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Tripping on Sassafras (a.k.a. MDA)

11:07pm (on a Monday):

For some reason I decided to ingest a drug my friend referred to as Sassafras, which is just slang for MDA. I have no idea what to expect. I’ve never done MDA.

I do, however, know that I’m going to be up all night on this shit.

Ever since writing “The DMT Experience“, which I wrote in the month following the experience, I wanted to write about another hallucinogenic drug while tripping on it. Not an original idea, of course; I’m certainly not the first person to try.

But I like to trip balls, and I like to write, so I’m going to do both, because America.

It’s quite likely this post will end with incomprehensible blabber. Fair warning.

Update (10/23/2015): Click here if you’re curious about how MDA is different from MDMA.


Not feeling anything yet, which is to be expected. The effects should become noticeable around midnight.


Okay… I’m definitely starting to feel a little funny.

In fact, in between the time I first noticed the initial effects just a moment ago, and now, I’m definitely starting to feel the effects slowly creeping in. But only… not so slowly, actually. Something tells me I’m about to trip very soon. And I think pretty hard.

The effects seem to be coming on somewhat rapidly. Surprisingly rapidly, considering I swallowed it. Usually drugs don’t hit this fast when taken orally. That’s the word I was looking for. “Orally.” It’s getting harder to think fluidly. My thoughts are becoming less lucid. It’s getting harder to write this. I need to come back. It’s 11:45pm right now.


I’m seriously starting to doubt that I’m going to be able to actually write this. It’s not even midnight yet and it’s hard to focus on this computer screen. No further loss of lucidity, however. In fact I think I’m a little more lucid now than a minute ago.

The physcal effects are interesting. I wouldn’t call the physical effects positive or negative. No real visual elements yet.

Actually, I would call the physical effects both positive and negative. I’m starting to feel hot. Like… really fucking hot. My heart is pounding. Drops of sweat are pouring out of my armpits, tickling both sides of my torso as they trickle down to my boxers. (Oh yeah, while writing the paragraph above this one, I took my shirt and pants off.)

Feeling slightly nacious maybe. Totally forgot how to spell the word “nacious.”


Okay wow. That was unexpected.

As I was writing that an overwhelming sensation of nausea overcame me, and I vomited.

Side note, I’m still having trouble with certain words. Even right there, I had to let the spell check correct my spelling of “nausea.” I know how to spell that fucking word. I’m reassuring myself that I’m okay because I haven’t misspelled any other words.

This is how shortsighted I am sometimes, I suppose. I didn’t even think to consider how this drug would affect my ability to write. Seems to be having an interesting effect. I’m going to roll with it. I’m probably going to be doing a lot of bouncing around between thoughts.

I’m stricken, all of a sudden, with a supreme appreciation for you, the reader. People like to act like this is the worst era of history. Like things are on an inevitable downward spiral. I don’t share this negative, cynical view. The very fact that I am able to, without hardly any physical effort, freely express my thoughts and have them, even if just in a small way, affect others, is so beautiful to me.

I love this time. We are all so inconceivably lucky to be alive in 2014. Those of us in first world countries, at least. It’s so good our brains don’t know what to make of it. Depression, anxiety, and apathy are our worse enemies. Very real things, of course, but much better than hunger, fear, and sorrow.

I am sweating so fucking profusely.


It’s definitely a “wavy” trip, in that there are periods of 1-2 minutes where I feel as though I absolutely want this fucking drug out of my body, and periods of time like now, where I actually feel quite fine… other than the fact that I’m absolutely tripping fat sweaty balls.


Oh yeah. So what I was trying to articulate back at 12:01 was that at around 11:50, the nausea became too much and I vomited.

At first it was just a small amount, but I was so hot and my heart rate was so high that I went with it. Eventually I felt so uncomfortable that it became my goal to regurgitate the MDA, so I tried to force myself to vomit further. Which, for some reason, I was unable to do. Forcing two fingers down my throat activated my gag reflex, but didn’t induce further vomiting.

To my dismay, I found no sign of the drug in my vomit.

Now that I’ve had time to settle down, I’m glad that I wasn’t able to regurgitate it. I’m down for the ride, as uncomfortable as it’s been thus far.


I purchased an ounce of weed for my roommate earlier tonight. I bring this up because there’s a funny little story here…

Oh yeah, so about five minutes ago I realized that I left the ounce in my car. I went out the parking lot of our apartment complex to fetch the weed (I put my pants back on first… I’m not that high!!!), and upon arrival realized I forgot to bring something to actually carry it in. An ounce is a little too much to fit in the pockets of my jeans.

If you knew me, you’d find the image of me scurrying back to the apartment cradling this bag of weed like a baby while tripping my ass off to be quite titillating.

Heh. “Titillating.” I love that word.

I am absolutely tripping fucking crazy ass balls right now, man. Fuck.

I wish I would’ve taken more care to describe the initial effects. It was all so quick. I’d say that 30 minutes in, I felt essentially nothing. By 35 minutes, I was tripping balls.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a huge fan of the term “tripping balls” and any and all variants thereof.

It’s very hard not to clench my teeth. For some reason it’s unavoidable while writing.

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  • LaRay

    Very helpful- the next MDA trip i expeirence i would like to write it down as i go. My last one would have been awesome to write down word for word.

  • Dc

    You definitely don’t know the difference. Mda is closer to X. What ever you took was not MDMA or pure Molly. X is horrible and usually cut with unwanted ingredients. Pure MDMA is fantastic and great with moderation. Get your facts straight jackass.

    • First of all, I don’t understand why you’re so aggravated. It’s a post about drugs, it’s not like I denied that the holocaust ever happened, or called your mother a whore. This is like the first time in a lone while someone’s been pissed off over something I wrote lol.

      Some advice: If you’re going to dickishly challenge someone else’s knowledge, it helps if you’re actually correct… or possess some knowledge on the topic at hand yourself, which you clearly don’t. …it also helps if you actually read the article, which you’ve clearly, if anything, just skimmed.

      MDA is not “closer” to ecstasy, or “X” as you refer to it. Ecstasy itself is not a single drug or chemical, but rather a broad term referring to any pill in which the primary active chemical is MDMA or MDA.

      • motyl

        Hi. I’would like to try sassafras. Aby ideas how to get it?

    • Spiderman

      You have obviously never eaten a good Pill. “X” or Ecstasy is and has been since its introduction to human consumption in the 80s, traditionally been MDMA. Sometimes its a mixture of the two, sometimes its one or the other (speedy [MDMA ]/smacky [MDA] ), and fillers/binders. Occasionally, either some jerkoff will put other crap into the mix to enhance the effects of their weak product, or some genius will construct a perfectly synergetic concoction of MDMA/MDA, secondary chemicals (Amphetamine, opiates etc…), binders, supplements, and other herbal/synthetics, press them together in pill form and “voila”, Ecstasy. In my years of experience, MDA or Sassafras, has indeed always been the much lesser of the two awesomes. MDMA or “molly” is the good stuff, but like I mentioned earlier, my best experiences with “Ecstasy” (because I just call it all ecstasy – hey I’m old) have either been with fantastic synergistically blended pills (“My friend the chemist and I” used to press pills that were a super MDMA dominant mix of MDMA & MDA, ginko biloba, 5htp, some pill binder, talcum powder & a tiny bit of quaalude powder … yowzers!) or pure MDMA. Its is actually quite rare that someone will slap together a nasty combo of “Ecstasy” & a cespool of other chemicals, not that it doesn’t happen all the time and gross dirty pills aren’t made and distributed every day, its just far less likely that someone will put that much time and effort to “spread the love” by dumping a bunch of time, thought and extra money into their primary investment – Ecstasy to sell for a profit. However, those good samaritans are out there, and if you’re lucky enough to come across one, and you just so happen to have some doses of 250MCG LSD, take them together! I haven’t tripped or “rolled” on ecstasy in years, but I sure have put my due diligence into the field, and might again once or twice in my lifetime, but as for today, I’m 47 days sober. So theres that…

  • WestTexasTripster

    So your “Molly” experience sounds like it was speed truthfully. And the sad part is many people try to pass meth as “Molly” because of the similar crystalline structure and look. I’ve personally always had better experience with stamped pills (ecstasy) and MDA as I’ve read many of these comments seems to have somewhat of a negative undertone. However MDA in good form is quite amazing! There aren’t really any of those speedy effects (not to an extent it would be bothersome) and actually for someone who enjoys a trip is much better than MDMA as it produces very decent mild visuals. And truthfully MDA is a precursor to MDMA, the body metabolizes part of the drug down to MDMA so both are actually quite relative to one another. Good MDMA has a noticeable collapse of social boundaries, sometimes overwhelming feelings of comfort and content (to a point of almost discontent) but less of the visual trippy effects of MDA. The problem with both of these is all forms is that many things come from crooked individuals just looking to score cash. I highly suggest buying a test kit, they’re fairly cheap and super easy to use. Just scratch your pill into the chemical and the color it turns tells you what you have. Also a VERY helpful site to use if taking these pills is there you can research pills in your area and nearby and get user feedback and reviews of different pills, what’s good and bad, things that have hurt people. There are pictures and descriptions and it’s very easy to use!
    Happy rolling and this was an enjoyable read!

  • Wendy Browning

    I think if you would have had cold stuff to drink you would have felt better, water is good but really all cold things are good, We eat lots of popsicles

  • Brandi

    James, my man. Your blog is some dope shit man, love it

    • James Kalìwæ

      Haha I will take that compliment and run with it. :P Thanks!

  • By the way, I hope I’m not being a pesky-overly-verbose commenter, but another thing I would add is that it was helpful for me to learn about the differences between MDA and MDMA; the serotonin deficiency that can be triggered by MDA or MDMA; and supplementing with 5-HTP to help with the depression that follows a trip for some people (the “Tuesday Blues”). I’ll share a few bits of info in case it’s helpful to you or a fellow reader.

    The first time I tried MDMA I had a fantastic experience, but post-trip depression hit me about 2-3 days later. It was so bad that I swore I’d never try it again. A week of terrible depression just wasn’t worth one night of fun to me.

    Time passed. Then, late last year a friend encouraged to have a few more experiences with MDMA (and MDA) to give the drug another chance. While researching the differences of MDA vs. MDMA, and long-term mental health risks of their usage, I came across a site that neatly educates about some ways to avoid neurotoxicity and post-trip depression. Check out (Full disclosure: The site’s author links to supplements on and therefore s/he probably earns a small commission if readers buy supplements using those links—I’m only sharing the URL because I found the info useful. I did buy some of supplements recommended, and it did seem to make for a better night and recovery from personal experience. I’m not affiliated with the author nor receive remuneration by sharing the link).

    Also that same site has a link to an excellent essay which talks about some of the problems about who’s making and selling MDMA (often cut with speed or meth) that’s definitely worth your reading.

    Purity is the real problem with MDMA and MDA. When it’s taken in the right setting, at the right dose and purity, with the right friends, it can be a fantastic, blissful, unforgettably magical experience. Personally I’ve had better experiences with MDMA than MDA. My feeling is that MDA is an inferior drug to MDMA, and I find the speedy feeling takes away from the experience a lot for me.

    Note that 5-HTP supplements should be stopped at least a week prior to DMT journeys because the excess serotonin (or serotonin precursors) compete with the DMT’s ability to bind to open 5-HT* receptors. In other words, 5-HTP helps with post-MDMA depression but definitely weakens DMT journeys from my experience.

  • Hi James,

    I’ve commented a couple times before under the nickname ‘LivingAnExaminedLife’ but I’m working on eventually setting up my own WordPress blog so have switched nicknames in preparation.

    Have you also had MDMA, or only MDA? They are two different drugs (with some similar effects) but MDA is reputed to feel more “speedy,” and my own MDA experience also backs this up. Also, I’ve not yet seen anyone vomit or complain of nausea with good MDMA or MDA so this got me wondering whether what you took was pure.

    • James Kalìwæ

      Yeah I remember you! Though it’s been quite a while! I appreciate the comments!

      And there is no such thing as a “pesky” or “overly-verbose” commenter in my book. The longer, the better (as long as it stays relevant and informative, of course). The only thing I worry about after publishing an article is that people might not comment :P … Having said that, I only have time right now to respond to this first comment, but I’ll respond to your second comment later today or tomorrow.

      Anyway, of course I’ve heard of MDMA! I’m also cool enough to know that kids these days call it “Molly”. Also, as I’m sure you’re aware, it’s the common denominator between ecstasy pills (in other words, ecstasy pills are rarely comprised 100% of MDMA – each pill is a unique combination of drugs, but MDMA is always one of them).

      And yes, I have done MDMA a couple times.

      The first time was at a party when I was like 18 or 19. There was a guy trying to sell “Molly”, as he referred to it, to everyone. I told him I didn’t want to buy any but I’d throw him $10 for a good sample. It was a crystalline powder, not unlike cocaine, and he and the others who were partaking were snorting it. I remember enjoying the first 5-20 minutes of the experience, but after that just felt frustrated and on edge. I remember feeling like I wanted to do more after the initial effects subsided, but refrained from doing so to avoid feeling even shittier the next day. I was offered it a few more times over the next year or so, but since my first experience wasn’t all that pleasant, I chose not to do it again.

      The second time was at… well… another party haha, of course. This time the guy that offered me some was a very close friend (in fact, it was the same guy whom I referred to as Alec in my DMT Experience article, which I think you commented on as well a while back), and when I told him I didn’t really enjoy MDMA, the first question he asked was whether or not I snorted it the first time. I said yes, and he instructed me to instead lick my pinkie finger, dip it into the bag of MDMA, and rub it on my gums (Alec is probably the only person on this planet who can convince me to do any drug, anytime, anywhere – if you knew him, you’d understand lol). It tasted like… saltier than salt. Or like salt with random chemicals mixed in. I actually really enjoyed it that time. It was a much different experience from snorting it. The effects of snorting it were quicker and more intense than ingesting it orally by rubbing it on my gums. I remember feeling awesome euphoric effects for about an hour, and when I did start coming down, it was smoother and more forgiving.

      The third time I took it in capsule form, about 100mg I believe. I actually remember being somewhat disappointed with the effects. It was definitely MDMA, but I remember going into it thinking I was going to trip hard, and I mean, I was tripping, but it was like being on a high dose of Adderall, while also being super duper high on weed. Only, that’s not really the best description… I’d say that’s what the physical effects felt like, but there was still more visual stuff going on than with just weed and Adderall.

      In neither instance did I vomit.

      I, too, would definitely back up the assertion that MDA is more “speedy” than MDMA based off this experience.

      Regarding how nauseous the MDA made me, and whether or not it was a “bad batch” or otherwise mixed with something I didn’t know about, one of our Facebook followers also posed this question on ewwty’s Facebook page. Here’s a link to the exact comment, but I’ll quote my response here as well:

      “That may very well have been the case, however I think the more likely culprit was simply that it was my first time tripping on MDA, and I took a rather large dose (roughly 170-200mg). And I definitely underestimated how intense it would be, I totally went into it with the attitude of, “I hope this drug actually makes me feel something.” So I was kind of caught off guard when the effects took hold so rapidly.”

      The reason I went into the experience with such an attitude is not because I was cocky about my ability to handle my hallucinogens (on the contrary, despite my experience with hallucinogens, they still freak me out lol), but because of my third experience with MDMA where I took the 100mg capsule and was disappointed with the effects. It’s quite possible I was simply shorted in that instance, but either way I wrongly assumed that it wouldn’t hit me that hard since I was also taking the MDA in capsule form. Additionally, I had no idea how much I was taking haha. I didn’t think to ask my friend about that until the following day >_< , but he said it was anywhere between 170mg and 200mg – which is essentially a double hit. Also, I only vomited once, and upon doing so I instantly felt better, so it's not like this was by any means a "bad trip".

      The biggest reason, however, that I don't think it was a "bad batch" is merely because I have immense trust for the sources from which I obtain my drugs. And in this particular instance, I know of two friends who tripped off the same batch a few weeks prior and didn’t experience nausea or vomiting – though it was far from their first rodeo with MDA.

      Thanks again for commenting! And I’ll respond to your second comment when I find the time. :)

      • Thanks for sharing your stories. I couldn’t help but think you would enjoy a festival like Burning Man.

        I think we both have an ‘Alec’ or two in our lives. They’re good people to know, aren’t they? :-) Come to think of it, I’m grateful to my Alecs for pushing me out of my comfort zone here and there.

        If I feel I’ve ‘learned’ anything from my few times experiencing MDMA or MDA, it’s that an increase in serotonin makes me feel more connected and in love with everything about ordinary reality. With MDMA especially, I think less and feel more—*feeling* beauty and love in everyone around me.

        These experiences have led me to wonder if serotonin is keyed-into our ordinary 4D material reality *in the opposite way* as DMT is tuned into a 5D hyperspace reality. For instance, an abundance of serotonin in the brain makes us euphorically feel our bodies (and each other) much more than before. On the other hand, an abundant amount of DMT in the brain makes us forget our bodies altogether and experience another form of reality, one that transcends human experience.

        It’s almost like DMT triggers a *polar-opposite* experience from serotonin even though the same neural receptors are used by either molecule. Serotonin enhances my feeling of being an individual human being connecting with other human beings. DMT instantly makes me feel that I am the whole cosmos experiencing itself.

        It’s interesting: these two molecules occupy the same neural receptors; are only two molecular bonds different from each other; and yet their effects on human consciousness could hardly be at more opposite ends of the spectrum.