AC Greebs Smoking Steel

Stoner Essentials #9 – AC Greebs Smoking Steel for Gravity Bongs

It’s been a long while since I wrote up a new Stoner Essentials review, I know. You can thank the awesome folks at AC Greebs for inspiring me to write this one, because the Smoking Steel is so awesome in it’s simplicity that I knew it deserved it’s own dedicated review.

So what exactly is the AC Greebs Smoking Steel? It’s the goddamn best thing to happen to homemade gravity bong users in all the history of the gravity bong. The Smoking Steel is an easy to use bowl piece for gravity bongs, which replaces the customary bottle cap/socket bowl piece (which I detailed how to make long ago). You don’t even have to screw it on or off, just pop the Smoking Steel atop the lid and you’re good to go!

Here’s a photo of my Smoking Steel next to a lighter for scale:

AC Greebs Smoking Steel

The Smoking Steel is made out of solid stainless steel (hence the name), so obviously it’s sturdy as a rock. Unless you lose it, you’ll literally never need to buy another one again.

My favorite thing about the Smoking Steel is it’s so easy to clean and maintain. When it inevitably gets clogged,  the fix is as easy asrunning a simple paper clip through it. When it just gets too dirty over time, or if you need to carry it with you somewhere without smelling, cleaning is as simple as filling a small plastic bag with either an alcohol/salt mix or a commercial bong/pipe cleaning product.

The only drawback to the Smoking Steel is its price. While I’m not really complaining about it, especially considering it’ll literally last me until I die, I can see how others might be taken aback by it’s ~$30 price tag. But if you smoke gravity bongs frequently, it’s well worth the cost.