Hi. My name is James Kalìwæ. I like to think of myself as a writer.

I like weird things. Anything that’s [genuinely] different from the norm is cool with me. Despite this, I’m a devout conformist. And so are you. High five!

I don’t like bullshit and I hate bullshitters. I feel very cool and self-satisfied having written that last sentence. Lemme soak that feeling in right quick… oohhhhh yeaahhhhh… this “About” page just got sensual real quick.

But I digress. Everything Wrong with Today’s Youth is my conduit for creative expression. I’m actually quite dull in real life.

The name made sense when I started ewwty three four years ago. For one, I was younger then. But frankly, the thought process behind the name is inconsequential. In fact, so are names. All we need to know is, for better or worse, we’re stuck with Everything Wrong with Today’s Youth. I still dig it.

ewwty.com is an online magazine. Albeit, at the moment it’s a year old magazine on the coffee table of the internets. Being its only writer, it’s not exactly a frequent or regular periodical. Notwithstanding, it is my vision that ewwty become a source of reliable, authoritative, and accurate information – particularly about offbeat topics of a cerebral nature. A lot harder than it sounds.

I am passionate about writing and blogging, but these are derived from a more basic passion for informing. I love telling people about stuff they’ve never heard of. Especially when it’s something they can benefit from. That’s why ewwty exists. If you share this passion (and can write), I need your help. Write with me us!

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  • Hannah

    I just have to say that I read every word of your DMT story. I got goosebumps, literally chills. I wish I could talk to you right now. I have known about dmt for a while now and was just at a music festival. I’m not a hard drug user. I’ve messed around with shrooms and acid and smoke a lot of weed but I have always wanted to try dmt. So this guy came around trying to sell and I wasn’t going to buy it from him but he thought it was cool I was so interested and he gave me a cap. I still have it.. We will see what happens and I will tell you!!

  • You are a really awesome writer, James.

    • Thank you so much! That means a lot.

      As soon as I finish my final undergrad semester I’ll be writing a lot more. I hope you’ll keep an eye out for that. :)

  • Ashley A

    Your story on adderall is exactly what I am relating to. Could you email me?

    • James Kalìwæ

      I’m busy at the moment but please don’t hesitate to contact me at james@ewwty.com :)

    • Alpha

      I’m going through the same thing. Amazing article.

  • Cayla

    I can’t help but think you are so charming and witty! I bet you’re very good looking ;)

  • Hey dude! I love your story about your DMT experience :) It’s my favorite one to read! I put it in my “DMT” description page if you haven’t noticed already haha

    • I actually did notice that like not even ten minutes ago hahaha! Thanks a bunch!

      And what’s funny, is we were both totally commenting on each other’s ‘About’ page at the exact same time. Like, I got a notification that you posted this as I was writing my comment on your About page. Crazy!

      Thanks again! I just added a link to DailyMindGrind on my blogroll, btw.