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Seven Tips and Tricks for Grinding Weed like a Pro

Weed Grinders: Seven Essential Tips and Tricks

Weed grinders are the best thing to happen to stoners since the bong. If you’ve ever found yourself without one in the midst of rolling a blunt, you know how essential they are to any weed smoker.

However, there’s a plethora of little tips and tricks that can make grinding weed a more versatile experience.

After I wrote a review on my favorite budget grinders a few months back, and more recently one on my favorite high-end grinders, I wanted to write a follow up detailing lesser known tips and facts about grinders and grinder usage.

This is basically the single most important piece of literature of the decade – nay, the century.

You’re welcome, internet.

1. Produce a finer consistency of shredded bud.

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So you just got home from the head shop with your brand new overpriced grinder. You’re on top of the world, unstoppable now that you can render any bud that might challenge you to a heaping pile of “stoned as fuck.”

But alas! Upon using it the first time, you’re wholly unsatisfied with the consistency of shredded weed it produces! It’s just a little too bulky and chunky for your liking, and you’re just devastated. The object which was meant to hoist you from the thralls of your barbarous, antiquated cannabis smoking experience hath indeed catapulted you further into the depths of melancholy!

Fortunately, we live in the goddamn future, and there’s this thing called the internet – a medium through which brave, wise heroes (such as myself) dedicate their lives to the production of such sumptuous yet informative prose as that which you are so fortunate to presently behold. And it is through such glorious writings that ancient wisdom is endowed upon the reader, such as the solution for the lamentable misgivings of chunky weed which led you to me.

Dude, if you want a finer consistency of bud from your grinder, just turn that shit upside down and keep grinding away.

Normally when you grind weed, the shredded bits drop down to the second part of the grinder once they’re ground down to the size of the holes. If you’d like a finer consistency, simply turn the grinder upside down and grind that shit to your heart’s content.

Obviously, this keeps the weed in your grinder from falling into the second container, which allows the grinder to keep doing its job.

I should note: If you have a kief catcher at the bottom of  your grinder, be sure to remove it before doing this. Unless, of course, you want some of it to mix with the final product.

And with that, the legendary rhetorician hath bestowed upon you lifesaving knowledge.

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