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I’ve been meaning to write something about DMT again. It’s been about a year since I published DMT Experience on this blog. I have been thinking about it in big terms, foolishly. After attempting to fit a lot of information into a solid, concise article, (I wanted to document the origins of DMT’s cult following, among other things), I begrudgingly accepted the realization that I had produced nothing but textual diarrhea. I know. Nasty!

For now I want to share with my readers some other very good articles on DMT which have been written since last year. I have been steadily researching DMT ever since I tried it, so whenever something new is produced it tends to stand out amongst the other search results. Here are a couple articles which immediately strike me as noteworthy.

Interviews with People who Just Smoked DMT

from | by John Barclay

This article is brilliant. Everything about it. The idea behind it is so unique and creative, and the interviews with the participants are complimented by an awesome demonstration of photojournalism.

The idea is so ingenious for too many reasons to list, but mainly because it captures the subjects’ purest recollection of the DMT trip. I know first hand how frustrating it can be to pinpoint the evasive memories DMT leaves the user with. As time goes on, it’s hard to trust the accuracy of those memories which are retained. Here’s a glimpse of what I’m talking about.

It was like time traveling, but it wasn’t time before or after, it was just adjacent to us. Early on I saw that Earth was having a vibration. That it was like a constant breath, but we can’t see it. You can’t see it from photos. The edge of everything. It got so hot. It was like a wave that was like electricity. It was black and then red and then white, and it was rounded and arched as if it were in orbit somewhere.


Barclay did a great job of choosing very expressive individuals, which very well could have been the most painstaking process of putting the article together. Describing DMT’s effects is difficult for even the most creative and expressive of individuals, but the interviews in this article are, for lack of a better term, beautiful. It helps me realize that DMT is not going away. We (i.e. those who seek answers) are going to continue to discuss its implications and scour one another’s brains with the hope to gain greater knowledge. I was blown away by this and I know my readers will be too.

DMT is Everywhere: A Conversation with ‘Spirit Molecule’ Director Mitch Schultz

from The Huffington Post | by Talat Jonathan Phillips

This is a great interview for those who have seen DMT: The Spirit Molecule (which is loosely based upon DMT: The Spirit Molecule: A Doctor’s Revolutionary Research into the Biology of Near-Death and Mystical Experiences by Dr. Rick Strassman). It gives a great overview of the events that led up to it’s development, and a lot of other interesting information. I was stricken by his reaction to the experience of DMT, and the effects it had on him creatively as a filmmaker. It sounds familiar.

I didn’t know it was going to be “DMT: The Spirit Molecule,” but I knew I was going to make a film, and that nobody was talking about DMT. It is a little risky, it’s something that is very unusual and it’s probably one of the bigger reasons that people don’t want to touch it. But I knew that this information had to get out, and not necessarily just for the psychedelic aspect, but just to start thinking of consciousness in a different way. Let’s get out of this three-dimensional reality and start to consider other possibilities, other energies and even other worlds.

My sentiments exactly. :)

DMT, Aliens, and Reality

from Psychology Today | by Scott McGreal

This is a very insightful article written with scholarly intent. McGreal gives a concise, information-rich summary of the science and culture surrounding DMT. He demonstrates interest in the same aspects of Dr. Rick Strassman’s work as myself. For example:

There were some consistent themes in experiences of entity contact. Participants frequently reported that the beings seemed to be waiting for them. Volunteers were subjected to an examination by these beings in what appeared to be a technologically advanced setting. Volunteers felt like their mind and body was probed and tested, or even modified in some unexplained way. The beings communicated with the user through gestures, telepathy, or visual imagery. Sometimes the entities seemed loving and caring, other times emotionally detached.

If you’ve given the recount of my DMT experience a legit, thorough read (or if you’ve had your own fully immersive experience), the above likely gave you goosebumps. Every sentence of it eerily similar to what I experienced and described on this blog.

Anyway, I won’t waste your time saying anything more about the articles. Just read them!

Eventually I’ll assemble a more comprehensive list. I need to organize all the DMT related content in my bookmarks. Happy reading!

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  • affiliatedmindset

    Some incredible articles with in your great article. I have not yet tried DMT but it is definitely on my list. I have had multiple psilocybin trips and remembering reading Rick Strauss’ book almost 10 years ago when I first heard of it.

    Dreams and the human mind have always fascinated me and are definitely the reasons why I always seek different states of consciousness. Appreciate the article my man!

  • i have no name

    get to try it tonight. ill report back tomorrow morning.

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