Hi Liter Magic Marker Pen Pipe with hidden inner pipe exposed.

Stoner Essentials #6 – Smoke Weed Anywhere with these Inconspicuous Pipes

Best Pipes for Inconspicuous Smoking

So as you’ve probably gathered by now, I’ve spent quite a lot of time trudging through the digital aisles of Amazon to find some awesome and inexpensive products for my fellow weed smoking cohorts. For the sake of transparency, I might as well mention that the five reviews preceding this one have netted me a whopping $29.32 this August. Which is nice, but I don’t expect these reviews to hoist my ass from the sea of student loan debt in which I’ve immersed myself.

Anyway, I’m rambling. My point is, having spent so much time on Amazon searching for stoner related items, I’ve come to realize that Amazon is essentially a big-ass headshop. For instance, I had no idea they sold glass “tobacco” pipes, which are definitely not for smoking tobacco.

I’ll do a review on those later. But for now, in the spirit of keeping with the “Get away with smoking” theme, I’m gonna highlight a bunch of pipes that are meant to make it easier to smoke weed in places and situations where you probably shouldn’t be smoking weed.

Diversion Pipes

Hi Liter Magic Marker Pen Pipe Jet

Hi Liter Magic Marker Pen Pipe with hidden inner pipe exposed.

The Magic Marker Hi Liter Pen Pipe is the shit, and is an absolute must have for any college student.

The very cool aspect of this marker pipe, however, is that it actually functions as a proper marker. So someone could even pick it up and use it without even knowing you just smoked out of it.

Definitely a much better alternative than trying to fashion a pipe out of an actual marker, which I have to admit I have once (or twice) attempted in this life.

Be sure to check out the other colors!

Gold Bullet Keychain Secret Pipe

Generic Gold Bullet Keychain Secret PipePicture of Generic Gold Bullet Keychain Secret Pipe opened up to show the pipe

This is one of my favorite “diversion pipes.” If James Bond smoked weed, this is the pipe he’d use while on the premises of MI6.

I won’t ramble for the sake of rambling – it is what it is, the photos say it all. Even the seller knows the deal, the extent of their description is, “concealable pipe,” and “Good size bowl.”

I was just stricken by its sleek design. It’s perfect for adding to your normal ring of keys, it’ll just look like a gold bullet keychain.

Anyway, I found this review to be particularly informative, as the reviewer provides a photo of the pen next to a bic lighter, which gives you a good idea of the size of the pipe.

Lipstick Novelty Smoking Pipe

Different pieces shown of the Lipstick Novelty Smoking PipeLipstick Novelty Smoking PipeLadies, picture a delightful, sunny Spring afternoon. You and your boyfriend decide to go see that new Seth Rogen movie. As you cruise merilly down the boulevard, your boyfriend renders a bag of marijuana in preparation for the comedic antics of Seth and his goofy stoner pals.

Everything’s perfect, until the piercing realization strikes you both: you left the rolling papers at home.

You sense your boyfriend shuddering at the tortuous prospect of sitting through a Seth Rogen movie stone cold sober. Just as it seems things can’t get worse, with a triumphant grin you whip out the fake lipstick pipe from the abyss of your purse.

You have unexpectedly become the coolest girlfriend of the history of mankind.

You’re welcome.


Handcrafted Classic Oak Wood Swift Box with Spring Loaded Bat

Handcrafted Classic Oak Wood Swift Box with Spring Loaded BatDugouts are by far one of the simplest, cheapest, and most practical tools for smoking on the go.

A typical dugout consists of a tall, pocket-sized wooden box featuring two inner compartments. One compartment stores the simple one-hitter pipe, which is almost always painted to look like a cigarette. The second compartment stores your weed (for best results, grind it up first). In order to pack the one-hitter, all you have to do it take the the front end and dip it – with a little bit of force, mind you – into the compartment with the weed, and it’s ready to go.

So… this is kind of bad, but I’m nothing if not honest. Back when I delivered pizzas for Dominos, I used this thing every day. It’s so easy to use, and it has the added benefit of looking like a cigarette so the drivers around me were none the wiser.

Here’s some other dugout options to consider:

[amazonproducts asin=”B00B1ZM6UA,B00N3VOUMC,B00K2XNKUM”]

Small Pipes

Twister Pipe Brass and Chrome Pocket Hand Pipe

Twister Pipe Brass and Chrome Pocket Hand PipeTwister Pipe Brass and Chrome Pocket Hand Pipe


These little pocket hand pipes are fucking awesome. just like the dugouts, these little pipes have a convenient area to stash your weed. This is an awesome feature, as it allows you to keep a fresh bowl pack right in your pocket for quick access.

The other cool thing about these pocket hand pipes is the swivel lid. Not only does it let you pack a bowl for later, it’s also a good way to snuff out the bowl after taking a hit, which is good if you’re trying to conceal the smell of weed smoke.

Like our other reviews, this will be updated frequently, so be sure to check back before making a purchase! And check out the other Stoner Essentials!

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