Stoner Essentials #3 – Best Scales for Weighing Weed

A nice digital scale is a must-have for any weed smoker. Most people think of scales as a product only pot dealers need, but even if you’re not in the business of selling weed, it’s wise to invest in a scale for a number of reasons.

The most obvious of which is the power to discern whether or not your weed dealer is shorting you. But other than that, a digital weed scale just comes in handy in a lot of situations. If you’ve ever gone in on a sack with one or more friends, you probably wished you had a pocket scale to split up the sack with accuracy.

Amazon is by far the best place to buy a digital pocket scale for weighing out your weed. If you’ve ever been to a head shop, you’ve probably seen a lot of these scales being sold for $80 or more. Most of the scales I highlight here are available for under $20.

Also, I should note, that all of these scales come in two versions based on sensitivity and capacity. Generally, the more sensitive the scale, the less capacity it has. This is expressed as “(capacity) x (sensitivity)”. For example, a scale listed as “100g x 0.01g” means that the greatest weight it can register is 100 grams, and the smallest weight it can register is 0.01 grams.

All the scales I list here will have that 0.01 sensitivity, as I personally prefer these scales and they usually cost only a dollar or two extra than their less sensitive counterparts.

American Weigh Scales

American Weigh Scales are by far the most popular scale brand for stoners around the world.

There are three different AWS models I want to highlight here. The company makes a shit load of different models, but for the purposes of weighing weed, the following three AWS scales are ideal.

The Original AWS Pocket Scale

Original AWS Digital Pocket Scale

You absolutely can’t go wrong with the original AWS pocket scale.

While all AWS scales are remarkably durable, and all come with a 10 year warranty, this one is definitely the least likely to break. I’ve had mine for years now. It had been through so much (like being dropped, and getting crushed under heavy books in my bookbag, etc…) that before writing this I had just assumed it wasn’t accurate anymore. But upon testing it out with a nickel, it’s still just as accurate as it’s always been.

Here’s what it looks like when the case is closed, next to a Bic lighter for reference:

Original AWS Scale by Bic Lighter

The Blade

AWS Blade

The Blade is one of AWS’s most popular scales (and one of the world’s most popular scales, for that matter). This is no doubt due to its sleek, portable design and its reasonable price.

Though the Blade’s buttons and digital display slides in and out from under the scale itself, I don’t personally consider it small enough to constitute a “pocket scale,” though that is how AWS markets it. It’s a little bit larger than the original, so it’s just barely too large to easily slip in a pocket.

Like all AWS products, the Blade is very durable and will last ages.

Cell Phone Style Scale

Digital Stealth Cell Phone Scale

The AWS Digital Cell Phone Style Scale is a must-have if you desire to be as inconspicuous as possible (which you should).

Full disclosure, I haven’t actually ever used this scale. I think it’s a somewhat new AWS product. However, upon discovering it, there was no way I was going to leave it from this list just because I’ve never used it. And knowing that it’s an AWS product is good enough for me to know it’s stealthy design won’t detract one bit from it’s durability and accuracy.

Smart Weigh Digital Pro Pocket Scale

Smart Weigh Digital Pro Pocket Scale

What differentiates the Smart Weigh Digital Pro Pocket Scale from the AWS Scales is that it has both a high capacity and a high sensitivity.

At $20.20, it’s double the price of the Blade, but with a capacity of over a pound the Digital Pro is ideal for those of you handling serious weight, while still maintaining a level of sensitivity desirable for weighing grams and eighths.

My Weigh MXT Digital Scale

My Weigh MXT Digital Pocket Scale

The My Weigh MXT Digital Scale is actually my favorite, and the one I use most often. Which is somewhat surprising, because when I first got a hold of it I thought to myself, “this little-ass pipsqueak of a scale has to have something wrong with it.”

But alas, it was I who had something wrong with me. The My Weigh MXT is the shit.

See, I never actually bought this scale; I went out of town a year or so ago to a buddy’s place in a city where many of my friends and acquaintances live. At the time I was… let’s just say in possession of a couple in-demand products which needed to be weighed prior to selling. True to my form, however, I had neglected to bring a scale along with me; a vexing mistake considering I owned three separate scales at the time.

Lucky for me, my buddy had a My Weigh MXT laying around, and no qualms about giving it to me as he had no use for it anymore. At the time I thought it was merely something that’d suffice for the few days I was out of town, but it’s been my go to scale ever since.

My favorite part about the MXT is it’s small as fuck, measuring at 3.6 x 2.2 x 0.6 inches. Here’s a photo of my MXT next to a dollar bill for reference:


A My Weigh MXT Digital Scale next to a dollar bill to illustrate its size.

Yeah, the MyWeigh MXT is a true pocket scale.

I should note: While the MXT is my personal favorite, it does have one drawback which isn’t huge, but not really minor either. Unlike most scales which are powered by normal AA or AAA batteries, the MXT runs on two Cr2032 batteries (a.k.a. watch batteries). Which isn’t that big a deal, but I was slightly annoyed the first time its battery died and discovered it doesn’t take any of the batteries I had on hand. Nevertheless, I just wanted to point that out because there’s no mention of this fact on its Amazon product page. If you do decide to purchase the MXT, you’d be wise to toss a four pack of Cr2032s in your cart while you’re at it.

Oh, and one last thing. The MyWeigh MXT also comes in a 500 by 0.1 G version for those who favor capacity over accuracy.

Update 12/06/2015My Weigh Triton T3 Digital Scale with Rubber Case


The My Weigh Triton T3 is the perfect scale for those on the go and clumsy people.

It really doesn’t do anything special that the other scales don’t do. But I’m including it in this article because it comes with a nice rubber case, which makes it far more durable than any other scale I’ve ever used.

I won’t write a novel on the Triton T3. Just know that it works as well as the others, and has the added benefit of durability.

∴ ∴ ∴

Thanks for reading and be sure to check back here for updates before making any final purchase!