Sharp Shredda weed grinder with dime

Stoner Essentials #1 – Best Budget Weed Grinders of 2016

Best Weed Grinders for Smokers on a Budget

Most people don’t know this, but is a great place to get cheap weed-related paraphernalia. While they aren’t exactly an online headshop, they nevertheless have a lot of great products every weed smoker should have.

In this edition, I will highlight the best budget-friendly weed grinders available on Amazon.

Update (12/19/2015): Be sure to check out Stoner Essentials #8 – Best Weed Grinders Money Can Buy as well!

Weed grinders are a must have for any stoner. Besides the convenience of not having to use your fingers to manually break up your buds every time you go to smoke, they’re a great way to build up a reservoir of kief, which will get the whole block high as fuck.

While it’s certainly admirable to support your local headshop, shelling out $80 for a grinder simply isn’t an option for everyone. Amazon has a much better selection than even the largest headshops, and any grinder you can find at a headshop will be available on Amazon for at least half the price.

Full disclosure: I get a small commission from Amazon via their affiliate program when my readers purchase any of the products in this article from the links provided. But don’t take that to mean I’m being disingenuous in the following reviews; I have personally used every grinder I highlight in the following pages (I’ve spent sometime working in a headshop, but also, I’m a bit of a collector when it comes to weed stuff).

Note: This article was updated on 03/20/2016 to represent the best grinder deals of 2016.

Ohuhu 4 Piece Weed Grinder

Ohuhu 4 Piece Grinder held in the palm of a hand.

I chose to start off with the Ohuhu 4 Piece Weed Grinder because, all things considered, it’s the best value when compared to grinders of similar (and in some cases worse) quality. At the time of this writing, the Ohuhu is listed at $11.99 (please let me know in the comments section, however, if you happen to notice this has changed).

With a 2.38 inch diameter, the Ohuhu grinder is a tiny bit wider than the standard grinder, which is usually a flat two inches. While I have no idea where the makers came up with such a specific diameter for the Ohuhu, I must say it feels like the perfect size. Not so small that you have to break your buds up into small pieces to fit, but still small enough to easily carry around.

All Ohuhu grinders are constructed from high quality, heavy duty zinc alloy. Then again, if you shop around for grinders on Amazon for more than a few minutes, you’ll notice virtually every grinder is constructed from zinc alloy described as “high quality” and “heavy duty.” I don’t know where you get low quality, light duty zinc alloy, but I’m glad grinder manufacturers don’t fuck with it.

Anyway, I digress. Zinc alloy is a popular metal for grinders because it’s cheap and strong. More expensive grinders are typically made from aluminum.

The best part about the Ohuhu grinder is that the makers take the extra step of anodizing the metal. What this means is that the metal’s surface is smoother, resulting in less friction and therefore an easier grinding experience. This also results in much less buildup of resin, and makes the cleaning process way easier.

MedTainer Storage Container w/ Built-In Grinder

The inner workings of the Medtainer. The MedTainer is truly a revolutionary grinder.

Okay, that might be exaggerating – but it’s still super cool. The MedTainer is essentially a medicine bottle that also grinds your weed. The best part about it is it’s totally airtight, so it’ll keep keep your weed nice and fresh.

The MedTainer is a steal at under $10. The biggest drawback is the plastic material from which it’s made. I mean, simple common sense dictates that a tool meant for “grinding” is best made out of super hard, super sturdy material. While the MedTainer is not an especially fragile item, it’s nevertheless prone to breaking and/or malfunctioning if not used properly.

I delve much deeper into the pros and cons of the MedTainer in Stoner Essentials #2 – Best Storage Containers to Keep Your Weed Fresh, so be sure to check that out before making a decision.


MonsterGRIND Herb Grinder

In the interest of complete transparency, I want to note that the makers of MonsterGRIND approached me about reviewing it here, and provided a coupon code which allowed me to order it from Amazon free of charge. Yes, this pretty much made me feel like the coolest and most successful blogger on the interweb.

But nonetheless, I want to point out that there wasn’t any deal where I like guaranteed a positive review in return for the free grinder. Nor did I obligate myself to write anything about MonsterGRIND in return.

Having said that, upon receiving the grinder, I was pleasantly surprised; the MonsterGRIND is a beast of a grinder. This baby could easily go for $60-$80 or more at a headshop. I absolutely would’ve included it in this review in the first place if had I known about it.

The primary reason I decided to include the MonsterGRIND here is because it is, by a pretty large margin, the least expensive aluminum grinder on the market. That’s not to say the MonsterGRIND itself is in any way a cheap product. Far from it. In fact, in my subjective opinion, the MonsterGRIND is hands down the best grinder money can buy for under $25 (note: at the time of this writing it’s listed at $24.99; if you happen to notice it’s changed, be a doll and let me know in the comments).

Another quality that differentiates MonsterGRIND from the others is its size; it’s 2.5 inches wide, a bit wider than the Ohuhu, and 2.5 inches tall, which is a solid inch taller than the Ohuhu. This extra height allows for more storage room in the middle and bottom chambers, and is desirable if you prefer grinding up a lot of weed at once.

One feature of the MonterGRIND which I really appreciate is the plastic band (or some low-friction material) which wraps around the outer edge of the grinder, like so:

MonsterGRIND Grinder

This creates a buffer between the two aluminum pieces, so you’re not twisting metal against metal every time you use it. I can’t speak (yet) to how it’ll hold up over time, but in the meantime, it makes the twisting action noticeably smoother, and also will prevent damage over time in the form of galling.

Zip Grinders

Large Spice & Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher Premium 4 Piece Aerospace Grade Aluminum by Zip Grinders. 2.5 X 3.25 Inches (Gold)Ah, take a gander at the gorgeous, golden Zip Grinder.

Other than simply being an awesome golden color, the Zip is a one-of-a-kind grinder. It may not seem so different from the typical grinder, but take a closer look and you’ll understand why it’s one of the most popular grinders on the marker.

The most obvious feature that differentiates it from other traditional four piece grinders is the transparent storage area. Which is definitely neat, but there’s something else that sets The Zip Grinder apart. It can be used as a simple 3 piece grinder for the purposes of portability. If need be, the transparent middle area can be removed, making the Zip Grinder pocket friendly, as demonstrated in this photo:Demonstrating the versitility of the Zip GrinderThe coolest part about turning the Zip Grinder into a 3 piece is it gives you a cool way to use the kief (or “pollen” as Amazon sellers refer to it) that builds up over time in the bottom piece. As kief builds up in a grinder, most smokers scoop it out and put it on top of bowl packs or what have you. That’s all well and good, but the Zip Grinder gives you a cool alternative. Photo of the different parts of the Zip Grinder When used as a three piece grinder, the kief catcher doubles as the storage area. That way, when you grind your weed, the shredded buds become immersed in the kiefy abyss of the bottom piece. Shake it up a little bit, and you have a heavenly mix of kief and shredded bud that’ll put your ass right to sleep.

In all seriousness though, I was quite surprised at the near perfect five star status the Zip Grinder has achieved on Amazon, especially considering there were 75 reviews total.

In fact, the only one star review that was given to the Zip Grinder was from some lady who was unsatisfied with its ineffectiveness at grinding “rosemary and peppercorns.”


Like, seriously… that’s fucking hilarious. I’m just picturing a ditsy, clueless mother stumbling across one of her son’s grinders, and getting angry not because her son’s smoking weed, but because his grinder fucked up her rosemary and peppercorns.

In contrast, this young lady provides a great (albeit less hilarious) review, complete with photos that really demonstrate the Zip Grinder’s size.

The final thing I want to point is that the Zip Grinder comes with an awesome money-back guarantee. According to them, and I quote, “if you are not satisfied, simply contact us within 365 days and we’ll refund your money.”

I’ve never understood how those guarantees work. Like… what’s to stop an entirely satisfied customer from being a cheap fuckhole and feigning dissatisfaction just to get their money back? I always assume, whenever I see guarantees like this, that the actual process of attaining a refund is purposefully made to be a long and arduous process.

But that’s neither here nor there, because I happen to be quite confident that you’ll fall in love with the Zip Grinder as soon as you lay your hands on it.

Sharp Shredda

Sharp Shredda weed grinder with dime The Sharp Shredda is an fantastic little grinder. It’s definitely the go to grinder if you like the MonsterGRIND, but want something smaller.

Here’s a shot of my MonsterGRIND next to my Sharp Shredda, with a Bic lighter for reference:


My favorite part about the Sharp Shredda, which you’ll notice if you buy it, is the shape of the grinder’s teeth. They’re definitely odd compared to the typical diamond shape. But what I’ve noticed is it legitimately results in perfect, fluffy shredded weed. I know that sounds weird, but I’m not bullshitting. Something about the shape of the Sharp Shredda’s teeth results in the most ideal… um… shred.

What really makes me a fan of the Sharp Shredda, however, is that it’s designed differently than the typical 4 piece grinder. The difference lies in how the grinder’s 3rd piece (counting down from the top piece) works with the rest of the grinder. For the sake of clarity, by “3rd piece” I’m referring to the piece that collects your weed as it’s ground (the 4th piece being the kief catcher).

Typically a four piece grinder is designed such that the 2nd and 3rd piece screw together, and the 3rd and 4th piece screw together. Obviously, this makes for a hefty amount of screwing (and not even the good kind). However, the makers of the Sharp Shredda clearly had ergonomics and efficiency in mind when designing it.

The Sharp Shredda is designed such that the 2nd and 4th pieces screw together.

“O! But alack!” you cry, “Where the fuck did the essential 3rd piece go?”

Woah, take it easy there, hypothetical dude! Save your Shakespearean era interjections for another time! There’s no sorcery or black magic at play here, the 3rd piece is merely hidden inside the grinder itself.

So in other words, the 3rd piece fits inside the 4th piece, and the 2nd piece fits around the 3rd piece and screws into the 4th piece.

In retrospect, I have no idea why I attempted to describe all this in words. Here’s a photo illustrating what I’m talking about:

Pieces of Sharp Shredda grinder

Raw Grinder Card

Raw Grinder CardI’d be willing to bet an entire dollar that you’ve never heard of a “grinder card.” But they definitely come in handy. And the best part is, they’re rarely more than $10.

I chose the Raw Grinder Card because it was cheaper than the other options available, but also because Raw is a trusted stoner brand, so you know you won’t wind up with a cheap flimsy product.

Grinder cards are the shit because they get the job done just as effectively as any regular grinder, but they’re obviously way more portable, given that they can literally fit in a wallet – or anywhere a normal credit card can fit.

Personally, I carry one around in my wallet all the time. Because why not? It hardly takes up any room in there, and I get the piece of mind knowing that I’ll never find myself without a grinder.

As you’ve probably deduced, grinder cards are more akin in function to cheese graters than actual herb grinders. Here’s a quick video demonstrating the use of a grinder card:

BeWild 2-in-1 Watch with Hidden Grinder

Grinder WatchThe BeWild Grinder Watch is another unique alternative that I couldn’t help but include here. It’s just such a novel item… who even thinks of this shit anyway?

While it’s not like this grinder watch redefines utilitarianism, you nevertheless can’t deny its novelty value. It’s worth the roughly $10 just to wear it to a party and show it off to friends, if you ask me.

And yes, in case you’re wondering, it functions as an actual watch.

I ordered one of these for the sake of this review, and was surprised to find that it works just as well as any other two piece grinder. Having said that, it’s prone to the same downfalls as any two piece grinder as well. That is to say, the main thing you should watch out for is resin buildup which makes it harder to use and screw on and off. The other drawback, as with any small two piece grinder, is it only fits a little bit of weed at a time.

Maxfashion Acrylic Magnetic Grinder

Maxfashion (TM)2 Piece Acrylic Magnetic Grinder

I rarely use plastic grinders; if I’m going to spend the money on a grinder, I think it more prudent to invest in something that’ll last. But some people prefer the simplicity of most acrylic grinders’ two piece design. Not to mention they’re much more portable – this one is thin enough to slip in your back pocket.

There’s a shit ton of acrylic grinders to choose from on Amazon, but I chose this one as it’s the best deal – especially considering there’s many similar grinders without the magnet that go for twice as much. The only downside to ordering the Maxfashion is you can’t choose what color you get. Which, if you ask me, is a good reason to just buy like ten of them and give away the colors you don’t like to a poor, grinderless, bud-picking soul.

A Mother Fucking Electric Coffee Grinder

KRUPS F203 Electric Spice and Coffee GrinderYou think I’m kidding? Well… I don’t blame you.

I had no idea the stoners of the world were actually using goddamn coffee grinders for their weed. It’s just not a thought that ever crossed my mind. However, that’s exactly what I discovered in the midst of my research for this review.

This guy loves the method so much, he tested it with six different brands of coffee grinder, and wrote a detailed review comparing and contrasting the pros and cons of each one.

It might seem eccentric, but plenty of smokers prefer coffee grinders to traditional ones. It’s certainly desirably if you’re looking to pulverise your weed into a very fine powder. In fact, that’s exactly what makes it a desirable tool for making hash or edibles.

Be careful, though. Stoned people and electronic appliances don’t have the most amiable of histories. Case in point, this hilarious recount of what can go wrong when using a coffee grinder for marijuana.

Because I don’t want my readers to end up like that guy, here’s a video of the right way to use a coffee grinder for marijuana:

Be sure to give “Seven Tips and Tricks for Grinding Weed like a Pro” a read as well to avoid looking like a fool once that grinder comes in. And of course, check out the other Stoner Essentials if you feel like being enticed with more awesome weed related junt.

Thanks for reading!