Hi. My name is James Kalìwæ. I like to think of myself as a writer.

I like weird things. Anything that’s [genuinely] different from the norm is cool with me. Despite this, I’m a devout conformist. And so are you. High five!

I don’t like bullshit and I hate bullshitters. I feel very cool and self-satisfied having written that last sentence. Lemme soak that feeling in right quick… oohhhhh yeaahhhhh… this “About” page just got sensual real quick.

But I digress. Everything Wrong with Today’s Youth is my conduit for creative expression. I’m actually quite dull in real life.

The name made sense when I started ewwty three four years ago. For one, I was younger then. But frankly, the thought process behind the name is inconsequential. In fact, so are names. All we need to know is, for better or worse, we’re stuck with Everything Wrong with Today’s Youth. I still dig it.

ewwty.com is an online magazine. Albeit, at the moment it’s a year old magazine on the coffee table of the internets. Being its only writer, it’s not exactly a frequent or regular periodical. Notwithstanding, it is my vision that ewwty become a source of reliable, authoritative, and accurate information – particularly about offbeat topics of a cerebral nature. A lot harder than it sounds.

I am passionate about writing and blogging, but these are derived from a more basic passion for informing. I love telling people about stuff they’ve never heard of. Especially when it’s something they can benefit from. That’s why ewwty exists. If you share this passion (and can write), I need your help. Write with me us!

Oh, and follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook! You know you want to.