Don’t Eat the Chicken

The only time I have an urge to eat at Chick-Fil-a is on Sunday… (Un)fortunately, they are always closed on Sunday. It comes with the territory that is the owners philosophy: “Sunday is the day God rested, its the Sabbath and all people’s should have that day off to worship and fellowship in his name”(paraphrased).  This philosophy is Christian because the owner is a devoted christian who feels that God is real and Christianity is HIS truth.

Chick-Fil-a has come under a lot of fire because one of the owner(s), Dan Cathy said that he believes in “traditional marriage”. The gay community is furious and has started boycotting the fast food chain because of the owners bigoted remarks. Already city officials all across America have called for the restaurant to “stay out of their city(s)” and renounce the anti-gay comments made by the top dog, Dan Cathy. I think this is silly.

1. Because no one is forcing anyone to eat at Chick-Fil-a. Feel free to NOT eat the tasty chicken and pickle combination if you want, but you can’t stop me from indulging just because I live in a certain liberal (gay) city. Besides, what major corporation doesn’t do or say something unethical or wrong? (Nike pays African and Asian CHILDREN pennies to work hours in sweatshops making shoes and clothing. Guess what? I don’t wear Nike’s. That is it!)

2. Fast food is not supposed to be political. I find it laughable that either side thinks about the comments of Cathy as somehow important to running a fast food chain. The gays think Cathy shouldn’t have said what he said, and the stupid right thinks he should turn his restaurants into Churches which would be a bad business move.

3. Cathy is ONE man and has the right to say whatever he wants to under the First Amendment. This is something liberals have a hard time with because they are so fucking politically correct. Cathy didn’t say he wants to “kill all gays and cut off their heads with dull machetes”. Guess what,  I can say nigger, faggot, and whatever other racially/hurtful slur and that is MY right. If you don’t like it, guess what, you can a). kick my ass and go to jail, b). tell me how stupid and ignorant I am, or c). ignore my ignorance and hope I go play in traffic. The choice is yours!

I know that people shouldn’t say certain things and I believe hurtful remarks have consequences, but they should not be tried for heresy or put on trial for stating their personal beliefs. People are allowed to believe whatever they want, and YOUR  job is to either like or dislike (just like Facebook) those comments and move on.

My problem with Cathy’s and the right’s “traditional marriage” is that no one can righteously site where God himself defines marriage. Some religious fanatics point to Leviticus, but Leviticus only states what was present at their time.

What should happen is that people who disagree with Cathy should STOP eating Chick-Fil-a and boycott any other organization who follows suit. Thus, taking away business and hurting them financially.

What should NOT happen is City and State officials banning Cathy from opening new locations. We do not live in some Communist country where the state can and will dictate to the masses what is right and wrong to SAY or eat.