A collection of kief from a grinder.

Seven Tips and Tricks for Grinding Weed like a Pro

2. Spare change.

A Sharp Shredda grinder with a dime in the mesh kief filter.

This one is a timeless classic, I remember learning about this trick all the way back in high school.

A good way to facilitate the production of kief in your grinder is to place a coin in the middle compartment – on top of the mesh that filters out the kief.

What this does is help to prevent the kief from getting clogged up in the mesh filter, acting as a makeshift sifter (heh… makeshift sifter… say that five times fast).

Different stoners prefer different coins. Personally, I like using a dime just because it’s small, and dimes have always gotten the job done in my experience. Others purport that a quarter is better as it’s heavier and therefore more effective.

Either way, you should definitely avoid using a penny. Why? If you’ve ever worked behind a cash register, you know what your hands smell like after handling a bunch of pennies.

You don’t want that brassy-ass shit ending up in your weed.

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  • Luke

    Loved this post! I was laughing so hard!