Problem #1 – Inconsiderate Fuckasses

Yes, I have recently observed – and am currently dealing with – the first item on the list of things wrong with today’s youth: the fact that we are all inconsiderate fuckasses.

See, currently I’m mid-way through my Sunday. I don’t know what you like to do on Sundays, but personally I like to quietly chill out. With or without company, I don’t really care, it’s Sunday and I do what I want.

What I don’t want to do is have to listen to some other person’s music. I don’t like to listen to music when I’m chilling. I like to listen to music when I drive. See, music is ideal for such a situation, as you need your eyes to drive. When I’m sitting in my room, I like to be entertained by a medium that can be enjoyed by more than just the ears. Such as a video game or a movie.

But dumb motherfuckers who are my age seem to think that you can’t enjoy a video game unless you play it while listening to very loud music with your door open. Which is a problem for me, because as I said earlier, I don’t particularly like to be forced to listen to some other asshole’s music.

But they don’t see it that way, because we’re all inconsiderate fuckasses. They see it as them listening to music at a volume that they please. They don’t consider the fact that by doing so, they’re putting their sound in my room.

As I write this I can hear the sounds of my TV, which I only have on to drown out the shit coming from my neighbor’s room, which consists of loud music and loud assholes who apparently have to make primate noises every time something exciting happens in their video game.

So basically, if you’re an older individual and you think you have the right to bitch about my generation, try being one of them, and living with them. You’re lucky, you get to die eventually. I’m stuck with them until die.


Activities from This Day in Early March

Holy shit I actually gotta write shit now. Goddammit.

Okay, well now I’m fucking pissed because I just made myself a cup of coffee and I placed it on my window-sill to cool down a little bit and forgot about it and now it’s luke-warm at best.

Mmm. That is damn good coffee though.

Anyway I suppose I should go about describing my day, as this one does seem to be rather average so far.

Wake up at 8:10am. My alarm was set for 7:30am. Alarm must not have gone off. Good thing I woke up before my test at 9:30am; now all I gotta do is set my alarm for, ehh, about 8:45am and go back to sleep, cuz I’m tired.

Wake back up at 9:00am. 8:45am alarm did not go off. Oh, I had a different alarm set for nine this whole time. That was lucky. Better set it to 9:10amWake back up at 9:10am. Wait, no way that was ten minutes. I just got done thinking about how awesome they were gonna be. Now it’s 9:10am and I have a test I didn’t study for at 9:30am. GodFuckingDammit.

At this point, fueling my daily ritual of morning anger was a bitch of a sore throat. I’m not sick; I was sick. My throat is still sore because I never stopped smoking cigs throughout my bout of sickness. If you’re a pussy and don’t smoke cigs, allow me to explain that when your throat becomes sore for any reason, it becomes more sore when you keep smoking things. So although whatever cold or virus I had is now gone, the sore throat is here to stay.

Because I like smoking cigs and haven’t managed to stop long enough for my throat to heal, I now wake up every morning with the pain of what feels like 27 cotton-balls jammed in my oral cavity. But anyway, back to the story.

No time to make coffee. Shit, now I feel foolish for mocking that 5-Hour Energy commercial. Oh, fuck it.

Get to class. Constitutional Law. Take test, finish first; probably because I skipped an entire section. Oh well.

Get back to room at around 10:15am. Turn on TV. Some paltry third-rate “bro’s go to blank for a crazy weekend of getting fucked up, and end up on wild adventure!” movie on Comedy Central. Well, might as well smoke some pot. Proceed in doing so. Enjoy film.

Realize at some point that I have research proposal due at 3:00pm. Decide to do it after next class. For now I’m gonna smoke a cig.

Start talking to maintenance guy outside my building. Topics included: plans for upcoming weekend, types of alcohol, marijuana legalization, medicinal marijuana, and marijuana as a hangover cure. Very satisfying social encounter overall. Go back inside.

Get ready for next class, smoke another cig outside my building before leaving. Yes, I don’t like walking while smoking so I always smoke cig then walk.

Class ends, come back to room. Bullshit the rest of my research proposal. Smoke weed then go out for cig. Come up with idea for blog called Everything Wrong with Today’s Youth.

Aaand here I am. Who ever said college wasn’t worth it?

Enter title here

I’m honestly not trying to be witty with the title, I was just getting pissed off about trying to think of one. Oh, by the way, I guess I should explain what the fuck is going on…

I’m a… well I actually don’t really feel as though I should give out too much information about myself. I mean, the title gives it away somewhat, I am rather young. Fuck it, I’m 21, in college, and a fucking shitty member of society.

That’s just my candid observation. I’m not like one of those punk rocker dudes who’s proud of their status as a shitty member of society. I’m certainly not proud of it, which is why my exact identity shall remain unknown (hopefully).

It is my intent that this blog be a forum for my daily observations of arguably the most lazy, entitled, and apathetic generation of college students, as only one of their own (aka me) can relay them. But mostly it’ll be about me, really. I mean, I’m definitely awesome and interesting enough to have a blog dedicated to myself.

No, I’m not being ironic or sarcastic there. I truly believe that. In fact, I’m surprised I don’t have my own TV show by now. My realization of how egotistical that is doesn’t change this conviction. I don’t know why I’m this way, but most of my peers are too.

See? I’m not even through the introductory post before inadvertently highlighting my generation’s brand of shitty charm. I truly think of myself as a shitty member of society, but also truly believe people should want to read about me.

So, basically, the genius of this blog is that I don’t really care if anyone reads it. I mean, of course that would be nice, but this blog is more for me, a way to keep my sanity I suppose… That plus I smoke a lot of weed. Like, a lot. Like, I don’t really remember my freshman year… Yeah.

But in the case someone does find Everything Wrong With Today’s Youth and wishes to read on, there are some things you should know:

  1. I cuss a lot. Fuck, shit, dick, bitch. They’re just words, words that happen to fulfill an intended purpose when used correctly. Old people tend to get their diapers all in a bunch over cuss words. That’s why they’re old and stupid and I’m young and brilliant. I assume that if you’ve reached this point, you’re fine with it, and also probably don’t consider yourself old.
  2. I say “Like” and “I mean” a lot. It’s how I talk and so it is how I write (for this blog). Like, I don’t see the problem with language that drives my expression. I mean, I can definitely write – both technically, analytically, and creatively – better than most English teachers who would throw a bitch fit over the usage of such words.
  3. I’m sarcastic. Like, I usually find a way to make my sarcasm bleedingly obvious. The general rule of thumb is if I say something that is clearly offensive, I’m being sarcastic.

I guess that’s probably it. Well, I’m gonna get on with my life for the time being.

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