Writing Hiatus Over?

I need to start writing again.

Those words have crossed my mind more days than not for the past year. Especially as of late.

Writing is just so damn hard, though.

Well, good writing is hard. Writing about writing is lazy writing. But I gotta start somewhere.

It’s been a hell of a year of not writing. I kicked a nasty drug addiction (which initiated my hiatus), got a real job (no comment on my previous ‘fake’ job), and moved to a new city and state.

All without writing a word.

I’ve never been keen on writing about myself, as doing so is usually another form of lazy writing. But I’m feeling lazy today. Also, it’d be somewhat random for me to start writing articles about other things without mentioning where the hell I’ve been for the past thirteen months.

Accordingly, my next three articles will focus on the above three changes I’ve undergone in the past year. Stay tuned.

  • A heads up: Though it’s taken much longer than I anticipated, I’ve finished my newest post, and have scheduled it to publish a little past 1:00PM today.

  • Thanks to everyone who liked this. For the record, I haven’t given up on my comeback! I’m about 75% done with my next article, which will be extremely personal and much more serious than any of my previous posts. Thanks for the support!

  • Great!

    Glad to hear you’re back bro! I’ve missed your stuff, and look forward to reading future pieces from you! Congrats on taking care of your “problem”, and I wish you all the luck in staying sober!

    • Thanks a lot! But I have to ask, who are you??? You didn’t put any personal info in this comment. Are you a blogger or someone I know in real life? Regardless, I appreciate the support!

      • Great!

        Nope! I’m just a high school student with a passion for writing, and I really have enjoyed reading your stuff so far, so I’m just glad to see you’re back!

        • Thanks dude! It’s a really good feeling to know that I’m connecting with total strangers through my writing. Especially a fellow writer like you!

          How old are you? If you really have a passion for writing, I’d love to have you do some for ewwty! Honestly, I can tell you’re a good writer just from the two comments above, even though it’s only a total of four sentences lol. Partly because of your proper grammar and punctuation; if you take care to write a simple comment properly I know you must have good writing habits.

          I’ve been through high school, so I know you probably have little free time every day, but I’m not looking for a full-time blogger or anything like that. Just someone who’ll write interesting and compelling stuff when the inspiration strikes, be that on a weekly basis or once every 6 months (or year for that matter). There’d be no pressure or deadlines. In fact, I would prefer you take your time with it. I think there’s something good to be said of someone who takes time on their work.

          If you impress me, I might even pay you. Actually, scratch that. If you impress me, I will pay you. We’ll talk details if you’re interested. I really hope you are!

          • Connor

            Hey man, sorry I’m JUST now replying to you, I just recently remembered to check back and see if you had responded. Actually, yes that is something I’d be very interested in doing. I’m 17 years old, and seeing as summer is coming up, I’m going to have A LOT of free time on my hands to be writing and stuff. If you have any way for me to contact you, I’d certainly like to talk to you. (By the way, my real name is Connor, I just commented my name as “Great!” to highlight my enthusiasm over your being sober lol)

            • Shit man now I’m sorry for just now replying to you lol. I went a few days without checking on the blog.

              I’m very excited that you’ve gotten back to me. I’d definitely like to talk more. I’ll send an email to the address you provided in this comment, and we can go from there.

              Thanks for getting back to me!

            • Hey man I was wondering if that email I sent ever got thru to you? Are you still interested in writing??