A urine sample to be used for a drug test

How to Get Away with Stuff #3 – Passing a Urine Drug Test

How to Pass a Urine Drug Test

So you need to pass a drug test? My condolences. But you’ve found the right article; this post is all about how to pass or otherwise beat a urine drug test – also known as urinalysis.

Notwithstanding the circumstances that forced you into the all-too-common predicament of passing a drug test, and regardless of the illegal substances you’ve consumed throughout the adventure of life, there is always a way for anyone to pass a drug test.

Having said that, the options available to drug users faced with the indignity of drug testing are numerous and varying.

Furthermore, the ideal option for any given individual facing a urine drug test depends on a litany of factors, ranging from how much prior notice you’re granted, to your Body Mass Index (BMI).

Below, I will lay these options out, and provide the information necessary for you to determine which course of action is best given your particular circumstances.

Assuming most who read this are indeed facing an impending urine drug test, please try and tolerate my stupid attempts at being funny. I’m aware that you came across this article in the search of legitimate help and educated advice. I understand that your career and/or freedom is likely contingent upon passing your drug test. Accordingly, I take the advice I give seriously. Despite my love for flippancy, I promise not to stray from factual information on drug testing – that which is backed by science, not personal preconceptions.

Moreover, I abhor the act of drug testing – as well as the frequency and manner with which it’s carried out in society – on a moral level. Due to sheer number of dickholes in Congress, the administration of drug tests in America has become more egregious, with a number of US states mandating that grown-ass adults be drug tested by making the reception of welfare contingent upon a urine sample. Because obviously everyone in the world would attain immediate wealth and success if only they had the fortitude to Just Say No!

Bottom line, I feel strong that drug testing is plain wrong in most situations, and have a sincere desire to help those affected by drug tests to pass them. Especially given the unending plethora of shitty, moronic, and straight up inaccurate information about drug tests that’s strewn about the internet.

With all that said, the techniques I lay out on the following pages are guaranteed to yield a passing drug test result – it’s a matter of science. However, they are not fool-proof. Don’t be a fool. Don’t take shortcuts. These methods will work if followed correctly. All you have to do is correctly follow them. This is where you should stop skimming.

How Urine Drug Tests Work

Before I begin listing said methods, I’d like to first probe the annals of drug testing itself… And yes, the word choice of the previous sentence was intentional. Good writing always engenders images of butt-sex in the reader’s head. You’re welcome. But I digress.

First off, the most valuable thing I can provide anyone attempting to pass a drug test are the cold, hard facts behind modern drug testing technology. As with everything technological, understanding the mechanics of urine drug tests provides insight into its weaknesses. Lucky for you, the current methods that exist are indeed wrought with flaws. For the purposes of this article, we’ll assume marijuana is your drug of choice (though it works the same regardless of which drug your urine is being tested for, we’re using weed as an example because THC tends to stay in users’ systems longer than other common narcotics).

When marijuana smoke is inhaled, a multitude of cannabinoids – the natural chemicals unique to the cannabis plant – are given a one-way ticket to your bloodstream. While the mind-altering properties of each particular cannabinoid vary, the “high” experienced from smoking marijuana is attributed to one of these cannabinoids: tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC.

THC is liposoluble, which means your fat cells eventually absorb them. I can’t speak to the detailed biology of metabolism, but once the toxin-laden fat cells are metabolized, or burned, they pass through your liver and out your vagina and/or penis.

(Note: I hate that I have to clarify this, but since my sense of humor seems to escape many of ewwty’s [otherwise super awesome] female readers, I must note that I am indeed aware that girls urinate from their urethras, like men, and not their vaginas. What do you think I am? An Idaho House Representative?)

Urine drug tests are designed to detect a very small amount of the evidence left behind during this process.

Urine Drug Tests: Mythology & Methodology

One of the biggest misconceptions regarding marijuana use is the amount of time it takes to get out of your system. Most people assert the 30 day rule, which asserts that a cessation period of 30 days is necessary to pass a drug test. I find this to be way overstated and vague.

First of all, it depends solely on the individual.

Remember all that shit from like two paragraphs ago about THC being fat soluble? Well, by extension that would indicate that the rate at which your body rids itself of liposoluble toxins, such as THC, correlates directly with the rate at which it burns fat; a.k.a your body’s metabolic rate.

I won’t dilly-dally around the subject. It takes longer for heavier individuals to detox from marijuana.

However, does this mean that a heavyset individual who enjoys a single hit of a joint one time would have more THC toxins in their urine the next day than a skinny-ass dude who smokes multiple times every day (such as myself).

No way, in fact I’d be very surprise if the heavyset individual would even fail a drug test in that situation, while the skinny-ass dude most certainly would.

My point being, the 30 day rule applies to the extremity of these factors. If you’re a fat fucking lazy piece of shit who smokes pot all day every day and makes zero effort to exercise or do anything at all to rectify the situation of their debilitating obesity – it’ll probably take about 30 days, if not more, to rid your body of those toxins. If you’re of average stature, smoke every now-and-then on the weekends, and exercise regularly, you’ll be clean within a few days. Unless you smoke an eighth of weed every day, and have been doing so for more than a few days, the toxins won’t have accrued to such an extent that your body can’t rid itself of them within a matter of four or five days.

Now that we’ve covered the mythology part, let’s move onto the methodology of urine drug tests. There exists a number of methods through which urine may be tested for drug toxins, but for all intents and purposes, they all fall within the realm of two categories. The most common and basic of which are home drug tests. These little bastards are easy to come by, and even easier to operate. For the most part, if a store sells condoms and tampons, they probably sell home drug tests too. To make matters worse, they’re inexpensive. However, they aren’t only cheap in price; home drug tests are laughably easy to beat.

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  • Russell

    does the fruit pectin work with other substances besides marajuana. i smoked a little bit of meth the last three days and last night was the last night i did any and i have a test on tuesday morning. and i have been clean for six months up until 3 days ago. will i be ok if i follow thos steps corrrectly

  • Kenny

    lmao sooo true

  • TheYearOfTheMaggot

    You two phoneys are too damned obvious!

  • Rhiannen

    Hey I have a quick question for the writer of this blog does this work for other drugs as well such as meth, cocaine, opiates, cop, angel dust? It’s imperative that I pass my drug test for probation on Tuesday. Also you state cardio, pissing, cardio, and pissing is the second step. If I’m using the masking do I still need to do all that and if so? When do I start the cardio and pissing process? One more question. You give specific frames of time such as 4hrs prior, 3hrs prior, 2hrs prior, and 1hr prior. if I do the 3 hour prior time frame process. And I come into the probation office on time 3 hours after doing the masking process. Will it still work 30-45 mins after I get there? Or do I have to take the drug test at exactly 3hrs after doing the process?

    • TheYearOfTheMaggot

      Meth and Cocaine are pretty much a 3-5 day detox. Also, It will still work for 30-45 min, you just do not want to pee anything that has been in your bladder for too long. BTW: Use your midstream. Pee a little, stop. Pee in the cup, stop. Finish in the toilet. Good luck and post back!

      • Jolene

        I have a question I am an everyday smoker (pot) I quite for about a month smoked for 2 weeks stopped for 8 days then smoked two days ago I have drank 84.5 ounces of water today test is tomorrow will I pass u think stressing needing a bowl ughhh but I can’t till after this test

  • Gage K Siffin

    Love the article was real informative. But I need an exact procedure on how to beat a drug test by this friday, but it’s not for weed. I know how to for thathe. Here’s the deal though (and pls know our kids weren’t home at all for this, we gave them to their grandparents and aunts so that weren’t around with drugs and us under the influence) my friend and I have been doing a gram of cocaine a day for a week, took valium (10 mg 8 pills) between saturday and sunday, and a few benzos this week, plus we are heavy weed smokers (i smoke about a 1/4 a month), now we want to go in voluntarily and take a drug test by Thursday preferably but friday the latest and honestly if we could in 48 hours would be best so we can have a clean ua to show in court when we have custody battle… we always smoke weed but never usually party with hard drugs, but it had been a rough week with funerals and we didnt have kids so we explored, with our cousin… now we have cps and a custody battle to go through since the baby dad tried to keep my daughter from me and the baby daddy and gf in fact jumped me when i went to make the call to the cops because i have custodial papers… so we want to be proactive and start taking the ua’s before cps, or the courts ask us too..

  • Tammy

    Certo/sure jell (fruit pectin) Works for THC!! It is only temporarily sending the thc out the colon.i tried baking soda didn’t work I just tested for Dcf and an hour before I was dirty for thc I drank 28 oz of Gatorade and one packet of sure Jell (fruit pectin) drank about 25 oz of water urinated one time then tested myself came out clean and then took official Dcf test was clean!!! Last time smoke was 30 hours and before that two weeks I’m 110 lbs. Certo/sure jell WORKS!!!!! You don’t need to do it 3 hours before just get previous urine out of bladder! You will get stuck to the toilet after tho so be near a bathroom after taking whatever test:/

  • Dwight

    I was asked to submit to an employment drug test which took both urine and hair samples. Why would they test both?

  • Amber

    hi..I’m 23, 5ft 2in, and 110lbs. I’ve Bern a regular smoker for the last 5 to 7 years. I quit smoking about a week ago and I have a test in 2 days. I did a detox yesterday (not for drugs, just a body toxin detox) and started taking thermogenic fat metabolism pills as of this morning. I’ve been drinking a lot more water since yesterday, and have been going to the bathroom quite frequently since then. I just want some advice as to whether or not I’ll pass my drug screen, or if I should go the synthetic route. please help!?

  • Michael

    Hi there sir. I have one question. Is it bad to use QCarbo32 in the AM and go through your protocol 4 hours before the test in the afternoon?

    • I had to Google QCarbo32 to find out what you’re even talking about. Looks to me that it’s just a typical “detox” concoction which probably won’t do anything in terms of ridding your body of THC toxins, and certainly not on the same day you consume it.

      So to answer your question, I don’t see why it would be “bad” to use QCarbo32 or some similar product the morning before your test, but it won’t provide any benefits either. However, keeping in mind I know nothing of how these detox drinks purportedly work, it might be worth using something like QCarbo32 in the days leading up to the test, as the point of them is to expedite the process by which your body rids itself of toxins over time.

      Thanks for the question! Let me know if you have any others. :)

  • Zektharin Zethtolmarin

    Hello. Well I was in a tight spot and followed this advice. I abstained for 11 days, and during that time I drank a minimum of 1-2gallons of water every day. I also took the added measure of doing what I call a “Sure-Gel” cleanse for the last week. Every other day I would consume 2 packets of the gel per the instructions given in this article. I also went out and bought a “detox drink” (HIgh Voltage Double Flush – Blueberry Flavor), which I consumed the per its instructions approx 3 1.5 hrs before my test. During the 4 hours leading up to my test I consumed another 2 boxes of Gel, mixed into a 1 gallon container filled with water, which I drank also drank per the directions over the course of those hours. As an added precaution I consumed 4 asprin the night before, slept 4 hours and took 4 more asprin at the start of that days sure gel cleanse. In the 4hrs leading up to the test I had 3 bowel movements, which was was mainly me pissing out of my ass. I took that as an indication the pectin was doing what it was supposed to do, forcing toxins out the other end and not out of my urinary tract. Sorry for the intimate details, but I thought it important to add. 1 hour before the UA test (dip stick test), I took my own home dip stick single panel test for “mother nature” and it showed just the faintest of two lines indicating I had pass. But a line is a line, right? So I hope. I do not know yet the results of the official UA test, but I will know within a week. If I fail, then I am facing jail time, so any prayers would be appreciated!

    • Zektharin Zethtolmarin

      Oh let me add I had been smoking for only about a month (approx 1g every 1-2 days), but all very high grade/potent stuff. Prior to that I had been abstaining since early October. I am not that tall and I am not very fat, just a little over weight. Abstinence was critical to this process I believe as was the gel cleanse.

  • Omnirhythms

    I passed! I can’t believe it, but I fucking passed both tests. Thank you again for this post and your response James. Whether Certo or dilution or both It doesn’t matter. All I know is that it worked and now I am a free man who can now do what needs to be done to live my life in peace and comfort. Please keep doing what you’re doing J.K. And I will keep doing what I am doing.

    Peace To All!

    • That’s awesome bro! Very glad to here it! :)

    • Darell

      I smoked yesterday a blunt I’m 5’2 110 pounds been drinking water and trying to sweat will i pass what should i do got drug test tomorrow

  • Omnirhythms

    Hey James, Like so many that have responded to you article, I praise you for answering to what I believe to be a very sad social commentary. Her we are, here I am, trying to live somewhat of a peaceful life, but yet we can’t because we live in the lurches of DT’s that can come at us at any given time. We live in a world where alcohol, which kills more humans than anyother known drug, breaks up homes, extenuates domestic violence and so on remains THE socially accepted and legal drug. Yet with the Kind, it is looked down upon as an illicit horrible drug and for those of us who choose to partake in it are to be criminalized and denied or fired from employment. Personally I use it as a medication for PTSD from years of being a Medic and from some severe childhood trauma. I have been prescribed a plethora of pharmaceuticals to try and stave off the lasting effects of PTSD and depression only to find it to become worse over time. I have been mandated to attend a drug treatment program and recently on Oct. 9th I supposedly took my last urine DT, at least that was what I was told. The next day I took a couple of hits of some med grade flower and did so for the next 3 days after. Only a couple of hits each night, nothing more nothing less. I had been clean for the four and a half months prior. On Oct. 14th I got a call telling me that I was not in fact done yet. I had to come in for another DT the next day, again I had smoked the night before, so that gave me only a little less than 2 days of clean time. I started doing the whole routine of downing a lot of water and on the day of the test I did the Certo method. I didn’t do all of the other things that others have described such as AZO, energy drinks, etc. Just the 2 packets of Certo with the 2 Gatorade’s and quite a bit of water. It’s been a week as of today and I haven’t heard anything back yet, but if it didn’t go as I hope, then they may just be waiting to confront me when I go in tomorrow to take what supposedly is to be my last DT. I haven’t indulged since I stopped smoking on Oct. 13th. I am going to do the same routine tomorrow before the test, I just hope I passed the last one a week ago. I can’t wait to be free from this burden so I can go back to utilizing what makes me feel better.

    • Hey there! Thanks for the comment!

      I hope everything works out with this. I honestly can’t predict how that test on the 15th came out… smoking two days before is definitely cutting it close, but given you were completely clean before that and only smoked a small amount is promising… Also, and this is pure speculation, I feel like if the test had come up positive you would have heard from your probation officer – I can’t see why they’d wait until the next test to confront you about it…

      Either way, I thank you immensely for your service. One of my best friends is in a near identical situation as you in terms of utilizing marijuana to cope with his PTSD (he served two tours, one in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, during the heart of the surge when tours were extended to 12-15 months). It’s an absolute shame that our veterans are forced to break the law in pursuit of relief from mental and physical pain sustained as a result of their service. Somehow our heroes are capable of protecting our country, but not capable of making their own decision regarding their treatment upon returning home. It’s just one of the many examples of the disgraceful way in which America treats its veterans.

      Anyway, I sincerely thank you for your service, and hope this all turns out well for you.

  • Joejoe

    So if I use a friends urine that is “clean or negative” I can use it as long is it is heated correct?

    For instance, a home drug test isn’t going to be able to analyze the temperature of the sample to ensure its freshness (i.e. that you’re not trying to pass off someone else’s urine as your own), while a clinical drug test absolutely will.

    If the urine sample contains 50 ng/ml (nanograms per milliliter) or more of the toxin, this test comes up positive. To put it in perspective, there are one billion nanograms in a gram, and the average adult bladder accumulates 500-750 milliliters of urine before signaling the urge to urinate.

    On second thought, don’t even try putting that in perspective. All you need to know is it detects an inconceivably small amount of the toxin.

    • Thanks for the question, Joejoe!

      Yes. The only thing you have to worry about when using either someone else’s urine or synthetic urine is that it’s between 90-100 °F. You don’t have to worry about them finding out it isn’t your urine; it’s not like the do a DNA test on it to ensure it’s actually yours.

  • fallan

    I’m 19, 5’6 145 lbs. I haven’t been a heavy smoker in about 2 weeks. I’ve smoked a few times. Friday I smoked a blunt and Saturday I smoked a small bowl. (Dro) I have to pass a piss test tomorrow for a job. If I start taking the AZO pills now and drinking a lot of water and use certa/pectin/or sure jell could I pass by tomorrow?

    • Eh, it’s honestly hard to say… depending on the size of that Friday blunt, and how much of it you smoked (I assume you didn’t take the whole blunt to the face lol but if so you’re my hero) … I don’t wanna scare you, but just be prepared for bad news.

      And for the record, the sure jell method will definitely help to mask the toxins, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t mention anything about AZO pill in this article. Though I have heard of people using them before drug tests over the years, in my opinion I see no way the active ingredient of these AZO pills will cause one’s body to mask drug toxins. I do, however, find it hilarous that that men are running around popping pills intended for vaginal infections.

      However, upon perusing AZO’s website I noticed one of their products are just straight up cranberry supplements. That’s probably where the misconception about them working for drug test came from, though the misconception holds true with regard to cranberry supplements; unless it’s something that contributes to you you burning fat at a higher rate, it’s not going to “flush” the toxins out of your body any faster.

      Hope that helps, and good luck :/ whatever happens I’d appreciate it if you came back and let us know how it goes.

  • Lexi

    Hello James. Thank you so much for posting your article. It is very informative, comforting and helpful.

    I have a couple of questions for you.

    What about creatinine levels? I know they test for that. Does the Certo mask creatinine? I remember about 20 years ago using a masking kit that had some sort of gelatin/pectin in it. I do not remember the name of it. Wish I did, because it worked. But it had a supplement or additive containing vitamin B and creatine.

    Also, I am on on prescribed medications (Vyvanase and clonazepam) that I know will show up in a drug test.

    Since I take my legally prescribed medications every day and need to continue to do so, I’m assuming that I am going to test positive for them.

    I am just a little concerned that it’s going to mask everything, but find it highly doubtful since I will have taken my prescriptions the evening before and morning of the test. Your take on this?

    So, given this complex scenario, I should list my prescriptions? And secondly, what about creatinine levels?

    Additional information: I am a 41 year old, 5 foot tall, extremely petite female, and long time CASUAL user of various illicit substances, but will have flushed extensively and abstained completely from all “toxins,” including alcohol for two weeks prior to the test, since I was only given a two week window to take the test for a U.S. Government security clearance.

    Hopefully this will be enough time to eliminate as much of the unwanted lingering illegal-evils that I have indulged in over the years, with the help of your concoction.

    I have already purchased the Certo Gelatin and am scheduled to test on approximately September 30, 2014, so if you have a chance to respond/advise regarding my prescriptions and creatine prior to then it would be greatly appreciated.

    Best regards,

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  • Cate

    Hi James,

    Though this was written about two years ago, I must echo the applause everyone below has given — this article is extremely helpful (and I appreciate you being so blunt about the exercise! Tough love helped me lol), to the point, and unlike other sites I have perused I haven’t seen any negative feedback! As a result, I created an account for this site just to respond to it.

    Here is my situation: I have been smoking heavily for years. During the week/regular weekends, I usually smoke about 1-2 bowls a day, though I smoke a LOT more (including multiple edibles) when my cousin comes to visit about once a month (but he hasn’t been here for about a month now). Typically do not exercise at all. I am a 26 year old female, 5’4″ and weigh about 115. Having a feeling I was going to receive a job offer, I quit “indulging” 15 days ago and received my very generous conditional job offer a week ago (yay me!). Today (Friday), they sent me the notice that I need to complete the drug screening within 3 business days (so Wednesday of next week), which would be close to 21 days clean.

    After I stopped toking, I (naively) purchased one of the 7-day detox solutions, but it happened to be when I went to visit my parents, and I couldn’t help but to eat my mother’s delicious (although probably pretty unhealthy — think pasta!) meals. So I have been taking the morning and night pills as I should, but definitely not following the meal plan. While I was there, we did hiking, volleyball and some other exercises, and I’ve been drinking water religiously, but I took an at-home piss test yesterday late morning (after about 2 pisses for the day) and it came back positive. Now I am scrambling, so I went out and bought the Certo and lemon-lime Gatorade which I am going to try tonight/tomorrow. I also sucked it up and went for a 45-minute run this morning. 2 days before my test, I’m going to revert to my comfort zone on the couch with my good ole friends Wendy and Ronald McDonald.

    Do you think I’ll be okay to pass? I also bought some 1000mcg vitamin B12, but I’m not sure how much of that I should take either? I think the junk food in the days prior to the test should take care of the creatine issue so that doesn’t raise any red flags, but I want to make sure I am not raising suspicion for a diluted sample also.

    One other factor I wanted to ask about (and I have researched EVERYWHERE online for this) is whether the Certo method will get rid of amphetamines? I am prescribed a controlled substance for ADHD, so I’m not worried about disclosing that, but I don’t want to disclose if it won’t be in my system. This is less of an issue, as I could always say that I have been on vacation and not taking it, but again, I just don’t want to raise any red flags.

    I’m sorry to have written this novel for you, but any and all advice you have is MUCH appreciated! I will absolutely share this article with friends, though not publicly as I am friends with some of my coworkers!!!

    Thanks! :)

  • Creepypasta & Squirrels

    Hello, excellent article. Even thought it was written a few years ago; good advise and life-hacks are timeless. I would just like to share my one-time experience taking a urine drug test, (which they send to a lab), while ‘dirty’ and passing.
    Oh, this is from a female point of view, btw, and mostly for the ladies since the majority of ‘How To Pass/Cheat A UA Drug Test’s I’ve seen online are from a male POV to a male POV, so, being a woman, I thought I’d write and share my experience cheating a UA as a female for other females.
    Anyway, here goes: I had a horrible migraine the night before I was due to tested and thought; “Crap, I wish I could take something stronger than Advil for this before it gets any worse…” and I knew I had a drug urine test in the morning. My next thought was; “I wonder if I could possibly pass by substituting clean urine?” So, before I took anything stronger for my headache I found a clean container and urinated into it. I did not have any small plastic containers or condoms around, but, being a CNA/caregiver, I always have a ready supply of rubber gloves. I carefully poured my ‘clean’ urine into a purple nitrile examination glove, twisted the top and tied it. In retrospect I probably would have used a rubber band but as I did not have any I decided to tie it. I then, carefully squeezed the urine-filled rubber glove into another rubber glove, (in case of leakage, but that wasn’t a problem).
    I knew I had two things to be careful of: Age of the sample and temperature of the sample when poured into the testing cup. This was around ten p.m. that I was doing all this and my UA was in the morning around ten. So, I put my sample into the fridge far from any food items and I went to bed. I set my alarm for five am and retrieved my rubber gloved urine sample. I have an electric blanket, but a heating pad or hand warmer would have worked just as well, and I carefully wrapped my sample up between the folds of the blanket and turned it on high for a few hours. Then, about an hour or so before my UA, I found my most supportive bra, (this trick might work better with more ample women, but any place on your body that keeps heat well and your sample concealed will work), since I, like most women, tend to have a lot of body heat under ‘the girls’, I kind of stuffed-arranged the glove with my clean pee, kind of between my breasts in the cleavage and under one breast. I wore high-necked shirt to the facility and they took my info and handed me the dread plastic cup with the temperature strip along the side. This is the reason I was so concerned about temperature before in this comment. Your urine must enter the cup as close-to body temperature as you can get it.
    Well, at this place no one watches you and they don’t care if you take your purse/bag with you; they’re pretty lenient all things considered. They will check the temperature of the sample, but, more often than not, they’ll take over fifteen minutes doing other stuff before they’ll look at your cup and then shove it into a biohazard bag with half dozen others to mailed off to a lab somewhere for testing. I was able carefully unroll, unwind and untie my glove and it did not smell any stronger than normal, freshly peed urine. I do tend to drink a lot of water, especially in the summer, so it was a bit light in color, but since it’s almost August I figured most people’s would be like that. I poured it into the cup they provided and twisted the lid onto it. I forgot to bring a safety pin or a tooth pick which I would have used to poke a hole in one of the fingers of the glove and squeezed out the sample from it, but, really, it worked out just fine untying it and pouring-dumping it into the cup.
    It felt just as warm as a freshly urinated sample and checked the temperature gauge strip on the side of the cup. It was within range. I happily placed the cup inside the little window to be picked up by a nurse or whoever and merrily went along my way.
    “Did it work?” I hear you ask eagerly, “Did you pass?” “Were you caught?”
    Yes, it did work. Yes, I did pass. No, I wasn’t caught.
    I saw the nurse checking the temperature gauges of the batch of UA sample cups that mine was amongst and she didn’t bat an eyelash, just proceeded to bag them all up to mail out, and, I had to wait around for paperwork they had plenty of time to tell me if something was wrong and they needed a new sample, but, they didn’t. I went back two weeks later for the results and I was told everything looked great. Now, this was my first and only time trying to trick/cheat a UA and it’s not something I’d really like to do again. Mostly because it may have just been a combination of “beginner’s luck” and a more lenient experience than a lot of others go through for their own UA. Not to mention it was rather disgusting if I allowed myself to stop and think about it. But, I figured it was a small enough sacrifice and I could always take a long, hot shower afterwards. In closing, before the summary; if this helps anyone reading this, then, I’m glad I did it.

    So, in summary:

    1. If you want use substitute urine make sure it’s as fresh as possible; between one and three days. Though I have heard of people using frozen year-old urine for tests, but, that just seems like more of a risk to me.

    2. Pour it from the clean container you peed in into either a nitrile disposable examination glove or a condom. A balloon might be too fragile so I wouldn’t risk using one. Twist the top part, (the wrist part), and seal closed with either a rubber band or just tie it. Grab a second glove to carefully and slowly push and squeeze the urine-filled glove into. You can rubber band and/or tie this one closed, too. I didn’t, though.

    3. Freeze the sample if you know it’s going to be longer than a day before you take your test. Refrigerate it if you know your test will be soon; within twelve to twenty-four hours.

    4. About five or six hours before the test remove the sample from the fridge/freezer, (you will need more or less time depending on if you’re working with a frozen or just a refrigerated sample. Five hours is good for a refrigerated sample and probably for a frozen one, too), wrap it up gently in either an electric blanket, hand warmers or a heating pad, some type of gentle, steady heat. Leave it until it’s about an hour or two until your test.

    5. Find a nice, warm area of your body, touching skin. I’ve heard of women ‘cradlecrotching’ their illicit urine sample to keep it warm, or, if they’re using a small plastic container, will keep it nice a cozy warm inside their vaginal canal. But, between and beneath the breasts are always a good, warm place as well.

    6. Take a pin or something you can poke something with to your test. Be careful to get it from the glove/condom, etc, into the UA cup without making too much noise or spilling. Women, if you have a little trouble and seem to be taking too long, just remember that most of the time we females take a bit longer in the bathroom than guys and longer still depending on your age, that last part’s true no matter what kind of equipment you have, and you can use this to your advantage. This is, of course, assuming they’ll allow you to urinate for the test alone in the bathroom without someone hovering over you.

    7. The urine you’ve just poured into their cup should be nice and warm and hopefully not too stinky from age, but, then, it’s pee so it’s gonna smell a little bit. I was lucky that mine was less than twenty-four hours old so it hadn’t begun to start to stink yet before I used it. Anyway, turn your sample in to a nurse or place in a special window or whatever, say a prayer and hope for the best.
    Thank you.

    ~💖 Ami 💖

    • Creepypasta & Squirrels

      Have recently made a slight change to my technique. Instead of rubber gloves I now use a small empty pill bottle, (washed thoroughly with hot, hot water beforehand), a couple of toe-warmers, (like the chemical handwarmers but small), wrapped around it tucked between my booobs in my bra. This is advice for a female, but males can find other places on their bodies to discreetly hold their sub urine. This advice also only really works if you can pee in the bathroom alone. It’d be hard to pull off while being observed unless you’ve got like the quickest hands in the west lol. I switched to using a pill bottle because it’s easier to carry and open, (the rubber glove with elastic was a bitch let me tell you!), and holds just enough urine to get it done. The toe warmers you have to be careful with as two can be too hot especially if it’s hot outside to begin with. I’ve found one to be fine in warmer weather, two if it’s cold outside and you’re walking/riding your bike/your heater doesn’t work in your car, etc.

    • spread LOVE 1patient @ a Time

      haha you’re such a nurse! former CNA and now LVN reading your story….so much detail, and you even did a summary….hahha this isn’t charting! but in all honesty thank you for sharing your experience. everyone who researches this topic has a unique situation and needs to do this for different reasons. you were very informative :)

  • The best way to beat a drug test – about 2 months of drug abstinence before the drug test or will have to cheat…

    • TheYearOfTheMaggot

      Spoken like a true square. Everybody knows that you will pass a drug test if you don’t do drugs. -And what’s with the morality regarding “cheating”? There is no such thing as cheating, when defending yourself against Big Brother.

  • Summer

    Hi there! My name is Summer, I’m 18, height is 5’2 and I weigh 105 pounds. I have probabtion on the 10th of this month and I quit smoking 5 days ago. I failed my first test for pot so I’m kinda stressing failing this one… Do you think I will pass if I follow your instructions?

    • If I had been on my game and responded sooner, I would’ve told you yes: I do think you’ll pass if you follow my instructions.

      Having said that, and given this drug test already went down, I’d hugely appreciate if you let me know how it turned out. That way I can get an idea as to whether my advice has any merit.

      Thanks for the question! :)

    • The Jim

      I smoke daily….hell…I smoked today. I’m drinking 1 gal of koolaid tonight mixed with 1 package of Sure jel. Will do same in morning.
      Will let you know tomorrow.
      Btw senator whoever….go hop in your car and drive after your 2 martini lunch. …that’s gotta be ok….right?

      • TheYearOfTheMaggot

        You gotta love all the people who say they’ll post back, and then don’t. Fucking Contribute Motherfuckers!!!

  • Newjobutoh

    Hi James! Infrequent smoker maybe once a month tops – but got an amazing job offer not thinking there would be a drug test oops! Smoked this past Monday so 4 days ago, taking the test this coming Monday so 3 days from now. Did a test run plus at home pee test (the one that is $18 and only test for weed. The results were to line solid, lower line less solid but there which on the box says that means negative! Going to use my other pee test at home after this whole process again Monday right before Quest lab and hopefully results will be even better after 3 more days of hydrating and taking cranberry and green tea supplements. Thank you so much! Still scared and must pass this but looks like I’ve got a good shot based on my test run today! Btw I’m 147 lbs, 5’5′ female and have a high bmi workout 1-2x per week

    • Newjobutoh

      I meant in the above that I did the whole 4 hour fruit pectin process btw!

    • James Kalìwæ


      I checked out your website and like what I see. I sent an email to the address you provided, please get back to me when you can! :)

      • TheYearOfTheMaggot

        You two phoneys are too damned obvious!

  • Nykoke

    Okay so I read this whole article and I’ll have to try these things but one thing I can deff say about fruit pectin or certo same thing, is that if u only smoke weed yes this will deff work and u don’t have to do anything to it really I was an everyday smoker on probation for 5yrs got tested 3x a week. All I ever did was mix one certo with half gallon of kool aid or even mt dew drank it all an then peed 3x an the 4th in the cup to be tested always passed.. but it will not cover up everything only weed. Unfortunately I didn’t get what I was looking for from this article unless dilution from toilet per actually works well find out tomorrow

  • rachel

    So, you never approved my comment or got back to me. Ouch, btw. But I thought I should go ahead and let you know as well as thank you! For this marvelous article. I was on probation, went a little crazy staying sober and started researching. I had heard that certo is a sure thing, as well as the tea, Palo azul. But, with every drug test passing scheme, they have people slamming it as well. So, just to be safe, I came up with my own little concoction.

    1 box certo
    2 32 oz Gatorades
    1 5 hour energy shot / monster
    2 b vitamin complexes
    2 packages of Palo azul boiled into a gallon of water

    I did all I could to pass. Probably went overboard, but hey! It worked. Twice! ;)

    Starting 4 hours before the ua I started drinking the Palo azul. I only made it halfway through the gallon before I started drinking the gatorades mixed with the certos throughout the next couple of hours. One hour before I drank the energy drink and took the bvitamin. Ended up peeing so much, it was ridiculous!

    My whole idea was that the Palo azul dilutes, the certo masks. Oh, and I forgot to mention, I passed both of those, lab tests, and had been smoking up to the night before. I figured that my THC levels would be pretty high, so masking plus dilution, then the energy drinks to replenish missing nutrients and specific gravity, blah blah. For background info, I am a girl, 5′ 7″, weighing 190.

    Sorry for the long windedness…… But it was all thanks to you and this article. So thank you, so much! :)

    • James Kalìwæ

      Thanks so much for contributing!

      And sorry I never answered your original comment, but I made the decision a while ago not to respond directly to people’s questions about their particular situations as I’ve answered so many of them at this point that the answers are all contained in these comments. I love my readers, but if I responded to every question people post on this article, that’s literally all I’d be doing all day. :P

      Thanks again! :)

    • perfect, this is a bit of overkill, but still uses the important fruit pectin, which is what pulls the fat bonded thc metabolites from your urinary tract to your shit trail, http://www.the420formula.com explains exactly what’s going on there

  • Elaura

    I went to court, they randomly drug tested me, i came out dirty, so they told me to come back in 30 days (which is now in 7 days) but i haven’t stop smoking and probably won’t. I’m a girl, so i can’t just sneak a bottle of pee in my pants. is there any other ways?

  • Worried

    My wife had a random yesterday. We smoked a bowl each day for 3 days(Well she did, I did a lot more). that was about 2 weeks ago. Before that it had been about 2 weeks, since she smoked. Of course the dumbass didn’t call me while they were testing everyone else to ask what to do. So she just pissed for them. She is average size. A little overweight. Maybe 15 lbs. She is active. What do you think ?

  • Taylor

    7 months, 2 weeks pregnant and I get high everyday by means of a vape due to severe nausea. I have 3 toke sessions a day so I can stomach 3 meals. No more, no less. Was a rare smoker before pregnancy (once a month when my period came to tolerate cramps without pain pills). I quit vaping when I was exactly 7 months along (28 weeks pregnant) because I live in Alabama and the hospital I’m set to deliver at is notorious for handing you a pee cup when you go to the hospital to have your baby. If you fail, they call Child Protective Services and ultimately your child gets taken from you and put in foster care. I took a $20 home drug test from Walgreens exactly one week and 5 days after I quit vaping and it came back negative for THC. Due to the amount I vaped daily, I’m crediting passing the test to the prenatal vitamins I take (2 step Walgreens brand prenatal+DHA system–$25 for a 60 day supply). I started my pregnancy at 215 lbs. I am 5’8. When I stopped vaping I was at 230 lbs. Have been very sedentary and lazy since I quit because the nausea has come back full force. It had to be the vitamins that got me clean that fast. Coupled with 6 bottles of water a day at least (recommended for pregnant women).

    BTW, please keep negative comments about marijuana use during pregnancy to yourself. I was vaping, therefore there was no harmful side effects to the baby such as loss of oxygen due to smoke.

    On the contrary, after much research, I found that marijuana babies are more advanced and intelligent at 30 days, 6 months, 1 year, and 5 years old than babies who weren’t exposed to marijuana in the womb.


    I recommend these prenatals to anyone who needs to detox in a timely fashion. I had a friend who started using this method on probation (she is NOT pregnant). Her drug tests fall on the same day every month (second Tuesday of every month). She smokes for 2 weeks after she takes one, then detoxes for 2 weeks taking the prenatals and only drinking water and has passed every single time. One purchase has lasted her 4 months. She will have to purchase another pack to finish off the 6 months. But $60 ($30 a pack) is so worth it to her.

    Just some alternative advice.

  • Kate

    Hey, I have an upcoming UA . I usually smoke 1 bowl when I get home from work in the evening. I haven’t smoked for 2 days, and I’ve been drinking lots of water, green tea, and cranberry juice. Also taking cranberry and green tea pills, along with a liver/kidney detox, exercising, and taking super hot detox baths. I’m 26, 5’3″, and 110lbs. My test will most likely be within a week or so. Am I likely to pass?

  • lamar

    I got caught up I have a serious question I smoke heavy every day about 3-5 blunts a day so I went and I got searched had to throw the bottle away with the pee so make a long story short I pissed in the tolite and then dipped the cup in the toilet water should I get a negative result

  • I stopped smoking since December haven’t smoked since I have a drug test tomorow on and off I’ve been drinking apple cider vinegar for detox I’m almost done with the apple cider bottle wich is nasty>.< do u think ill pass the drug test!?

  • beep

    ummm….there are serious drug addicts our there. They cannot stop on their own. Our only hope is to force them! So while I agree with your premise that drug testing is out of control and that it really NEVER needs to happen to check for weed, it needs to be there for those people who are lucky enough to be in Drug Court or other types of rehab.

  • Tay

    Hi there! I am 22 years old, 105 pounds, and stand at a resounding 5′ 0″. I have a moderately active lifestyle, and high metabolism. For the past year, I’ve smoked small quantities of weed on average 2-3 days/week (mostly a few hits before bed or before running errands in the morning). I did not smoke at all from Jan. 1-Jan. 19. I smoked Jan. 20, and again on the 22nd. On the 23rd I was notified of a future drug test (go figure) and immediately started detoxing. I have roughly a week before the test. How are my odds looking right about now?

    • Well I’m sorry I didn’t respond to you sooner. If I had noticed this sooner, I would’ve told you that I expect you’d pass.

      I’d appreciate an update though!

  • Rachel

    Hey there!

    first off, this was a very well-written article. I’m sad to say, I found it about thirty minutes after my drug test, so I wish I could have followed the gelatin method..

    anywho, I just wanted to get some outside advice from someone who seems a bit more experienced than I.

    I’m on probation right now. Apparently, on my last test I was clean (otherwise I would have heard something). I used to be a pretty heavy user (probably 1-3 grams a day, for a year, shared). 5′ 7, 200lbs. I stopped smoking about two weeks before my court date, got tested upon introduction to probation and maxed it out. They told me it was fine; they just wanted to see where I was at, and as long as the levels were going down, I would be fine. I’ve had three tests (including todays) since then, and I had smoked up to three weeks before.

    most recently, I smoked three weeks ago, two hits out of a bong. Then a week later (two weeks ago), I took two more hits. Never milked it. Just small bong hits, if you can call a bong hit small. Anyways, I thought I had more time, so I wasn’t really trying to detox. Just working two jobs and eating pretty fatty foods. I got a text yesterday from probation saying I had to go in for a UA today, so I instantly started drinking a ton of water. Woke up this morning around 5:45 and drank water up until the test. I was pissing clear, so I took a couple b12 vitamins before I went in, and at the test, the pee was a very slight yellowish color, and clear.

    my question is, by what you’ve heard and seen, do you think I passed? Or would a slight yellowish sample be counted as diluted? And if so, what would happen. :/ I get off probation in two months and two weeks, and I really don’t wanna fuck this up. Not touching it again until I’m free, but I still can’t help the anxiety I am getting right now.

    Also, just a thought. But since THC is fat soluble, would eating a lot of fatty foods before going in help at all? My line of thinking is that it would make it so the body was absorbing the most recent fat tissue, not the dirty ones. Just wondering.

    aaand one more thought. If I started working out, would I come up dirty on my next UA? I want to lose weight, I am just worried that burning the THC-ridden fat cells would cause me to pop dirty.

    sorry about the long winded comment. I’m awfully nervous. :/ gah.

    thanks so much!

  • Paul slick

    I also forgot to add, i was a pretty heavy smoker, at least a gram a day. IT WILL BE VERY APPRECIATED. Just more to ease my mind then anything. I have anxiety aka…. why i smoke. So i know I’m going to be nervous, and scared shitless (not literally cause this stuff makes you poop!) when i go in so i’ll probably be all shakey. I’d rather have a peaceful factual opinion from someone who knows what they are talking about.

    • jess

      I have been using the Palo Azul tea for months now. Works every time. Google it…see all the testimonials

  • Paul slick

    I have used this method many times, sure-jell powder works but tend to be a lot harder to consume and tolerate. I also have use ‘certo jello fruit pectin’ which i highly recommend. I smoked the night before and still passed my drug test, but it was rinky-dink dip stick test, so i probably just beat it by diluting. But that is besides the point, i have yet to this day fail a drug test. I have taken 4, 2 i used the fruit pectin (Certo) which was what i used to pass the day before. But you have to have some balls to smoke the fucking night before a drug test. I was an idiot i swear, but like every good scientist. You make a hypothesis, and you conduct an experiment to see if it works. And in my case it did. Point this out too cause it seems to be such a big deal i am about 6 foot and weigh 145ish. So yes i am on the rather skinny side. Which may have made it easier for me to dilute/mask it. But every test i passed with pectin were all strip tests. I got arrested when i was 17, so i was a minor so they sent me to some private owned rehab shit, where they tried me and gave me 28 fucking classes. 20$ a class for 28 weeks. That’s besides the point, just still really ticked off by it. I am now 19, and it seems like it didn’t take long for trouble to find me. I always get stuck in the shittiest of situations. Me and my step dad do not get along. He knows I smoke, and tells me to keep the smell from lingering in the house and do it at night when everyone is asleep. Which to my defense i did. I’m not defending this fucking bitch, but i guess he was having a bad day. I had my room completely covered, vents closed, i have 2 windows in my room, and it was closer to 1am, so rather late on a weekday. I started to smoke with a friend, 5 minutes later after we both took a puff or two each. I hear this big ass ogre at my door. My step dad blaring some bullshit saying he will call the police blah blah if we don’t stop smoking. Tried to calm him down, talk to my mom that was at work at the time (graveyard shift) about me smoking in the house. I didn’t take a hit after he threatened to call the cops, i go to leave the house walk to the park and smoke. AS I WALK OUTSIDE COPS PULL UP, i thought i threw everything off of me, but i had a nug stuck to my shirt. Got arrested, blah blah. Went to court, got drug diversion. Court was the 5th which was also my last day smoking, my first consultation and drug screening is on the 17th. So i have 12 days to get ‘clean’. Done some exercise, more within these couple of days. And i am about to go hit the sauna at the neighboring gym just to fucking sweat for hours. And yet, i am still nervous because i am sure this is not going to be a simple strip test. I’m sure it’d be at least a 7 panel one cause i have to pay 40$ for each one of those fucking things. I know my story is long and tedious but i wanted to explain my situation. The only thing i have been timid about, and i have been researching about is the whole creatinine level from pH within the piss. Can’t they test for that? Wouldn’t that make it inconclusive? And isn’t that what fruit pectin is very high in? I would love a response before my test on Monday. But whether or not i do. I am going to do my method i always do, and hope for the best. I will also post my results to here, and to every other fucking website that tries to discriminate against the whole fruit pectin thing. Cause people are fucking idiots, and don’t know how to use google.

    Just to say, i live in Florida, and i am FURIOUS it did not pass even for medical purposes. Fucking Republicans.

    And, dude to comment on your post. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS; well in much smaller terms but still. And it would be a privilege to toke with the guy who made such an amazing, and ass kicking article to prove all these myths wrong.

    • m jones

      Well I will say this that I indulge, not with weed tho and the last 2 times that I have been pissed tested and for parole I might add. The first one I smoked up till the night before and then did the whole sure jell thing and passed. Then just yesterday I have another test and well I had smoked every day as well as yesterday morning. So I start doing the whole 4hour process with the sure jell took 3 cranberry capsules 4 aspirin and 4 b2. To put color back into my urine. And then smoked all the while went to the drug store spent 25 bucks for self tester yeah it was + but I hadn’t been drinking the water and only 1 powerades with surejell so what I did was hit another powerade put the sure jell in it and downed it. It’s much easier if it’s not real cold. And then got a six pack of waters and downed 3 of them all this in an hour and passed my test. And yes I smoked up until the time I left to go take it. Stupid yes but I figured I was dirty and if it didn’t work I was gunna piss dirty anyway. So what the hell. I tested it to the very end. IT WORKED I PASSED

    • William Miller

      It’s “beside the point”, not “besides”. Just thought you should know.

  • B.

    So this article seems like it’s pretty good and legitimate, but you should really work on the wording on page seven about gelatin.
    Gelatin and fruit pectin are NOT the same. Gelatin is generally made from bone marrow (and sometimes hooves) of horses and/or cows. Fruit pectin is made from fruit (duh).
    Gelatin is not vegetarian (I am, but I stupidly decided to buy some, not remembering you specified fruit pectin instead of gelatin in this article). Fruit pectin is vegetarian (as far as I know).

    I’d be curious to know if gelatin and fruit pectin work the same, or if one works better than the other. I’ll have to buy some fruit pectin shortly (and then I won’t feel guilty and terrible as I did buying this gelatin – I haven’t eaten gelatin in a while, lol).

    Also, I guess I’m a bit confused as to some of the science explained on page 7 about the way the fruit pectin works. So your body gets rid of the cannabinoids or THC (a.k.a. “toxins” in your article) temporarily when you have bowel movements. But then why would you only drink fruit pectin like Sure Jell right before your test instead of starting before the day of the test so you can have a chance to have bowel movements? If you could please enlighten me further, that would be wonderful.

    Thanks for writing this article! :]

    • b2

      I know this is way too late to answer your question, but maybe someone else will get some timely information from it. :)

      Gelatin and pectin are different molecules, and they do not act the same way in the body. This article should have only referred to pectin.

      Gelatin is a hydrolyzed protein, and will not do anything for a drug test.

      Pectin is a polysaccharide, and it functions as a soluble fiber. Any soluble fiber (Metamucil, Benefiber, etc) will work the same way, binding THC metabolites in the feces.

      Certo and Sure-jell are both pectin products, so they will work. However, Jello will not.

  • IndianaSmoker

    Hello Everyone. I have spent the last 3 DAYS researching ways to pass an unexpected drug screen that is happening tomorrow between 8am-4pm Eastern Stand Time. This is not for a job but rather for probation. My county recently outsourced its testing to a private company, but the test will be supervised. I am on probation for driving while suspended and prior to now, for the last 3 yrs I have not been tested as I dont have a “drug charge”. Well, thats changed, and tomorrow I will go to sign up for the testing program and most likely they will test me at that time..

    Anyway, after countless hours of researching products, methods, and tips I must say this Gelatin tip has given me the most hope. I researched just how gelatin works, how lipids (fat cells) are metabolized and released into the body, and the science backs up what this article says – so I am going to give it a shot.

    To let you know about my smoking habits – I smoked DAILY! Anywhere from 1gram to 3grams, sometimes it would be commercial weed, and other times it would be “the chronic” (High grade medicinal quality weed). Needless to say my levels are probably off the charts!!!
    I have 6yrs of suspended time hanging over my head, so this has to work for me. I stopped smoking the day I found out I had to sign up for this new program, which was 4 days ago.

    Since then I have been drinking nothing but Water- between 1 or gallons each day total combined. I also am taking a B-Complex Vitamin, and I even bought some “detox drink” from my local head shop, and the ingredients are mainly fruit extracts and guess what – a lot of FRUIT PECTIN!! The head shop guy swore by it, and after reading this article I think I now believe him.

    I will let you know how it goes, provided I don’t fail and they arrest me.

    (and before anyone criticizes me for smoking on probation – it treats my bi-polar, insomnia and chronic depression without the deadly side effects pharmaceutical drugs are known to have – IF/WHEN they even work to begin with. It makes my life livable, and I don’t think I should go to prison for using a natural herb that helps me live a normal life).

  • jacebrown

    Of course, I have to start with compliments on your writing. Understandable information that’s also witty, clever and forward. I had the thought to write something like this a while back, but your research clearly exceeds all that I could find on the internet. Well done.

    Let me start with the details here: I’m 5’8, about 155 pounds. I vary with regular exercise but tend to cut down when the weather gets chilly here (it’s currently super shitty where I live). My smoking habits vary from 1 to 2 small bowl packs a day to a gram a day (I’ll slow down sometimes to converse cash) for a three week period. In 1-2 weeks prior to my test, I try to do some heavy cardio involving trails and hills to challenge myself. As much as I hate to admit that I was blindly spending my money on a product I didn’t understand, I was buying a packaged dilution method that I would drink (in accompaniment with an excessive amount of water) in a 5-6 hour period before my probation drug test.

    Before I found this article, I had already tricked the system a few times using my own method. Stupidly, I failed once by smoking too close to test time, another time because I woke up late and only had about 2-and-a-half hours to flush and dilute. I decided to stop being stubborn and actually learn about what I was working with here on these lab piss tests.

    Upon reading this article and many more, I examined the contents of my beverage. It’s packed full of niacin, riboflavin, caffeine, B vitamins, fiber and most importantly, a hefty amount of fruit pectin. When I do the drink in the right time frame, I usually piss about 7-8 times before test time, with intermittent shit squirts which I’m blaming on the diuretic/pectin aspects of the product. Since it has been pretty helpful for me to pass in a short amount of time (3 days is the closest I’ve cut it and passed), I decided to keep buying the product; I’m supporting a local health food store and look at it in the way that I’m paying for a convenient package (I’m well aware I could buy the same ingredients from that business or any other store). However, I decided that I needed to add more preventive measures to my routine, seeing that I can’t afford another botched result.

    I changed my routine to 2-5 days of cardio before my test, the more the better, as long as I don’t exercise 48 hours before I see my P.O. I didn’t realize it, but the two days before the test I also ingested a lot of fatty foods and red meat (linguine with white cream sauce, meatballs, some McDonalds, cheese pizza, burgers, etc.). Approximately 12 hours before my test, I take a horse-pill sized multi-vitamin accompanied with a fruit pectin cocktail (Sure-Jell) and a whole lot of water to get the process going (I usually start about 12 hours before my test). The next morning, I wake up at about 8 or 9 am and chug my dilution beverage, which is followed by more water and a whole lot of pissing. After a good 4-5 urinations, I get myself a tall Red Bull and drink half of the can. Halfway through, I fill the can to the top with water and drink the rest. After so much dilution and another hefty boost of vitamin B, my piss usually turns out clear and colored yellow/gold.

    This time, I stuck exactly to that routine. I had about 6 days to prepare with some rigorous exercise in the meantime. Woke up early and hit myself with the drink and a shit-ton of water (even though I drank some coffee and juice as well, I think I gave myself mild water poisoning). When I went to see my officer, I wasn’t quite ready to piss. I checked to see if I could go in the bathroom, and ended up pissing clear. I told my PO I was ready, but couldn’t piss when I was standing there with the cup. I had another fiber-enriched fruit pectin bowel movement, followed by another piss. I decided to take my time, seeing that the coloration from my Red Bull wasn’t quite showing through. I finally went at 2 pm, producing a clear yet yellow colored sample that looked natural yet clean. By this time, I can kind of tell what kind of sample might pass or fail (if it’s dirty yellow with a lot of bubbles and whatnot, I can guess that I’m not going to get a good result, which I noticed on occasions when I woke up early and only gave myself 2-3 hours to prepare).

    Sorry this description is so winded. I figured it would be important to give my input, since I’ve been dodging drug tests for some time now. Just like this article, I wouldn’t recommend most “detox” drinks, but if the ingredients are similar to what I mentioned above, I say go with it if you can afford it for convenience purposes. Otherwise, stick to fiber and vitamins, hammer down a couple packs of Sure-Jell with Gatorade or what-have-you. I won’t get the results for my last test until I see him again in November, but I’ve accomplished more with less days of exercise (on one occasion, did a strenuous run the night before and passed), less days of smoking cessation (3 is the closest I’ve cut it, I’m pretty sure), and only used my beverage rather than the additional Sure-Jell and vitamins and still passed. My best advice is to not stress out and stick to these routines 5-6 hours before your test. If you wake up late unprepared, I really suggest delaying your test for a few hours or until the next day and starting the routine again. Just don’t be fucking dumb like I was and try to rush 2-3 hours before; I should’ve called my guy and told him my car was broken down or something to give myself more time. Any feedback on my post would be much appreciated!

    • James Kalìwæ

      Hey buddy! Thanks for the response. I’m very happy that someone with so much experience beating drug tests decided to contribute!

      I’d be interested to learn the exact name of that product you use. Even though I have yet to hear back from a reader that the Sure Jell method I describe in this article didn’t work for them – and on the contrary, have heard probably 6-8 instances of it working for my readers/friends – it’d still be good to have an alternative product to suggest as well.

      Thanks again for the comment dude! It was very interesting and informative!

      • jacebrown

        Thanks man! You definitely helped me out a lot with this stuff!

        I withheld the drink name so it didn’t sound like I was a fake person plugging this shit. It’s actually called “The Stuff (Extra?),” and my local health good store sells it. As far as I can tell, the fruit pectin seems to work, while the drink doubles as an extra dose of fruit pectin and diuretics. Tastes like vitamin-Shit, but it seems to do the trick.

  • CRB

    I think that drinking FOUR LITERS OF WATER is some MAJOR overkill for this. I tried this method and then failed the test because my piss was TOO FUCKING DILUTED. I have no reason to doubt that the pectin did its job, but four liters of water? REALLY?

    • James Kalìwæ

      I’m very sorry to hear this, CRB… I think you may be right, 4 liters does seem a bit much in retrospect. However, and I believe I forgot to include this in the article, if you take some B vitamin supplements before/during the dilution process, it should work to trick the test into believing that it isn’t diluted, even though it is.

      Let me ask you this… did you actually FAIL the test, or did they just ask you to take another test on another day? Because usually when the sample is diluted, they don’t recorded it as a ‘Failed’ drug test, as the sample was too diluted to determine with certainty the status of the sample, they just record is as ‘Undetermined’ or something like that – at least that’s the impression I was under. Please let me know, because I’m very curious about this.

  • Yoli


    I causally indulge in edibles. I’ve had the equivalent to 2 small cookies over the last 6 weeks or so. Most recently 2 nights ago. I was offered a GREAT job yesterday, pending a drug screen! UGH.
    1) I’m a girl, the Whizz is out.
    2) Do you think the Pectin method would ensure neg results? Along with flushing/detox? I may be able to score clean pee, but in case I can’t, I’m working on a background plan. I’ll be TRULY crushed if I don’t get this dream job.
    Please advise!!


    • First of all, and I don’t know much about this product, but I saw this YouTube video a while back about a female version of the Whizzinator – though I believe it’s made by a different company.

      It really depends on how much time you have between writing this and getting tested… but I highly doubt you’ll fail, just because of the relatively small amount you’ve ingested – though the fact you ate the last one just 2 nights ago is worrying. Having said that, yeah I do think the Sure-Jell method will work here, simply based off success stories from other readers who ingested a lot more than you have.

      Hope this helps! :)

  • Matt

    I’ve been waiting until I could post my own results, so here it is.

    I had been smoking pretty heavily (multiple times almost every day) for about a month, but then I was called by my probation officer randomly and had a drug test set up for two days later. I immediately stopped smoking, found this post, and did the substitution method with the gelatin and Gatorade. The only thing I did differently was I made sure I was eating red meat for the days leading up to the test, and took 3 b12 vitamins two hours before I went in.
    Anyway, long story short, I ended up passing and now I’m no longer on probation! Some other information to put it in perspective is that I’m 6’2″ and about 275-280 pounds, mostly fat, and the only exercise I really get is a long walk just a few times a week.
    I swear by this method of “cleansing” now since it worked on someone as big as me especially when I DEFINITELY would have failed if I hadn’t done otherwise.

    • Matt

      I’m sorry, not the substitution method. I meant the masking and dilution method.

    • Awesome dude! That’s great news!

      I’ve had a number of people contact me with success stories about using the Sure Jell method as described in this article, but this is definitely the most promising one in terms of verifying its efficacy. It’s crazy, isn’t it?!

      Thank you so much for sharing your results! Really, because honestly, it feels good to know I wasn’t wrong about the Sure Jell method.

      When I wrote this a year or so ago, I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of how people would respond to it (or whether anyone would respond, for that matter). I was scared some people might try it and maybe it would’t work for them, or they’d do it wrong, and they’d come back and say it’s bullshit. Just, since I didn’t (and still don’t) have any real scientific evidence to back it up, I felt it might even be irresponsible in a way to present it as such a sure-fire way to trick a drug test. I definitely expected there’d be a few people challenging whether it works, but hardly anyone has.

      It feels very good to know I helped you to avoid getting in trouble with your parole officer, thanks for letting me know.

      I understand you might not exactly want to post this article to your Facebook or Twitter (I know I wouldn’t want to post it on mine – I’m friends with my boss haha), but please let your friends know about this article somehow.

      Thanks again bud!

      • Matt

        It really is amazing! I still can’t believe that it worked haha. I felt like I had to share the results here because I know I would have appreciated reading results like mine. I noticed that most of the people who posted on here exercise regularly and don’t really smoke too heavily, which is the exact opposite of myself. I knew going into this that it would pretty much be a 50/50 chance of passing, but I’m glad I took the chance.

        I haven’t said it yet, but THANK YOU SO MUCH for making this article. I’ve never read anything about passing a drug test that was so informative. I think the sure jell method is the best way to go about it, although not a 100% guarantee for everyone. Because who knows? Maybe I just got incredibly lucky. It’s definitely still worth trying if you’re in a tight spot.

        Either way, I have to thank you again. If you didn’t write this article, I don’t know what I would’ve done and been doing now. I definitely plan on sharing this article with any of my friends who need it. I’ve already ran through the procedure with them because they’re equally as amazed about it working.

      • Matt

        How much gelatin do i use if i bought the large bags (Certo/Sure Gel for making jams and jellies)?? How much gelatin, and how much water?

        • The rule of thumb here is to mix as much Sure-Jell into the water as possible without making it coagulate into gelatin.

          I tested this out a while back but I forgot exactly how much Sure-Jell to use per liter of water. I want to say 1.75oz of Sure-Jell mixed with 1 liter of water did the trick… but I would recommend getting an extra pack or two of Sure-Jell incase you mess up the first time.

    • This is phenomenal. Hilarious and intelligent.

  • Matthew

    Help! I smoke like 1-2 hits a day almost every day. Just got told I have a random tomorrow morning.. do u think ur sure-jell option will work?

    • I mean, not really. I honestly can’t say, I mean assuming you haven’t had any time to go without smoking, I can’t guarantee the sure-jell option will be able to work effectively with so many fresh toxins in your system.

      However, it’s worth a shot. And unless you can get your hands on a Whizzinator before the test, the sure-jell option is your best bet.

      Let me know how it goes. :/ Good luck.

      • I can assure you it will. I put the sure jell to the ultimate test and it worked. I indulged all the way up until like 5 or 6 hrs before. I drank the 2. 32oz powerades with the water in between as directed took some cranberry pills along with some aspirin an b-2 and I worked perfect and this test was for parole also. I passed with flying colors. I was however very nervous and thought well your dirty anyway if this doesn’t work well might as well test it out to the max and I PASSED.

  • Danny

    Hey James,

    I appreciate the detailed article you put together for all of us. I have a drug test to take before I can start my new position (No deadline I just cant start working until a clean test is on record)

    I smoked a bowl every night just before going to sleep for the past year with the exception of a small periods of time where I was on vacation. I smoked 1 week ago today and have been clean since.

    I am 6’2 and weigh 160 lbs. I exercise 3 times a week and played in a basketball tournament this past weekend where I played 2, 40 minute games each day 3 days in a row. I also ran 2 miles yesterday. For the past week I’ve been flushing my system with over 6 liters of cranberry juice and the equivalent in water. Yesterday and today I’ve taken 500mcg of B-12 vitamin supplement. I just chugged 1 liter of cranberry juice and packet of Sure-Jell. 1.5 hours before I go into the test I will chug the other packet with a bottle of Gatorade. And drinking lots of water in the meantime.

    I’m taking the test on my own time just to see how my THC levels read with hopes of being able to start work sooner, If I pass I can just submit it to the company and they will keep it on record. If not they won’t know the results so its not a big deal.

    I’m curious if the Sure-Jell really works like you and others say it does that’s why I’m going in when hypothetically it should definitely still be in my system.

    What do you say to this video? The guy is on probation and smokes daily and passes his piss test every time (Supposedly).


    • First of all, if there is no deadline for this drug test, there’s no reason you shouldn’t give yourself 18 days to detox naturally. At least 14. If you’re worried about it looking suspicious, don’t. There’s a reason this particular employer doesn’t require a deadline. In such cases, they’re not so worried about only hiring people who never smoke weed, they just don’t want to hire anyone who can’t get their shit together long enough to detox for their test.

      Going off the info provided however, I’d estimate you’d be clean after about 10 or 11 days. Of course, I would never suggest you take the test after only 10 days if there’s no deadline. Even though I’m confident you’d pass, there’s no reason to play with fire. Give yourself a few extra days to be safe.

      And what video? I think you forgot to give me the link.

    • Oh! I was viewing this comment from the admin panel, which apparently doesn’t support embedded videos. I’ll take a look at it tomorrow and get back to you though, gotta wake up early tomorrow.

      • Danny

        Yeah I can see the video on my end. He basically claims he chugs a gatorade and certo packet and then 1 gallon of water and passes his probation drug tests every time while smoking daily.

  • George Walters


    George here, wanted to update you and other readers on my results. I was able to delay my test for another week, so I had three weeks exactly from the last time i smoked until my test. I passed thanks to this article and other articles alike. I’d like to tell of my process so that it might help someone else in a similar situation.

    (1) Was able to delay the test an extra week
    (2) I drank a gallon of water every day until my test.
    (3) I was able to exercise twice a day as well, I did interval training, I would sprint for 30 seconds and then rest for a minute, I did this 8 – 12 times twice a day. This spike in the heart rate again and again supposedly helps speed up the metabolism.
    (4) day of the test i drank sugar water, the sugar spikes the insulin levels to stop the body from processing fat, the idea being since no fat is being processed, the urine won’t contain THC stored in fat cells. and the water flushed out the system.
    (5) (this one didn’t work for me) I tried taking b12 vitamins to turn my urine yellow so it didn’t look too diluted.

    Not sure how accurate any of these techniques are but combined they all (with the exception of #5) worked for me.

    James thank you again for all your help. Great article, you deserve much praise for your public service.


  • Worried in Minnesota

    Hi James,

    Great article- I hope your ability to explain the issue and solutions in a way that’s very easy to understand is a reflection of the change in the way we are starting to view it as a community. It’s a major threat to working people!

    I’m looking for your opinion on my situation to hopefully get some peace of mind. Unfortunately I hadn’t read about the gelatin method yet, and had a surprise U/A two weeks ago after 10 days of being clean. At the test, I drank plenty of water but wasn’t completely diluted. It was my fifth or sixth void of the day, and had smoked about a pinche a week in April including the final time 10 days before the test.

    To the point, I have two questions. First off – what’s your opinion on my chances of passing a 50 ng test? I’m 5’8 and 180 lbs. I exercise occasionally, including 3 times the week before the test. Finally, does partial dilution change the amount of THC detectable in urine? Like I said, I was pretty diluted, but it was by chance and incomplete compared to the dilution methods most sites recommend.

    Please let me know what you think. I should know in the next couple weeks for sure, but it would be helpful to get your opinion one way or the other. Thank you!

    • I need a little more info about how much you were smoking in the weeks leading up to the test. From the info you provided, I do think you probably passed, but can’t say with certainty.

      Yes, diluting your urine does basically ‘change’ the amount of toxins detectible in it. In just the same way that adding more water to a sugar-water solution would dilute the potency of the sugar. However, as I stated in the article, diluting your water to an extreme extent will likely result in the urine sample being deemed unusable, requiring you to come back another day. This is, though, a good way to give yourself a few extra days if you’re certain you are going to fail the test anyway.

    • Worried in Minnesota


      Thanks for your feedback. Here’s a timeline of when I smoked, how much, and when I was tested.

      April 12 – smoked approx two bowls.

      April 16 – smoked a pinche

      April 21 – smoked a pinche and a half.

      4/28 – 4/30 Worked out once a day.

      May 2 – took the test while fairly diluted (clear urine).
      5th or 6th void.

      Thanks again for your feedback.

      • And you didn’t smoke at all for at least a week or two before April 12th? If that’s the case I’m sure you passed. I’d have been more worried if you had been smoking every day for weeks prior to April l2th. But given your relatively low amount of consumption, plus the fact you diluted your urine, I’d say it’s not with worrying about. I’d be extremely surprised if this turns out to be a positive test result.

  • Melisssa

    Does the gelatin thing work with opiates?

    • In principle, yes. Actually it should be more effective, given that opiate toxins don’t stick around your body as long as weed toxins do.

      For the record, it is harder to remove marijuana toxins from your body than any other drug. So for the most part, if you’ve given yourself enough time to detox from marijuana, you’re probably good on any other drugs you’ve been doing.

  • My husband and I just found out we have to test. He rarely smokes. However, he did last week 1 while on vacation. That was the first time in many months and it was only a few hits. I smoke maybe once a week sometimes wee bit more. We are hoping to push the test out to sometime next week. He is 6’3 300lbs, me: 5’2 200lbs. He sweats a lot at work, but we don’t exercise. I drink quite a bit of water daily, but not quite a gallon. What do you recommend we do to pass?

    • I think you guys will be fine, obviously I’m more worried about you, however. Definitely follow the gelatin method as laid out in this article. Try to get some exercise if you can, even if you just go for a 15-45 minute walk/bike ride every day between now and the test. I think, given you don’t smoke too often, your test will definitely come back negative if you do this. But I stress the importance of the gelatin. Actually, I stress the importance of exercise as well. Depending on exactly how much and often you smoke, I’d say you’ll probably be clean after a week or so naturally, but the exercise, coupled with the gelatin trick, will certainly get the job done.

      Let me know how it pans out! Good luck!

  • George Walters

    James, Thank you for your article, best i’ve seen when researching the topic. I have smoked every day for about for 5 – 6 months, usually only 1-2 rips on the weekdays, on the weekends sometimes a lot more. Last time i smoked was the 30th of last month, i have about 2 weeks before my test (hopefully). I’m pretty active, i usually exercise 4-5 times a week, since i have found out about the test i’ve stepped up my cardio and started wearing a trash bag to sweat extra (not sure if this even helps). I’m 5’10 and about 185lb. Do you think i will pass the test, i’ll probably have a total of 14 days from when i last smoked and the test.

    Also, if i’m using someone elses urine, do you have any advice for the best way to store it? I only have a few clean friends and if i go this route i will have the urine for 3-4 days prior to the test.

    • This is a tough one, but I’ll give you my honest estimation. I think you’ll be clean by the time you’re tested (if you are indeed given 14 days from the last time you smoked.

      I say this is a tough one because the typical 5’10/185lb man would probably need longer than 14 days to detox from weed, especially one who has been smoking daily for months. But the fact you exercise 4-5 times a week already (impressive for a stoner, high five!), coupled with the fact you estimate your usage on weekdays as small (though I’m always weary when people say they only take 1-2 rips on certain days, that’s just such a small amount for someone who smokes every day – when I see this I usually factor it in as 1-2 bowl packs, which is still a reasonably small amount), leads me to believe you’ll be fine. Especially since you exercise so often, a lot of your weight is probably in muscle rather than fat, so I can conjecture that you probably have a much faster metabolism than most men of your height and weight.

      The only advice I’d give to you is to step up the exercise. If I were you, I would step it up and work out every single day until the drug test. And you’re right to be skeptical about the sweating thing. Sweating does not burn fat, and therefor does not help you detox from drug toxins that are stored in your fat cells. People confuse this because sweating is detoxifying for your body in other ways, but not in the same way that burning fat detoxifies your body of drug toxins.

      • Oh, and to answer your other question, you can store urine in an airtight container in a freezer for up to a year.

  • John

    Hey James,

    I just wanted to say I LOVED the article. Very thorough and comprehensive. Much better than the rest of the vague and varying opinions you get online. Anyways, to the point.

    I’m 5’9 and 170 lbs. I try to work out every other day, try to take multi-vitamins every day and keep a decently healthy diet. I used to smoke alot but have cooled off – this Spring Break (3/1-3/9) I smoked multiple times per day. Since then I’ve smoked about every weekend, give or take. Two weeks ago I smoked twice (once on Friday, once on Saturday – about a bowl each time) and stupidly yesterday I split a bowl with my mate. My question is how long will the THC be out of my system? My internship starts in two weeks but I’m not sure if they would call me in earlier to test. I started on a detox routine today, taking multi’s, niacine, drinking tons of water, gatorade (electrolytes?), coffee, tea and finally running once to twice a day. I’m a bit freaked since alot rests on this opportunity and I really hope I didn’t seriously mess up. Am I OK?

    It is my understanding that THC absorption is based on 1.) quantity smoked 2.) THC potency of weed 3.) how fast your metabolism is

    Thank you so much for your help!

    • You’ll be fine as long as you don’t smoke again. However, if they decide to drug test you within the next three days, I would try to find a way out of it if possible. Going off what you said, you were probably clean by the time you smoked again yesterday, so your body should take care of the small amount of toxins left behind from that one bowl (it was only one, right?) If they wait for the start of your internship to test you, you’ll definitely be clean by then. Otherwise I highly advise you follow the gelatin method of masking the toxins. Let me know how it goes.

      • John

        OK thanks. Just to confirm: In theory if I smoked once every weekend, would I always be clean by the next time I smoked?

        Also, how far does the 3-5 day rule go? Smoke once, 3-5 days your clean; smoke two days in a row and that number doubles to 6-10 days?

        • It really depends on how much you smoke in a single sesh. There really is no 3-5 day “rule” – I simple based that off the fact you smoked so little (considering you said you only smoked one bowl, and you shared it with another person). So, I guess you could say the 3-5 day rule applies to a person (with an average metabolism) who is clean and who smokes less than a half gram. Had you smoked a whole blunt to the face by yourself with, say, 1.5 grams of weed, I would guess that would require more like a week to be safe.

          And going back to your first question: not necessarily. Once again it depends on how much you smoke every weekend. If it’s a single bowl once a week, then yes, I’d say that’d be theoretically true. But like I said in the article, it ranges quite drastically from person to person. No one knows your body better than you.

          • Oh and to answer the other thing, no I don’t think it would double like that. If you’re smoking just a single bowl every day, I think the amount of time it would take to detox would slowly increase day to day, but it wouldn’t go from 3-5 days after day one to 6-10 days after day two. It’d probably stick around 3-5 days for the first few days you smoke, and maybe jump to 4-6 days after a week.

            • Jason

              If I smoked 1-2 rips of a bowl (not a full bowl) per day let’s say 3 to 4 days out of the week for a month or so…. Didn’t smoke for 2 weeks straight and then took one small rip of a bowl (again not a whole bowl), how long would you say until I was clean?

              • That’s such a specific set of circumstances I can’t say. Generally, however, 1-2 rips a day won’t dirty your system too much. Over time, however, the result would vary wildly from person to person. A heavier individual would certainly accrue quite a bit of toxins in their system after a few months of this behavior. Under this specific set of circumstances, however, I’d venture to guess anywhere between 3-12 days. Once again, depending on your lifestyle and metabolism.

                • Jason

                  Thanks for the response. I’d say I’m a pretty skinny guy and have a pretty decent metabolism. Would your suggestion be to go hit the treadmill the next few days to try to speed it up? Lol

                  • Yeah, definitely. In fact, that’s really the only way to speed up the detox process.

  • Cat

    James –

    This is the most informative article on the drug test topic I have come across. It’s rare to see a writer actively respond to comments and since it is near impossible to figure out an individualized “clear”, I figured I’d ask.

    I am 5’5, 125lbs. I stopped smoking daily about a year ago and since have smoked at night 3-5 times a week. In the last three months, I have slowed down to 2 times a week, if that. I am in medical school and was just offered a job at the hospital. I know plenty of people who used the dilution method for the pre-employment drug test (go figure, most hospital workers smoke). I was offered a job I had not even applied for this past Wednesday (April 22nd) pending a health/drug screening. I had eaten an edible (Sourpatch kid, so like 3 bowl hits worth) the night before and a handful the previous weekend.

    The last time I smoked was Tuesday. I have been chugging water and taking cranberry pills (4200mg per pill). I am a bikram yoga instructor so on a daily basis I am practicing in 102 degrees for over an hour. Do you think I would be good to go after 8 days of this routine? Thanks!

    • I gotta be honest, I’m not quite sure if there’s a difference in how your body detoxes from edibles vs smoking, but I don’t see how it would be any different. If you follow the gelatin method, as well as continue your yoga routine, you should be fine.

      To clarify, are you saying you have 8 more days until the test, or 8 total days between the test and the last time you smoked? If it’s the latter, I’d be more hesitant to definitively say you’ll pass. Otherwise I think you will.

      Thanks so much for the positive feedback!

  • Bradley

    Hey man, I read your article and I’m curious. I’m 5’9 275 pounds. But I’m not like super fat, I’m a weight lifter, so I have some fat on me but I am very active. I smoked for about a month and a half straight and stopped for a month then 2 weeks ago in smoked a couple small bowls. I have a drug test in about 2 weeks, think I’ll be okay?

    • Oh yeah, you’re fine. Even if you weren’t an active person, you wouldn’t have anything to worry about. I wouldn’t even worry about following the steps in this article, you’ve allowed yourself enough time that your body will detox by itself in time (there’s not way to know, but I’d be willing to bet your urine is already clean). You were certainly clean 2 weeks ago when you hit those few small bowls, and such a small amount of weed isn’t going to linger too long in your system. You have nothing to worry about.

      • Bradley

        Well they weren’t hits, I smoked the entire bowls lol, I’d say there was like 3/4 of a gram to a gram a bowl, but I doubt that’d change anything if you think I’m already clean, at least I know I’ve got 2 more weeks that’ll let me know for sure haha

        • Haha yeah man it doesn’t make a difference. You would’ve had to smoke over an ounce in that one sitting to have anything to worry about. This is because our bodies are quite good at ridding itself of toxins; they’re literally always doing it. The weed toxins only accrue in your body when you’re smoking heavily and frequently enough that they enter the body faster than the body can expel them.

          • Bradley

            Thanks for the help man!! I appreciate it! :)

          • hj

            taking my 1st test ever on monday, been smoking around an oz a month since december, stopped that habit mid/ late march. only been smoking 3-4 times a week with friends splitting bowls since then. last time ‘smoking to completion’ was the 9th, (found out about my test on the 10th) but drunkenly took a small hit on the 12th. last week did one of those overpriced test’in kits (4 days, unlocked a new butt hole i think). been doing high intensity interval training, tons of spring water, detox baths with bentonite clay and epsom salts every other night at least. 5 8 f 155lbs, regularly active but not overly so. crazy nervous. this job could be life changing. plan to pectin it up too. can you give me a reassuring pet on the back? dont want my first sober 4/20 to have been for nothing. also, great, eloquently written article.

            • I’m very confident you’ll be fine. To clarify, you’re saying that the last time you smoked weed was April 9th, correct? And your test is in two days on the 28th? Based on the rest of the information you provided, I can’t imagine your drug test turning up positive. To be safe, continue your workouts and follow the pectin strategy, but I think you’d be clean by the 28th regardless.

              And for the record, a ‘detox bath’ isn’t going to help with a drug test (unless it somehow sped up your metabolism, and if there was a bath product that did that the United States wouldn’t be filled with so many fatasses). A detox bath will rejuvenate your skin and make you feel refreshed, but that’s about it.

    • Trip

      BE CAREFUL with sure-gel/fruit pectin though. You REALLY need to stick to the time table given in the article. After great results with that process for the last year, I rushed the process for my last screen, and the sure gel worked TOO well, as my results came back as “No Metabolite”.

      So DONT RUSH IT. Stick to the time table for best results. Because a no metabolite result shows that you took steps to hide something. And depending on what the test is for (job, probation, pain clinic, etc) the result can be counted as ILLICIT and a failure.

  • JOHN

    Quit smoking 16 days ago. smoked maybe once a week before that for a month. Piss test in 2 days. Very active lifestyle. Took a First Check take home drug test that came back negative but sample may have been diluted a little with water because i have been drinking a lot of water. You think I will be fine

    • Yeah bro you’ll be good. What makes me so sure is your active lifestyle. You didn’t give me any height or weight to work with, but the fact that you’re active, and that it’s been 16 days since you smoked, coupled with the fact you only smoked about once a week before quitting, indicates to me you have nothing to worry about. Relax! :)

  • Andy

    For anyone having a problem with the taste of the sure-jell water mix I dealt with the same thing leading up to my drug tests. If you put lemon juice into your mix you can actually get it to taste kind of like a thick lemonade… sounds gross but I actually thought it tasted good, that’s what worked for me anyway.

  • JOHNNYboy

    JAMES – Great article, nice tone, and very helpful.. I guess I’m responding to this because I’m a thinker and I just need some reassurance from someone who’s been there. I understand about metabolism and bmi numbers and all that, I’m 6’2, 180, 12% body fat, work out daily, very sweaty (gross I know), so I’m not worried about that aspect.. Just the fact that I have smoked daily for just over 7 years, average 4 blunts a day. Loved to think of myself as a “high roller” but I’m afraid those days have to fall behind me… I of course have ceased smoking (yesterday), and will increase my cardio, as well as add layers during my workout to increase sweat. I’m just worried because I just found out yesterday and have only a couple weeks to prepare. Note this will be my first drug test ever and I know it will be at a urgent care/clinic. If you (or anyone) have any other suggestions, please let me know!!!

    Thanks again for looking out for us stoners who still can produce in society!

    • I assume by ‘a couple weeks’ you mean 14 days. That’s cutting it a little close to be honest, but I do think you’ll be all right. Just so you know, in your case the absolute best thing you can do is get your cardio in. As much as you can handle. Be sure to stay hydrated these next two weeks, and follow the sure-gel method. I doubt the sure-gel method will be necessary to be honest, but since you are cutting it a little close, I would definitely suggest you do that.

      Thanks for the kind words! Good luck!

  • TD

    Hey James,

    Awesome article. It came to light I would have to take a piss test (my first ever) within 5 days for a new job. Fortunately enough, I was honest with the company (kinda) and said I indulged while on vacation a month ago. They’ve given me a period of up to 2 weeks to take the test at a local clinic. I’m a heavy, heavy smoker (weed, wax/oil, hash, the works) and it’s bugging me the fuck out. How much cardio should I put per day (will be buying gallons of distilled water to pair with) and how many days do you think it’ll take me to be clean. I have a friend who has a corporate job and whenever he gets tested he hits the gym and drinks lots of water and also shots of vinegar throughout the day…don’t really know about that but he passes every time. I have the money for a Whizzinator, but don’t wanna drop 100+ If I can get by naturally.

    Thanks a lot, man! Great fucking post.

  • Kane

    Most intelligent article I’ve seen yet!!!!!! Awesome! Any ways, I have a urine test coming up in a few days. I have been clean for three days already and using the cardio, piss method:-). I have been drinking large amounts of water daily and now switched to water mixed with sure jel. Fucking pounding it. Tastes awful but whatever. I am roughly 200 pounds with a tight build not much fat6 feet tall. I took a at home drug test this morning and the line was there but very faint. Should I be drinking the sure gel this early? I’m fuckin stressing. This is for mariquana

    • No, the sure jell only works to mask the toxins for a few hours after consumption, so there’s no use in drinking it in the days leading up to the test. Just about 1-2 hours before the test.

  • Mel

    Does the suregel method work with other toxins in your system other than weed??

    • Any toxin that binds to your fat cells will be masked with the Sure Gell method. I can’t say with certainty which other drugs do this, but I would imagine they all do. Don’t take my word for that though.

  • locke

    Hi James,

    Thank you for the article. Very well-written!

    I’ve been a heavy smoker during my college years, typically smoking a bowl sometimes more every day. I quit for a about a week, then took a couple hits 32 days ago. I have a test tomorrow at 1pm and am debating whether I need to dilute/substitute. I know one person that went to the same clinic I’m going to and she used synthetic urine and passed.

    Since I’ve quit, I’ve worked out pretty consistently 5 days a week (cardio/bodyweight training – T25) but slacked off for a few days at the end of January and then over this past weekend because I was sick.

    I got a negative diluted test result last Friday after buying a stupid Vale detox drink from my local porn shop (I won’t make that mistake again).

    What do you think is my best course of action? Sure-jell and a B-vitamin complex? Should I be taking a creatine supplement? I don’t know what flagged my sample as being diluted since it was a neon yellow color so it may have been creatinine levels.


    • Sorry I didn’t get to this before your test, but I’m quite sure you passed it, right? 32 days is definitely enough time for your body to rid itself of the toxins. Let me know!

  • Hello James. I liked the article a lot, made me laugh some even.
    I would like your honest opinion and/or advice. As you may have guessed, I have an upcoming drug test, or at least I’m assuming I will have one, although I don’t know when since it hasn’t been brought up. It’s for a really good job and I’m preparing for a urine test anyway.

    So, my smoking habits: What I’ve been doing for a long time is smoking on and off. I’ll smoke everyday for 1-2 weeks, then usually stop for 2-4 weeks. I’m 6’3 230 lbs. I smoked quite a bit on new years, and yesterday I got a little drunk and took a very very small rip of the stuff. Besides these two events, I haven’t smoked regularly, or at all, since probably Christmas. I’m guessing I might have to take the test as early as next Friday (the 24th) but I’m not sure exactly when, I may be able to buy some time. I have been hitting the gym every other day for the last couple weeks, sweating a lot. I plan to go everyday, possibly twice, to sweat as much as possible until the test now however. The last drug test I took, I was in just about the same situation, but this is for a way better job so I’m that much more nervous about it. The last time, I drank a ton of water before the test, and drank a lot of Monster Energy right before to make my urine yellow-ish, and didn’t get a false positive either. Do you think I’m in the clear if I drink the right things and keep exercising like crazy? Anything else I can do? Thanks.

    • Seems to me you’re doing everything right. Judging from how much you’ve claimed you’ve been smoking lately, you’ll be fine. While I think you’re good regardless, focusing on aerobic exercises in the gym during the week leading up to the test (over weight-lifting type exercises) would help. But like I said, as long as you don’t smoke any more weed between now and the test, you’ll be fine.

      • kimmy

        Hi James :) great article! However I got one packet of sure jell and was wondering what the amounts of the packets you used were. Thanks :)

  • Linda

    Here is a description of my experience with this method.

    I am 60 years old, female, 25 pounds too heavy, who smoked a teeny bit every day (abt 1 gm/week). I abstained for almost 5 complete days. This morning I failed an over-the-counter test. I followed your Pectin Procedure, and I passed my test at 4 p.m. this afternoon!!!!

    I will caution interested people that they need to use Sure Jell (or Certo) and not Jell-O. Jell-O is made from gelatin, not Pectin. If you read the nutrition label for Jell-O, it states that there is not a significant amount of any type of fiber.

    I might also add that Sure-Jell has a greater amount of pectin than does Certo. Of course, NSA, I will never need to do this again, because I experimented only once and have learned the error of my ways.

    Thank you EWWTY for your help.

  • kalynn

    I have used the suregel method once before and it worked… however that was 12 years ago. One thing I have heard, is that if you get the sugar free suregel that it won’t work. Do you know if there is any validity to that ? I had an interview today, and will probably be offered the job (which happens to be an opportunity of a lifetime at a large University) I am expecting them to want to piss test me. From the hours of research I’ve done, the only thing that worries me about the suregel method is the clear color to the urine. Due to having a vitamin B deficency, I already have to take it daily. Is there anything else in the vitamin world I can take to increase the yellow color ? Also, is it helpful to eat a lot of red meats a few days prior so the creatine levels aren’t too low to cause suspicion or is it a waste of time due to the amount of water I will be drinking with the suregel ?

    • david

      Gelatin and fruit pectin are not the same thing at all. Gelatin is an animal based product and is used in jello, on the other hand fruit pectin is a soluble fiber and is used to make jam. Pretty much any soluble fiber would act like pectin, such as metamusle. If you doubt this simply look up the two words, pectin and gelatin. The point is jello and gelatin are nothing like fruit pectin and will not help.

  • Michael

    Hey James, I want to start off by saying that I really enjoyed your post, tons of useful information. In terms of the at home stick tests, I was just wondering if diluting the piss with a little water for a weekly smoker (maybe two or three times a week if i’m feelin’ it) is really a guarantee? It just seems like such a simple solution for what I may have misinterpreted to be such a big roadblock in my cannabis consumption. Thanks in advance.

  • Anonymous

    My boyfriend passed a urine test this morning without prior warning as part of a pre employment screening. I filled up a clean empty travel size shampoo bottle (screw top so leak proof and no noise) with my urine & used one hand warmer to keep it warm. He placed the warmer in his boxers and the bottle under his scrotum and it stayed in place. I was worried that they may test hormones & know that the urine came from a female. It was a simple on site strip in the cup & temperature test that was not witnessed. He said it had been 45 mins since I gave him the urine until he did test & the temp was perfect. He poured it in the cup & also urinated in toilet. He put the bottle back so no one would notice it in his pocket. No one suspected a thing & he got the job! The test was for thc, alcohol, cocaine, & meth.

  • Trips

    James, let me start of like most and applaud you for your efforts in helping many, many ppl thru the hassle of urinalysis. Your article was well written, humorous, and most certainly helpful. I found it like most do, in a panic, and desperately in search of answers and hope. And it gave me plenty of both. So THANK YOU!

    Having said that, I would also like to mention that I have read a majority of the comments, and it puzzles me how ppl continue to ask the same question, rather than maybe READING a little and coming to a general conclusion as to their own situation. But ya know.. it is what it is, so to speak.

    In any case, I would like to add my personal knowledge based on experience, and the information you so graciously covered in your article, in hopes that it may serve to help others, and potentially answer some questions I have seen ppl ask.

    I attend a methodone maintenance program in the USA. Marijuana use is still illegal in my state however.
    I have had CLEAN urine at my clinic(as far as they know) for the last several years, making it possible for me to be eligible for “take home doses”, which certainly make attending the clinic much, much easier. I visit the clinic twice per month, and must leave a urine drug screen once a month. I also love marijuana, and do smoke whenever possible. I had been abstaining from smoking for several years until Dec2012, and have been using off and on since.

    Based on my desires and my restrictions, I have come up with a process that I have proven, month after month since Dec 2012(now Sept 2013). This has not failed me ONCE yet!

    Let me also mention, that I am 37, 6ft, and over 300lbs.
    I have knee and hip problems that prevent me from exercising as I would like, so I am very sedentary. Even still, I have not failed a single test yet using a combination of your’s and my own methods.

    Basically, I employ your method exactly as listed, 4 hours prior to testing. I mix one bag of powdered Sure Gel Fruit Pectin with one 32oz Gatorade and drink, 1 to 2 liters of water and drink, another sure gel and 32oz gatorade and drink, and finally, another liter or more of water. An hour later I leave my sample. It’s equally important to mention I am urinating frequently during the hours I am ingesting all of this liquid. During this time, I am testing my samples at home. I purchase THC dipstick tests on ebay. They can be had for around 1 to 2 dollars a piece. I usually purchase 10-15 a month. Its inexpensive peace of mind.
    I also bring one of these with me to the clinic so I can actually TEST the sample I leave, so I KNOW for sure if I passed. There is NO better peace of mind! The urine is NOT supervised so this has not been a problem.

    Let me also mention that my smoking cycle is basically as such. After leaving my sample each month, I allow myself to smoke for a period of 1 week. Although I have gone as far as two weeks. And that is DAILY smoking, typically about a half gram per day, mostly at night.
    My best, safest results, come from only smoking for ONE week, and then abstaining for THREE weeks.
    Then using the method outlined above. Its also worth noting that drinking that much liquid in such a small period of time WILL make your urine CLEAR. To combat this I take (2) 50mg vitamin B2(Riboflavin) 1 hour prior to testing. The Riboflavin will make your urine bright neon yellow. Almost suspect neon, but MUCH less suspect than clear urine, lol.

    The hardest part of this entire process, is drinking so much so fast, and holding in my urine on the 25+ minute car ride, LOL. The sure gel doesn’t taste to good either, but the gatorade helps to make it much more bearable.

    Having said all that, between the B2, the inexpensive THC home tests, the method outlined in your article, and a little common sense, I have been passing with flying colors for months! Even with my size and health issues I am able to smoke 1 week out of every month, and pass with flying colors each time.
    The best part, is the counselor at the clinic KNOWS I do this, and does not care so long as I pass. If I were to fail, I would lose my ability to take my meds out every two weeks. Not the end of the world, but still.

    THIS WORKS! If you just READ, stick to the script, and use a little brain power. If it can work for me, it most certainly should be able to work for the average person, yet still, it goes with out saying for anyone reading this, YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY!

    Thanks again for the excellent article, and the peace of mind it has allowed me. And best yet, I can SMOKE again!!!

    • Courtney

      Well said.

  • Mackenzie

    Great article. Except that women don’t pee out of their vagina. Just a minor detail. We have a urethra just like me do! Imagine that.

    • To clarify once again, I was simply trying to be funny with the whole ‘peeing out of vagina’ thing. I figured that, in the context of all the scientific-jargon in this article, it’d catch the reader off guard. Guess I was right. :P

  • Yung Blaze

    Hey man loved the article definetley one of the best i’ve ever read in fact it made me go back and read your previous ones :) I take my test at a temp agency tomorrow and am expecting good results smoked about a bowl two days ago and have been on a cranberry juice, green tea, and now jello regimen hope i pass which im sure i will thanks to your great advice and i agree with you and stoner field I hope my kids or grandkids come to me one day like daddy/grandad WEED USED TO BE ILLEGAL?!?! but for now we must suffer through this bullshit till then again thanks for the article it was massive help just glad i found it in time

  • Jess

    So what is your take on this:
    The last time I smoked was 16 days ago. Just a few one hitters. I haven’t smoked since. I haven’t exactly been out running lately as the weather has been crappy, but I have drank a good bit of beer over the course of the two weeks. I also got sick and literally sweated out five pounds of water weight over a course of two days. I took a drug test yesterday. I’m a female who is 5’6 and 135 pounds. Do you think I’ll pass?

    • I can’t really say with certainty, the only detail I need that you left out was how heavy a smoker were you 17, 18, 19, 20 (and so on) days ago. If you got high on a few one hitters a weekend or two a month, or even every weekend, for the last 12 months or more you’ll definitely be fine. However, if it was a daily habit for the last 12 months, or even 2+ months really, I would do everything I could to increase my chances of passing.

      Given that you didn’t mention anything about your marijuana smoking escapades from before 16 days ago, I assume there wasn’t much if any, so if that’s the case you don’t have anything to worry about.

  • Sierra L.

    My friend told me something similar to this. He said to take atleast 2 packs from the box of sure jell and mix it with a 20 oz bottle of cold water and drink it right before the test. In this case I am getting tested at juvenile court, will that work?

  • christoffer

    hi im taking medical exam for life insurence my employer is giving me. a nurse will be coming to take my blood and piss sample at my place of work and taking it to a lab. once i heard this i stop smoking. my employer scheduled my exam 30days after i stop smoking (that the day i found out). im smoked everyday for the pass 3-5years. so im a heavy smoker. i’m really skinny and very active. i weight about 125-132lbs i am 5’6. since i’ve stopped im been drinkin lots of water and eatting healthy. i play ball ever other week. i’ve started to exercise so I can start burning my fat to get rid of the toxins. i have a high metabolism which is why im skinny. do u think 30days is enough for a skinny person, who is a heavy smoker like me to pass my life insurance medical exam???

    • Definitely. But it may be cutting it a little close, but honestly I doubt it. I think with your weight and activity level two factors come into play regarding why I think it’ll be out of your system so fast. That your metabolism is faster than most people’s doesn’t simply mean your body burns fat faster than usual, as metabolism is the process of burning and replacing fat cells. Given that you have a healthy, functioning body, and (partly as a result of that) also have low body fat, your body is very used to going through many metabolic cycles within the course of 30 days.

  • jason gee

    hey could i just substitute eating fruits besides taking gelatin?

    • Not likely. I suppose if you did some research to find out which fruits contain the highest percentage of pectin, and figured out how much of that fruit would be needed to equal a pack of sure jell, you could attempt it. However if you did do that research, you’d probably find it would require the consumption of way more of that fruit than would be possible to consume in one four hour period. I’d stick with the sure jell, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to eat some fruit with it as well.

  • sistersister

    A little comment about a ladys whizinator. Girls, use a small bottle with drug free urine in it that will slide up in your vagigi. Wear tight pants so it stays put if u need to. Heat it up to body temp before u insert and ur good togo. Just pull it out when u need and put it back when ur done. Maybe use a little lube. Works great if they arent watching. Add string tied around the top like a tampon string if ur worried about loosing it up inside. I would say two ounces would be enough to do the job.

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  • catskann64

    I last smoked 7 days ago. Before that week, I smoked about 3 hits to 1/2 small bowl per day for appx 2.5 weeks. I’m fat and lazy (yeah, I know, I know, I tell myself all the time). What is the likelihood of me passing a test to be given no sooner than 3-4 days from now?

    • I wouldn’t sweat it too much. But you should sweat though. By way of aerobic exercise. But honestly I don’t want to make any predictions, it might be a close one.

      • the cold, hard ring of truth ; D ! thanks for answering, i really do appreciate it!

  • Jen

    Hi James!
    Thanks so much for this information. I found your website once, forgot to bookmark it…then lucked out and found it again. Of course I’m waiting for the impending test…last time I smoked was last Wednesday. The kicker here is I have NO idea when it will be. I’ve stopped for now, have purchased a bike and am doing all things you’ve suggested. I’m doing a trial run today, purchased the sure gel and just drank the first mixture and will be using a Walgreen’s at home test in a few hours.

    Question: does it have to be unflavored?? That stuff is really gross and stinks…triggering the gag reflex. I know, I know – no pain, no gain…just curious.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to help many of us get around this incredibly unnecessary test!

    • In theory I suppose the flavorless gelatin, not being comprised of any sugar, might be slightly more effective. But even that’s just conjecture, I’d be very surprised if you failed your drug test as a result of using flavored gelatin as opposed to flavorless sure jell.

      • Jen

        Thanks James…the details help!!

        • Jen

          I’ve continued to do more reading…is it possible for the labs (Quest, Labcorp, etc) to detect this is a masking agent on your typical pre-employment UA test?

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  • her

    if im using the sure jell to get weed out of my system but i have a prescription for methadone and i need that to stay in my system will the sure jell and water flush the methadone out of my system if i take it every morning? my drug test is in 2 days on the 29th and i need to know before then..i have home drug test to make sure the weed is out of my system by then but it doesnt test for methadone and if my methadone isnt in my system again he is going to send my pee off to a lab and then the weed will show up and so will my methadone but if weed shows up i go straight to jail for a year. PLEASE ANSWER BACK BEFORE THE 29TH!!!! PLEASEEEEE!!!!!!

    • This is a particularly sticky situation. All I can suggest is you stop smoking right now and get as much aerobic exercise as possible before the test. If you’re still taking the methadone, I doubt the sure jell would be able to mask all the toxins from it, just as I doubt it would mask cannabis toxins in someone who smoked the week leading up to their test.

      I can probably more accurately predict the outcome if you let me know when the last time you smoked pot was, and how often you toked up before you stopped.

      • her

        i smoked like 15 days ago and i really only smoked for like 2 weeks before that on and off and on the days i did smoke i smoked a few bowl packs between two or three people. and earlier today i tried testing the sure jell thing and after i drank the sure jell in a liter of water and then drank a liter of water it made me throw up so i was scared to try and drink the 2nd box of sure jell or the 2nd liter of water..but ive been drinking bottles of water since but the home test i took failed.so im freaking out.

  • Mouth

    Do you really think females piss out of their vaginas? It didn’t seem worded as a joke and it definitely makes you sound like an idiot, which is too bad because that gelatin idea is golden. If you really don’t know, women also have a urethra. The vagina and bladder may share a tight internal space but they in no way connect or function together. Urethras: Not just for men.

    • That sentence struck you more as a definitive scientific statement than a joke? That definitely makes you sound like an idiot.

  • Alan houghton

    And can i just say the guy that wrote this is a legend and i want to have a smoke with him, i just panic buyed some shit that sounds the same as pure jell, what happens when i drink it? am i ment to visit the toilet a couple of times?! if so fingers crossed i’ll dump this out my system, pass the test and get back to my old ways!

  • Alan houghton

    I’m from scotland got my test in 6 days cant get sure jell over here what can i do?! I’ve smoked regularly for 8 years quite heavily anything i can use instead of sure jell? Help!!!

  • g-sus

    I have passed three employment drug screening tests (urine) simply by asking a friend who is clean to pee in a baby bottle in the morning before my test, and I hold it at my crotch wrapped in paper on the way to the clinic so the temperature will be at body temperature. Then I just dump that pee into the cup the give, then just pee naturally in the bowl. It’s not pretty, but has worked three times before.

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  • Stella

    What about psyllium? Also, some people swear by 100% pure cranberry juice.. Any thoughts, experience, or info?

    • I’ll have to look into psyllium. But from what I’ve gathered upon a quick Google search, it may possibly work in a similar manner to Gelatin.

  • Don’t let your upcoming drug test scare you. Take the time to prepare yourself so that you can get the results that you want. By consuming enough water, you will be able to make a difference in the results of your drug test. As the water continues to flush out your system, you will be less likely to have a positive drug test.

  • Hey. First of all I really like the article! It certainly calmed me down a little. So my parents have notified me that i will have a home urine drug test quite soon. Most likely this weekend. The last time I smoked weed was friday november 30. So its only been 6 days. I hadnt smoked many times recently before friday. Im 5 feet and 8 inches and 140 lbs. My metabolism is very fast and im on the swim team so i swim about an hour and a half each morning before school. I also had a friend give me some clean piss this afternoon. But i was wondering if i could i pass this test if i used my own piss? Would it be safe to use my friends pee or can the test detect that its not fresh. It is only a home test though. I would appreciate very much if u got back to me on it soon. Thanks.

    • Stacie

      No they cannot tell kids pee from adults unless they are actually trying too (requires totally different testing) but thats not something they do in a urine analysis. He’s fine.

  • Jessica

    I was wondering… I’ve heard rumors about the lab being able to determine an adults urine and a child’s urine these days. Is this true? My husband has been using our sons urine and has been working all these years…is he going to get caught??!!

  • james

    Hi there, i’ve just read your article and found it very educational, and i’m very greteful you shared this information with us all.
    I live in the UK and am a recovering heroin addict. I lost my driving licence around 18 months ago after using some heroin that had been cut with xanax. It really whacked me so much i didn’t know what i was doing and i got in my car and crashed it about half a mile up the road.I am just about to reapply for my licence and i’m going to have to pass a medical to get it back. However, i attend a drug dependancy unit which prescribe me a substitute called subutex. The driving licence agency are going to want to see my file from the DDU. I have a urine test coming in two days and i have very regrettably had a relapse after a row with my ex over child access last week. I don’t think i have time to flush my system out enough with water as i used again today. The tests they use are pretty sensitive from past experience. I was considering making a fake sample with a tea bag and some water and sprinkling a bit of subutex in it, as they will expect to find that. My main worry is that i’m not sure if the tests actually test if it is urine, or do they just test the temp to see if it is fresh? Also i was wondering about the gelatine trick. i can’t get the same products over here, so i was wondering if you could tell me what sort of volumes are in the packets you described? Also your thoughts on whether this will work with herion and your toughts on making a fake sample. I don’t have anyone i can ask for a clean sample, otherwise [email protected] just use that and dissolve some subutex in that.
    Anyway, i really hope you can help me, i am stressed to the max and would be eternally gratefull for a quick response, if you have the time.

    Many thanks, James

  • Gianna

    I love the article but I was wondering something and I’m not sure if u could help, I am supposed to take a drug test by Friday at the latest..I took about 2 ounces of Tussionex cough syrup over a 24 hour span(great stuff) the last dose was about 24 hours ago. I have read some things that say it will take 4 days and others that say 24 hours..I’m not sure if I will pass or what I can do since I don’t really have too much time. Please help

    • Dangerous1

      Thanks for this article, very insightful. Just had a few questions:
      I recently had to take a screen for a job, and I’ve been abstaining for over a month. However, I took a home test, and I was still coming up dirty. I decided to go with the dilution/masking method, but I was unable to find Sure Jell. Fortunately, I found something called Fruit Jell, that seems to be almost the same thing, except for two things:

      First, it is no sugar needed, and I was unsure if that made a difference.

      Second, Here are the ingredients:
      Fruit Jell (No Sugar Needed) Ingredients: Dextrose, Pectin, Locust Bean Gum, Xanthan Gum
      Sure Jell (No Sugar Needed) Ingredients: Dextrose, Pectin, Fumaric Acid, Sodium Citrate

      Do any of the other ingredients do anything to help the process, or is it just the Pectin I should be concerned about?

      Thanks in advance for the help.

  • Elizabeth

    Thanks for such a great insight filled article. I am currently talking to someone because I was called out by my family for smoking weed both my husband and I. My husband who is 31 who has been an avid smoker for years(1 or 2 a day) does general labor work and has a great metabolism since he rides his bike to work and where ever else needed. I am 54 and about 150lbs. Although I dont work out regularly I have been since we both quit smoking)And I am chasing my busy body family around.:) The last we smoked two days ago.I as well smoking about every day wether a hit or sharing a few bowls. The people who will be administering the test know that if I were tested it would be negative, Understanding that I wasnot tested. Dont know how much time I will be given.it will more than likely be a suprise. ANYWAYS my question is…., granted, I dont smoke anymore(I wont be)and continue to eat a low fat diet and dilute and burn fat do you think by the time they give me the test. I am assumming two weeks or more me and my husband will pass. Obviously stressing out like everyone else. I dont know if the Gelitin would be a good idea since I dont know when the test would be. I assume you are busy but if you could write back to ease my mind I would be greatfull. Thank you.

  • Hi James! Thank you so much for posting this – it was extremely reader-friendly and way more informative than other blogs I’ve looked at. With that being said, I was hoping that I may also be able to present my individualized situation with hopes of your feedback….I’m 5’7” and weight about 125 lbs. I haven’t smoked in about 2 and a half weeks and will not have to take my drug test for another week and a half. I exercise on a daily basis and all that…but I was smoking about 2 or 3 spliffs a day before 2 and a half weeks ago. With that being said, should I start this jello-method now? Consuming jello daily over the next week and a half? Or is only necessary to do it the day before/the day of the test? Thanks again for your help, it was really well-written.

  • Lori Richardson

    I have to take a urine test just for the pleasure of selling crappy deli food from a grocery store and this makes me wonder if the President or anyone wanting to be President is required to test??? And is there a Whizzinator option for women? I really enjoyed this page by the way. Chock full of info! Thanks!

  • J

    Can I just add water to my urine an go the ” wizanator” rout. If not what a good method to clean my own urine.

  • Matthew F.

    Hi James!
    Could you tell me where I could get my hands on Gelatin Jell?

  • Kristi

    Got a question…I have taken xanax and I have a urine test coming up…will this also help for pills? My test is not another 27 days and I have to pass…any info would be greatly appreciated!

    • Here’s what I was able to find regarding Xanax and drug tests. It seems the active ingredient in Xanax does show up on most drug tests.




      As far as whether the methods laid out above will work the same with Xanax, I can’t answer that with confidence. I would imagine that they do, though.

      • Kyrie

        I just took a 9 panel urine test (pre-employment) at Labcorp, and I have an Rx for Xanax and take it daily. I’ve taken drug tests at this Labcorp for the same reason three separate times and they have never once questioned my Xanax, and I’ve never had to tell them what prescriptions I was taking. I passed my most recent drug test using this sure gel method (for THC), after being clean for 2 weeks, and the last two before that I passed naturally because I hadn’t been smoking, but I was still on Xanax and no one ever said a word. Your results may vary depending on what they are testing for, but if it’s just Xanax then it should be okay. Good luck!

        • John

          Xanax will show up. If they are not looking for it specifically then they dont care. Most drugs tests are looking for one thing and one thing only and thats marijuana. Of course, that just depends on the employer that ordered it or if it were for probation. The fact that you have a Rx for it means you’re safe regardless.

          To the person who has the UA in 20 some odd days, if you have been taking xanax for a while and are addicted to them, even the slightest, be very careful quiiting them. If you depend on them and quit you could have seizures. Try and reduce the strength a little every day. Quit them all together about 8 days away from the UA and you’ll pass no problem

  • Los

    Just like to start off by saying good advice. Wish I caught this article before my test. I just took a drug UA for a job today. I was a heavy user I’m 250lbs 6’1 male…I’ve stopped smoking for 6 weeks the past 2 weeks I’ve been exercising, drinking lots of water. But the employer called me a few hours later saying my UA is going through a second screening. Does that mean its positive? I couldn’t piss right before test, so they gave me a bunch of water to drink so I can pee. I also got drunk last night. Could that have affected test? I get my results on Tuesday Nov 6th. Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Los

      Anybody have any opinions? First time this has happened to me?

    • John

      The alcohol might have screwed it up. Maybe the level was high and they were confused. I do know that how fast you get clean depends on body fat, type of bud smoked (high quality has more thc and stays in the users system longer) and metabolism. If you arent very fat and work out and have a high metabolism then you should be clean after 6 weeks.

      I am 6’3 and weigh 280lbs and smoke nothing but medical grade bud and it took me almost 8 weeks to test clean. I also didnt work out at all during that time tho.

      But, i also know a guy that was 6’1 and 160lbs. he ran 10 miles a day and smoked medical grade bud for 3 years straight and he still tested dirty 6 weeks after quitting.

      The tests are getting better and very hard to trick unless using synthetic or a clean sample. The labs are catching on to how they get beat and just like the steroid tests they are changing to catch more people.

      Best of luck to you!

  • Kyrie

    Thanks so much for this article, my husband has always swore by sure jell, but I was skeptical. I am female, 5’8″ tall and weigh around 210 lbs. Yes I’m sedentary and lazy. Anyway, I was clean for over a year, and then in July I started smoking again, daily basis, up until about 8 days ago, so that would be roughly three months smoking. I got a job offer today, and I know they are going to be drug testing me at a Labcorp, probably Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. I am drinking water, playing boxing on Wii sports ( I’m definitely sweating ALOT) for about a half hour a day, drinking cranberry juice, and taking chewable, gummy, prenatal vitamins (I’m NOT pregnant, I’m 45 years old). My husband picked up two packages of liquid sure jell for me tonight in preparation for next week. My husband feels confident with following your method (which was almost identical to his, but he’s thin and wiry, not fat in any way), and I think my chances are good, but I’d really be grateful if you could give your opinion based on this information. Thanks for any insight or information you could provide!

    • steve smith

      Thank you for the information. Is it ok to piss during the 4 hour window of ingesting all of the water and jelatin, or should my first piss be during the test?…….Major issue. Thanks

  • bubezleeb

    I am getting the feeling that a lot of people don’t actually read the article before posting. So, I will help by just summarizing it briefly.


    -Four hours prior: Mix a box of Sure Jell with one liter of water and drink.
    -Three hours prior: Drink one to two liters of regular water.
    -Two hours prior: Mix another box of Sure Jell with one liter of water and drink.
    -One hour prior: Drink one liter of regular water.

    (NOTE: the sure jell does not detox you, it just is used the day of the test as the “masking” agent)

    • I had been getting the same feeling too. Thanks. :)

      • Kyrie

        I read the entire article. Three times, actually. I was merely asking for your opinion on my chances based on the article, using my personal situation. Thanks for the reply.

    • GREG

      ive got a question…ive actually dilluted my urine with clean urine sample for urine test…most of it were clean urine maybe 70% clean and 30% mine…can i get off with it???

      • I mean if you’re going through all the trouble to obtain clean urine, why would you use it to dilute your own as opposed to just using 100% of the clean stuff? Having said that, I couldn’t imagine anyone smoking so much weed that they’d fail a drug test after diluting their urine to such an extent. Having said that, I’m unaware of the capabilities of typical modern professional drug tests with respect to their fraud detecting abilities. I doubt they’re capable of analyzing the genetic makeup of the urine, which would be necessary to detect that a urine sample contains urine from more than one individual. Still, I would recommend just submitting a 100% clean sample.

        How do you plan on getting the urine into the clinic bathroom?

      • Carlos

        How about if i were to pee in a cup while i was clean and save it for the drug test would they notice?

  • Stevo

    Hey Bro. Bee a heavy smoker for 40 years, but have cut back in the last few months. Still have smoked though. I smoked about a week ago I got a job that I thought would be a saliva test but they scheduled me for a physical and drug screen so I assume it will be piss.
    When I take the test I won’t have smoked at for a week. Been drinking buttloads of water and taking a lasic water pill every day.
    I have a bottle of stuff called stinger that has B vitamins and creatine in it and plan on taking that with lots of water. I really don’t think I can sneak any urine in, do you think this with your gelatin trick will work or am I just screwed?

  • trav

    very good article! i have a question. i have not smoked for almost 9 months and finally smoked a bowl recently with a friend. i have a possible pee test next thursday on nov 1st. i am 6’3 and overweight. so if i drink water daily and walk an hour a day, will i able to pass the pee test in 6 days? please let me know asap cuz i am worried about failing.

  • Carol

    I smoke weed everyday about 4 to 5 pulls on a blunt. I am 110 lbs and 5 foot female. I have a test coming up in about 4 days thru a clinic for a job. I do not excercise and do not drink water. I drink a lot of ice tea all day long and urinate a lot throughout the day. What do you think my chances of passing are if I do the gello the day of the test? I will not smoke for the next 4 days. I hope you can answer this question relatively quick, as I do not have much time! Please help! Thanks!

  • rick

    Hi. I went a did a drug test and used my friends clean pee (it was kind of a get over there now situaion nothin expected of use though) anyways the tempature wasnt right so then i had to acctully pee in the cup i drink alot of redbull and coffee and have a fast metabolism, but smoked 5 hours before it happened. When i pissed in the cup i thought it was gone be chalky looking but it was not its was right between clear and yellow not alot of color at all though. Anyways question i wanted to ask was first what would they do if one test came up positive and one negative what would they do. And they found no evidence of me puttin someone elses pee in the cup. Second question is it possible to be just diluted enough to graze the linehave hardly 8% fat maybe a little more and i do get very physical at work. Think ill be ok? I have passed one before same little process.

  • NATE

    James, I took a drug test for probation Tuesday, the 23rd. I smoked a half of a “pin” joint Mon.(the 15th) around 7:00 p.m and hit a joint 3 times the next morning around 8:00 a.m. The day before & the day of my test, I consumed a lot of water. I took 2 home drug screens & passed both. I am 5’9″ and 215lbs but I am a roofer so I do get a lot of excersize. I also didn’t eat anything the day of the test & used my midstream urine. Befofore I smoked on the 15TH, I hadn’t smoked in a couple weeks. How worried should I be? Right now, I’M PANICING!!

  • Tayler

    Ah this stopped me freaking out so much (if it works haha)!! Anyways, I have a drug test in probably around 3 weeks that’s run through DCF (department of children and families, so it’s prob going to be a pretty fucking sophisticated test) because I have to get it for this new research position at a substance abuse clinic (lol I know, I smoke weed). I’m female and am about 5’5″ and 135 pds, and I run 2 or more miles usually at least four days a week. If I do what you recommend should I be fine within 3 weeks? Also, should I do any of the Sure-Jell stuff in the following weeks or just on test day? Thanks!

    • Tayler

      I forgot to say that I usually smoke maybe a little more than a bowl 2-4 times a week.

  • Jake

    I appreciate you sharing all of your knowledge. I’ll have you know I’ve learned way more for you than any or bullshit source I’ve came in contact with. Anyways, I’m expecting a test from my parents in 2-3 weeks. Ive kept a bottle of my OWN clean piss from about 2 1/2 months ago. Would that piss be useful in passing my test? If not would not consuming marijuana for a week prior to my test be helpful? I’m 5 10 175lbs, play football and exercise for at least 3 hours everyday. A reply as soon as you can would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thank you

    • As long as you know the piss you’ve stored away is indeed clean, I would just find a place in your bathroom to hide it. Then when your parents give you the test (I assume they won’t accompany you in the bathroom), simply pour it into whatever container they give you to piss in.

      As for whether you’d be clean in a week, that would depend on how much and how often you’ve been smoking. However judging by your height, weight and activity level, you’d likely be clean in a week. I can’t say with certainty though.

      • Jake

        Awesome! Thanks!

    • John

      As a nurse i might can help here. two things…

      1: how have you stored the urine? If you kept it cold or added a preservative than you are good. Most urine will get cloudy and clumpy if left in the heat/room temp for that long. if it looks fresh then it should pass. Just make sure you warm it up since most home kits have a temp range on the bottle to make sure its fresh. Like i said in an earlier post, hand warmers should do the trick here.

      2: if they are sending it to a lab i am certain the lab will know it is an old sample. The rate that bacteria grow in urine would give it away. Or they might just think you have a urinary tract infection. A severe one at that.

      My advice would be just to go to a head shop and buy synthetic urine for 20-30 bucks. Synthetic will pass a home test no problems as long as its heated. If sent to a lab its more of a 50/50 deal depending on how in depth the lab tests. If you aren’t old enough to get in to a head shop i am sure you have a friend thats 18+ or 21 depending on what state you live in. If you buy a synthetic online your best bet would be “quick fix plus” that is if you have the money to spend.

      That being said, i doubt your parents will send it to a lab since that costs more money. They will probably put their faith in the regular home test kits at walgreens or cvs. So, as long as your old urine looks good i would go with that. Easy way to tell is to void a new sample and compare the two to make sure. But if you have doubts, just go the synthetic way. Better safe than sorry!

      Best of luck to you!

  • jenny s.

    need help i have randoms at work and might only have 2 hr maybe an hr. i did the synthetic pee didnt work wouldnt stay hot enough even with warmers.

  • Sammy

    Hello, James! I am so happy i found your article in time. I have a urine test coming up on october 30th, it will be 17 days after my last hit (last time i smoked was october 13th – one week ago), and i smoked also one week before that. That’s a total of two times this month only. In september and august, however, i smoked a lot more. Few times a week, but never every-day-thing. This drug test is very important because i would be kicked out of school if it comes out positive. And my parents don’t need this disappointment. I am also a girl. Which it makes me look even worse in their eyes. (for some reason, people expect more from girls, i guess). As much as i LOVE pot, i will have to put it off until vacation, cause college is more important at this point.
    Anyway, just like you in high school, i just completely forgot about this test coming up. I am so freaked out, i would use someone else’s urine, which i consider to be an extremely risky thing (i sweat just thinking about it). Do you think i should be ok with the gelatin thing/without it? I started drinking a lot of water today. I have about 10 more days to go, and i regularly walk an hour a day 3 times a week. I need to know if you think i should be fine.. Thanks a million! —sammy.

    • Hmm… Yeah, you’re cutting it a bit close. But you should be fine. You should up your activity level, at least walk an hour a day. If you have time to exercise more, you should.

      But yeah, if you exercise more and do the gelatin trick, I’d be very surprised if the test came up positive. Especially considering you only smoked twice this month. I wouldn’t sweat it.

  • zakk

    Hey, love your post, actually learned allot. when using the Sure Jell trick, if you got like three days, if you do this, does it help clear you system or just mask it??

  • Gabe

    i know you probably have had many questions and suggestions on this article and i understand if you cant respond right away but would highly appreciate it if i got an answer in the next 5 days or so…. my question is when you put the sure jell jello in a 1 liter pitcher, do you let it settle and actually let it jell up and stuff or do you drink it right away while its not a jell?

    • Well, I don’t think it makes a difference as far as its effectiveness at masking the toxins, but drinking it right say in liquid form is certainly easier, and allows you to consume more quicker. So yeah, when I did it, I drank it in liquid form and that’s what I had in mind when writing the article.

      Thanks for the question. :)

  • Joey

    Good afternoon James, I want to say that your knowledge has secured my thought process and stress levels for now. Just a quick question.

    I have a drug test in 24 days. I am 5’11 240 pounds. I’m fat but not lazy. If i worked out a few days a week with lots of water and excercise, then used the gelatin trick the day of my test..do you think 24 days will be long enough? I may not even get dropped it’s for court..but I’m quitting just incase.

    24 full days clean with excercise, water, and your method.

    Love your blog James,


  • Micky

    G’day James, just read your artical & found it very informative. Having already failed two workplace urine tests in six months I’m on last notice.

    The first failed test my employer allowed me the time I needed to get clean & allowed me to return to work once I could produce a clean sample (this took 8 weeks of detox). The second test yielded a FALSE positive for which they had to give me the benefit of the doubt because they did not follow company policy by not sending the positive test to the lab, which would have proved the test was faulty.

    So after the second fail (the false one) I felt Im dammed if I do & dammed if I dont so crept back into my old ways of being a daily smoker.

    I have been notified of an impending drug test & have been clean for four days but dont expect this is long enough.

    I will try this gelatine method, after all what have I got to lose other than my job. I will let you know how I go.

    Thanks for the info, and just a warning for your readers that sometimes the drug test itself can GET IT WRONG!

    • Micky

      G’day again James, after further research I have discovered that FAIR WORK AUSTRALIA, which is the government body that sets wages & working conditions in Australia, has ruled in the federal court that urine testing of employees is “unfair & unjustified” & is to be replaced by saliva testing. This only occurred in sept & has very wide ramifications for every industry & is a massive bonus for workers rights in Australia. HOORAY!!!

  • Vince

    Hey James, hope your weekend was a good one. Love the blog. Here’s my situation, I’d like to hear your opinion on it so I can have peace of mind.

    I’ve been smoking hash daily for 4+ years, easily a gram a day for the last half of that time. I’m eying a new job which I know performs urine tests. The catch is that it’s a small town factory with a small amount of workers, and my father works there. The employees always find out when someone fails the medical and my dad would consider it a huge hit to his reputation if I didn’t pass, so obviously I’d like to avoid any conflicts this would cause within my family. I’m 5’11 and weigh 140 with a quick metabolism – in the meantime I work a tough construction job and play recreational hockey at least once a week when whether permits.

    From what I gather in this post, it sounds like if I quit today, I’d pass for sure if I applied a month from now. However, every other article I read seems to say that very heavy users can have detectable traces of toxins for up to two or three months! So my question is, how long should I wait before I can be absolutely, positively, 110% sure that I can pass the test naturally? If I can’t be fully sure that a month is enough, I’ll definitely be considering your solutions.

    Thanks in advance, much appreciated!

  • Bill

    I use to smoke 2/3 joints of weed a night for 6 months then stopped for 3 weeks then stupidly smoked 3 joints on a night I have been clean for 3 weeks now and have a urine test. I work 10 hours a day 7 days a week a generally sweat alot at work do you think I can pass the test?

  • tristen

    I am 16, 5″9′, about 160 pounds and have been smoking a half gram about once a week for about a year. My mom caught me a while ago and has drug tested me once, but keeps bringing up that she isn’t afraid to again. I play football and am very active. I have no intention of stopping my ritual of weekend toking. What is the best way for me to pass this next drug test? Also, I am really limited as far as money. Thanks for this article, it was very helpful!

  • Jordan

    Hey there,

    Just read the article which I thought was great, and probably the most thorough of any I’ve found on the web. I’m applying for jobs that I know will drug test, although I now believe my test may be sooner than I originally expected. I imagine it’ll be at least 14 days before I get tested though. A little about me, I’ve been a heavy smoker for many years, for safety sake say an eighth a day, although I’ve smoked much less over the past week. I’m very fit and work out all the time, and my body fat percentage is around 6. I’m on a very healthy diet and have a fast metabolism as well. Basically what I’m wondering is what do you think my chances are for someone with the background to test clean in 14 days? Also, I think the Gelatin idea is great, and I’ll certainly take every precaution I can in the last few days before I test, but what should I be doing over the next week or so to prepare? Should I be starting on flushing my system and eating gelatin now or does that not speed up the process and just keep working out until the day gets closer? Thanks!

    • First of all thanks for the compliment and for explaining your experience with the sure jell. When I wrote this I had only heard of the sure jell method from one person, and all I knew was that it worked for him and me. It’s nice to know it’s worked for others as well.

      Okay, as for your husband, the fact that he smoked heavily before the two weeks of cessation leads me to believe he should definitely do the sure jell trick again. In all likelihood it isn’t necessary, and he’s probably clean as I’m writing this, but I’d go with the sure jell method just incase.

    • You SHOULD start flushing your system right now. But the sure jell won’t do anything to help that process – it only helps to mask that which didn’t get flushed.

      Exercise is the best thing you can do during this time. Exercise and a super healthy diet. There are legitimate detox products you can buy, usually at health food stores, which MAY speed up this process. But like I said in the article, THC is stored in your fat, so anything which helps to burn fat will speed up the detox process.

  • I have a couple questions. Okay, 1st off, I absolutely loved this Post! I’m not a regular reader but I am now! Last time I had to see how to use sure-gel was 3 years ago for my then-boyfriend/now-husband and need to use it again! Things never change! But I love him pothead & all & has slowly been turning me into one as well. Anyways.. To anyone who reads this, the websites on google say sure gel doesn’t work BUT it does! My husband is a regular smoker (a heavier smoker on the weekends than weekdays) but always consuming THC. 3 years ago my cousin and him smoked like 2 days before a piss test & passed using this sure gel method: drink a packet of sure gel in a water bottle, shake it & chug it. Then wait an hr and eat a big fat juicy burger (to help w/ coloring I guess) then pee once before going then hold your pee till the test and the 2nd pee should be the good one. My question to you, Writer of this post is wouldn’t drinking that much water make the pee too clear? What can you do to yellow it? Another thing, my husband found out he was taking a piss test and quit smoking weeks Ago. He’s 6’4, 160-180 lbs (he fluctuates frequently but he’s pretty much ALWAYS thin. He’s been drinking beer, h20, cranberry like crazy for those 2 weeks. Would he be ok to just take the test w/out masking? Oh & he also smoked regularly before quitting. A response would be greatly appreciated! :)))

  • Lou

    I’d first like to say this is a phenomenal article with loads of helpful information and im happy to have stumbled upon it! I had taken a clinical exam for probation in july and I passed, however i had abstained for about 3 weeks and up until the night before the test, i was still failing home tests. I was drinking tons and tons of water everyday, so i began getting very worried. I woke up the next morning and tried the jello remedy and also a detox drink i had purchased at a local headshop. I guess you can say i was pretty much pissing my pants waiting for the results but i passed! Anyway my mom found my stash recently and plans on testing me within the next couple of weeks. i heard wiping the inside of the toilet bowl with the wand will help, and i also heard that diluting with bleach will also work. Have you also heard of these ways? Also my metabolism is usain bolt fast and ive cut my smoking down to only a couple one-hitters or grav bong a day before sleep. Thank you for all the help!!

    • Bleach will only dilute the urine to the same extend water will. Nothing about the chemical properties of bleach would trick a drug test into coming up negative when it should be positive.

      If your mom already found your stash I don’t really see what the point in trying to trick a drug test she gives you. At this point I’d say you’re just going to have to sit down with her and tell her, “Look, I smoke marijuana. If you don’t want me doing it in your house I won’t, but it’s an aspect of my lifestyle that won’t go away just because you wish it would.”

      At least that’s something similar to the talk I had with my Mom about it. You don’t really have to stop smoking at home, you just have to be smarter about it. Read my first “How to Get Away with Stuff” article for information on that.

  • Brandon

    Hey guys!

    I took my test this morning at labcorp. The last time I smoked was around the 25-26th of August. Since then I have been drinking shit tons of water and cranberry juice sodas etc. I have taken probably 5 cheap dollar store strips and a Walgreens at home test and passed them all. Most lines were not as dark as the control strip but solid lines all the way across. I went in this morning and took my test and piss clear witH a slight yellow tint. The woman didn’t say anything we chated I initial the container signed she stuck it in a bag and said have a nice day. Should I be worried or do you guys think I passed the test. I smoked since may maybe a bowl every. Purple of days not to much. I am about 6″3 250. What do you guys think I am kinda frakin out. Any and all input would be greatly appreciated!!!

    • Sorry it took a few days for me to get back to you on this. I can say with certainty that you passed. Anytime you go more than a month without smoking, even a heavy smoker who’s obese and inactive will be clean in a month. I hope you’ve gotten the results by now but if not don’t sweat it, you’re in the clear.

      • Uneasy

        I read your article and was greatly humored by it. I thank you for the info included however I found it too late. I was just tested at work for our yearly drug screening. The last time I smoked was Jan. 1st at night before bed as usual for about 8 months. The test was on Jan. 30th and unfortunately I tested positive for marijuana. That was 29 days after smoking, I really thought I wouldn’t have a problem being that I only smoked a couple of hits each night before bed and not a contiuous habitual smoker. But I’ve been reading the Q&A’s in this article and came by this one by Brandon (October 8th, 2012) and you advised him that he shouldn’t have a problem because he hasn’t been smoking for a month. I was only 1 day short of a month and still came back positive. I don’t know the consequenses yet as work has not confronted me yet about it however the testing facility has contacted me and informed me of my positive results, CRAP!!!!!! I’m aproximately the same size as Brandon (6′ 4″ and 245lbs.) I’m hopeing I can convince them to test me again claiming an inaccurate test because of possible low levels. It’s been another 10 days since the 1st test and I’m hoping that the retest if alowed will put me in the clear. I still haven’t smoked since the 1st of Jan. and have been flushing with copious amount’s of water since the positive notification.

      • Negative on the 1 month thing.

        I am 6’0″, 240# and 54 years old. Been 57 days since I last partook and I keep failing home tests. Was a heavy user for about a year before being laid off from work.

        I drink copious amounts of coffee and water daily. Moderate exercise. But still fat (although not lazy… just old)

        Tried a detox solution the day of the pre-employment test (following directions to a “T”). Came back Negative-Dillute. Wants me to retake the test ASAP.

        Going back in 2 days, but took another home test today and STILL failed.


        I may try the Sure Gel thingy, but I would imagine with the amount of water that you suggest, it is diluting as much as it is doing anything else, IMO.

        Great article!

    • john

      Drink some Palo Azul Tea for like 6 bucks and you will pass your pee test every time bro.. Palo Azul is a plant that only grows in texas and mexico..get a little bag and boil it in a gallon water and drink 1 day before your test and you will pass every time..google it! everyone says it works. just don’t get the cheap Palo Azul off of ebay or amazon cause that stuff is bunk. Palo Azul Tea dot com seems to have the most effective Palo Azul on the market , and they actually specialize in just Palo Azul.

  • Ron

    I just took a drug test yesterday and smoked twice in in like 2 weeks. It was a nick separated into and mixed with tobacco in cigarettes. It’s been roughly a week since smoking. I have smoked like 4 times in the last 2 months and have not done anything for detox, is there a chance I passed?

    • Well, I don’t know anything about your level of fitness, but yes, there’s a good chance you passed. Especially since it was a spliff rather than a regular weed joint. Good luck either way. :)

  • stoner field

    Great article :) I haven’t heard anyone mention jello in years!!!! I passed my first drug screen 16 years ago using gelatin !!! My big brother who is military man had suggested it to me, back then it was 2 hours before test box of jello & 1 liter water, 1 hour before test box of jello & another liter water, then on way to test 1 liter water (it sure is a hell of a lot of water to drink). I have heard these days that you should also take multi-vitamin every day few days before test turns your “watery pee pee” nice shade of yellow. Maybe the next generation will be able to look back at these old stoner posts & say “WOW pot used to be illegal??”

    • Thank you so much for the kind words. I’m glad to know the jello strategy has been around a while and that you used the same water/jello ratio as I described here.

      And I love that last sentence. It made me smile. One day, my friend. :)

  • ManOnVenus

    What’s up? First off, thanks for taking the time to post this info! So, I thought my piss would be dirty on the day of my piss test since I hit a joint about 2 weeks before my test and another one previously about a week and a half before that. I got some urine from a very trustworthy female friend (I’ve read gender wont be tested, she’s not pregnant or on period, only friend accessible), she didn’t piss enough in crotch bottle! :( I had been working out (cardio) 3 days on, 2 days off since last hit and prior. Had to use what i had since it was test morning. My urine was clear since I had been drinking nothing but water lately (not enough for dilution since i thought her sample would be enough) so I decided it would be ok if I added a little of mine to the sample, dilute mine even more and, bring it the “line”. Took a take home test once I got home for peace of mind and it produced a faint pink line! Negative! Not sure what the faint pink line indicates as far as concentration on these tests so do you think I’m fine? Thanks!

    • Well you’ve probably gotten the results back by now, but if not I’d be surprised if you failed it. When you got home, did you test your urine without diluting it as you had at the clinical drug test? I have no idea what the colors mean when it comes to home drug tests, it should say on the packaging. If you didn’t dilute your urine for the home drug test, and a positive result shows up as pink, but it was only a faint pink, that probably means that you would have failed the clinical drug test had you not diluted/substituted your urine.

      Please come back and let me know what the result was, I’m interested to find out.

      • ManOnVenus

        Hello! Sorry it’s been a while. Yes! I passed. I have smoked a few times since working also. I try to keep a decent sized bottle with a larger opening in my work bag just in case I have to ask my friend for a random sample. I try to space my uses like 1 1/2-2 weeks apart since I now know that for me hydrating and doing aerobic exercises slightly more than I would normally brings me generally below testable thc levels in urine in just over a week after moderate ( 1-3 sessions a week) use. Again, I am 5′ 11″ at 135-140 lbs. fairly high metabolism. I ate meals high in carbs the couple of weeks before the test also then slowed down just days before the test. guess it was kinda like loading on the “fat” so my body starts to burn it slower then starving it for the test. in some biological way, it makes sense and i don’t feel like trying to explain it…to you or myself..lol. anyway, those were my results. Choosing the friend for your substitute sample seems to be the hardest part.

  • Brian

    Thanks for the helpful information. What kind of window will this provide in terms of hours of being able to produce a clean sample? I have about an hours drive to the facility and don’t know how long it will take before I have to give a sample. I plan on a test run this weekend, 3 weeks clean, to try and get it right. Tried dilution with home tests and have failed all five I’ve done after two weeks of abstaining.

    • Copied from below:

      There’s certainly – in theory – a period of time after the pectin is ingested during which the ‘drug test fooling’ effects are the greatest, though it’d be close to impossible to pinpoint it, and would be different depending on the individual. However – and once again this is an inferred opinion – I believe generally this hotspot lies between 90-150 minutes after the pectin is ingested. Having said that, I may be entirely wrong about that, so it’s a good idea to start drinking a lot of the sure-gel mix four – maybe even five – hours before the test. It wouldn’t be wise to just drink a lot at exactly two hours before the test and stop there. You’ll want to just keep chugging as much of the mix as you can (not literally AS MUCH as you can, but a lot) during the roughly 4-5 hours prior to the test.

      To add to this, I come to the above conclusion by going off my understanding of how the human body processes pectin. The 90-150 minute period would be where, according to my limited understanding, the pectin is actually binding to the bile which carries the toxin-laden fat cells. Once this happens, those fat cells (and the toxins the fat cells are carrying) won’t be expelled through your urine.

      Thanks for the question!

  • rich

    ok my question is that i just got a random urine test today for work.it was a 10 panel test and it came out to be a non negative but the collector didn’t tell me much more then that other then they had to send it out to a lab.the only thing i do as far as drugs is i smoke a bit of pot.the last time i smoked was saturday the 29th of sept.and before that i had smoked a bit for a few days.is there any way around this non negative test?also the collector asked for my id but i didn’t have it with me but they continued with the test anyways,i thought that you needed your id for them to test you?i live in the state P.A and about 5foot 7in and only weigh around 110lbs.the only other thing that i can think it could be is maybe naproxen the OTC ones from walmart.any insight to this would help alot and thank you for your time in advance.

  • Lo Lo

    In your opinion would it help to drink water mixed with sure-gel in the few days PRIOR to the test, not just the day of? Or perhaps both? I’m just worried about the piss being too diluted.
    I test in 4 days, and have been clean for 4.

    Also – fantastic article! Thanks for all the stats!

    • Thanks for the compliment. Before answering I want to be clear that this is totally just an inferred opinion based on my limited understanding of human metabolism and how the body processes pectin. I doubt drinking the sure-gel mix in the days prior would do any good whatsoever. Simple logic indicates the ‘drug test fooling’ effects of ingesting pectin last only as long as it takes for the body to process it – perhaps even shorter – which is probably somewhere in the 5-7 hour range. That’s not to say you shouldn’t stay hydrated in the days prior to the test.

      There’s certainly – in theory – a period of time after the pectin is ingested during which the ‘drug test fooling’ effects are the greatest, though it’d be close to impossible to pinpoint it, and would be different depending on the individual. However – and once again this is an inferred opinion – I believe generally this hotspot lies between 90-150 minutes after the pectin is ingested. Having said that, I may be entirely wrong about that, so it’s a good idea to start drinking a lot of the sure-gel mix four – maybe even five – hours before the test. It wouldn’t be wise to just drink a lot at exactly two hours before the test and stop there. You’ll want to just keep chugging as much of the mix as you can (not literally AS MUCH as you can, but a lot) during the roughly 4-5 hours prior to the test.

  • Lauren

    What about pills? I take at least 1-2 30mg roxys a day. Today is Sun the 30th, last use was Fri 28th. I have a drug test Mon Oct 1st (tomorrow!!). The results of the test depend on whether I go to inpt rehab or outpt. Of course need to pass this test as to NOT get sent away!! Please help!!

  • JP

    Hello James
    one hit on a pipe 10 days before pre employment urine test
    previously to that hit, every couple days got high on pot
    on 6th and 7th day before urine test, have been negative on Walgreens home test kit
    Should I still do the Sure Gel routine and your comments on b12 to yellow urine

  • john

    I forgot to have this site remind me when you have responded so I’m posting this so that maybe you can just respond to this one so it will let know. Thanks so much.

  • john

    Awesome article I’m at awe by the way you explained the necessary steps to pass a drug test!! By far the best way to gather information about my little dilemma. I have to summit a urine sample on the second of October last time I smoked was about three days ago I took two hits and before that was a week when I smoked a blunt about a gram little more maybe and one time before that on the fourth smoked ab out a half a gram. I was clean for a month before! I’m proud I went that long haha anyways I’m worried about my upcoming U.A because they will put me away and I would lose my job and don’t know how my wife could support our family because she would have to be home more due to the fact I watch our children at night. I’m 145 150 pounds I’m a butcher and moving around. What step should I take? Thank you this article made my day!!

    • jason

      Go to Palo Azul Tea dot com and get a couple bags of Palo Azul for only like 6 bucks! youll pass every time..google it!

  • AJ

    What size Gelatin box are we talking about?

    • Well, I’m not sure how big they get, but I’m referring to what I believe are the smallest boxes you can find. They’re usually just a dollar or two.

  • xazbaschboss

    Hey man I have a quick question. My friend and I each hit a joint, 2 pulls each, today (myself for the first time him for the first time after five years). We have a drug test coming up for an NYC TLC license renewal on October 5 (today is the 21st of September). We both are overweight (he thirty pounds and myself seventy pounds) but we are fairly active individuals. Also neither of us really got high. What are our liabilities?

    • Assuming you didn’t smoke in the month prior, and won’t smoke again before the 5th of October, I can say with absolute positivity that you’ll be clean by then. I’m not even so sure the test would pick up on the toxins that were left behind by the two hits you both took if you were tested today. Having said that, just to be safe, remain as active as you can and stay hydrated. But there’s no reason either of you should be sweating it on the 5th. Your body has plenty of time to get rid of the toxins before then.

      • xazbaschboss

        Thanks James
        Love your blog

  • Khope

    Okay I have a question…I’ve been clean from weed 3 months prior from my first smoke session which was around August 30 and my friend and I smoked a dime bag but didn’t use all of it..my next smoke session was two weeks after on Sept. 12 and three of my friends and I smoked 3 joints…I recently found out I have a drug test for my clinical in nursing school on Sept. 25 so about 2 weeks from my last smoke session…I’m 5’6 and 220 lbs (def. overweight)..I have been drinking a lot of water for a diet I have started and doing cardio at least 30 minutes a day…do you think I will be okay for the drug test without having to use masking agents, etc?

  • cdessen

    I bought gelatine, which was all they had at my grocery store. The gelatine’s only ingredient is gelatin. That should be okay, right?

  • Mark

    Other than eating jello and gummy bears, what kind of gelatin do you ingest? If I walk into a grocery store, what product would I ask for that works the best? -What worked for you?

    • Gah! Thanks for this question. I should have been way more explicit about this in the article.

      Sure-Jell is what you’re looking for here. Holy shit would you have to eat a lot of Jell-O and gummy bears to reach the desired effect. Sure-Jell is literally just unflavored Jell-O. It’s even made by Kraft. And you’re going to be mixing it with a lot more water than you normally would to make solid gelatin. Upon mixing it, it should be drinkable. If not, you used too little water. Given that it’s unflavored, it should be more or less just like drinking water, albeit perhaps with a thicker texture to it.

      Thanks again for the question, I gotta update this article a little bit.

    • Tyler

      If I only took one hit and the bud was sitting outside for awhile in a pinner and it was pretty muched smoke to ash anyways will I fail my urine test it gets sent to a special lab. I smoked on Monday the 24 of sept and I have a test on Friday the 28 will it show up and I didn’t even get high either and I didn’t smoke for 5 months before the 24 and can I get someone to pee for me and im 6ft tall and I weigh 155 and I have a high matabalisome

    • Jay

      The name brand of the stuff to use is sure jell, about three dollars, in my experience it works usually against THC, depending on frequency of use bmi etc, almost always against opiates, heroin, pain pills,etc, and cocaine.but it never works against benzos, that is valium, xanax,etc.but detox it’s always the best

      • Nykole

        Are u sure it works on cocaine bc I have a test 2Moro I was told it only works on thc

        • Yes. In fact, it should work better for cocaine than marijuana.

          I realize I’m late in responding to your inquiry however. How did things turn out?

  • jmac

    So a question…lets say i have a drug test coming up on the 11th of september. I smoke a pretty regular amount, but I know about these tests long before they come along. I was clean for a test on July 6th, and quit on august 26th to pass this test. I was also fortunate enough to spend 10 days in 85 degree sunshine in hawaii during this clean period. Do you think I’ll be clean? This is the 4th piss test the court has given me…you’d think these assholes would get the picture by now. Btw it is a dip test. For court. Sound fishy? Trust me it is.

  • Dillon

    So your telling me, if i smoke all day, come home to a stick drug test, to just add a little toilet water to my pee and im good? Seems a little sketchy to me. Doesent clorox bleach do the same thing but better? Or anything else that would be positive to pass a stick test?

    • Clorox bleach will only make it smell like bleachy piss. You’ll have to use judgement here. If you really smoke a lot, you’re going to want to dilute it as much as you possibly can. But like I said in the article, these tests aren’t designed to detect ANY amount of toxins in your urine; there is a threshold. So while diluting it doesn’t take any toxins out of the urine, it lowers the number of toxins that exist per milliliter. As long as you dilute the sample to such a point that the amount of toxins in it goes below that threshold, you’re in good shape. If you smoke a lot, you may need to mix up to 75% water with the urine.

    • [email protected]

      Bro take it from me… if you do that you will fail. I don’t care how much toilet or sink or bleach or whatever people tell you to put in your urine… It’ won’t work. The only two ways I know of besides not getting high is to drink a shit load of water and take a detox drink(but those ONLY work if you haven’t used for 48 hours prior to the test) or to substitute with clean piss. Make sure you test the “clean piss” your buddy gives you with a cheap test from wallgreens first. And beware with that Wizzinator and other contraptions used to warm and store clean piss.. If you are being tested for probation or parole they WILL make you lift up your shirt and drop your pants. Not all of them do it but 3 out of the 5 times I’ve been on probation they’ve always done that bullshit… anyways good luck…

      My advice real talk.. If it’s for a job just wait until you’re clean before you accept it. If it’s for probation you have no other option then to just stay clean for the length of it otherwise you’ll violate do 6 months and be right back on probation and they will NEVER let you out of that cycle….

  • Jim

    BTW WTF is this guy saying. I cant be high ive been detoxing.

  • Jim

    What a compelling article. Well written and very entertaining. Your a saint sir, thank you.

    • Glad it could be of help, thanks!

      • Buffalostoner

        Thank you so much, amazing article.. Wish I found it before doing my own research for days.. I have a question about substitution since I don’t have time to detox. I do however want to pee clean within a few weeks, so ill be following all steps eventually. My question involves the heating of urine.. There are mixed opinions everywhere about whether or not it is ok to microwave it. Also curious about how many hours a fresh sample can be sacked.. Another question is, will the test become contaminated as a result of the heated plastic bottle. I thank you in advance for your reply, and again a great article. You are a credit to law-abiding stoners everywhere!

        • These are good questions, but I’m gonna need to search around the interwebz before I can give any substantive answers. I’ll get back to you on this.

          Thanks for the kind words.

        • John

          I had to use a friends urine twice to get in to nursing school and used this trick.

          First, i made sure to pick a trust worthy friend that i knew did not smoke or use any drugs (was very hard to find!) after i confirmed he would piss for me, i went to a sport/camping store and bought 2 hand warmers. They should have the temp range on the cover. You should get the ones that range from 94-100 degrees.

          I then found a small plastic bottle (just used a hand sanitizer squeeze bottle that was washed out about 15 times with hot water) make sure the bottle is small enough to hide in your pants. Most labs require you to empty your pockets out in front of them.

          The day of the test, my friend came over at 9am and the test was taken at 11:30am. He voided into the squeeze bottle and then i place the 2 hand warmers on the bottle. (One on each side) kept the bottle in the open until i arrived at the lab and then stuck the bottle in my pants between the belt buckle and my gut. Went in, acted normal, did as they said, went in to the bathroom and squeezed the urine into the test cup. Make sure to make as little noise as possible and adjust the time spent in the bathroom. Dont go in and walk out 10 seconds later. Thats just obvious if you ask me

          Passed both time no problem!

          I hope this helps

          • Thanks for contributing this. It’ll certainly be helpful for people who want to go with substitution but can’t afford the Whizzinator. It’s a rather ballsy way of going about it if you ask me, but if you feel confident in your ability to keep cool during the process, I’d say go for it.

            Thanks again! :)

      • Christina

        Hello, coincidentally I have to do a drug test for a country club job as well, I haven’t smoked in 3 full days, when I do smoke it’s tobacco and weed out of a bong. I hit it maybe like 7 times at most a day. I’m 21, 100lbs 5’3. I went to the gym the last couple of nights and sat in the sauna and did some laps in the pool and drank so much water AND gelatin.
        I drank gelatin after 2 days of being clean and failed 2 at home tests like 2 hours later. Now it’s day 4 and I have to take the test today. Will gelatin work with an at home test too? Because I want to pass that before I go in.
        Following your 4 hour rule though!

        Thank you so much in advance!

        • Hey I’m SO sorry I didn’t respond on time. However, given the information you provided, I’m quite sure everything turned out fine. But I’d hugely appreciate it if you could come back and let me know!

          Thanks! :)