A collection of kief from a grinder.

Seven Tips and Tricks for Grinding Weed like a Pro

5. Show the buds no mercy with a fucking electric coffee grinder.

So this absolutely blows my mind. Admittedly, I had never even thought of this before I started writing this piece.

In the midst of my research, however, I stumbled upon a number of instances where stoners swear by the electric coffee grinder for weed.

Here’s a video of some fuckin’ crackhead using a coffee grinder for weed.

I know what a dingus, right? He doesn’t even bother to clean out the fucking coffee grinds that were already in there. Plus, I get the feeling he purposefully wore that shirt for the sake of this video’s optics… like that’s how seriously he took this video’s production, he went out of his way to match with his Mr. Coffee.

Anyway, I’ve never smoked coffee bean laced weed before, so I don’t know, maybe it’s the bee’s knees; but I think the more logical explanation is this dude’s a fucking weirdo. I mean, he’s wearing a shirt that says “exercise grows brain cells” with a link to “www.actionbasedlearning.com” – which, as far as I can tell, is a program designed for children in elementary school, not crackhead stoners, which this guy clearly is.

Nevertheless, the video portrays what grinding weed in a coffee grinder looks like, and has the added benefit of being admirably weird, so I thought it perfect for this article.

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  • Luke

    Loved this post! I was laughing so hard!