belief in the afterlife that it ignited began to fade away somewhat. This belief was further tested when a very close friend, who appeared in this story as ‘Jay’, passed away recently. I’ve never been so effected by anything in my life as I have been by the death of this friend. I simply don’t have it in me to address every aspect of your comment at this moment, however I wanted you to know how much I appreciate it, and that I will get around to sharing my thoughts on it sooner than later. Thanks again. :)

      • Thank you everyone for sharing your journeys.
        I am 54 and have tripped ALOT in my life.
        DMT is very unique, and should be respected.
        Meditate and get yourself centered before you take the
        What I would like to say is,,,,think about this.
        We are ENERGY!!! We are made of water and molecules. DMT connects us or should I say fuses
        us with existing energy. We become intertwined with
        energy that we can not see when we are in our normal
        state of mind. Scientist have stated that there are other dimenssions that are present but we cannot connect with them. DMT, LSD, shrooms increase our brains ability to connect with energy that is always present, but we cant see until we experience these compounds……makes sense to me.
        I have experienced DMT in an isolation tank many times. The isolation tank helps to completely transform you into the existing energy that surrounds you. You dont feel your body in a tank, so that leaves just your mind,,in a dark, sound proof chamber.
        Dont be afraid. Completely surrender your mind, and
        become one with all energy that surrounds you.
        Do not fear what you experience,,,,embrace it.

        • Food fof thought,,,,,,we are energy. We are made up of 70% water and cells. We are kind of like a biological battery.
          DMT lets us connect with other energy,,,energy that we normally cant see. We only use 11% of our brain. DMT, LSD, etc. Increase our brains capacity so we are able to merge with existing energy. Connect with other dimenssions within our dimenssion. Aliens? Spirits? Demons?
          Thats the mystery…..but think about it,,,,makes sense to me.
          Yes I have seen the exact same thing every time.
          Also every color in the spectrum, every shape, and completely disconnect from my physical body…..merging and becoming one with the energy that surrounds me.
          I am not a kid,,, I am a very successful completely sain man who is in tune with my body and mind.
          Do not fear the unknown. Let go and let yourself merge with
          the positive energy, keep a positive mind,,,, and most important. RESPECT this enlightening compound and learn from it.

  • Karel
  • mr tree

    Ive been reading up on this and find it very interesting. Ive only smoked weed and done extacy and sometimes weed can make me have little anxiety attacks but i would really like to try this. Is there any way i could prepare my self in any way so i dont freak out and go into cardiac arrest or something like that haha

    • There is absolutely no possible way to prepare yourself for a DMT trip. Even having done it once, I doubt I’d be prepared for the second time. Having said that, unless you have a history of heart problems, you’d be no more likely to go into cardiac arrest than you would experiencing anything else you find frightening. The chemical DMT itself certainly wouldn’t cause cardiac arrest, but the experience of tripping on it could feasibly trigger a heart attack if the user is already susceptible to them.

      And weed gives all of us anxiety lol. :P

  • GStar

    Thanks for your account of what happened! I read stories from other people, but there’s seemed too difficult to understand. I could actually understand your story. After reading others’ stories, I felt down, like if I were to try it there would be no way I’d need to return to Earth to continue the journey, as the trip seemed amazing and that people said it was profound and life changing. But your story put me at ease. I particularly felt better when I read the man held you (or Alec- can’t remember) and said they enjoyed your presence and friendship. It just made me think they really loved and appreciated your visit. Being loved and at peace is an incredible feeling. And since he told one of you the visit would be his last, it reinforces that we chose to come here and experience this Earth and maybe we predetermined how long we’ll be here. I’m glad I got to read your story because I feel like I don’t have to experience DMT for myself at this point. Given the opportunity and if I was ready, I might try. But I’m sure everyone gets to experience it when they die, so we all just have to enjoy life and be patient.

    • Thanks for the kind words. Yeah, it’s certainly my conviction that DMT is not something to be trifled with. Having said that, I believe it’s totally fine to experiment with as long as the user maintains a level of honest respect towards it. I have met two people since doing DMT who, at least I deduced from talking with them, didn’t really respect it as anything other than another hallucinogenic drug. They did it way too many times and the concept of that being a bad thing was foreign to them. They came across as fucking crazy people (which was what led me to strike up a conversation with them in the first place). I believe DMT caused these two particular individuals to literally go insane – from talking with them I could tell they had become completely disconnected with our reality. As though they no longer cared for their life anymore because of their many experiences in the DMT realm. All I know is that’s not how we’re supposed to see things. We’re supposed to accept this world as reality, we’re supposed to fear death, and we’re supposed to believe our actions are autonomous from fate. Anything that alters those suppositions is bad for us as humans, regardless of whether or not that which alters them is a product of reality. That’s just how I feel at least.

      • dmttrip

        james you are a fucking genuise

        • James Kalìwæ

          My ego greatly appreciates this unfounded comment. Glad you enjoyed the article. :)

  • Lady Blue

    I had exactly this type of experiance tonight. I have a recollection of closing my eyes when it began, but once i went through the portal my eyes to me were wide open. I was in a place more real then this earth, with the three dark blobs and a boy. They were flying in a spaceship, doing things, really fast, lots of movement, really loud noise and brighter
    colours then ive ever seen before. They told me they were life. But i had a strong feeling like i was somewhere i should not be. They were staring at me, but then everything changed. I felt like i could not go back to my
    body, like they wanted me to stay. A screen showed images of people on earth we were looking down at them. It was increadibly real, i spoke to the boy, asked questions. However i did not get a clear understanding of this situation. Except that they were life. This was beyond a drug, it felt more real then reality ever has. I had the overwhelming feeling that could have stayed there and these beings wanted me to. It was very intense and slighty scary as i battled to remember my body. At one point i didnt think i would ever come back. With a little help and much confusion i somehow returned to my body but not occupying it yet. It was more like being at the gate to two worlds, where i had acess to both and really had to make a slow effort to come back to this one. The visuals and feelings lasted a good 20 mins once i was confident i was in my body and i still had a strong, but not an all encompassing connection to this other place. It was profoundly scary and wonderful. What i saw and felt was beyond hallucinations and more clear then the nacked eye. This experience left me completely in awe, joy and full of questions. Its like nothing else here on earth, a different and new perspective of life, one i hope to one day understand. This world now feels like a dream in comparision, the reality we live, a fraction of what it could be.

    • Oh shit, I don’t know how I managed to miss replying to you until now. Thank you very much for sharing this here. I’ll respond to this more thoroughly when I have time, a lot of stuff about your experience excites me but I have to actually sit down and think about it. Thanks again for sharing this. :)

  • oh. my. goodness. i am sooo glad you followed me.
    im glad i came across this because you, so far, are the only one that my experience sounds similar too. i actually tried dmt for the first time like 3-4 days ago, and couldnt bare to explain what the hell happened to my friends.

    you literally took the words out of my mouth. although some parts of it was different, like seeing THAT many human-like forms etc. cause I only saw one demon. and that was… my friend. he like kept turning into a demon and i would blink and try to focus back (like you– crazy, cause you seem to act the same way i do when i do drugs) lol but he kept shifting back into a demon/devil form. and i was shit-scared. couldnt sleep the past two days. questioning what the hell that was and scared it would come back.

    i thought i was being possessed or brainwashed and was gonna be taken away. but anywho, i love this. thanks for the share. but i do have a question that my friends have still yet to answer. what exactly does that mean ? you know… the shit people see during their trip on dmt ? does me seeing this demon/devil mean anything ? am i a bad person ? am i gonna go to hell ? like what the fuck ? lol or does none of this shit mean nothing ? sorry for all the questions… i just never have ever dealt with anything like that.

    like you, ive done shrooms and other drugs but never came to a trip anything like this. and it kinda left me feeling unsettled. it would be great if youd reply. havent been able to find anyone to talk to about this that understood.

    • Thank you so much for sharing that, it makes me feel better about how much time I spent writing it. :P Plus, you helped me to remember something about my trip.

      To be honest, I get the feeling our experiences were even more similar than we could ever know. It’s such an overwhelming and elaborate experience – I would venture to surmise that any discrepancy between my written recount above and your subjective recollection has more to do with my inability to adequately translate my entire experience into writing. While I tried my best to do so, there were some parts that were simply too abstract to put into writing.

      Which is why I felt so compelled to try. My hope was people like you would notice some similarities between their experiences and mine, and help me to kind of fill in the blanks. I, too, felt as though [at least one of] the beings was morphing back and forth between a demon-type figure and a familiar, specific person I know in real life. However, I chalked this down to a defense mechanism of my brain. I figured I was so intensely terrified by these beings that my brain attempted to superimpose images of my friends over them. However, once I got to the part where I relaxed and disposed of my fear, this stopped happening, and it was just me and the beings.

      As far as what it all means, you have no idea how badly I wish I could answer that for you. It’s only natural that we ask, I came out of it with the same intense desire to know, “what did that mean?” Actually, that question enveloped my life for like the following month. All I can say is, it doesn’t really “mean” anything, other than there might be more to this whole “life” thing than I had previously thought. At least that’s what I got out of it.

      Only you can truly know whether or not you’re a bad person. But I know I’m not, and I’m convinced we saw the same type of beings/spirits. Like I mentioned toward the end of the article, we don’t know what any of the beings from human folklore actually look like. Angels, demons, etc… How do you know what you saw wasn’t actually a guardian angel of sorts? Just because it didn’t have wings and a halo? So don’t assume just because what you saw looked demonic or whatever, that it actually was.

      But yeah, thanks again for sharing. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want. :)

      • yeahh, i just feel more like our emotional state was similar. ive read a couple of stories about people’s experiences, and although i have came across one human-like/devil form (on a friend) but i dont recall ever being able to talk to them. i did hear voices but im pretty sure without a doubt it was my friends talking to me calming me down because I literally had a bad trip, or atleast i thought so. i mean, i was freaking the hell out, terrified. lol jesus.

        but i need an advice. see, i took this because- well i heard taking this would be like a life changing experiences blahblahblah. i mean, it definitely had me thinking a whole lot, but i dont feel like it changed my life much. and change as in for the best. because im a point in life where im not really satisfied and i went through this hoping to gain some insight and HAPPINESS. but im bummed my experience was not all lala land and bubblegum pop. do you think if i tried it one more time, since i know what to expect, i would have a better trip ? my friends said i was at level 4 of the trip. i definitely did ripp the shit out of the pipe like i usually do when i smoke weed and such. had NO idea i was gonna trip that hard ! like i said, other drugs have never really impacted me in any sort so i ripped it really hard and held it in for a loooong time lol and resulted in a freaking out/bad trip.

        so what do you think ? if i was to do it again, would i trip better knowing what to expect ? or could it go either way, good or bad ? Also, when i hear people saying they talk to these figures, should i ask them questions as to what i wanna know ? like spiritual questions ? questions that people dont have answers too ?

  • Great experience my friend. I want to explore DMT myself…. I´m sure I will one day.
    I have a few trippy experiences with mushrooms and I would like to share one thing that happened:
    On my first mushroom trip, I was with a friend. When the shrooms started kicking in slowly, I was noticing small pink spots on the ceiling, kind of like electric neon lights. (When I looked in a mirror, there were pink spots on my face too.)
    I said to my friend; “Whoa hey, are you also seeing…….” -And my friend simply finished the sentence: “pink spots on the ceiling?!”
    It´s all so fascinating!

    • Haha! Thanks for sharing. I think my experiences with shrooms were a little subdued, but I only ate 2 grams each time. Next time I get the chance, I’m definitely doing a whole eighth or more. :P

    • Daniel Seth

      I really appreciate all of your above imagery, as my wife experienced DMT not that long ago, and I seem to better understand what she described. This explanation is exactly what I have heard from several other sources, and I definitely believe you crossed to another side.

      I would also commend both you and Alec’s warnings to others. In my opinion, you experienced an interaction with demons of some sort. My personal belief is that they are best referenced in the Book of Enoch, which describes the fall of the Watchers, the angels who fathered the Nephilim. These forces are real and exist around us all the time. The only protection we have is through the acceptance of Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior.

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    I am not used to Re-blogging, but this post was so amazing that I decided to Re-blog it if that is okay with you Mr. James; thank you for sharing this Mr. James. :)

  • This was amazingly well written and detailed Mr. James, this is one of the most interesting blog posts that I have ever read, bravo!

    I think that it is good that you described/shared your experience, and I found it to be very informative & interesting; especially as a person interested in dreams, which I often share on my own blog, and I am curious about some of the many unknown aspects of things like this.

    I heard a bit about DMT online and I am curious about the similarities between dreaming and the effects of DMT, and so your experience has given me a lot of things to think about and compare.

    Right now I can not think of any questions that I want to ask you about your experience, but I might think of some questions one day; thank you very much for sharing this. :)

  • Alec

    Hey man loved the post, very detailed, definitely brought me back to that day. You were correct when you stated that I would never do it again, and I probably will not for the rest of my life. Although some aspects of our experience were the exact same, some were very different. I want to explain one part because I believe it is important. I took a great interest in “the man in the corner”. I viewed him as the superior or authoritative figure. At one point I spoke with him. Well, more communicated through an unfamiliar form (not speaking but exchanging thoughts), and he showed me the spirit world. We did not stay in the same spot where the rest of them were dancing; we traveled. Once we were far away enough from everything, and everyone else, “the man in the corner” “evolved” my spirit. He brought me up onto his level of existence, as if he made me equal to him allowing me to experience and see what he experiences and sees. At this point in time I literally felt the universe. I became connected with all living things on earth, but just for a brief second. As he cradled me in his arms like a baby, putting me back into my body, he specifically communicated that he, and the rest of the “gods” enjoyed my presents and friendship. I told him I didn’t want to leave, but he said that it wasn’t my time yet to permanently be with them. He said that he will welcome me when I come up there, but not to “over stay” my welcome there while still in this world. I am afraid of the consequences of doing so, but look forward to being with them again, when it is my time. I believe that DMT is a tool that allows us to connect with the spirits and afterlife, but also that it shouldn’t be messed with a lot. My only advice is that when you do it, and they come for you (which they will, they always do) let them take you, be friendly with them, enjoy being with them. They will show you the most beautiful things ever imagined (or not imagined i guess i should say) but don’t over stay your welcome. DMT will change your life after doing it, and I believe that spending too much time up there before you are allowed to permanently stay there may be bad for the mind and soul. Its worth trying, life changing, but be careful and make sure you have somebody with you who has done it before to help guide you when things get weird.

    • liz

      Thanks for posting this. First time I read something related to my many experiences of feeling one with the universe and being back home not wanting to leave either.when Im there. Also messages that are repeated is Love.Trust.Believe.Thankyou. never have done dmt. Deep gratitude for the feeling of belonging… we are all one and indeed this life is the dream and as such we can make of it whatever we choose of it without any restrictions. Bless

    • Ed

      I didn’t see any beings, I got to see what my friends see thru their eyes, I took two hits really fast and held it in as long as I could, as I exhaled I heard a really loud static and it felt like everything was speeding up even tho I was sittin on the couch. Then I seem like a blue mist that covered the room, right after that I started to look around to see if anything else had changed, that’s when I realized I was my friend I saw what he saw felt what he felt, this kinda scared me I turned around to look back at myself sitting on the couch and when I realized that it was like I was back in my body but I only lasted a second, before I knew it I was like in five places at once I could see everything that was going on outside and in the room. I saw my self again and just like that I was back in my body. (First two minutes)Then my friend asked me if I wanted to go outside and look at stuff outside when I got up I seen neon multi colored particles that seemed to b coming off me, I looked at my friend and those same particles were dancing around his body. I went out side and I realized everything was breathing the grass, trees even the leafs on the trees, I looked at the sky and it was like there were a bunch of fuzz balls in the sky but each of these fuzz balls had its own atmosphere, almost like I was looking at other universes. These fuzz balls were everywhere idk what they mean but I think it might b other dimensions that we can’t see.

  • Rick

    I really enjoyed your story. I have yet to try DMT. My experence with drugs are about zero….just a little pot. My reasoning is to understand life and death and what GOD is. Doing the drug scares me… I am not all that eventurist but this really seems to be something that may hold a key to knowledge. I think I know how to make DMT …not sure how else to get it. I hope u continue to blog….ur words gave me comfort and courage. I’m Rick in Phoenix AZ. Hope to have one of my own stories soon

    • Let me know if you do wind up with your own story! As far as understanding what God is, I personally wouldn’t go down that road. The way I look at it, expecting to be able to understand God is like expecting your computer to understand you; its just not possible. I don’t think God created us to understand him, if he exists. At least, that would be uncharacteristically egotistical of him if he did. :P As far as understanding ‘life’ goes, you got the right idea, there. If anything, God created us so we may develop our own understanding of life.

      Thanks for the kind words, Rick. :)

  • PS: I LUV U

    Is it hypocritcal to hope that modern medicine can bring me back from near death, and yet feel there is something wrong with doing DMT? For some reason, I think this is something we shouldn’t mess with. I don’t know if we’re supposed to “cross over” before we cross over, no matter what you believe is waiting.

    • Well, I’ve never thought of it before, but to answer your first question: Yes, I would consider that one specific line of thinking hypocritical. But since when is hypocrisy a sin? :P But is there anything wrong with believing DMT is something we shouldn’t mess with? Not at all. In fact, had I been aware of precisely what a DMT trip entails prior to doing it, I probably wouldn’t have fucked with it. Having said that, despite my initial assumption that I “was somewhere I shouldn’t be,” the beings I saw on DMT did all they could to dispel that feeling from me. Now, why they acted in such a way is something I don’t know; just because they acted like my presence was welcome doesn’t mean it actually was. But I can’t muddle my mind with every single hypothetical.

      My friend Alec had the same experience with the beings his first time. The second time, when he did it with me, he told me that as he was being placed back in his body, one of the beings cradled him like a baby and imparted to him not to ever return; that they’ve enjoyed having him, but that he may never return. Needless to say, he has no interest in ever doing it again.

      To be honest, I’m rather frightened at the prospect of experiencing DMT again. The principle reason being my propagation of the experience. If you’re right, and it is indeed something we shouldn’t mess around with, I’m afraid the beings will be furious with me, if I ever return, for attempting to describe their world in human terms. However, the overall feeling I got from these beings was pure benevolence. I mean from their character – not physical makeup. Their physical makeup is scary as shit. But the way they act; I still think they may have been guardian angels of sorts. But anyway, thanks a bunch for your input; as you can tell, it’s got me thinking. :P

      • Actually, you did a great job describing your experience. I think that’s why it kind of scared me, and reassured me at the same time. Who doesn’t want to believe there is something good waiting for us after death?

        • You actually just summed up my feelings from the days after doing it. Even, in a way, some of the feelings I had during it. You’re right, who doesn’t want to believe there is something good waiting for us after death?

          In my case, it was a weird bitter-sweet type of experience. While I was convinced of what I saw, I had long since accepted – and been fine with – the ‘fact’ that once you die, your body rots in the ground, and that’s it. So for me, it was kinda like, “Oh, fuck… Maybe there is more to this whole afterlife thing.” Yet, at the same time, what I saw was merely what I saw, and does not guarantee anything about what’s really real. Shit, I mean, I can’t even guarantee this world is really real. What proof do I have? My eyes? Well, what are those? Biological tools which decode information (the wavelengths of photons) into what I know of as ‘sight.’ It’s certainly ‘real’ within the context of all we’re capable of knowing, but that doesn’t guarantee it’s existence. Which then takes you full circle back to the experience of DMT; which, while I can’t know for sure if it’s actually a spiritual one, I do know it was indeed an experience, and one so specific in its imagery that it’s hard to believe a world created purely through natural coincidence, as atheists believe ours was, could result in a species evolving the ability to receive them as I did.

          So yeah, after all that complicated twisted logic was done being computed in my brain, I was left with an overall reassured feeling about the afterlife.

          • Moni

            Have you heard of the seth material or read about it? I think that will five you some insight

  • I’d never do this, and I would be really, really pissed at my kid if she ever did it. But this is really interesting stuff, and it is pretty cool for me to get to learn about it through your writing (as that is the only way I ever could, lol). I hope you can generate a big causal link, or uncover whatever answers are out there, because it is really quite astonishing to think that it can be replicated and recounted like that.

    • Thanks a bunch, that means a lot because I focused on writing it in such a way that would spark the interest of people who’d never have any actual interest in doing the drug. However, whether you like it or not, you and your kid both trip on DMT every night whilst sleeping. :P

  • ggpaul
    • Just a note to you guys who want to talk: I started a new job just a day or two after publishing this. I’ll try to contact/respond to ya’ll as soon as possible; I’m not ignoring ya’ll.

  • Matty Cake

    Crazy shit man… its pretty crazy that I happened to do DMT for the first time last month too… crazier yet I found your blog on like the 5th page of Google concerning how to cover up my weed scent in a house of anti-weeders. And you seem to have turned Agnostic for the reason I did, damn church being a cult and nobody is willing to except it, well, the churchgoers aren’t, at least. ANYWAYS I used to have a pretty vibrant childhood with many spiritual friends, and I had hundreds of accounts with SHADOW PEOPLE. Until last month I kinda thought all the shit I saw as a kid a just a bunch of hullabaloo, and now I think there might be a little more to this DMT thing… I think meditation and pertaining Eastern religions could probably shed a little more light on the subject… Astral Projection? Soma? It’s all up in the air but there is definitely an amoeba like subject coming into shape on the horizon… Well I am babbling, awesome post! Love this blog! This subject can just make me shoot off onto all sorts of tangents!

    • Everything I wrote in the above comment is directed toward you too. I love that you found this post after searching, how to cover up the scent of weed. That’s basically how I get the majority of my traffic haha.

  • Nickie

    I must speak with you. This is insanity. I thought I was the only one. Never thought I would stumble across this mere replica of my own experiences with dmt.

  • Being a pharmacological psychonaut is definitely a young person’s game. Back in the ’70s, we used to call these sorts of tales of re-made consciousness “war stories”. This was interesting to read about, but I deeply enjoy singing now, and smoking anything is bad for the vocal cords (as is too much alcohol and other things). If I explore the Amazon after retirement, I might consider ayahuasca, if it came up in an indigenous context. I still like the direct experience of alternate consciousness. I just get there through meditation and exercise now. No, it isn’t the same. It’s more comfortable, a way to infuse ordinary daily living with a tinge of extra-terrestrial color. Plus, nobody will try to put you in jail for pursuing it. Risk vs. benefit, ya know?

    • Thanks for chiming in, Mikey. I would like to get to the point eventually where I can reach some sort of similar state through meditation. Being a typical lazy young adult, however, the thought of the amount of practice attaining such an ability would take intimidates me. Luckily I got some time (hopefully).

      And about ayahuasca, I’m with you. I certainly wouldn’t do it in any environment other than a traditional, indigenous one. I’ll admit, the reason I did DMT in the first place was because it sounded like a different, relatively harmless, and short lived new drug experience. After doing it, however, I’m solely interested in exploring it for its spiritual qualities. Ayahuasca would be perfect for that as it lasts more like 8 hours, but takes the user in more gradually. Going back to that roller coaster metaphor, ayahuasca would be more like a roller coaster that goes up a long incline before getting into the intense stuff.

      • Evan

        Wow, What a story that was. I have to ask, Was your DMT yellow or white? Was it N-N DMT or 5-Meo-DMT? I’ve done N-N DMT quite a few times, and only the first time was really life changing. It wasn’t an out of body or spiritual kind of thing, it was just an awakening and taught me how to be happy and enjoy life. But that was the first time and it was a small dose. This weekend I did three very large doses of N-N DMT and I must say, its was crazy, words can barely describe what I saw. The first out of body experience left my floating through space all by myself just looking off into the distance at this little oasis. It looked like a beautiful place and I wanted nothing more to go over to it, but I couldn’t. The second night I had another out of body experience, this time I was racing through my own mind and looking back at events and what not that have shaped who I am recently and it made me realize to just be me. It was crazy, I’m still trying to process it and what not. It was just unbelievable, but I was the only one there. I was just racing through my mind and going over everything. And then there was the third time I left my body, I haven’t done it since, I’ve been afraid. I left my body and was floating around, but I was in the oasis that I only saw the first time I left my body. Everything there was crazy, it looked like minecraft, and all sorts of crazy shit was going on. Extension cords on the ground turned into snakes and then the snakes turned into big blocks, like snakes from the game “snake” on old cellphones. It was crazy, and so much other stuph was going on too but I couldn’t process it. I then started to drift away from this place and I slowly fell back into my body, I don’t know how else to describe it other then pure insanity. I had no idea what was going on and couldn’t process it. I started to freak the fuck out. I feel like that I just remained calm I would have meet these beings you saw. I don’t know. It was all just so much. I want to try it again in a high dose and try to go where you did, but I’m going to start meditating first. The friends who I did it with have all been mediating everyday and they had way better experiences and saw people. Maybe if my brain was stronger I could have understanded it better? Maybe if I wasn’t so scared all of a sudden. I don’t know. Have you been meditating? Sorry that that is an unformulated rant but I hope you take the time to read it and respond. Your story was amazing and I’m not afraid of it anymore, I just feel like I should wait a while before I go there again.


        • First of all, thanks for your initial question. It made me realize I never mentioned anything about the actual DMT; I’ll need to update the article with that.

          My friend Alec actually had two forms of what I believe was the same type of DMT. They were both white, but one bag was in powder form and the other was in crystal form. Each of our hits were a mix of both. The crystals were a little bit off-white, but I wouldn’t say they were yellow.

          As far as the rest of your comment, I enjoyed reading your experience. However, I feel implored to warn you to be careful with the amount of times you use DMT. Even though you ended by saying you feel you should wait before going there again, which I think is smart, I don’t want there to be any chance that my article makes you comfortable enough with DMT to do it over and over again. I mean, for all I know, there’s absolutely no harm in that; however, considering that too much of anything is always a bad thing, that seems unlikely. So please, just be very careful and responsible with your experiences with this drug.

          Another part of your comment worried me somewhat. The part where you question whether if your brain was “stronger” maybe you would have understood it better. That is the completely wrong way to look at this whole experience, so do away with that thought. Unless you have a severe mental disability, your brain is just as capable and “strong” as anyone else’s, and that’s simply a fact. If you think along those lines, however, and start discounting your own thoughts, and ability to create thoughts, as inferior to others’, that’s when your brain will become weaker. Don’t discount yourself.

          One more thing. The part where you asked if you would’ve seen more if you weren’t so scared: I think there’s something to that. I remember feeling as though there was something practical about the way I resisted the DMT beings initially. In my case, I was lucky enough to have a friend who calmed me down, but before he calmed me down, I remember almost feeling as though the beings would’ve gone away had I not calmed down. In fact, after Alec calmed me down, I remember being worried that that’s what happened. Because once he told me “Let them take you, they’re cool.” I had that realization, “Oh yeah, I’m on DMT. I wanted this.” So I would recommend you to go to great lengths to ensure you’re as comfortable and calm during your next experience as possible.

          Syke, I lied. One more thing. Don’t mistake the fact that I saw more than you to mean that I somehow understood it better. I’m totally with you when it comes to my thoughts and feelings on the experience. I don’t know what it means, if anything. However, I will say, if you want to understand it better, it has less to do with the strength of your brain, and more to do with how you go about using it. All you can do it witness it. However, witnessing it with detail involves disposing of your fear (just like with a scary movie – you’re not gonna be able to describe the monster/ghost/zombie very well if you turned away every time he appeared). Once you witness it, and come out of the trip, you gotta do your best to write down the key parts of what you remember. The most vivid things. Don’t even worry about making sentences, just write down anything that’ll remind you of what you saw. Maybe, then, can we begin to understand it. But then again, maybe we never will.

  • What. The. Fu. Ck.

    This fascinates me to no end. I’ve written and deleted several diatribes in this comment section reiterating that fact.

    You’ve twisted my arm. (Not really.) Now for the ten million dollar question… where do I find some?

    • Haha! Yeah, it seems that would be the ten million dollar question. That, my friend, must be left up to your own resourcefulness. :P Don’t you have any like modern-day hippy friends? Everyone should have at least one. And every hippy knows at least one person who could probably find you some DMT lol. I was lucky, my hippy friend came to me with it haha.

      • ScorpioMoon

        This whole thread is fascinating. I have done weed and mushrooms, but my mushroom experience was amazing. In ways it was similar to your experience. I ate the mushrooms in the morning while camping with some friends in Joshua Tree, and I did it with the intent to “open my third eye”, so to speak. When it kicked in, I felt like some switch had been flipped somewhere, that something had changed that I was only aware of on an intuitive level. I was amazed by the beauty of all the living things around me, and I felt myself connected to the earth, I felt a benevolent presence that energized me, and I was rock climbing like a lizard apparently. Friends that were watching said that it seemed like I was in a completely different place every time they looked. As I was coming down, I felt like my consciousness was raised and was looking down on my life as a timeline. I knew that the good friends I was with at the moment would scatter after this trip, that in about twenty years my parents would pass away, but all these things would come in their right time and that I would be okay. I felt like I was not alone in this perception, that there was a benevolent presence looking over my shoulder. After the whole thing concluded, I came to the same realization that you did, that psychedelics are a tool for us to expand our consciousness, given to us with intent, and that they should be used with intent and respect. It strengthened my spirituality, but made me much less concerned with specifics, much less concerned with religion. However, my experience didn’t involve any direct communication with otherworldly beings. Your interpretation of your experience seems very wise and level-headed. If their level of consciousness is as elevated as you perceived, I doubt that your telling others of your experience would anger them. I think they would welcome more people who want to expand their conciousness as well.

    • Aerk

      DMT is really hard to find, or at least it is for me.
      I would suggest just asking trusted friends you know(very trusted) and maybe they will eventually report back to you with a friend of a friend of a friend who has some for sale.