ewwty.com presents Stoner Essentials #2 - Best Storage Containers for Weed

Stoner Essentials #2 – Best Storage Containers to Keep Your Weed Fresh

Best Airtight Weed Storage Containers of 2015

In the last edition, I let my readers in on a little tip when it comes to buying weed paraphernalia: Amazon.com.

The next category we’ll focus on is the best ways to store weed.

Anyone who smokes weed on a regular basis should have their own airtight storage container for their stash. No one likes stale, dry-ass weed.

Other than keeping weed fresh, there’s plenty of reasons a stoner should have a quality airtight container to store/transport their weed.

For instance, it’s best to store your weed in an airtight container when driving around with it. If your weed is good, a simple sandwich or Ziploc baggie is not going to prevent the delicious cannabis smell from emanating throughout your car’s interior – which may corroborate that “too cool to give a fuck” vibe you’re so desperate to convey to those around you, but it’s nevertheless a good way to get your car searched if a cop pulls you over.

And anyway, you don’t want the pungent odor of Blue Cheese or Sour Diesel following you around everywhere you go. It doesn’t make you seem cool, it just makes you seem like a stoner version of Pigpen.

Whether you’re a weed dealer who buys in bulk, or a casual user who can make a gram last a whole month, Amazon can satisfy your weed storage needs for a fraction of the price you’d pay at a head shop. Lucky fo ryou, I’ve gone through Amazon and found the best containers available for storing weed.

Full disclosure: I get a small commission from Amazon via their affiliate program when my readers purchase any of the products in this article from the links provided. Having said that, I should note that I have personally used all the storage containers included in this article. I wouldn’t lead my readers to a shitty product just to get a 4% commission.

It’d take at least 15% for me to do that.

I kid, I kid. You know this.

Tightvac Storage


Tightvac weed storage container

The Tightvac Storage Containers are my personal favorite. I actually have a whole set of these for tea and other kitchen shit that needs to be kept fresh.

The Tightvac’s design is very simple, but it still creates a perfect seal that’ll keep your weed fresh for ages.

Here’s what the smaller versions look like:

Four small Tightvac storage containers

No matter what kind of storage space you’re looking for, there’s a Tightvac for you; they offer many different sizes and colors. So many, it would be ridiculous of me to list them all here along with photos. But you can check out all their options here.

 Medtainer Storage Container with Built-in Grinder

Medtainer Storage Container with Built-in Grinder

The Medtainer is a weed grinder slash storage container combo.

Yeah, the Medtainer is rad as fuck. So rad, indeed, I wasn’t sure whether to put it in my previous review of budget-friendly grinders, or this one. So I decided to just put it in both.

Anyway, the Medtainer is perfect for those who like to grind up their entire batch as soon as they get it, such as myself. Whenever I pick up a quarter ounce or less, I do the same thing: grind up every bit onto a sheet of paper, and pour it all into a small medicine bottle.

I like doing this for a couple reasons. For one, it makes it easier to pack a bowl or roll a jay; it’s always ground up and ready to go. Also, it’s a good way to keep track of how much you’re smoking and how much you have left.

Having said that, another one of my favorite things about doing it that way was the fact that it filled up my kief catcher real quick. The Medtainer, as you’ve probably already deduced, lacks any sort of kief catching mechanism.

I included the Medtainer in my reviews because it’s inexpensive, unique, and popular among weed smokers. Plus, I already owned one. However, the Medtainer is far from the perfect product.

While the company would have you believe this thing could handle a whole handful of sticky buds, its teeth are nowhere near that sturdy. To be honest, I kind of take issue with the way the Medtainer is marketed. Just look at this exert from its Amazon product description, for instance:

The MedTainer embodies grinder functionality, air-tight/water-tight features, and is composed of medical grade plastic making it the perfect on the go solution.

Okay, maybe it’s possible for this plastic to be construed as “medical grade.” Maybe even reasonable. I’m sure hospital workers employ a profusion of different plastics, metals, and even fabrics in the course of their hectic days. A merchant of scrubs could say the same of his product, that doesn’t change the fact that scrubs are, by design, cheap and replaceable; nor does it do so in the case of the Medtainer, which is undeniably designed to be cheap and replaceable. I just think it should be marketed that way, too. In fact, I think that’d be a better marketing strategy, but I digress.

Of course anyone selling a product is well within their right to highlight its attributes, but “medical grade” isn’t an attribute. It’s a vague misnomer intended to imply a supreme level of quality.

Make no mistake, the Medtainer is made out of what can only honestly be described as cheap plastic. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad product, I’m just saying its a Stretch Armstrong level reach to designate a product made from less than a dollar worth of plastic as “medical grade.”

I say all this not out of any disdain for the Medtainer or the company, but because no other Medtainer review I’ve come across has been nearly so blunt about it. And it’s the truth.

The best way to sum up my feelings toward the Medtainer: it’s a quality product made from cheap plastic.

This is important to note because it’s a fine product if used gently; it’s more delicate than “medical grade quality” would suggest. There’s nothing even wrong with that, but it’s sure as hell useful for the customer to know prior to using it.

In my experience, if you use it to grind more than a half gram at a time, it’s only a matter of time before one (or probably more) of the grinder’s teeth breaks off. It’s simply not strong enough to grind half as much weed as can fit in the grinder part of the Medtainer. So don’t let the fact that you can grind 2-3+ grams of bud with the Medtainer lead you to believe you should grind that much with it.

My point is, if you buy a Medtainer, be mindful not to overwork it.

Another annoying aspect of the Medtainer’s plastic, as anyone who’s ever owned any sort of plastic grinder can attest, over time your marijuana gets pulverised into the plastic, forming a sticky, resinous substance from hell which impedes the grinder’s very function. This is unavoidable, but easily rectified; when you notice it starting to build up, simply clean it with either an epsom salt/isopropyl alcohol solution, or something less corrosive like Grunge Off, Formula 420, or Smoke Soap.

It’s somewhat difficult to describe the mechanics of the Medtainer, but this dude from Project Bakery does a super quick demonstration in this video:

Dope Turtle Smell Proof Herb Container

Dope Turtle Herb Storage Container

The Dope Turtle Herb Container is more or less designed specifically to carry weed.

You probably can’t tell just from the photos, but this container is actually glass (something I didn’t realize until I opened the package). I like the Dope Turtle container because it’s durable and discreet. Durable, I should say, compared to other glass jars.

And in case you’re wondering, the glass isn’t merely painted or stained to get that dark (almost black) color. It’s actually made from cobalt glass, which helps to block whatever’s inside it from harmful UV rays, and which otherwise just looks cool.

The Dope Turtle can hold roughly a half ounce of weed. Here’s a photo of it next to a soda can for reference:Dope Turtle Storage Container next to a can of ginger ale.


Mason Jars

Mason Jar weed storage container

Not that any of the weed containers on Amazon are expensive, but if you’re really looking to save some money, good ol’ fashioned mason jars are the way to go.

One cool thing about mason jars is the sheer number of design variants there are. Sure, the Tightvac has a lot of sizes and colors, but the mason jar has been produced for well over a century, and it’s manifested itself in a shit ton of shapes and sizes since then.

I’m not going to write a novel about mason jars, I’m sure you’ve come across them many times in your life. Just buy one already so I can get my goddamn ha’penny!


HydroMate weed storage containerI actually discovered the HydroMate while writing this article. At first I thought it seemed a little gimmicky, but after reading all the positive reviews it got on Amazon I decided to buy one for myself.

The Amazon reviewers don’t lie, the HydroMate is by far the best container for keeping your weed fresh on the go.

Not only that, some fucking how, it actually makes dry weed fresher. Which kind of freaks me out… Like, what kind of freaky-deaky Harry Potter bullshit is this?

To prove I’m not bullshitting about the HydroMate’s positive review’s here’s an actual screenshot where Amazon places a product’s “Most helpful positive review” next to its “Most helpful critical review”:

Screenshot 2015-06-11 at 12.03.57 AM

Out of the 31 people who bought the HydroMate and decided to review it, three gave it less than four stars.

The three star guy (whose username, by the way, is “retail therapy”) is butthurt because he is – and this might sound harsh – a hapless fool who stumbles through life buying shit without bothering a moment of his precious time to do the very miniscule amount of research that would’ve been required to realize the product he was thinking of buying is actually 1/4th the size he thought. And by research, I mean using his tired, gangling fingers to scroll down to the product dimensions, which Amazon conveniently provides for literally every fucking product always. In literally the same place. Every time.

He saw 9oz and truly expected something he could cram over half a pound of raw buds into. And then he complained about it. Because America, I guess.

Anyway, I know nothing about the science behind this, but here’s what the makers say about it:

Patented HydroMate Jars are the most advanced herb management system that actually improves the quality of your herb using scientifically base research and testing. Using proper humidity control, limiting light and hermetically sealed containers, HydroMate Jars create the perfect conditions for stopping mold growth and the deterioration of your herbs.

I know what you’re thinking, “It sounds great, but I don’t want to walk around with a container that has the words ‘Herb Manager’ plastered on the side.” Which is smart.

Luckily, the makers of HydroMate are smart too. It comes with a faux-label you can put over the one pictured above, which will make it look like some other (totally legal) product.

This is best demonstrated in this video:

I should note, according to its reviews, the Herb Preserve is a solid alternative to HydoMate, though I’ve never used it before.

And that’s it for now, folks! Be sure to check back before making any purchases, as this article will be updated semi-frequently.

Thanks for reading!

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    Best storage is a BudVac container and pump! http://www.budvac.com

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      True! I have two budvac jars and I tossed my cannador in the trash after I got the first budvac.

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    Haha thanks man.

  • Favorite Line: “Whether you’re a weed dealer who buys in bulk, or a casual user who can make a gram last a whole month…”