HBO on Amazon

How to Stream Live HBO for the Same Price as HBO Now

I’m writing about this here because it’s something I’ve discovered recently, yet I haven’t been able to find this mentioned anywhere else.

As a huge fan of HBO’s original series, I subscribed to HBO Now the day it was made available. I was glad to finally be able to stream their library without having to have a subscription with them through a cable provider.

The only thing that I always kind of disliked about the service was a lack of a live feed of the main HBO channel. I always felt this was a very basic feature that I expected would be included when HBO Now was originally announced. But it was never a big enough issue to cancel, or even to really complain; especially considering that most of their new episode premiers are made available on HBO Now at the same time they air on HBO.

However, the big exception to that rule are Real Time with Bill Maher (as it airs live) and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Given that these are topical shows, I hated having to wait the next day to watch them.

Anyway, Amazon Prime Video has been offering a lot of premium channels like Showtime and Starz as add-on subscriptions for a while, and I noticed recently tha they started offering HBO as add on subscriptions as well. Since I knew that those other Amazon subscriptions came with live Showtime and Starz feeds, I thought I’d start the free trial and see if I could get a live HBO feed by subscribing through Amazon. And the good glorious gods of the Internets came through big time.

Yes, my friends. Unlike HBO Now and HBO Go, HBO Amazon (I guess that’s what I should call it) offers a live feed of HBO. But not just one! They offer three HBO channel live feeds. In my case, as I’m on the East Coast, I get HBO East, HBO East 2, and HBO Family. I don’t know why they don’t include the others, as I know HBO has more channels than that, but I’m not complaining. I’m just glad I can finally stream my liberal propaganda when it airs like normal people.

So yeah, if you’re currently subscribed to HBO Now and you already have an Amazon Prime subscription, I’d honestly recommend switching to getting your HBO subscription through Amazon. Not just because of the live streams, but also because the Amazon video player is just better than HBO’s. For one, it runs smoother. But the biggest thing is Amazon’s X-Ray feature, which displays a whole bunch of information about the show or movie you’re watching when you scroll your mouse over the video. I’ve literally become addicted to it, as it allows you to identify which actor is on your screen.