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Stoner Essentials #5 – Best Ashtrays for the Weed-Friendly Household

Best Ashtrays for Weed Smokers

Let’s be real, smoking weed can be a messy affair.

One of the messiest parts of smoking weed is, of course, the whole ash aspect. Or “ashpect,” if you’re Sean Connery.

Before learning of the following products, I made quite a mess in my house by ashing into makeshift ashtrays over the years – including, but not limited to, beer cans, the top parts of scented candles, and little makeshift ghetto-ass tin foil junts I’ve resorted to making myself.

No bullshit, the box that my very first cell phone came in is, as we speak, (not very well) hidden in my old room at my parent’s house, overflowing with damn near a decade’s worth of old weed ash. I still use it whenever I visit. Every time I tell myself I’m going to take care of it. I never do.

I’m contrite to admit, there’ve even been times I’ve just kind off… tossed that junt behind the couch like a booger. I know, shame on me twice; once for doing that, and again for implying that throwing boogers around all willy-nilly is somehow okay.

My point is, you don’t want to be a grody bastard like me. If cannabis is smoked in your household, it just makes sense to get a proper ashtray. It’s the best way to ensure your home doesn’t wind up covered in ugly dark-gray ash streaks.

The cool thing is, there’s some ashtrays on the market which are designed specifically to make the weed smoking experience easier. The even cooler thing is that Amazon carries all the best versions, and they sell them cheaper than anyone else.

So without further ado, check out these awesome fucking ashtrays.

Full disclosure: I receive a small commission from Amazon via their affiliate program for every sale generated from the links in this review (or any of the Stoner Essentials reviews). Having said that, and I’m somewhat hesitant to admit this, but I’ve actually used all these ashtrays at least a couple times throughout my life – which is what happens when you and all your friends are enormous potheads. Actually, as of writing this I own three of the four ashtrays in this review, as I ordered The Kashtray after discovering it on Amazon. But I digress.

The Debowler Ashtray

The Debowler

The Debowler is one of the most popular ashtrays among veteran weed smokers. This is no doubt due to their reasonable price and ingenious design.

They’re so cheap because… I mean, look at it. The Debowler consists of an ounce and a half of cheap-ass plastic, but that’s all that’s necessary to get the job done. Here’s what the manufacturer says about it:

“The Debowler is an incredibly novel ashtray. An ashtray with a built in poker! The Debowler goes one step further. The Debowler comes with a built in cleaning tool (poker). This poker/ashtray combination is great for cleaning out any pipe! Just invert your pipe and use the built in poker. The ashes fall directly into the ashtray.”

Yeah, it’s pretty self-explanatory. Any stoner can deduce the Debowler’s usefulness just by looking at it.

Keep in mind, the Debowler comes in a shit ton of different colors. I like the colored versions better than the standard black simply because you can see how dirty the thing is getting.

However, I should point out, there’s currently two separate vendors selling Debowlers on Amazon: Discount Hookahs and Tobacco Products and Gift Guru.

Gift Guru’s are a couple dollars more expensive and come with Amazon Prime benefits, while Discount Hookahs and Tobacco Products’ are cheaper but aren’t Amazon Prime products.

Glass Debowler "Torquoise" Soft Glass Ashtray

Having said that, if the $2 difference is that big a deal to you (as it certainly is to me), Discount Hookahs and Tobacco Products are who you want to go with – even if you’re a Prime member; their shipping is free anyway. And in my handful of experiences ordering from them, they’re speedy and professional. Depending on where you live, they’ll get your Debowler to you in 2-3 days.

Also, in addition to their regular plastic Debowlers, they make fancier glass versions which also come in a variety of colors.

I recommend investing in the glass Debowlers, to be honest, for a couple reasons.

First and foremost, they’re more expensive. Which, of course, means more Amazon commission for me. Real talk.

Secondly, while they’re twice as expensive (at a whopping $15-16), their longevity is far superior to the plastic Debowlers.

When it comes to heavy smokers, the plastic Debowlers are basically disposables. To make a wild guesstimate, I’d say it takes around 150-300 “debowls,” if you will, for the the tip of the poker to dull out and be rendered useless – at which point it essentially becomes just a regular ashtray, only with a useless rod prodding out from the center.

One last thing: the glass versions have an extra level of functionality: its glass spike is totally removable and replaceable. While I haven’t been able to figure out whether they sell replacement spikes in the case that your first piece breaks, this feature is still nice for a couple reasons.

Obviously, it allows you to use the center piece as a standalone poker. But it also makes the entire ashtray way easier to clean. Which, considering it’s constructed from quality glass and will last ages, cleaning it will be necessary sooner or later.

The Kashtray



The Original Kashtray - World's Best Ashtray!I have to admit, the Kashtray is my personal favorite brand of stoner ashtrays.

I learned of the Kashtray just by searching Amazon for a Debowler alternative when I started writing this review, and bought it immediately upon finding it. It immediately became my favorite weed-related product.

Here’s what the makers of the Kashtray say about it:

“Inspired by necessity and enhanced through design, the Kashtray is the solution to the pipe smoker’s most common problem – how to clean out your pipe. Ideal for wooden pipes, glass pipes, metal pipes, acrylic pipes, ceramic pipes, bone pipes and even corn cob pipes, the Kashtray also works well with most vaporizers. Made of beautifully glazed, high quality ceramic, the Kashtray is functional, attractive, and a must-have for all pipe smokers.”

What makes me prefer the Kashtray to the Debowler is its poker. As you can see in the photo above, the Kashtray’s poker is much skinnier than the Debowler’s, which is just a better design in my opinion. You can really use it to get up into the pipe to remove stubborn chunks of resin. So that’s something to consider when comparing the Debowler version to the Kashtray.

Having said that, both the plastic and glass Debowler are fine products, but I just happen to personally prefer the Kashtray.

Tap Dat Ash Premium Silicon Ashtray

I know what you’re thinking, “C’mon James, you clearly chose this ashtray because of your insatiable love for ingenious wordplay.”

I will concede that my proclivity for puns and pun related shenanigans is a well known and undeniable fact. However, Tap Dat Ash is nevertheless a fantastic ashtray for stoners, and definitely worth comparing to the Debowler and Kashtray before making a final purchase.

First of all, the entire thing is made of silicon. What this allows you to do is really slam a glass bowl piece on the hump in the middle, cashing your bowl in one fell swoop without worrying about cracking or shattering it. Here’s more info from the manufacturer, which makes some good points about Tap Dat Ash’s usefulness.

“If you smoke a water pipe, Tap Dat Ash is the last ashtray you’ll ever need. How many times have you finished smoking a bowl with your favorite glass-on-glass pipe, and then had to struggle to ash it out? Your hands get filthy, right? And there’s always that stubborn little chunk of ash that just won’t come loose, so you start tapping the bowl against an ashtray, or the side of your garbage can, or whatever else is handy . . . and then your bowl breaks. It’s a bummer, especially if the broken piece is one of your favorites. And even if your bowl doesn’t crack or chip, there’s a better than decent chance that you’re going to scatter ashes onto your table or counter top. At best, it makes a mess. At worst, you’ve got a fire hazard from the embers that are still smoldering in a freshly-smoked bowl. By the time you’ve dealt with this stuff, you’re no longer relaxed and happy. You’re stressed out, and ready to smoke another bowl to try to unwind from cleaning up after the last one.”

The other benefit of the Tap Dat Ash is, as you can see in the photo above, it’s design features make for a very convenient smoking experience.

The four holes which surround the ashtray are perfect for bong smokers. They’re the perfect size to fit a bong’s male piece into, which leaves it in a sturdy, upright position. This allows you to refrain from awkwardly holding it between your knees in order to pack it up with both hands.

The four slits surrounding it can come in handy as well. The example above demonstrates using them to store Raw Papers (which, if you’re not already aware, are hands down the best brand of rolling papers, for reasons I’ll discuss in one of the future reviews).

I should note that – at the time this was written, at least – Tap Dat Ash has a near perfect 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon – an impressive achievement considering how bitchy consumers can be.

The Kind Ash Cache



The Kind Ash Cache is another great ashtray to consider. It’s more similar in design to the Tap Dat Ash, in that it’s main draw is the silicon coating which could never result in a broken glass pipe.

Here’s the Amazon product description:

“Made from stainless steel and forgivable silicon rubber, the Kind Ash Cache ashtray will be kind to your glass pipes. Soft Silicone Smash Pillar is removable for easy cleaning and comes in a variety of colors. High Temp Silicone Smash Ring, 18mm & 14mm glass piece holders, palm size stainless steel body, slots for poker and rolling papers and lighter or dram vial holder.”

The Kind Ash Cache comes apart like so:



There’s really not much for me to add about the Kind Ash Cache, other than to say it has all the features of the Tap Dat Ash for about $5 cheaper. Each come with their pros and cons, but I can promise you won’t regret buying either one (it has an impressive 4.5 stars on Amazon, not far behind Tap Dat Ash). I encourage you to take a look at the reviews for both before making a final decision.

The main thing the Kind Ash Cache has going for it is it’s range of various unique designs. In comparison, Tap Dat Ash only comes in black.

The best part about both Tap Dat Ash and the Kind Ash Cache these, however, is that they’re both completely dishwasher safe. As long as you don’t wait for them to become grimey as fuck, cleaning them is as simple as doing the dishes.

∴ ∴ ∴

That’s all for now. Thanks a shit ton for reading! Do me a favor and bookmark this page if you plan on purchasing any of these products down the road. I promise I will update it every now and then, so if anything new comes on the market, it’ll be here.

And of course, check out the other stoner essentials when you get the chance!

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