A collection of kief from a grinder.

Seven Tips and Tricks for Grinding Weed like a Pro

3. Less moisture equals more kief.

While most people prefer their weed to be fresh and moist, bud in this state is actually not conducive to producing kief.

Think about it, what do the cool kids generally refer to fresh marijuana as? Sticky-icky, of course. Fresh weed is just plain sticky (when it’s a quality strain), so this obviously prevents the weed’s trichomes from falling loose while being ground up.

Additionally, sticky weed is just harder to put through a grinder. It makes the whole experience… well… stickier. It also contributes to the production of that sticky resin that finds itself in and around everybody’s grinder. That shit just makes everything more difficult, and is infamously hard to clean off.

I’m not saying you should let your batch get dried out – on the contrary, every stoner should invest in some type of airtight storage container for their weed – all I’m saying is, if you’re specifically trying to accumulate kief, don’t expect that sticky junt to get the job done.

4. Guitar picks make awesome kief scoops.

It didn’t take long after entering college to learn this little nugget of wisdom first hand.

A lot of weed grinders, especially the higher end ones, come with a little utensil specifically designed for scraping kief into a single pile and scooping it up into a bowl, à la the photo below.

The bottom of a grinder with the kief scooped into a pile.

However, not only do many grinders fail to include this little kief scooper with their product, they’re small as fuck, and very easy to misplace. Especially considering that shortly after using it, as is to be expected, people tend to wind up high as fuck, a state of mind very conducive to losing regular sized things, let alone such tiny-ass kief scoopers.

Anyway, what’s my point with all this? When you find yourself immersed in the logistics of packing your hard earned kief into an actual bowl, think guitar pick.

Side note: Related to tip #2, I have a radical theory that, although much lighter than coins, a guitar pick can take the place of coins on top of the grinder’s mesh filter to help produce more kief. Just having anything sliding across the mesh helps the kief to sift off the mesh filter into the catcher. Just my two cents. Teeheehee!

…Get it?

Oh, shit… You don’t, do you?

…Cu-cuz “just my two cents” is a… ummm… it’s a common expression in modern American vernacular which loosely translates to “my humble opinion.” But… see, I was also talking about literal coins just prior to using it there, resulting in what many people consider to be the highest form of comedy known to man: a pun.

I know, uproariously hilarious, right? Some of us are just born with a pristine sense of humor. It’s a gift.

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  • Luke

    Loved this post! I was laughing so hard!