Rubbing Alcohol

How to Make a Homemade Cleaning Solution for Glass Bongs & Pipes

So, you’ve been smoking weed from the same bong and/or pipe for some time now, and you’ve run into a problem – it’s filthy as fuck. Thick, sticky resin has built up over time. This nasty byproduct of your sinful weed smokin’ lifestyle coats the inside of glass pipes overtime, and can make them a lot harder to smoke out of.

The struggle is real.

You try your best to clean it out using nothing but faucet water, and quickly realize that’s not gonna cut it.

The resin left behind in bongs and pipes by smoked marijuana is notoriously difficult to remove, as you’ve just learned first hand. Typical cleaning methods don’t stand a chance in the face of a dirty bong.

You may figure – correctly – that hotter water will be more effective. Some people resort to soaking their piece in a pot of boiling water, but I don’t recommend this method for a few reasons. For one, it will stink your entire house up to high hell. And not with the pleasant fragrance of fresh marijuana buds, but the stale stench of moldy old resin. Not pleasant.

Besides, stoners and boiling water – or any scalding hot liquid, for that matter – are a dangerous combination. I know from experience, dude.

While there are awesome cleaning solutions you can buy that are specially formulated to clean stubborn weed resin off glass pieces, you can also devise your own formula super quick with ingredients you already have in your house.

In fact, there’s only two ingredients you need: Rubbing alcohol and salt.

To achieve the most effective resin-fighting formula, you want 99% isoproypl alcohol (as smaller percentages are less effective) and epsom salt. Regular old table salt will work just fine as well, but the 99% isopropyl alcohol is essential, as opposed to the common 70% solution.Epsom Salt and Rubbing Alcohol


All you need to do is mix the rubbing alcohol together with the salt, and you have your very own homemade glass pipe cleaner! Easy as pie, right?

It’s up to you to decide exactly how much salt to mix in with the rubbing alcohol. Personally, I think the optimal solution is one part salt for every 4-5 parts rubbing alcohol, resulting in a solution that’s roughly 20% salt and 80% rubbing alcohol. If anything, use a little less salt than that.

Okay, so now that you have your very own homemade pipe cleaner, you may be wondering, “how the hell do I actually use it?”

That depends on what type of glass piece you want to clean.

If it’s a large water bong, fill up the part(s) that normally hold water with the cleaning solution, and shake it up. I like to let it sit for 10-20 minutes after this, and then shake it up some more before pouring it out. Rinse and repeat as many times as needed until your bong is squeaky clean.

However, this method obviously won’t work for smaller glass pipes and bowls. In this instance, you’re going to need Ziploc baggies.

Fill them up with the cleaning solution and put the pipe in it. Again, shake it up and let it sit for 10-20 minutes, shake some more, and rinse. Viola, your glass bowl is good as new!

The video below does a good job of demonstrating this process. Happy smoking!

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    Having said that, I wouldn’t have been able to answer your question anyway! :P I honestly have no clue if hydrogen peroxide and salt would get the job done. My knowledge of chemistry is sorely lacking haha.

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